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  1. That's insane. While I appreciate Bighit doing what they can to deter scalpers; not allowing minors in, even with proper ID, is crazy. If you can prove the tickets are valid, you should be allowed in the venue. There has to be a better way to prevent scalpers without putting such heavy restraints on ID and ticket sales.
  2. @_javaJAVAjava_ Sorry for the late response!! Yeah, I've lived in the Astoria area for about a year now! :) I loved The Goonies growing up too; I had no idea it was filmed so close to me until I noticed Haystack rock was in it. I suprisingly haven't been to Cannon Beach much but I've been through there a few times when I was younger. That would be amazing if we could meet sometime! Honestly, I'm quite shy but I never pass up making new friends! I'll have to show you around, if you haven't seen everything already hehe~ I've always wanting to explore Seattle but I never get the chance because I would always have to leave early ugh! Seattle would be a great spot for PNW army!! I'm surprised they haven't had a show there yet. XD
  3. Dark & Wild!! R&B and Hip Hop are my favorite genres so I loved the whole track list. The boys looked dewy and glowing. The physical album is gorgeous. It also has a special place in my heart because while on the trip to see them at TRB, my best friend and I jammed out to it all weekend long. On the plane, in the car, while exploring the city; and it's what they performed during the concert. It holds the most memories for me, even if it's had its share of controversy. My second favorite is Young Forever. I feel HYYH p1/p2 were really important to their success and YF was a great album to combine all of that and more in one album. It really showcased how far they came and how much further they would go. :')
  4. I saw bits and pieces of Bulletproof P.2. Boy in Luv was what got me intrigued though.
  5. Awesome! I always get so excited when I see everyones collections, it's quite satisfying lol. My PC collection is a hot mess right now so I'll share my pulls from MOTS. I got an extra Hoseok so if anyone wants to trade lmk!
  6. Speaking of hair, I always thought Yoongi's Danger era haircut was kinda cute. Everyone I've seen mention it seems to hate it.
  7. I'm from Oregon. Right now I'm living in Gooniesville (if anyone knows that reference ily). I envy the big cities who can have meet ups and cute parties to celebrate bts. Meanwhile I'm stuck on the coast bored out of my mind with no one to share my love for the boys. I have spotted a few army, surprisingly, in town but they were all very young and I'm quite shy as it is. Bts performing in Seattle is on my wishlist. Hope it comes true some day!
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