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alice tae-min


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  1. on june 23 2019 i met a fellow army member name chang woo my accident.

    to this day chang has been by my side loveing me though thick and then.even thought every fight he loves me still. chang also got into basan performing arts school! i am so happy to have met him. i am also happy to say i am engaged to him and to be a bride and wife soon.jimin9:

    1. spicy.gochujang


      I’m so happy for you!! Congrats^^

    2. alice tae-min

      alice tae-min

      thank you friend i'm excided about it hehe

  2. life sucks!love sucks! i hate my life! i hate myself so much! i messed up everything! i am nothing!...:v1:

    1. spicy.gochujang


      I know what you are! A wonderful person jimin9:

    2. alice tae-min

      alice tae-min

      thank u so much!:wow::emo:

  3. i feel lonely right now.i so boried i can't figure  what type of song to write. anyone wanna help me?:wow::jhheart::jkhuh:

  4. my life sucks! i hate it. everything in i is falling a part and no i don't want it at all.

  5. hello! i'm okay promise! today makes the day my best friend became a offical member of co army and found out he was bysexual. it was a wierd ride but he excepted it for what it is. i'm pround to have all of you my co army family supporting me in everyway.jimin9::jin1:

  6. hello fellow army! i hope your day is better then mines. i am getting sick like no tomorrow and it hurts my ribs that are broken more.

  7. here is tojimin9: u my last 795 bombs i give to u. you'll have a wonderful personality and would like u to have them.:jin1:

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    2. HobiBobi


      Yeah sure! You can message me at any time <3

    3. alice tae-min
    4. HobiBobi
  8. Thank you so much for the bombs <3

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    2. alice tae-min

      alice tae-min

      i have 890 i rather give them to someone else.:jin1:

    3. HobiBobi


      That's kind of you

    4. alice tae-min

      alice tae-min

      i care like for army like family.:jkiss::jkiss:


  10. happy birthday! my name is alice i wanna say happy birthday to u. jimin9:

  11. not knowing why your tied up you all of a sudden hear multiple foot step.you try to get out but still can move.you think why can't i move?! stranger voice says you seem to want to leave but you can't. then you hear a door slam open there they stood there to take you back.
  12. hello fellow army.today i have heard sad new our fellow bts baes are being put to military work they will be back soon.stay strong bts army. love you.

  13. hi i'm new. i finally decided to officially join army.i hope u welcome me into army with open arms and i love how army are like family. bts is forever. <3

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