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  1. here is tojimin9: u my last 795 bombs i give to u. you'll have a wonderful personality and would like u to have them.:jin1:

  2. Thank you so much for the bombs <3

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    2. alice tae-min

      alice tae-min

      i have 890 i rather give them to someone else.:jin1:

    3. HobiBobi


      That's kind of you

    4. alice tae-min

      alice tae-min

      i care like for army like family.:jkiss::jkiss:

  3. Honestly, a few days. The first I could tell apart from the others was Namjoon, and then each day I was finding ways of telling each member apart until I was pretty good at it about 4-5 days after I got into them From a distance I still struggle to tell each member apart sometimes, or if they're wearing masks