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  1. event The Pumpkin Patch

    I'm ready
  2. I was so moved the days of their concert. I literally laid in my bed and cried. All the videos and pics I saw were so beautiful... They deserve everything.
  3. award show Mwave Music Chart Voting

    All I'm saying is mnet owes me new hands. I actually think MAMA will be easier this year tbh. The more people that help daily the less a single person has to do to make up for it. Mwave really brought us together. We can do this team~ EVERYONE'S SIGNATURE IS SO CUTE ISTG,,,,
  4. I CAN REALLY NEVER REST IN THIS FANDOM WHEN I THINK I CAN CHILL I LOOK UP AND THERE BTS IS... JUST A FLYING BLIMP IN THE SKY (lmao I wish I was lucky enough to see it in person) AS BH LAUGHS AT MY TORMENT. They really have everything planned and ready.. no one is safe.
  5. award show Mwave Music Chart Voting

    I KNOW DJDBDJSJSJS I'M SHOOK. I have never in all my life experienced something like that..... people were DMing me like crazy asking for more accounts and I got sucked into this voting team JESUS. My hair turned white. But it was a good match from strong fandoms. We are nominated! Next is MAMA 😩🍻🎉 Imagine all the new fans where that was their first voting experience.... God rest their souls
  6. DSFJSJKSKJKS that tiny gap. What a week... Jimin's birthday, 1M sales, triples crowns, dome concerts I'm so emo. I just want to keep pushing them higher
  7. Changed to from nm-jeon to Peachmon. I'm so indecisive uhhh.


    I feel like either way we just played the best soccer match of all time. I almost want to high five at the end and say good game w/ the other fandom. 

    Also my album arrived and I got Hoseok again! It's okay I need more sun in my life. 

    Hope everyone is well. Miss you always. 

    1. Cypher•


      Peachmon sounds so cute :trolltoto:

      and YES please everyone vote!!

  8. award show Mwave Music Chart Voting

    After a very long 9 hours of mass voting we closed a 260k gap and are back at #1, Seokjin unleashed a MONSTER. Pls consider making accounts and saving them for tomorrow since it's the last day of voting.
  9. award show Mwave Music Chart Voting

    We have fallen to second. And I really can't stress how important this is. Please make accounts and vote. Thank you and good luck.
  10. award show Soribada Voting Thread/Guide

    It proves how important voting is. But I believe it could be because they didn't attend as well.
  11. (I did a quick check and didn't see a post for this, if there is one then delete this and I apologize!) Mwave Music Chart This is a new award category for MAMA. Each month songs that get released go through a period of voting. The winner gets nominated for this new award category. Current nominees include: Winner, T-ARA, Exo, and Wanna One. This is our only chance to get BTS nominated. If they lose this voting round they are out. So it's important to vote daily. Voting ends on Oct 16th. (I had hoped to make this post sooner but classes got in the way.) Just make accounts and use them to vote. You can make as many as you like! One vote per account per day. Good luck!! (I'm pretty sure MAMA will reset all accounts on october 19th when MAMA voting begins so be prepared to make new accounts) LINK: http://mwave.interest.me/en/mmusicchart You can also DM @Army_Revolution on twitter and they will give out accounts if they still have some. Please keep streaming on Spotify, K-sites, YT, Google play ect to keep charting on Hot 100 and possibly get our first triple crown. So much to do but we got this Check out this beautiful tattoo while you're here: link here I hope everyone is happy, healthy, enjoying the album and doing well in classes or jobs. Whatever it is you need to do I'm sending good vibes and energy. Much love!
  12. 'love yourself : her' album discussion thread

