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  1. I have to turn my chromebook in today! I probably won't be on here for majority of summer and I'm sorry but goodbye for now!

    1. King_Of_Vampires


      Awwww bye bye! Miss you!!!

    2. Sweet&Suga



      I'm going to miss you a lot!:emo:

    3. jamless jungshook

      jamless jungshook

      Aww, I'll miss you Mochi! Have a nice summer!!

  2. It takes you to the Armory and you buy the tag thingIdk what it's called
  3. #843 The last day of school is tomorrow and I still have chores and test to do.
  4. My favorite would have to be a classic....three dollas
  5. I don't want to study or write....actually I may work on my fanfic.....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lil_Mochi


      agggg I guess I could but I wrote about a topic most probably won't understand of like I guess...?

    3. Sweet&Suga


      You don't have to agree at all, I was just putting it out there.

    4. Lil_Mochi


      I no I think it's a good idea it's just I'm worried about the comments since most people don't know what littles and caregivers are and yeah.

      Totally just spilled the tae

  6. I'm innnn classsss and I have nothing to do!!!

  7. My favorite colors would have to be the Pink in Spring day, blonde in DNA, annnnndddddddd red in Dope. I really want to see the red and blonde again!!
  8. I have culinary knowledge but I don't follow the recipe. I will follow the first few steps then I throw it away and do it on my own. The only reason I think my cooking turns out good is because I put love into it or something....?
  9. #848 It's 5:44 in the morning and I really need to get ready for school.....