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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Claudia~! 

    Miss you lots and I hope that you're doing well~ 


    Celebrate this momentous day with lots of love~ 

  2. Claudiaaaa, happy birthday! If you ever come back, pop in and say hi sometime :") I hope you're doing well~

  3. Heyo~ Just popping in to see how you're going :')

    I'd send a message but my inbox is full and I worry but I also worry about my inbox I cry.

  4. audio

    Leave it to JK to upload his stuff when I least expect it smh Well I know what I'll be listening to for the next 521785413 days
  5. Hope they'll rest well before the actual promotions begin though
  6. announcement

    Congrats everyone!!
  7. event

    Woooooooot Congrats everyone!! Also many thanks to the staff squad for organizing so many things and @poca for the awesome graphics it's going to take me a really long time to decide on the awards though
  8. v-app

    Looking forward to another round of insanity
  9. game

    leave the child alone she's too pure for this mess you have no shame
  10. game

    @KookieMochi wait is this a breakup @monimoni you just became god to me
  11. game

    @KookieMochi and thou shall be rewarded one day for your loyalty a.k.a i will take your side as well but only if i think that you deserve it and this time you don't lmao *evaporates*
  12. photos

    The pictures are SO PRETTY *throws away homework for this stuff*
  13. game

    @KookieMochi no worries bae i mean sometimes i have a strong urge to hit you through my laptop screen but it goes away pretty quick and that says something about our friendship doesn't it
  14. event

    How- Why- I'm...... Seriously I did not see this coming, all entries were hilarious and had me dying of laughter and all of them deserve 1st place, you guys really are the best oh my god *gives yall a kumamon-style hug* *lies down for a week to process this*
  15. The kind of stuff I wish all of them would do