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Everything posted by Sweet&Suga

  1. Ahhhh Khalid's voice is so beautiful and calming!

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    2. Lil_Mochi


      The name or me? 


    3. Sweet&Suga


      I mean, both I guess. But originally the name :))

    4. Lil_Mochi


      I was joking but I'll take the compliment I guess. 

      Maeie Unnie~

  2. I think a vocal line and Alec Benjamin collab would be amazing! I love Alec's vocals and, of course, the vocal line's. But I think a ballad would sound soo good with all of their vocals.
  3. Me too. It pretty much ended with the perfect set up for a second season anyway.
  4. SHINee's back...

  5. I will NEVER get tried of hearing HOME live. And their vocals are so beautiful in this one.
  6. ... So I just got an add for the BTS dolls from Mattel on my YouTube. Why is it the first time lol, they've been out for months

  7. @Cutie pie Just for future reference, one person can't do multiple posts in a row, it is a challenge for multiple people. Next time you would post only one number then another person would post. After another person does, then you are able to post the next number.
  8. I LOVE that's Hobi's also letting his hair grow out. I guess I just really like longer hair on them...
  9. Yay!! It's about time honestly. I'm so glad they finally have the break they have deserved for a long time.
  10. BigHit should make the Docu-series available on other platforms. I really want to watch it, but I don't want to have to download Weverse to do that.
  11. I'm not sure, I'm pretty busy so I probably won't watch it, again.
  12. @EricaRosemary no I haven't yet, but I'm super busy so I haven't had time.
  13. Today marks to day I fell even deeper into the kpop hole... thanks @kueninghai lol

    1. kueninghai


      im just supporting a cause

    2. Sweet&Suga


      A very worthy cause

  14. #745 @Bottle of Jin YES YES!! You should definitely post it. I was actually just thinking about it! Also that pun was amazing
  15. Here's my top 10. 1. Blood Sweat & Tears 2. Stigma 3. I Need U 4. Coffee 5. Best of Me 6. Love Maze 7. Airplane Pt. 2 8. Fake Love I'm both surprised and not surprised lol 9. Dimple 10. The Truth Untold