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I love SUGA 2004

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  1. "Ohana means family; family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten!".




  2. read this story. I wrote this story.


    At the beginning of the story Alexis and Suga are 32. On the ……. they both turn 33.                                 


                                                                                                      Alexis ́s story of love  

        Once upon a time there were three vampires named Edward Cullen, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore,and a human named Suga fighting for my love. But I went to Suga’s house to see him and tell him I loved him and wanted to be with him. But I didn't know how to because I loved the three vampires too. But I loved Suga more than anything.But then another person came into my life named Harry Styles. But I didn't know who to choose. So I took them one at a time to my parents house to have dinner to see who they like or loved. But when I brought Suga for dinner. They said he's the one. Suga number one, Harry number 2, Stefan number 3, Edward number 4, and Damon number 5. So my parents told me to bring Harry and Suga to dinner and to tell the others sorry my parents don't want me to be with vampires. So the next day I told the three vampires that my parents didn't want me to be with them (while crying).I am sorry (runs home without giving them hugs). When I got home I told my parents I love Suga more then anything.My parents said marry him. I said OK and I went to his house knocked on the door and Suga opens the door gets down on one knee and says Alexis Nicole Brooks you are my life. My shining star. Will you marry me? Um. . . . . . . . . . . Yes!!!!. I pulled him up and kiss him and give him a hug (while crying). Next year March 9,2026 we got married. Are honeymoon was going with BTS on there tour. Suga and I did have alone time and that time was fun. When the tour was over we went back home bought are own house. And lived happily ever after.


                                                                                                             THE END

  3. Happy Valentine's Day BTS and MY friends on this site.

  4. Did Suga admit he was gay? 

    1. shrimpkicks


      He came out as bi, not necessarily gay.  He expressed that he liked boys too.

    2. I love SUGA 2004
  5. My sister is about to sign up fro this website.

  6. "Ohana means family; family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten!"

  7. watching the Grammy. Can't wait to see BTS. YA!!!!!!!!!!! 

    2. I love SUGA 2004

      I love SUGA 2004

      Every time I saw BTS I scream BTS and clapped.. Also I was looking for Suga

  8. Every girl is beautiful just the way they are. No need to change. Just be you.

  9. I Love You Suga. You will be 31 when i am 20 maybe we can meet. Love you always.