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  1. wish granted, but now you're too motivated, you're working too hard, and everyone thinks you're a workaholic, so you have no time for friends or a social life. (honestly I wouldn't mind someone being around me 24/7 I'm a bit needy myself so...) I wish that I could go with my friend Becca to the bts metlife concert tomorrow.
  2. I think that the 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra is pretty cool, but I don't know if that's considered 'vintage' necessarily What bts on-stage moment do you think about the most?
  3. Wish granted, but everyone else in the world has no talent whatsoever, meaning that you would have no talent either. I wish that I could find (literally) anyone in the world who cares about me.
  4. Love the username. I agree. Jamais Vu is my favourite song on the album.

    1. Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Sorry I didn't reply earlier,


      Yeah that, and the fact that I can't think of a better one :P 


  5. but seriously tho, Can we appreciate this for a minute
  6. I am so sorry...I didn't welcome you. But...um...-Dramatically-Welcome to Bangtan Base!! (So sorry about the late welcoming.) 

    1. Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      It's perfectly fine :)

      Nice to meet you, I'm Carissa.

    2. RosaBTS


      My name is Rosa, nice to meet you too.

    3. RosaBTS


      I can't always be watching who joined.

  7. Husband: Tae....... Ok that was kind of obvious... but we could cuddle tho Boyfriend: Jimin.. (I... don't know why... just cause Brother: Jin (he would cook me stuff ) Little Brother: Jungkook (obvi) I would totally have him as my bro-chacho Crush: Hobi..... (Honestly he was the last one left so..) Best friend: Yoongi (honestly he's a mood) Classmate: Namjoon (I would totally cheat off of him on tests and stuff)
  8. So I was listening to stigma, and I realized that I may actually die before I stop listening to their music. I mean, they're super cute but like, they have some of they best music that I've heard in my life. 


    Also I'm getting a bunch of merch tomorrow. :) I'm getting a tae bracelet and I'm super happy so like... that's cool.

  9. I'm fluent in spanish and english. I know some japanese but not much
  10. So like Hi :)

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    2. Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Thanks!, Nice to meet you xD 

    3. Sweet&Suga


      You can call me Mae if you would like!  9_9

      Nice to meet you too!

    4. Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Jamais_Vu is UNDERATED

      Ok :) I'm Carissa, but call me Cari 

  11. oh my god! wish I could go to one of the concerts, my parents hate me tho so..
  12. Welcome to Bangtan Base! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Be sure to read the Rules & Guidelines and check out the Forum User Guide to familiarize your self with how to use the forum. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!