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  1. Yes!! i saw them in paris last year and it was amaizing!! Did some of your friends became fan of bts after showing them??
  2. Well i understand bside as the songs in a album that are not the title track
  3. My favs songs are almost all bsides actually, im going to put my top 10 now because i cant choose less than that LMAOOOO (not in order because all are art) - tomorrow - ma city - rain (ugly cries) - converse high - INTRO:PERSONA (probably my fav intro of all time) -house of cards -if i rule the world - miss right - all cyphers (hehehehe) -jamais vu/HOME (I CANT CHOOSE) (special mention to like, stigma, hip hop phile, love its not over, never mind, whalien 52, go go, epiphany, mic drop, king dionysus and seesaw) At this point i will name all..... i couldnt even choose 10 well lol
  4. hannalau

    game Which Member?

    Jimin ♡ Which member you want to come with you to a dinner with your family~
  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!! i really wanted to see the choreo of this song omggg!!! one of my favs tracks of the album! they all look so good dncdcjdwnjde the choreo its really cool and they did such a great job :') namjoon rocked thet bridge too, so handsome!
  6. ♡Yoongi smiling while he tries to not show his shyness its the sweetest thing in this world ♡ +that hug attack from jimin to namjoon at the beginning
  7. Welcome back bby

    1. hannalau


      Aaaaaaaw thank u!!! i missed this site so much :') (i came back just in time to the comeback lmao!):jkiss:

    2. Sincerelyyoongi
  8. Im so surprised of the camerawork too! It was a lot better than i was expecting (and honestly, better than even some award shows lmaooo)
  9. Blocked on my country :') anyway i just saw it on youtube in other channel and the dance its so cool! It looks like i put the 1.5 speed omg
  10. sameeee lmao, i was watching the mv with my friend and both were like.... is this even a feat??? lmaooo (also i had a hard time at first because i couldnt tell if it was jk or jimin or her omg xD) Im so happy that they finally made something toguether, since the begining they look like they had a good relationship :')
  11. torally agree! i think his part its my fav lmao (namjoon's part its really close :') )