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  1. @hopetteokki Does that mean you live in either Cannon Beach or Astoria????? I LOVED The Goonies growing up, and actually have family who's lived in CB for a long time (3+ decades, I think...?). And hooooooooooly cow, YES: I'm from the south Puget Sound area, so Seattle is only like 40 minutes away <3 . Holy smokes, next time I'm in Oregon visiting family, we could totally meet up!
  2. The first one shows my first post on this thread, and the second shows the two, one right after the other for time stamp proof, and to compare with the first to show the bomb number.
  3. Doing a tester post so I can show the glitch....... blah blah blah blah blahHOSEOKISDELICIOUSblah blah blah blah blah blah
  4. I actually just noticed the same when after I posted on a different thread a few minutes ago! It was 290 before, and the same afterward
  5. I hear ya, girl. Ever since the T.O.P stuff started coming out, I got this sneaking suspicion that YG was being skeevy. And lo and behold.... How anyone could possibly believe YG Ent. knew nothing of Seungri's activities is beyond me. They know EVERYTHING. It's delusional to believe the company isn't aware of almost every facet of their artists' lives. Even just for their safety, they're watched around the clock. YG is dirty, and the way they seem to be exploiting BP to distract everyone from their rotten behind the scenes dealings is absolutely repulsive. They're masters of deception and manipulation to have gotten this far, and STILL be pulling in profits. Honestly, I wish BP would leave the company.... I'm not a Blink, but they deserve better. Same with Winner.
  6. Jinyoung (Got7) Lips (dunno why, lol)
  7. HOLD HANDS WITH HOBI. No contest! Drink Sprite with Hobi on a mountain or Coke with Taehyung on a beach?
  8. #850 (lol, wooooooow. Can you tell I'm tired, @Sweet&Suga ?) I'm totally meowing together with my roommate's cat; she's trying to get our attention to play with her.
  9. Teddy Bear I'm an adult and I still sleep with two of 'em...... Stars
  10. JUST FINISHED THE ICEBREAKER CHALLENGE, YAS! *stretches back, cracks knuckles, takes pre-bedtime nap* . Huzzah! :D

    1. Lil_Mochi


      Yay! You did it wayyyy faster than I did lol

  11. @Sweet&Suga Honestly, I've got no idea. Lol. I found it doing a google image search, I think. He looks very thin in that one, and based on his hair color and wardrobe/set they're on, maybe it was a CF shoot sometime between BST and Spring Day. Maybe.
  12. *waves* Just passing through ^_^ Hope you had a good day, and since you're around the world from me, hopefully you're fast asleep and won't get this until tomorrow! 

    1. HobiBobi


      Thank you so much aa!! And yes I was sleeping haha

      Have a good day!

  13. Plugging away at the Icebreaker Challenge *opens 1382367983925 different tabs, creates Imgur account* 

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    2. Sweet&Suga


      lol I haven't done the icebreaker challenge yet, but I probably should hehe

    3. Lil_Mochi


      That was me like- last week it took me 3 days lol

    4. _javaJAVAjava_


      LOL. Definitely pretty in depth! But kinda fun. Like a guided tour through the forums.xD

  14. Here to share my fav thing about Chim's appearance (because I couldn't keep this gif to myself..............) LIPPIES!
  15. #853 About to eat some rice & seasoned tofu, in seaweed sheets ✌🏻🤤
  16. Just became a certified ARMY!! 100 posts + "Infires" status! :wave:

    1. Sweet&Suga



      You are so fast! It took me forever to get to 100 posts

      Maybe it's just that I'm to shy to post everywhere lol

    2. _javaJAVAjava_


      Haha, or I just have too much time on my hands.  But really, I've been waiting for a long time to find a place like this to interact with other ARMYs in a BTS-exclusive atmosphere (as opposed to Insta or Twitter). So I'm on here A LOT. 

    3. Sweet&Suga


      I am too lol, I think I just don't really ever know what to say or add the threads.

  17. Walking around Tacoma with my brother, and the sunny breeze and comfortable temperature make me wish I could just take a walk with the members. Breathe the fresh, briney scent of the Puget sound, stop for a bite at our local fish peddler, and squish our toes in the grass along the waterfront. :tea:

  18. @Cypher• ooooh. Ok. I hadn't caught on that that's the one the stories we're coming from. Lol.
  19. @Sweet&Suga Oh gosh, I laughed way too loud just now.
  20. But also vitamin D!! Here in Washington, the vast majority of us have to be on vitamin D supplements just because we don't get much sun compared to many other states. I visited Arizona recently, and was shocked at how much better I felt there despite the big elevation difference (I live basically at sea level, Tucson is at ~3400ft I think. Now I'm on a decent dose of vit D daily.
  21. What kind of heat is it? Is the humidity very high? I think the hottest we get here on my side of Washington state is around 100 degrees. But that's not super common. Our major problem here is smoke that's blown north from Oregon and California wildfires. The past two summers, there have been a lot of fires down the coast, and it's made the air quality here really bad. I can't imagine what it's like for the ppl actually living near them.... :-/
  22. Jimin's courage, gentle strength, perseverance, willingness to face pieces of himself he doesn't like, and empathy toward others makes him one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever seen.
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