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  1. Holy shit, Jimin's taste is the closest to mine out of all the members'. I was not expecting that for some reason.
  2. FINALLY Time to comb through these.
  3. Sounds absolutely legit.
  4. More more more cr
  5. I did mine ages ago: Hufflepuff (accurate af) Wand: Holly wood with a Dragon heartstring core 13" and Rigid flexibility Patronus: Salmon (lmfao wut)
  6. This is so sweet. cr
  7. HDs! cr
  8. What in god's name is Tae wearing?
  9. pann

    OMG I almost choked when I saw this. That visual.
  10. This is either something about where you send gifts and fan letters changing, or about Big Hit moving locations entirely. EDIT: If you were planning to mail something for Bangtan using the previous address please refrain for now unless you’re sure that letter/parcel will arrive before April 28th. Otherwise it might get lost. New office address will be announced soon. If there are any inquiries about fan letters and gifts delivery, please contact to [email protected] cr
  11. Jimin, I just watched you be an adorable squish on V Live, you cannot do this to me...
  12. Thank you as always for your hard work!
  13. These kinds of things always make me think about all the stuff BTS has been working on quietly that we just have no idea about yet.
  14. I made a thread to freak out about it in: