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  1. There are many things in this world that brings us joy, we can all agree. I have lived my life going along with I guess is “the flow of things”. Growing up I have found things that brought me joy and happiness , but as you grow up things get more realistic, more stressful. Basically you realize when you’re growing up many things start not having the same meaning to you as they did before in the past. I know not everyone has the experience but I know some do. As I was finally reaching the age to where you now have to be more responsible and be prepared when you “come of age” many things happened and it took a great toll on me. I suddenly started feeling depressed, empty, just sad. Nothing amused me as much anymore I even felt like I was alone in this world. That is until I discovered BTS, listening to their music was a life changing experience, although there was a language barrier between me and them at the same time their music was soothing and calming. I looked more into BTS, I learned the meaning behind their songs, concept, their message to the world. I learned about their story and how they struggled but they never gave up because 7 boys with the same dream had a bond that no one could break. They all had one another and never stopped believing and their wishes to become succesful came true. Their story is inspirtational and empowering but that isnt the reason why I love BTS even though that is something I admire from them. Thanks to BTS I made friends, true friends that I know that will never let me down, thanks to them I’m not alone anymore. But I still haven’t explained why I love BTS and I am about to explain why. The reason why I love these boys isnt because of how they look. I love BTS because they gave me hope that life will get better. They have brought me so much happiness. There are days where I feel at my lowest and listenting to one of their songs lifts up my spirits. I love BTS because they do so much for us as their fans. They may have a packed schedule but they all pull through to bring us a great performance. They share part of their life with us because they want to know us, it may not be face to face but spiritually. I love BTS cause not only have they gaven me a reason to look at life at another way and the motivation that life will get better, but they taught me how to love myself even though it may sound kinda corny since this response is probably the most common but its true. They have influenced everyone like myself to face our problems, stand up to our fears, look deep within ourselves to be better people. I learned how to love myself slowly everyday but they also have learned how to love themselves as well. BTS as a whole learned with us when we all went on the journey to loving our true self. BTS has influenced and saved so many people in a positive way. BTS even understands the struggles of growing up and that they even implemented it in their music to relate to us, basically speak to us so we could know that we’re not the only ones with this problem. I love BTS because they have given me hope. <3 twitter: @ssadscum
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