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  1. After the angelic hi

    In the end, it’s a devilish bye

    It’s a crazy high every time

    Need to spit out the price

    This is a test without an answer

    Even though I’m deceived every time, I say yes

    I’m a sad slave to emotion

    In this ice-cold love

    Look at me Look at you, who’s gonna hurt more?

    You smart? Who? You are

    If tears of blood start to flow

    So sorry? Who is? You are

    What do I do?

    I can’t stand being this weak

    I’ve covered my eyes

    I need to cut off this oxygen of love

    He said you look crazy

    Thank you baby

    I owe it all to you

    Got me all messed up

    His love is my favorite

    But you plus me sadly can be dangerous


  2. i can convince her if you want or i can make you talk to her

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Myteen_Chunjin


      i was able to convince her for a day

      she will text you tomorrow

      sorry that's all I can do

    3. Sincerelyyoongi
    4. Myteen_Chunjin
  3. HE İS SOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME Is there someone you miss talking about?
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