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Everything posted by Sweet&Suga

  1. They are so adorable, definitely the cutest boy band in the world!
  2. OK, so I think we can all agree that it'll probably be MOTS: Shadow, now that that's out of the way let's get onto some other stuff. So I think the intro will be by Yoongi, kinda following the order in the past but like also I just really hope that's the case lol. I really hope that they do a Jimin and Yoongi unit (I would be fine with that even being next comeback since I really wish for a Suga intro) because do y'all remember when they did Tony Montana live together? Like that was pure perfection and I would love to hear them together again. I also think it'll probably have a darker theme kinda like with LY, but they definitely like to change things up and had darker meanings in more light-hearted melodies and themes. So this could also be a super light, more upbeat and "happy" seeming theme, but the meaning is very dark. Last but not least, hair. Jin should definitely be blond again, Joon well I almost want golden/honey blond like in LY: Answer at one point, mint Yoongi (or black :), I really like his blond highlights from CNS so that would be pretty great to keep (but I doubt it), BLACK/DARK BROWN JIMIN, iconic orange or red for Tae, and I wish he still had his long hair but maybe he'll have it for the concept pics and/or MV but dark red or purple would be pretty cool. But a completely black comeback would be sweet, I love when they do that.
  3. R.I.P Jungkook's long hair April 2019 - October 2019

    It will be missed

    1. Bottle of Jin

      Bottle of Jin


  4. So I had another marching band competition yesterday!!

    Once again, the color guard won "Outstanding Color Guard"!

    1. Sweet&Suga


      I'm so proud of the guard. I feel so happy to be part of such a wonderful group. I know I'm the youngest and, ultimately, the least experienced but I love every one in the guard, even the band, and I'll be very sad when marching band season is over.


    Have you heard this beautiful man's voice?! He's the lead vocalist for The Rose as well but he has a solo album and it's also so beautiful.

  6. So for some reason I haven't heard Mikrokosmos in a while, and it just played on my shuffle playlist. I love it so so much.

    1. Lil_Mochi


      Me with Anpanman 

    2. Jungkookoie


      Me with fake love :urgh:


    1. Sweet&Suga


      This is seriously their third comeback this year, including their debut!

    2. Tae's Queen

      Tae's Queen


  8. Okay why haven't I listened to The Rose before?!

    I love Red so much, it's just so beautiful and fun.

    1. Tae's Queen
    2. EricaRosemary


      such a great song!!

    3. <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3


      I.L.Y Is omg! That's my fav. song by The Rose

  9. This is just one example, there's just nothing where there's supposed to be something there. There should to be some content before the question marks but it doesn't show up.
  10. I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but I haven't been able to see any posts with things from an outside source, like Twitter. At first I thought it might just be a glitch, but it's been like this for a while. Sorry if that didn't make much sense, I can't think of a super clear way to explain it.
  11. Do y'all know how hard it is to do color guard when the wind is trying to pull your flag away from you and blow it across the road??

    The homecoming parade was today and it was windy as heck and yeah we struggled quite a bit.

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    2. <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3


      Oooo, I wish it was better for you guys! Next week is homecoming week for me! I have homecoming next Friday. I'm excited but sad at the same time cuz I want someone to go with. At least I'm going with my friend group!

    3. Sweet&Suga


      It was great weather during halftime so our show was AMAZING! 

      Yeah that's I was, but I'm honestly so glad someone didn't ask me. I ended up dancing with a couple friend groups and on of my best friends that I didn't think was coming.

    4. <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3


      Oooo that most been fun! 

  12. I was just listening to Outro: Tear and I was thinking what if the rapline made a choreography to it. I need that now lol.

  13. The marching band is playing Sweet Caroline for a parade and it's been in my head all week.


    Sweet Caroline~

    BUM! BUM! BUM!

  14. Y U S

    1. Lil_Mochi


      Lol I remember listening to that song in like 5th or 6th grade