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  1. award show

    There have been a few updates that effect IOS users. If you need or want info on it let me know. NEWS: Voting has been extended until September 10th. Winners will be announced September 13th. A notice now pops up asking if you are voting for BTS. Just click 'confirm' (This has honestly been a very frustrating voting experience for many people, since they are new and still working out their system. To anyone who still votes, thank you so much!)

  3. If none of this is BH's doing I'm leaving this fandom cause I'm not messing with black magic.. (I'm sure it is but wow)
  4. award show

    New update: All android users have to reinstall the app before voting + another way to vote with wack emails I will edit this into the OP when I can. We HAVE fallen to 3rd place. Please vote and encourage others.
  5. award show

    Yes this is true. I'm quite shocked BTS' songs aren't being streamed that much in Soribada's site. But we'll see how the results turn out, praying for the best! Last I checked BTS songs were sitting in the 30's out of top 100.
  6. award show

    Notice: Fake emails are no longer valid to use for voting. Info in OP. Let me take the time to remind you to vote everyday please! We again are dropping in percentage. Good luck!
  7. I can't believe I abandoned this place. Namjoon would be disappointed. I went shopping the other day so I'll share some kimdaily's of my own! I'm on mobile so I'll return to edit these into spoilers! My laptop is a goner at the moment. Keep it in your prayers.
  8. Looking cute as always!! 😭💞💐✨🌹🌟🌷
  9. award show

    Criteria for votes have been revealed officially, info in the OP~
  10. award show

    We are decreasing in votes everyday. And at this rate we will drop to 3rd place now that another fandom is voting actively. Please consider taking the time to vote and spreading awareness! Thank you!
  11. So many beautiful heart ideas today ♡ this one made me choke on my lung tho. Go check it out! Have fun!
  12. It's so close!! ♡ #HeartsForJinDay
  13. award show

    NEWS: There's some debate on whether tapping the heart does anything, most believe it'll just show popularity, similar to the star banner on MAMA's website. Anyway, I didn't want to spread false info so let me correct myself by saying NO it doesn't contribute to scoring or their ability to win the award but you can continue tapping it if you wish! I'll always leave a comment and update the OP if there's ever any change in news. We're doing better in votes today! Keep it up ♡
  14. [Happy to see the site back up and running! Hope you won't mind another tutorial] Soribada will be holding its FIRST K-music awards on September 20th @ 6:30 KST Soribada is a music streaming site similar to Melon, Bugs, Genie ect.. Even though it is the first award ceremony held by them it is just as important to participate in voting as it is for Melon or MAMA, among other Korean awards. Information we know SO FAR: BTS is nominated for 2 fan voted awards, which include, '2017 Soba 10' and 'Hallyu Star' AND There is only one Daesang (No other info has been released about awards or nominations) Criteria for fan voted awards and info on usage of fake emails: Cr We are here for a million other reasons besides winning awards, but the boys always deserve our best efforts. I see many comments such as "I hope this hard work won't be for nothing" but I believe hard work in the name of Bangtan Sonyeondan is never for nothing even if the results aren't to our expectations. So let's keep it friendly, work hard, and see you at the finish line Here is ALL the information you will need: -Voting is open until September 10th- If you have ANY questions, post them below or PM me! Even if you need motivation I will be here to help. Korean apps/voting can be tricky or even frustrating, but it's always worth it. Help spread awareness about the award where you can. -Much love