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  1. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Mom! I found a new god that I want to worship!!
  2. Tattoos

    Lmao, you'll get used to it. It'll look even more awesome when it's healed up.
  3. Tattoos

    @aureliaa I still think it's awesome and I love the placement of your tattoo!! It's beautiful!
  4. Yay! I'll have to look for what to do for this then. Looking forward to participating~!
  5. Even as part of the staff, I can submit as well right?
  6. game Two Truths and a Lie

    @cyphersatoori But it's fun.
  7. game Two Truths and a Lie

    I suck at this lmao.
  8. The Min Yoongi Discussion Thread

    @21stcenturygirl! I know. Them muscles. I love a fit and muscular man. Sue me. Yoongi has more meat on his bones now and I'm glad for that. At least when comparing him to his earlier days where his legs could really rival a girl groups.
  9. game Two Truths and a Lie

    Must have been quite a memory lol. How'd you get stuck anyways lmao. We woulda gotten along as a kid, and we would be the nightmare duo. Is it 2?
  10. Anime

    I found my new home! OMG! As an actual college student studying animation, I never grew out of anime. My favorites have got to be Tokyo Ghoul(though this is debatable while I like seeing them animated, the anime story was shit, manga was infinitely better), Haikyuu KnB, AoT, Free!, Death Parade. Psycho Pass etc. I tend to prefer the more heavy ones. I'm a masochist who hates suffering but love watching characters suffer. Sue me.
  11. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    I have hydrophobia too and while I can handle being near big bodies of open water, there's no way that I'm going in there without at least a promise and someone who's really good at swimming. Drowning at age 3 at the deep end of a 8ft pool will do that to you. I don't mind being in pools though if I can still touch the floor, even on tiptoes. But still, with a chaperon who can swim. He looks scared but his reaction is so cute. XP Also... bish, that photo. WYD
  12. game Two Truths and a Lie

    It's not...
  13. game Two Truths and a Lie

    Is it 3?
  14. The General Jin Discussion Thread

    Hi! Just dropping by to say that I was rewatching my fancams of the Manila concert and Jin still has me shook with his visuals.