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  1. What's your personality like? (16Personalities)

    Seriously Riv I need a hug from you rn My single life like, finally
  2. Username : Mongmungi Remove : JIN HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : Jimin HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : Jhope HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : Jungkook HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : Rapmon HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : V HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : Suga HHM Username : Mongmungi Remove : Skool Luv Affair Album Username : Mongmungi Remove : O R U L8 2 Album Username : Mongmungi Remove : 2 Kool 4 Skool Album Username : Mongmungi Remove : BTS Logo (White Version) Username : Mongmungi Remove : A.R.MY Username : Mongmungi Post Count : 50 Award : BTS Logo (Black Version) This is a lot of works (I'm doing this special for Festa event :") ). Massive thanks to awards team! <3
  3. news BTS on Korean News About BBMAs

    Seeing them on the news makes me so proud ♡
  4. news BTS on Korean News About BBMAs

    The sudden "oh my gosh" i'm dead Never did I find such cute reporter.
  5. Original Article by PEACHISODA [Article] 170522 [BBMA] "We got to the Billboard!"... BTS moved as they win the award "We're standing at the Billboard.. We can't believe this" "BTS" repeatedly exclaimed "unbelievable". They were the first KPOP group to stand on the magenta carpet and they also stood in the center of the award ceremony as the first KPOP group. And they held the trophy as the first KPOP group. "I can't believe we're standing at the Billboard. It's a great honor. We're especially grateful to ARMY (fanclub) and I love you. We will become a better BTS" (Rap Monster) BTS seized the 2017 Billboard trophy. They won the "Top Social Artist" award at the "BBMA" held on the 21st in Las Vegas, US. They surpassed global pop stars like Justin Bieber. "Top Social Artist" category has been his award. Bieber has secured his throne for the 6 years since they introduced the category in 2011. However, BTS climbed over that wall this year. Read more HERE@PEACHISODA
  6. BBase YNWA Predictions: Revisited

    My name stands alone with Pink-haired Jimin I feel so honored :") ♡ I love the idea of this thread haha
  7. It was on the news <3 <3 THe song still charted high now!
  8. BTS AU; Who Killed Me?

    WHOA THAT WAS W O W Personally I've always liked this kind of thing. The twist got me shook THanks for sharing!
  9. Official BBase Mascot Thread

    wowow THank you for these!!!!
  10. game Who would you/Would you rather - BTS EDITION

    Honestly I don't mind being welcomed back to this forum by a killing game but whoa thanks Lisa that was a wild ride I barely survived and omg you tagging me I'm- ajshairwe I've been inactive for the past few weeks but you still remember this jamless friend of yours I'm gonna treasure you for.ever. <3
  11. Image result for kim seokjin

    For being here, for being you <3

    Start May off with a bang, yeah?

  12. game Two Truths and a Lie

    I'm tumbling in with TWO then :'o
  13. English Translations by BANGTANBUZZ ---