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  1. i have $38, how many more do I need for a bts concert ticket?

  2. Finally done with school <3

  3. Saturdays are my favorite <3 Saturdays are the days I get to visit the mall and buy a bunch of BTS Merchandise <33

  4. K, imma complain here, sorry.

    My dance teacher is making me, and 3 other classmates, dance to High Hopes P!ATD and that would be fine, if she hadn't already told me I was doing a solo to Boy With Luv -.-

    BiSh i learned the whole dance and for what? Might as well do a kpop in public vid lmao jk but i still get to dance it if i ever go to a BTS concert smh xD aka never :') still happy i know the whole dance though <3 sorry if there's typo's

    so yeah, have a nice day

    Sincerely, ElizaaChan AKA The Girl Who Fell In Love With 7 Precious Boys AKA OT7 Relatable

    1. Sweet&Suga


      Go ahead, rant all you want!

      I wish I had a dance team, that sounds so fun but tiring.

    2. ElizaaChan


      It is fun and gave me the confidence I was lacking but last minute changes suck hehe and it happened right after exams and i had to pull all nighters just to memorize the whole boy with luv dance , too much stress, luckily I only have one more week of school and i think i memorized most of the high hopes dance! Wish me luck, i'm performing on Wednesday heh again, sorry for blabbering about this

    3. Sweet&Suga


      oh, right after exams... that isn't fun.

      Good luck, I bet you will do great!

      No need to be sorry, we, me for sure, are here for you!

  5. I got 3 friends into bts in the span of 3 days. Do i feel bad? Not at all  :>

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    2. Sweet&Suga


      I'm trying to get my sister into BTS and it's working very well hehe

    3. jamless jungshook

      jamless jungshook

      I converted my brother last year and it worked. ARMY power anyone?


    4. Jin_means_gold
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