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  1. Yes Thank you so so much and sorry for all the trouble.
  2. @jin Actually, would you mind just changing me over rn?
  3. Whyy do y'all have to bias wreck me like thiss?!

  4. Does this ever just show up on your Youtube and you decide to watch it again just for fun? Then you click on it forgetting how much Jimin bias wrecks you. Once you start watching it, you can't stop because of the sheer perfection of this performance.


  5. @jin When I bought it I didn't know that I already had the Suga item.
  6. @taesthetic I only purchased that item, nothing else.
  7. #826 It is raining a lot here and it is very strange because I live in a desert and it hasn't rained a lot in a long time
  8. Sorry to bother you again but when I clicked "Buy and Use" it said "Sorry, there is a problem You must wait till your current upgrade expires before redeeming another Error code: MEMBERSHOP/1"
  9. @jin It's ok. Thank you so much!
  10. Kim Namjoon for President 2020
  11. #828 Actually, I think I might do the Suga - The Best Of BTS Era(Japanese), yay 300 posts!