    K. I think I'm done dying. At least enough to talk about the album coherently. Serendipity- The gf of Lie tbh. The most beautiful song I've ever heard. I feel like I'm free falling through star dust when I hear it. Jimin really found his vocals and I'm so so proud of him for that. I hope he felt like the most loved man in the world. Shout out to Namjoon for being a great lyricist, he views the world in such a fascinating way. I wish I could go to him and talk in depth when I need advice. DNA- When I first heard it, it reminded me of Got7's style of music. But it really grew on me and I love this song a lot. PLUS THE LYRICS AND HOW THEY WROTE IT FOR EACH OTHER??? I was not prepared. They were really destined for each other. BTS was written in the stars. Best of Me- Wow was I nervous to listen to this song. It definitely sounds like a song you'd hear on the radio but?? So what? This song fills me with so much happiness and energy. Before they even said they dedicated this song to us I had already dedicated it to them. They are the best of me. All these memories I have of them flash through my mind when I listen to this song and I cry everytime. Hopefully it's the last album the chainsmokers will get their claws on but still. This song was great. 9/10 Dimple - Also a fav track within the first 2 seconds. Thanks boys. I'm just sad that my cheeks are legal. Pied Piper - I'll join everyone up above who said they're gonna talk about this song for the rest of their life. This song is so humorous and interesting to me. My jaw dropped to the floor when I read the lyrics. It's neat how they addressed the power like hold they have over their fans because it's true? We are the "children" that followed the flute and never returned. "I'm ruining you but please forgive me I can't live without you" Have you ever heard an artist say this to their fans?? No? Exactly. Skit - I still get nervous listening to it. That nervous excitement before the winner's name is called. Perfect set up for Mic Drop. Mic Drop - What can I say. I'm so glad they made a flex song so they can just... vent it all out. Yes they're humble but they've earned bragging rights. The group that was suppose to fail has gone worldwide. No need to apologize just live your life. Poetry tbh. It does seem like an end to cypher's though doesn't it. But I can't even be upset because character development. I got that feeling in Cypher 4 anyway. Namjoon said it all in the first verse "I'm not hateful of you anymore". Either way. This song also helps me vent my anger with haters. That beat goes hard and the choreo?? Lit. Go Go - Okay the flute. The flute is everything. I need to learn how to whistle and play the flute because of this album. First books/theories and now this?? They never run out of things for me to do. I love this millennial culture song. I saw a tweet a week before the album dropped that describes it perfectly "Millennial culture is just blowing money on nerd shit that makes you happy to cover up the despair" and true. It's facts. I do it all the time. I was a little embarrassed of the "yolo" part but it sounds so damn good. It goes well with the theme of the song and its jam packed with memes anyway. 10/10 Outro: Her - Listen. This song killed me. Dark and Wild vibes the whole way through. Their flows are smooth like salad. Big round of applause for rap line. A great album ender. Sea - The real murderer on this album. I'll be honest. I cried for a long time when I first heard it and read the lyrics. It's almost too painful to listen to.... it really makes my heart ache. Their ocean of blood sweat and tears. I found it cool that they could have made good money off this song but hid it for the fans. It's like.. we can drop our mics all we want but we all know this place used to be a desert. And it's terrifying. I completely understand their confusion and worries. But I also can't imagine how intense their feelings must be. Because I also get a sense of that at times.. when and how fast will we fall back into that desert? It's haunting. Sometimes it feels like we're in quicksand and it's threatening to suck us back in at any time. So we have to keep running running running. No theories this comeback. I wasn't surprised since a lot of new people were anticipating this album they probably wanted to just showcase their musical abilities. I do expect something major storyline wise to happen next time though. "Another storm to be weathered". Brace yourselves. Steve Aoki? Hell yeah.
  13. It's like...... I knew we could do it but I was also a nervous wreck for 4 days straight. My Laptop lost weight from working so much. Let's maintain it! Congrats boys, love you always.
  14. The Kim Namjoon Discussion Thread

    I'm so overwhelmed and emotional. This comeback is killing it. Go off Army. Rule the world along side bangtan.
  15. The Kim Namjoon Discussion Thread

    I have many questions and also anxiety. But shout out to Namjoon's arms in that sleeveless shirt.