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  1. I misssssssss you so much

  2. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. Mongmungi




  3. @kingseokjin1992 It's about to be 3 in the morning lol. Don't worry, I sleep really less haha
  4. That's a lot of achievements! Im so happy, they deserved it!!
  5. I've learnt Hangul all by my own through lyrics pages in local kpop magazine during my first year being into Kpop (And I then taught a lot of people in school Hangul by making my own guide book, some were not really into Korean so they failed lol) and so the moment I found BTS I was already fond of Korean Alphabet and could read their tweets tho I couldn't understand it XD As for the Korean language itself, I'm learning it little by little, and I do so only through BTS, my regular show 2D1N and very few K-Dramas lol. It's fun! I could literally feel myself becoming a Korean at least by 1% every time I swear in Korean psst.. @루비1024 Whatchu doin it's 2AM time to sleeepp
  6. I am already streaming on Spotify the moment I open this thread So happy for them :"3 Congrats boys!!
  7. K-pop’s popularity is starting to shape fashion worldwide Original Article by VOX Brands like Chrome Hearts and Moschino saw a spike in searches after K-pop stars wore them. The K-pop group BTS performs their hit “Idol” on The Tonight Show in September. To understand how influential K-pop is worldwide, look no further than social media. The 26th birthday of Jin, the singer-songwriter of Korea’s pop supergroup BTS, was by far the top Twitter trend globally Monday, garnering more than a million tweets. The Melon Music Awards, which honor Korea’s most popular musical acts, took place Saturday, and they too dominated Twitter as fans of groups like BTS, Blackpink, Mamamoo, and iKon gushed about the show. With roots in the 1990s, K-pop — a mix of pop, rap, electronica, and other genres with a South Korean twist — is affecting far more than social media trends and billboard charts. Fans of the music are taking up charitable causes, and according to the global fashion search engine Lyst, they are also wearing the same designers as their beloved K-pop idols. In its “Year in Fashion” report, which tracked more than 100 million searches from 80 million shoppers across the globe in 2018, Lyst identified K-pop stars as “major global fashion influencers.” It credits these performers with spiking searches related to brands like Moschino and Chrome Hearts after wearing them this year. The omnipresence of K-pop fans on social media around the world is fueling the trend as well as the importance of visuals in the genre. Bright colors and bold prints are the norm when it comes to K-pop acts, who have made fads of the most mundane (and unexpected) pieces of clothing. A campaign T-shirt from Rev. Jesse Jackson’s failed 1988 presidential runbecame a must-have in South Korea this year after rapper Moonbyul of Mamamoo wore it. And the introduction of makeup lines for men is largely due to K-pop, since many members of the boy bands use “guyliner,” lip tints, and brow fillers; it’s no coincidence that South Korea reportedly makes up 20 percent of the global men’s cosmetics market. As K-pop’s influence spreads, it has shaped fashion trends in a way music hasn’t seen since the genesis of American hip-hop, when brands like Adidas, Kangol, and Jordans became must-haves for listeners. Designers, according to Lyst, would be wise to embrace K-pop’s impact on fashion, an almost certainly lucrative move. Read more HERE
  8. This is really touching. Just the thing I'd definitely do if I was as rich as him. I'm really glad of his choice of donation. Kim Seokjin has always been a wise man :")
  9. Today an official note has arrived. 

    The note that we've been waiting for weeks, has finally came. And I don't know what to feel about it.

    For real, I'm moving out, away from the very few people that I have in my life like my parents and my siblings. But there's something about this situation that makes me feel both pushed and pulled from having any sorts of emotions. Like, after all the things that happened I realized that the best thing to do is to isolate myself from literally everybody, except for my husband of course. (The last time I went to meet a friend was 8 months ago). Everybody knew and said that whatever happened wasn't my fault, but in order to carry on with my own life, doing the things that I myself decide, with too many different people having strong beliefs within them, to alter myself to each and everyone's satisfaction is literally on par of killing myself. This pressure is not healthy for me, maybe anybody else can keep up with it but it's destroying me, myself, and whatever position and possession that I hold.

    And I'm not running away, because in the first place, there is nothing that I can solve. I've tried, really hard, and I think that's enough, nobody deserves more than that. 

    Though, on another note, my dreams are coming true one by one. I've always been fascinated by big cities, and I still can't believe I'm moving out to one. (Off-topic : my husband already mentioned BTS' concert and wondered why did I never go to one. When I said "Because it's pricey", he said "But it's worth it!". Guys, feel the green light with me T~T9) So yeah,

    Tbh moving out is not a big deal. I've now moved out thrice in the span of 13 months due to a lot of reasons, but this time, it's the real deal. I have to go away from my people, leave the place where I grew up at, and I don't even know when I'll come back. All of these phenomenons happening at the age of 20 was really going to be new and strange and probably will make me feel like getting water-slapped right on the face haha. I'm still obnoxious of what to expect but for sure things shall be much better later. 

    Oh, actually this should've been a really great news, if not for my over-thinking self lol. 

    And guys, you, whoever reads this, are the first to know. None of my friends know (and I only plan to tell 1 or 2 friends about it).

    This place has already became my home, so now I feel much better after writing it all down hehe hagfxf6.gif /runs away to Home page/


    BTW HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KIM SEOKJIN!! I was on the countdown yesterday but life situation is hard to deal with T_TwYO8iIp.gif But I managed to stream Epiphany!! <3 

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    2. Mongmungi


      @SeokSeok darl I miss you we'll be further away from each other :emo:

    3. Mongmungi


      @Killer Thank you, Israa. You shall too! emoji32_by_emoji_icon-d6kvbzw.gif

    4. SeokSeok



      ur going to KL right?????????

  10. Mongmungi

    game pictionary

    Wow what is it about tho?
  12. Goosebumps, our golden maknae is putting dance practice video in a new light.
  13. @Vii I guess they were talking about despite things being hard, they are happy. -- Alright, I missed the damn live show but I managed to seize between the time and hunt for the performance video and OH MY GOD, YESTERDAY WAS FREAKING CRAZY it was like a festival and my favorite performance of BTS are always the lively ones. They did what they had to. More than the fact that I was awed and blown away the entire time, I was so happy things turned out well for the boys, such a perfect performance. Still have to get sense into my head coz we've more awards shows coming up. The heck, WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN MAMA THEN??