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  1. 190118 Taehyung’s Tweet (they assume) Color I like #TaehyungieHyung #ICan’tHoldBackFromSinging #JustPaulKimHyung (T/N: The song is called “Green Light” by Paul Kim, whose birth name is also Kim Taehyung.) Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
  2. Writer-nim, please show me soon too☺️ #JIMIN Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans Great weather ☀️☀️ #RM Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans
  3. BTS' second variety show on their V App channel is focused around playing physical games and challenges. Run BTS! ~Season One (2015, eps 1-10)~ ~Season Two (Jan 2017 - July 2018, eps 11-56)~ ~Season Three (Jan 2019 -)~
  4. Recent update on Min Holly #minholly #HollyWhosOverflowingWithSwag Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans
  5. Video Translation: V: ARMY, thank you~ Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans Hwaiting/Fighting cr Sleepy cr
  6. They already said somewhere they weren't going to Gaon. They haven't attended since that stupid ass No Signal controversy a couple years ago.
  7. Oh man, I was trying to watch this while I ate breakfast, but that proved hazardous. They crack me up so hard.
  8. Our ARMY I love you🥺💕😘 Always so very thankful 😊😊 #jhope 💜 #ARMY Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans Everyone, this was the last awards show. With that, we were now able to wrap up the previous one year. Thank you so much today Let’s make more fun and beautiful memories this year too ☺️☺️ #JIMIN #OurARMYsReceivedAnAward Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans Thank you ARMYY~ All the new year’s fortune belong to ARMYs!! Goodnight~ Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans
  9. [#Today’sBangtan] 2019 Seoul Music Awards Daesang! There’s ARMY in BTS’ hearts, and there’s BTS is ARMYs’ hearts, hence ARMY and Bangtan will always be together, and continue on to be happy in the future too💜#ILloveYouARMY #DaesangBoyScouts Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans Thank you (–) (__) (–) Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans [TRANS] Thank you for the Daesang, everyone..! Since you’ve seen many trophies, I took a picture holding a case so you can see the case too, this is a Daesang trophy case cr