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Min_Yoongi _Wife


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  1. Do yall want <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3 to come on every day?Cause I hate when I can't talk to her 24/7

  2. Today was my first day of high school.It was boring because I cant talk to my girlfriend all day.

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    2. <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3


      I'm still sorry Alexis. Your still friends right?

    3. Min_Yoongi _Wife

      Min_Yoongi _Wife



    4. Tae_Kookies
  3. Love is real when its true



    Like me and Felicity

  4. Hey everyone. I got my phone back.And I can talk to my girlfriend because she can only come on during school.I am going to fly down to her after I graduate and propose to her.


    1. Min_Yoongi _Wife

      Min_Yoongi _Wife

      I love this song.Its my fav song from Suga

  6. Good morning everyone. Long Live BTS Kings Of Kpop

  7. Hello everyone.As any one heard from King_Of_Vampire?She is my girlfriend.I miss her.And I have something really important to tell her

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    2. Min_Yoongi _Wife

      Min_Yoongi _Wife

      It's ok.likehas she been on

    4. Tae_Kookies


      I think she only uses this at school 

  8. Hey everyone happy 4th


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    2. Sincerelyyoongi


      Well she said she liked me and she wouldn’t date anyone else so but not really

    3. Sincerelyyoongi


      That’s why I don’t trust people

    4. Min_Yoongi _Wife

      Min_Yoongi _Wife

      Well i kept say sweet stuff to her. And i beg a little.

  9. Hey everyone.I know I havent been on in a while.I got my phone taken.I will have today.If  I do my chore and dont mouth off at my. Grandma for 5 days. I will get my phone back.

  10. Sincerelyyoongi likes you




  11. Can i know why you decide to like me as a sister and not a girlfriend.

  12. I am now single. I hate myself. I wish that I was dead so i would not hurt anyone I love and so I dont get hurt

    1. Tae_Kookies


      Nooo dont hate yourself LOVE YOURSELF 

    2. kueninghai


      Because something doesn't work out doesn't mean it's the end.

    3. Tae_Kookies


      Yeah ive had so many bad things happened but it’ll be fine