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  1. Lost a best friend because she thinks I was using her but I wasn't but who cares I have plenty of friends and to many best friends but even though me and her aren't best friends anymore deep down inside I still care about her and I still love her and I hope she's doing ok

    1. Sincerelyyoongi


      I’m so sorry. I hope you get better!

    2. Jimins_KittenForever
    3. Sincerelyyoongi
  2. My life is over

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    2. savannah


      turst me i know what it feels like 

    3. savannah


      ive been throw all sorts of things 

    4. kingseokjin1992


      no everyone is different and I bet you what she is going through is hard it might be the same thing as what I am but I don't know if so we have to be strong for her

  3. Ugh February's coming up which also means Valentine's Day😑😑 like why is it a holiday....I hate Valentine's Day so much everyone says it's a day of true love😑 true love isn't real (Just my opinion) true love is only in movies

    1. kingseokjin1992


      that is a good question? because it isn't like a holiday if that makes since?

  4. We're all mad here....

  5. I wanna die also I think I just lost my best friend😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

  6. My cousin says you're "dating" Jimin is that true

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    2. Hobi'sAngel94


      I was kidding, but you seem paranoid 

    3. Jimins_KittenForever
    4. Hobi'sAngel94


      That explains a lot of things 

  7. I have the best boyfriend ever😄😄

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    2. Jimins_KittenForever


      And why do you want to know who I'm dating?

    3. Hobi'sAngel94


      Well it doesn't matter if you want to tell me I was just curious, and my cousin told me anyway 

    4. Jimins_KittenForever
  8. I'm sorry I couldn't talk, I fell asleep 

  9. When are you going to come back?

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    2. Jungkookslove_97


      I want to cry so much right now....we all miss you so much 

    3. Jimins_KittenForever


      Awe well I'm here now

    4. kingseokjin1992
  10. I miss my baby 😭😭😭😭