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  1. seems I can do whatever I want except get a dang job!!! I've been filling out and sending apps like a madman and not a single place has gotten back to me. I'm gonna lose my mind. I'm bored and I wanna work!!

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    2. lost-at-home


      I FEEL YOU. And the problem is that I'm sure I'd have a job by now if I applied at a stupid fast food joint, but you wouldn't catch me dead at a place like that. They're loud, gross, and miserable. I really want a quieter, factory like setting, but places like that either aren't hiring, or they won't call me back!

    3. kingseokjin1992
    4. kueninghai


      I just want to work at a supermarket...

  2. I slept fine last night and yet I still want to sleep! feeling lazy today. hmm

    1. kueninghai


      yeah, ive been feeling lazy, too. ive got nothing to do

  3. hey! check out my gloom! top picture was drawn when I was in 9th grade, and right is from today!


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    2. kueninghai


      Shiloh I always love your art ♥♥♥

    3. seaghost


      haha thanks polly!

    4. seaghost


      thanks so much dude!!

  4. dont they gonna make you see big hero 6?

    1. seaghost


      "i ate a kids fathers hair"

    2. kueninghai
    3. seaghost


      hahaha NOOB