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  1. Me too. It's only the thing I feel confident making lol
  2. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Popstar but with what celebs go through nowadays, I just wouldn't want that pressure. I have a massive amount of respect for our boys for putting up with all of that especially the hate.
  3. Just don't mention it. They're probably a closet ARMY anyways in denial and probably have the same bias.
  4. SAME. I feel your pain. Maybe do an internet detox for a few days or something and make sure you look after yourself and get some sleep. As long as it isn't affecting school or anything though, it's totally fine.
  5. My phone wallpaper changes all the time because they are so many beautiful pics of Tae Tae but here's my lock screen.
  6. Tae showed me that I can be my own dorky self, that I shouldn't listen to those who put me down and that you can achieve your dreams even if it seems impossible.
  7. Love the username. I agree. Jamais Vu is my favourite song on the album.

    1. Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Sorry I didn't reply earlier,


      Yeah that, and the fact that I can't think of a better one :P 


  8. Performing and reality shows. I love it when groups just dork out lol
  9. Jimin was seriously being a biaswrecker in this ep....
  10. Jimin is seriously biaswrecking me right now..... The struggle is real...
  11. Jimin is seriously biaswrecking me..... The struggle is real....:mess:


  12. Hobi was my first bias and holds a very special place in my heart as do all the members. As I got to know BTS, I related so much to Tae and cried when I heard how much he has come. I just fell in love with him. I finally found someone else who was like me and I felt complete. Sorry for the gushy, nauseating story lol. Basically, I love to make derp faces. My biaswrecker changes as much as the weather changes in my country. ALL. THE. TIME. It's usually Jimin as he is the cutest cinnamon roll and must be protected at all costs but tbh, all of them are biaswreckers. . I'm pretty much OT7 at this point lol. I love all of them.
  13. Tae and his black hair I am
  14. Yay!!! BTS is making history ppl! SO proud to an ARMY rn