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  1. Happy birthday dear, hoping you have a pleasant day and a good one!!! Wishing you all the best for everything and may everything goes smoothly for you!!! :jkiss:

  2. Username: Taekookie Post count: 100 Award: best of bts album - jungkook (kor) Post count: 200 Award: inu jap ver - taehyung Arrangement: inu jap ver - taehyung-------best of bts album- jungkook ---------------------jikook Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  3. they are so busy yet they managed to do so much for us :')
  4. I'm so sorry I dissappear as fast as I appear out of nowhere :SUS:

    1. KookieMochi


      Don't even worry about it, as long as you return sometimes :") How've you been, anyway? Doing well, I hope :JHHEART: