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  1. when i saw he died his hair by himself in that bon voyage episode i just thought "this kid has been raised by jin for sure" Her stylist probably gave up on him after this lol
  2. lol that's cute but we all know they are bad at playing football thanks RUN! BTS for making this fact public ahaha
  3. Lol true, he looked at them like "don't look, don't look, don't look" and when they leaved he was like "oh god please i wanted to STARE" lol
  4. @JİMİN FAN GİRL i would love to ! (jimin's face though in the last one lol)
  5. Hello everyone ! i found this not so old photoshoot set from Yoongi for Grazia (2016) and i wanted to share it. Feel free to share other photos of our bad boy ~
  6. you all better be prepared to hear what i have to say : In the No More Dream MV, i thought Jin looked like Kim Jongin from EXO. And i am so sorry about it i need to be punished by our world wide handsome for this crime lol Same energy !
  7. oh god, what do i do i have been listening to kpop for 11 years lol. i won't quote any BTS songs because i could just copy paste their tracklist lol SHINee - Shout Out, Quasimodo TVXQ - Mirotic GDragon : Who You, Crayon, Untilted 2014, Crooked, One of a kind ( i basically love this man ) BIGBANG of couuurse : Haru Haru, Love Song, Blues, Tonight Super Junior : SPY, Pajama Party Taeyeon : I Tablo : Tomorrow Geeks : Officially Missing You I will stop here
  8. I don't know why but for me it was Hoseok, i guess 94 blood runs through our veins so he catched my attention at first sight lol
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      sure i will check it asap ~ ♥