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  1. The way he speaks english asdfghgd
  2. game

    Oh apparently people will know what phone you use.......?? Who should i team up with....???? @Whalien hey charlene ^^
  3. game

    @Myrhia thanks for spending time to compile those, i appreciate it ^^ When will this game end and when's the start of the next round of games?
  4. game

    Yup!!! Bless you girl, thank you so much The last round i saw was i think round 92 or 93?
  5. game

    I'm lost :") I hope i didn't miss anything Okay i need to slowly go through the pages of posts that i missed XB
  6. game

    Woah you're really good~ Where did you find it from?
  7. Get yourself a friend like jimin