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  1. Hey friends. It's been a long while. I hope everyone is doing amazing. When I get a new laptop I may visit more often but until then you can find me on kkt @ jinscafe. Hope all is well 💘🌠 

    1. MatthewTaehyung83197
    2. Peachmon


      Heyyyy, so many new faces. I hope you're enjoying your time here so far. I'm Faith ✌

    3. MatthewTaehyung83197


      @Peachmon And I'm Matthew and nice to meet you

  2. This isn't real... pls say it's not real.. 

    "A star that shined brightly on stage for 10 years, now a star of the sky"

    I'm broken.

    1. SeokSeok


      Stay strong okay? I know you can handle this. It might need time but I believe you can. I'm here with you.

    2. Stepkdramafan226
  3. That concert last night...... my heart is shattered.. but I'm also so happy.. damn. 

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    2. Peachmon


      @BTS.VJINJUNGKOOK There's clips up on yt currently but naver will take them down soon :") They're quick about it. I can send you a link soon of the full video when I have one! Until then here!! Um..... prepare tissues... and a lot of them. I didn't sleep a wink and my head hurts from crying hhhhhhhh 


    3. KookieMochi


      @BTS.VJINJUNGKOOK There are people who would've recorded and then stored elsewhere for later when Naver isn't being as vigilant, when I find any clips I'll make note to share them with you :") There was a periscope stream that froze and seems like it got taken down as well, which sucks haha.

      I don't think I cried over Born Singer this much last time, tbh.

    4. BTS.Suga.Jin


      @Peachmon Thank you, I really want to see them in real life. That is one of my life goals. :)

      @KookieMochi Thank you! That will make my whole day!

  4. Peachmon

    game Pictionary

    I MISSED THIS?? I'll keep an eye out for future games though my timezone might hate me. It seems really fun.
  5. I love your profile picture very much :jin6:

    1. Peachmon


      Thank you!! Every time I see it I get an arrow shot through my heart :x

    2. BTS.Suga.Jin
  6. Hi me again. I would like to put my 2 cents in if I may. Sometimes your job and hard work can be invisible and thankless so I'm always hugely moved by the people here who never fail to be so kind and thoughtful. So yes, thank you for creating this place and keeping it alive. It was this place that brought a lot of people together and I hope you realize that. Even if we let this place dry out from time to time I know all the friendships made here are still blossoming everyday. This was the FIRST place where I made other army friends and they have brought change and happiness to my life that I couldn't have found in another place. I had my best days going rampant in the games thread and silly as it may sound I hold that time very dear and close to my heart. I haven't been as active as I was in the beginning but this site is always on my mind in some form or another. I love how peaceful and free we all are. It's like our own secret island. I don't know where this site is headed but wherever that may be I will support you and appreciate everything ounce of love and care you put into it. If there's ever a thing we can do to be of help please let us know. Much love for all admins and staff.
  7. The original for me but the MV went hard. It was so well done and the beats were really fun huge shout out to Steve. I'd say if the remix kept the same lyrics the whole way through I would have chosen it but then it wouldn't really be a remix huh. The english was just awkward for me, I still don't prefer it or really enjoy it tbh. Desiigner's part was good but the transition from his part to the chorus was.... odd. It didn't flow. But I can still jam to all 3. Japanese version too.
  8. It's true that many of us aren't aware of the extreme efforts that go into a site but.. I do want to make it known that this place brought me to people that I really needed in my life. I had a lot of laughs here and sometimes I'll be out and about but think of great times that happened here and get overwhelmed. I wish I could clone myself and be everywhere encouraging people to participate or just hyping users up. I've been a little absent for a bit but I really can't put into words how important this place is to me. Thank you, thank you very much for making this place and getting through the stress. I'm supporting you no matter what. Thank you.
  9. OOOOO lovely! I've entered I hope everyone is doing well this season.
  10. I'd like to enter!! Thank you for doing this! Extra entry:
  11. Whoo boy. I was one of those people who resisted kpop for a long time. There were some girls in my school who were fans and they weren't very tasteful people so I was put off. I listened to Japanese music since I was 12 so it wasn't entirely a different world to me though. I saw so many gifs and photos of BTS and their dance battle with Block B. I also ran into fanart of Namjoon that was so breathtaking. I finally caved. And it was for the better. I watched Boy in Luv and thought Joon was really cool. He felt like someone who was angry at the world lol. I watched bangtan bombs and other contents like that before checking out the rest of their music. It was somehow Nevermind that was released soon after that which murdered my heart. It was 1 AM and I listened while reading the lyrics and just cried it all out for a bit. I honestly thought even after that it was just a phase. I wasn't searching for a group to die for anyway, BTS was a happy accident. Sometimes I'm still amazed I love them so much and doubt myself but at this point I've just happily accepted our eternal "friendship". They're good for my mental health lmao.
  12. I'm still salty about @Mongmungi beating me in a round of GTV because I took the time to type a sentence about laundry instead of just posting the dang screenshot.. I just vented about it to a friend. I'll never forget.......


    1. SeokSeok


      my wife

      where is she now