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Everything posted by spicy.gochujang

  1. i like having both, but if i were to choose one to eat for life, definitely bbq sauce from wing stop where would you wanna live in the future, and why?
  2. have you guys heard about the death of sulli?

    ;((( rip

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    2. spicy.gochujang


      and the fact that people she was close to is getting attacked is sickening

    3. Sweet&Suga


      Yeah it is. Like what do people gain from that. If they hate like that, they really need to get a life.

    4. Tae_Kookies


      Makes me sad


  3. i agree with you, and there’s nothing wrong with army’s defending bts, but most of the reasons they attacked was either because someone had an opinion about bts(IN WHICH ITS, I REPEAT, AN OPINION), or army doesn’t like someone being to close to bts/ that are personal to bts. I’d definitely be defending bts anytime someone makes possible threats to bts or any other group, but I definitely won’t be attacking someone for having an opinion (WHICH SOME ARMYS SHOULD RESPECT THEIR OPINIONS). and I’ve also been with bts for a really long time, so I’ve seen the amount of hate bts got at their debuts. I think they got hate because of their concept, looks and etc. which is awful. I think it was just that people thought they couldn’t fit the trends(in which in my opinion, they fit perfectly in).
  4. i feel that it’s more of armys causing hate.. y’know just a little every fandom is toxic in their own way, just a little... i just think that army’s tend to be a little over sensitive when someone “talks” bad about bts

  6. 200 wow, i cant believe we made it this far..
  7. tattoo’s seem like a stretch since Korean standards think they’re taboo, but WHO CARES WHAT SOCIETY THINKS LMAO its bts-
  8. my whole experience of bts in 5 words LMAO-
  9. I feel people shouldn’t say that Jin is taking a break because enlistment is far from a break. It’s military training..
  10. I feel the same sort of.. but when I like things, I have to remember a reality. It’s best not to get too attached to a lot of things, but I get it.. I MEAN ITS BTS, LMAOO
  11. I wasn’t saying that you didn’t say that ;((( I didn’t see you comments and even if, I’m listing extra facts to let you guys know
  12. Its just two years. He won’t die. It’s just like training in case of emergency to protect South Korea when needed. Every man in Korea has to do it one day.. and I don’t think he’ll quit big hit. I think it’ll be 2028 when all of bts will come back together as a group, but by then, Jin would be 30, so I think bts will sadly, maybe, disband.. it’s all very complicated, but I’m sure all of them will probably still be making music despite their age. It’s not just internet, it’s real life too.. sadly ;(((( HHHHHHHHH
  13. probably some of the bts netizens... they start a lot of rumors.. Jin is not taking a break. He’s enlisted in the military for 2020, so he will not be in contact with making music until about spring 2022.. sadly enlistments last 2 years so..
  14. i never thought of going to jingle ball (i was always able to afford it) BUT NOW I DO- jkjk
  15. i sometimes fear that bts will go down the same path as f(x) but longer..