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  1. Today, BTS had a live interview on iHeartRadio, and the host at one point asked the question: Who is most likely to mess up the dance moves/choreography? Instead of waiting for the members to handle answering the question, the audience started shouting Jin and Namjoon's names. It was pretty awkward 🥺 Because of the largely negative response toward these audience members having singled the guys out, ARMYs on Twitter are trending #DancingKingJin and #Namjinbestdancers
  2. Jinyoung (Got7) Lips (dunno why, lol)
  3. HOLD HANDS WITH HOBI. No contest! Drink Sprite with Hobi on a mountain or Coke with Taehyung on a beach?
  4. #850 (lol, wooooooow. Can you tell I'm tired, @Sweet&Suga ?) I'm totally meowing together with my roommate's cat; she's trying to get our attention to play with her.
  5. (Credit: The Jimin Jams user on Amino Apps) (Credit: nochicya on Wattpad) (credit: dttinajero25 on tenor.com) (Credit: @btsistalent on instagram)
  6. Teddy Bear I'm an adult and I still sleep with two of 'em...... Stars
  7. JUST FINISHED THE ICEBREAKER CHALLENGE, YAS! *stretches back, cracks knuckles, takes pre-bedtime nap* . Huzzah! :D

    1. Lil_Mochi


      Yay! You did it wayyyy faster than I did lol

  8. @Sweet&Suga Honestly, I've got no idea. Lol. I found it doing a google image search, I think. He looks very thin in that one, and based on his hair color and wardrobe/set they're on, maybe it was a CF shoot sometime between BST and Spring Day. Maybe.
  9. *waves* Just passing through ^_^ Hope you had a good day, and since you're around the world from me, hopefully you're fast asleep and won't get this until tomorrow! 

    1. HobiBobi


      Thank you so much aa!! And yes I was sleeping haha

      Have a good day!

  10. Plugging away at the Icebreaker Challenge *opens 1382367983925 different tabs, creates Imgur account* 

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    2. Sweet&Suga


      lol I haven't done the icebreaker challenge yet, but I probably should hehe

    3. Lil_Mochi


      That was me like- last week it took me 3 days lol

    4. _javaJAVAjava_


      LOL. Definitely pretty in depth! But kinda fun. Like a guided tour through the forums.xD

  11. Here to share my fav thing about Chim's appearance (because I couldn't keep this gif to myself..............) LIPPIES!
  12. #853 About to eat some rice & seasoned tofu, in seaweed sheets ✌🏻🤤
  13. Just became a certified ARMY!! 100 posts + "Infires" status! :wave:

    1. Sweet&Suga



      You are so fast! It took me forever to get to 100 posts

      Maybe it's just that I'm to shy to post everywhere lol

    2. _javaJAVAjava_


      Haha, or I just have too much time on my hands.  But really, I've been waiting for a long time to find a place like this to interact with other ARMYs in a BTS-exclusive atmosphere (as opposed to Insta or Twitter). So I'm on here A LOT. 

    3. Sweet&Suga


      I am too lol, I think I just don't really ever know what to say or add the threads.