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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Claudia~! 

    Miss you lots and I hope that you're doing well~ 


    Celebrate this momentous day with lots of love~ 

  2. Claudiaaaa, happy birthday! If you ever come back, pop in and say hi sometime :") I hope you're doing well~

  3. Heyo~ Just popping in to see how you're going :')

    I'd send a message but my inbox is full and I worry but I also worry about my inbox I cry.

  4. *shook by the choreo and the cinematography and the colors and the effects and the pants and-*
  5. *cries at all the prettiness* I only have 4 albums for now (which I bought after the promotions ended otl) and I'm waiting for my Wings one to arrive And I've got no official posters so I usually print my own stuff
  7. Reading your post made me really happy, it's so nice to see the impact they've got on some people Glad you've discovered something that helps you overcome your problem I'm not depressed anymore (and back when I used to be I didn't know the boys unfortunately), but for the past few years I've been struggling with anxiety more than I'd like to, mainly because of my acne issues- I can't help but feel that everyone's staring at me in disgust. I look at the ground and avoid eye contact a lot while walking. Going out with my friends to a pub or something is always out of question. I've never had panic attacks though, just general anxiety that makes me worry 80% of the time, makes my stomach upset and brings my mood down completely. Simply thinking about something doesn't help me though, but music does, so if you happen to see me on the street chances are I've got my earphones on all the time I realize I'm just avoiding triggers by ignoring my surroundings and maybe even refusing to hear certain things, but I honestly have no other way to cope with this. Hopefully it will get better, but right now I think I'm as good as I can be
  8. To everyone who apparently fell in love with me and sent me presents, you guys are THE CUTEST even though I swear I'm not as cool as I might seem to be :$ But I've had a lot of fun ever since I joined this forum and I'm also glad to see so many friendships form right before my eyes :jhope7:


    I'm embarrassed to say I've sent some pretty cheesy stuff to yall but that's fine because you'll never know it was me anyway *cue evil laugh* Happy Valentan's Day!! *throws confetti*

    1. TaeLi


      Thanks, you too :jin1: 

    2. DJ Syub?Min PD

      DJ Syub?Min PD

      Owh..it is nice to know you..Thank you too??

    3. KookieMochi


      We'll never know until I decide to crack down on the detective work and analyize all the things

      But you are cool, and I'm glad I got to know you, so Happy Valentan's Day anyway~