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  • Birthday April 4

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    PJM ♡ KTH ♡ JJK
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    In Jimin's lost luggage.

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  1. Roses are red (a really lovely red actually, but there are also other colours that need appreciation);

    Violets are blue (they're purple but okay);

    Valentines is over (and so is a certain period in our lives);

    But I still love you (take me back someday?).

    Image result for jikook heart

    take the shoddy heart for mine that died the day I stopped talking to you

    1. -Mochi-


      I'm kinda


      right now. 

      And no matter what, I'll always take you back.

  2. Omg I just noticed your location on your profile is "In Jimin's lost luggage" and mine is "In Namjoon's Passport", which let's be honest, it's probably lost too. So yay, we're both lost in bangtan luggage. Bless. 

    Idk you're asleep rn and here I am embarrassing myself don't look at me HIDING.gif.def82784d60988c6b9f6bf51456ce023.gif

    1. -Mochi-


      We're meant to be I guess. LOL


      I'm Tae and you're the bunny. 

  3. Have an amazing birthday!~ 

    1. -Mochi-


      Thank you. 


  4. 58e3136b0d3e3_ezgif.com-add-text(4).gif.370356599d03a9288cbf4b836f088e63.gif



    RIP i aint got any other skills except for fake subs 

    Have a good celebration, buddy~ <3

    1. -Mochi-


      Omg, this is so beautiful. I'm- 


      Thank you. 

  5. Happy birthday!!!


    1. -Mochi-


      Thank you. 


  6. No More Dream - 898 Danger - 864 Boy In Luv - 898 Blood Sweat & Tears - 897 Spring Day - 765 Not Today - 899 Save Me - 766
  7. @Seoks-j & @Whalien LMAO you two. It wasn't directed at me but I still feel intimidated, @monimoni.
  8. @Seoks-j I remember seeing it somewhere but I don't remember where, and when you said it's not from VLive all my hopes died. Thank.