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  1. @StardustStorm They really do... Thankfully, I haven't had any personal experiences because I don't like to involve myself with them >> but I really hate how they think they can dictate other fans and seem to think they have way more power than they actually do, it's sick honestly.
  2. I was scrolling through Twitter today and saw a harmless joke about jks voluminous hair and people were going off in the comments about how insensitive the joke is and how it's going to hurt jks feelings because he's so insecure. I really can't take some fans anymore. Especially on Twitter. They are so anal and pretentious about everything, my god. These people act like they know the guys personally. It's insane. They do not need to be babysat or put in bubbles, they are GROWN MEN who joke around with each other all the time. They can take light-hearted, innocent jokes. I am just so gosh dang tired of "woke" fans who put words into the guys mouths and are spokespeople for their "feelings".
  3. Husband: Hoseok. Definitely husband material. He just oozes care and affection. He'd be so understanding and patient. And I don't see him getting upset very easily under pressure, which is good since marriages can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to big changes in the relationship like living together, children, etc. I also see him being very open to new things to keep the relationship from getting stale ;) Not like it could ever get stale; he’s such fun to be around. For some reason, I also see him being sensual and sensitive to touch? Would make an amazing dad. He would be so considerate and gentle omg Boyfriend: Jungkook. Also husband material but I don't see him tying the knot quite yet? Who knows, Jungkook's kinda hard to pin down.. lol. I think he would be perfect as I need someone who is my opposite in ways. Someone who can help me reach my goals. He seems very goal-oriented and hard working so that would be great motivation for me. I've always wanted to have an exercise buddy, which I never can seem to get, so I would be beyond ecstatic if we could work out together! He's quiet(ish haha), understanding, and very dependable, which would compliment my also shy, relaxed personality. He also seems like the "Best friend" kind of boyfriend which is ideal. Someone who I can just hang out with, joke around, and enjoy his company in comfortable silence. I think he's also a hopeless romantic. I know a lot of people don't really see him being all lovey-dovey because he's "so young and inexperienced" but I beg to differ. He just hides it really well. Gotta love me a deeply romantic man. Brother: Yoongi. We have a lot of similarities. Both introverts who like solitude; can be sassy but really are just big cinnamon rolls. We also both have a deep appreciation for music and sleep. I think we'd make a great team! I get the feeling he would be protective over those he loves so he’d make a great brother. Little Brother: Jimin. Y'all have no clue how much I want to take care of him and give him lots of hugs. He's such a sweet, sensitive bundle of joy who needs a lot of attention and nurturing. I just want to wrap him up in a blanket burrito and give him hot cocoa and cookies. Would probably do the same for me, or honestly just whoever he loved. Crush: Namjoon. He would be the softest crush I’d ever have. The kind of crush I’d really look up to and respect. Totally senpai material. I’d really admire him for how smart he is and how he’s able to apply himself to such interesting topics. I have a horrible memory with learning complex subjects TT I’m really into astrology, karmic energies, and physic intuition so perhaps things like that we could talk about? But I feel like he’d be someone I’d be close friends with but be totally unaware that I have a crush on him and friend-zone me unintentionally LOL. He’s got this ironic cluelessness for sure. Best friend: Jin. The fun, witty best friend who will support me no matter what. I can’t cook so having a friend that can would be awesome, maybe he could teach me a bit? I love the way he nags and jokes around, we would always have a good time. He kinda reads manga too, right? If so, I approve. Classmate: Taehyung. I could see him being a really nice, fun guy-friend who doesn’t have many classes with me but we’d make it a thing to hang out at lunch. Speaking of lunch, I could totally see him being one of those guys with the strangest lunches haha! He would definitely be in band. I’d be in acapella. So if we had performances together, we could chat before rehearsals. I also see us being in a horticulture class together since I have an interest in plants and he wants to be a farmer in his next life hehe~ Could we also be bus buddies? I’d be so happy ;o;
  4. @Jin_means_gold Added! Are you enjoying the game so far? @Sweet&Suga It's definitely up there on my top fav list! Mainly because its BTS but it's also really engaging! There's so much to do. True! I figured I'd have to go back and get my 3 stars once I've gotten stronger cards. It still bites me in the butt when I'm trying to do the story and then they make me do 2 card missions in a row.. im like grrrrrrrr let me play the story!! Lol
  5. @Sweet&Suga thanks! What do you think of it so far? I really enjoy the story but the card missions are so hard i only one star but i can barely level up my cards
  6. I would love to have some friends in-game! I just finished chapter 2 and now I'm stuck 😥 I need to level up twice before I can play chapter 3, darn it! Anyways, let's exchange codes~ My code: RU2KCB4
  7. That's insane. While I appreciate Bighit doing what they can to deter scalpers; not allowing minors in, even with proper ID, is crazy. If you can prove the tickets are valid, you should be allowed in the venue. There has to be a better way to prevent scalpers without putting such heavy restraints on ID and ticket sales.
  8. @_javaJAVAjava_ Sorry for the late response!! Yeah, I've lived in the Astoria area for about a year now! :) I loved The Goonies growing up too; I had no idea it was filmed so close to me until I noticed Haystack rock was in it. I suprisingly haven't been to Cannon Beach much but I've been through there a few times when I was younger. That would be amazing if we could meet sometime! Honestly, I'm quite shy but I never pass up making new friends! I'll have to show you around, if you haven't seen everything already hehe~ I've always wanting to explore Seattle but I never get the chance because I would always have to leave early ugh! Seattle would be a great spot for PNW army!! I'm surprised they haven't had a show there yet. XD
  9. Dark & Wild!! R&B and Hip Hop are my favorite genres so I loved the whole track list. The boys looked dewy and glowing. The physical album is gorgeous. It also has a special place in my heart because while on the trip to see them at TRB, my best friend and I jammed out to it all weekend long. On the plane, in the car, while exploring the city; and it's what they performed during the concert. It holds the most memories for me, even if it's had its share of controversy. My second favorite is Young Forever. I feel HYYH p1/p2 were really important to their success and YF was a great album to combine all of that and more in one album. It really showcased how far they came and how much further they would go. :')
  10. I saw bits and pieces of Bulletproof P.2. Boy in Luv was what got me intrigued though.
  11. Awesome! I always get so excited when I see everyones collections, it's quite satisfying lol. My PC collection is a hot mess right now so I'll share my pulls from MOTS. I got an extra Hoseok so if anyone wants to trade lmk!
  12. Speaking of hair, I always thought Yoongi's Danger era haircut was kinda cute. Everyone I've seen mention it seems to hate it.