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  1. It missed us by an inch but thanks ;)
  2. Thanks for sharing this, got to see them sing Boy with Luv but missed this one because of a tornado warning for my area
    Just bought this album today and all I can say is everything about it is truly beautiful
  3. Just got the BTS persona album:x #awesomesauce

    1. Tae_Kookies


      I’m jellly


  4. The new BTS album comes out tomorrow......


  5. It would have to be when RM gave that speech at the UN about learning to love yourself "We have learned love ourselves so now I urge you to speak yourself"
  6. He is worthy of BTS, he's handsome and yes charismatic, whoever said that needs to be beaten with a large banana!
  7. Me when I discovered the awesomeness of BTS