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  1. My favorite Jimin hair’s: Red hair(ugh) Jimin purple hair;) Jimin silver hair( he looked majestic. Tell me otherwise and I’ll throw hands) black hair jimin is also really good
  2. Honestly, I think that some people can persevere through that kind of pressure. Especially Jungkook. He started off so young and still was in highschool, and at the time of debuting, BTS had a lot of hate. The members are so amazing to be able to go through that. I do wish that I would be and idol, but I still need time to figure out if I want to do it. Being an idol isn’t all great. You can just see it by other idols. BTS is no different than what other idols go through. Sure, they may have had no dating bans or stuff like that, but they’re worked like hell. They have a world tour, 3 month break, another world tour. It sure is stressing probably and is really hard of young idols. Being and idol trainee is a choice for them though. They know what they’re gonna go through. But of course, I believe being an idol is very rewarding but very hard. ugh. Plus, some idols don’t even make money until 2-3 years of their idol days due to the debt of the company for being trained as a trainee.
  3. I’m from Texas too! It’s way too hot..
  4. Ah, coconut haired jimin. Ahahahahhaahahahah*crying cause I kinda miss it*
  5. Ya’ll go follow btsmemesyo. This ARMY is way to funny sskksks


  6. %+ Warning- This article includes suicide and things that are not suitable for kids. Viewer discretion is advised. If you have any thoughts about suicide, then please call a suicide hotline or talk to friends, family, or a therapist about it. Enjoy.+% Taehyung’s story always makes me shiver. It’s just not right. Not that it doesn’t make sense, it’s that it does and I understand everything about it. To think it’s so clear but so not. Anyways, Taehyung had killed his father. One day he had witnessed his dad hitting her sister. Lines in stigma, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry my sister.” He’s sorry because he couldn’t help her. He thinks of himself as a “Stigma” to her. In a black setting he’s seen getting punched and hurt. This is a metaphor for his dad hitting him multiple times. Another metaphor is of him seen with a white puppy. A white puppy means innocence and kindness. Then as he’s playing with the puppy, he’s trapped in a cage, and the puppy had left him. A sign of his innocence gone after what he had done to his father. At the beginning of the WINGS short film stigma, he is being arrested for what he has done to his father. A phone booth is scene. The exact one seen in RM’S scene for the WINGS short film reflection. He and RM had promised that if anyone of them were in trouble they’d call each other at the phone booth. But as seen it was chained up, so RM couldn’t reach it and help him. At the end of the short film for stigma, he confesses that it was him. That’s all I know at the moment. Lol hope you got chills. Ty for reading. I purple you💜
  7. %+ Warning- This article includes suicide and things that are not suitable for kids. Viewer discretion is advised. If you have any thoughts about suicide, then please call a suicide hotline or talk to friends, family, or a therapist about it. Enjoy.+% Again, this story is very interesting. Unlike the rest of the members, Yoongi’s is very metaphoric. It has a lot of meaning behind it. The ones I find that are similar to his stories are Jin’s and Taetae’s. His has a lot of fire. In a few scenes you see him in a room with a piano. Usually the room is burning up. This relates to his old home. His old home had a piano in it. In the WING’S short film #4 First Love, he’s seen with a piano. You, all of a sudden, hear a whistle playing begin. Jungkook’s solo song in the WINGS album. He goes to check out to see if it’s Jungkook. He goes into a road. There a car speeds past him heading straight towards his home. He ran back there to find his home in flames. His mother was still inside there. His mother had unfortunately passed(in the universe). He is seen pouring gasoline everywhere, and setting it on fire, suiciding. Another scene, he’s seen doing it again but Jungkook comes and saves him. Jungkook is also seen crying in front of a portrait that’s in flames. He know’s it’s Yoongi. Yoongi is also seen in a bed seeming to be longing over someone. At this moment, I’m not sure who it is. It might be Jungkook or his mother. I don’t know much about Yoongi’s but, it’d be nice if you could help me. Thanks for reading. I purple you!
  8. Can we agree airplane pt 2 is  Jin’s song. He freakin shined. He shined so much in the love yourself album. Finally he gets his recognition. A worldwide handsome king 😔🤟

    1. Sweet&Suga


      Yes! For sure, he has really shined a lot recently.

      Maybe Bighit finally realized how great of an idol Jin is lol

    2. jamless jungshook

      jamless jungshook

      BTS even made a joke about Jin and Airplane Pt. 2.

      Now instead of singing el mariachi i'm just going to yell eL MARIAJIN

  9. I got my whole class to know what BTS istenor.gif?itemid=12640669

    1. Lil_Mochi


      Same but I did it in History and they all hated me, but like- whos cares. Plus I'm like the teachers pet in that class. 

  10. Bruh bts weren’t even on the voice. Like wth dude. They just made me watch a whole episode of the voice. I even rushed my shower to watch them ugh:jungkook4:



      Alot of ARMY's were mad