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  1. @movietvdrama It's the finale???! (I haven't watched it yet) Well, we have the docu-series soon on Weverse so yay!
  2. It has been waaaaay too long. I been away searching the world for TaeTae photocards lol :rapmon9:

    1. LoveYourself


      BTW, Bring the Soul was mind blowing. I didn't realize just how hard these boys work. Purple you BTS <33

  3. Leave your messages here! Last year, something terrible and life changing happened to me and my family and it almost made me want to give up on life. Life was just too cruel and I truly hated myself; Then on August 24th 2018, you released IDOL. I quickly began to like your music and I bought Love Yourself: Answer. I listened to that album on repeat when times got tough again and I felt like their were 7 guys out there that truly cared about me and loved me. This gave me the strength to grow and mature and finally start to love myself. That's when I became an ARMY and joined BBase on December 22nd 2018. When you announced you were coming to my country, I jumped at the chance. I would do anything to show these boys how much their existence meant to me. You had literally saved my life. The ARMY is the nicest group of people I have ever met and to me, you guys and ARMY are family. To Hobi: You were my first bias and showed me that being myself was ok and that the ppl who didn't accept me for I was, didn't deserve to be my friend. You were literally the light that pierced the dark void I was in. Thank you. To Jin: Your song Epiphany resonated with me in so many ways and brought me to tears when I heard you sing it live. I love your goofy personality and those rants that you go on. You showed me that anything can happen and that good things will come and change my life for the better. Thank you. To Yoongi: You understand what it is like to be at the lowest of the low and 'The Last' really resonates with me. You understand me and I feel closer to you because of that. No wonder we matched for BTS World! You say stuff as it is and you not afraid to do so. This gave me the ability to stand up for myself (I was a shy potato). I admire your confidence (and swag) and please keep making music for a long time to come. (AGUST D is a BOP!) Thank you. To Namjoon: I want to be like you. I admire people greatly who can speak more than one language and transcend that language barrier to reach so many people. I love all your music that you make and you are so so talented. You have decreased the pain for me with your music and presence and I'm sure many others have too. Don't doubt yourself and follow your heart. Thank you and fighting! To Jimin: Chimmy is my favourite BT21 character and is just as cute and as sweet as you. You biaswreck me so hard and your duality is OP. Lie and Serendipity are two of my favourite solos and you perform them so beautifully. Remember, you are human and it is ok to make mistakes. ARMY won't love you any less. Thank you. To Jungkook: You were the member that helped me to discover BTS in about 2015 as I wanted to see if there were any other 97 liners out there. You are so relatable and you are like the younger brother I never had. You are such a dork and I love it. Thanks for what you did for the ARMY wheelchair user in Paris. It was really touching. I was happy to be able to see you perform live and yell out that fanchant you love so much. Thank you. To Taehyung: Wow. This is hard... It may seem embarrassing but I love you with all my heart and soul. Just seeing your face makes me light up. You ARE handsome. No matter what you are doing you look really great. You could go out with bedhair and still look handsome. Send my thanks to your parents for allowing you to audition that day. I would love to see you rap on a future album. You are such a mood. lol. You are the first person I've known that is truly like me and I feel like I've found my missing puzzle piece. Scenery is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Thank you so much for your hard work! I purple you. Thank you Tae and send my love to Tannie! To BTS, Thank you for persevering all these years. Your music has forever changed the world and changed my world for the better. Fighting and thank you. LY x
  4. 💜

     Saeng-il chugha hamnida! #BorahaeBTS 💜

    We are trending worldwide ARMY! #6YearWithOurHomeBTS
  5. AHHHH! Tae and Tannie are reunited at last! TT


    (c) @bts_twt

  6. Happy 5th Anniversary BTS! I purple you all!:cheer:jimin9:


  7. BTS has left the building T.T :emo:Plz get some rest soon boys! I purple you!:jkiss:

  8. BTW,

    To the ARMY who was at Wembley on June 1st and called their wifi: S.T.O.P. I.T, I love you. :HAHAHA:

  9. Hi ARMY!

    I got back home at like 2am last night so couldn't post.

    The concert was AMAZING! I legit cried when Jin sang Epiphany.

    Luckily, it was that hot in the stadium that my face was already red by the time Tae sang Singularity so nobody noticed *phew*

    I still can't believe that they were right in front of me.

    Too bad we couldn't surprise BTS like the D2 peeps did but Jin's Freddy Mercury tribute was the best.

    J-Hope is an even more amazing dancer seeing him live and Jungkook totally bias wrecked me lol. One day, JK will do the fanchant for Euphoria with us. He was like hanging in the air using ONE hand!

    Even Yeontan was on the VCR ^_^

    Honestly, my mind has been blown :o

    Hopefully after Paris next week, the boys can get some rest for a bit.

    I am so proud of them! Thanks for coming back to my country, BTS! I will never forget this concert. <3

    LY x

  10. Guys! I'm freaking out! BTS is in my. country. and the concert is TOMORROW! :jimin2::v1:


  11. Me too. It's only the thing I feel confident making lol
  12. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Popstar but with what celebs go through nowadays, I just wouldn't want that pressure. I have a massive amount of respect for our boys for putting up with all of that especially the hate.