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  1. It's okay, don't worry!! Take your time <3
  2. The first song I heard was DNA back in late 2017, I also listened to Blood, Sweat & Tears. I only became an ARMY back in February this year though bc I guess I just forgot how much I liked the songs until then?? I decided to give them another listen and I remembered why I loved them so much, and for the rest of the day I swear I was just watching as many of their music videos as possible ^^;
  3. Ahh I really wish I had more time to do this (a lot of homework and revision haha), maybe me and other members of team Hobi can organise something and we can all do little pieces if we can?? We can do it!!
  4. Mine keep changing but I really love LY: Answer, I think LY was an amazing era full of amazing songs and the repackage is always satisfying to listen to because I love every song so much I also love the HYYH era, I can't choose which part so I'll just say Young Forever (same sort of reason as LY: Answer) Dark & Wild is also amazing, I think that it had a really cool vibe and I never get tired of hearing it I'll just say all of them bc I could go on about why I love each one-
  5. Yay, another team Hobi! ^^
  6. I'm so hyped aaa!! This will be interesting o:
  7. Again I apologise for the quality but!! I got LY: Answer yesterday and I got Taehyung!
  8. @Maphisto40 wow, that's an awesome collection! ^^
  9. Yeahh!! What's also cool is that my sister ordered an album too which comes with 4 extra photocards as a gift although I'm not sure what they are, I'll show those too even if they're unofficial bc she's gonna give me 2 of them
  10. I just decided to make this thread bc I wanted to share the photocard and postcard I received when I bought MOTS: Persona <3 I also ordered LY: Answer and that should be coming this weekend so I'll definitely share what I got! You guys can share your photocard collections too if you'd like (Idk if this is the right place to post this so please let me know haha) I apologise for the quality but! I originally got Yoongi as my postcard and Taehyung as my photocard (I got version 4), but my sister got version 2 and got Hobi as her photocard so we traded as she's Jimin/Tae biased and I'm Hobi/Yoongi biased <3
  11. Mine too aa!! This is so exciting!!
  12. #814 - I got my first BTS album today eee!!
  13. Just got my first BTS album, I got MOTS: Persona version 4 <3

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    2. HobiBobi


      That's so cool <3 I hope I can collect all of the members eventually!

    3. Sweet&Suga


      Me too, I'm on my way to it lol with Jin and Yoongi. Whenever I get more photocards, I hang them up on a string. Right now I only have 2 but I hope to soon have 7 all of a different member.

      Have you hung up the poster yet?

    4. HobiBobi


      That's so cute, I might do that! That's a fun idea <3

      Not yet, I'll have a think bc my room isn't decorated yet like I don't have the wallpaper I want up yet, so I might wait. Idk where to put it xD

  14. Oh nice, you got one too! ^^