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  1. HHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII welcome back I have missed you so much!!!!!!!!!!!I

  2. I love your profile picture very much :jin6:

    1. Peachmon


      Thank you!! Every time I see it I get an arrow shot through my heart :x

    2. BTS.Suga.Jin
  3. Hi I love animals. Name an animal with the next letter of the alphabet. Add photos if you like! Armadillo
  4. Peachmon

    game Count to 2018

    Saw this game on another forum.. Simple yet oddly amusing. All you have to do is.... count to 2018. I'll start with 1 and then the next user posts 2 then 3 ect ect. Let's see how high we can get and who will post the last number. I must be really bored pls ban me from the site. If I'm creative enough I'll think of a prize for the winner ~~~ Don't get out of sequence or double post! 1
  5. Twitter is so toxic I feel like I just returned from battle. 

    How is everyone? Good yeah? I hope we can all smile more. 

  6. I'm so overwhelmed and emotional. This comeback is killing it. Go off Army. Rule the world along side bangtan.
  7. I have many questions and also anxiety. But shout out to Namjoon's arms in that sleeveless shirt.
  8. Namjoon, you've been through a lot and often take the heat for all of us. You are one of the strongest people I've ever seen. I know you must hurt a lot even if you show smiles to us. Please love yourself even when it's hard. K-army said "today is the day our galaxy was born". And what an accurate statement that is. Your soul is beautiful, full of stars, and always growing into something that is unreachable. I'm really thankful to experience even pieces of it in the lyrics you write and in the difficult dance moves you're trying so hard to master. You started bangtan and you changed the world. It's truly brighter now and we are all growing old together. I don't think I could have ever experienced the happiness I've felt if it wasn't for you and the boys. Even if I combined all the languages on this earth it really wouldn't be enough to express my gratitude and love. Luckily we understand each other with our hearts. Life is hard and unfair, it enjoys trying to beat us down but never stop running. You became a dream for millions of people. You saved us. Thank you. So eat your vegtables. Call your mom. Watch your favorite show and wear your best pj's. Smell the flowers and look at the sky. Stop breaking things if you can. Laugh with the people who love you. Live freely. I don't know what the future holds for us all and it scares the hell out of me. But that path is promising since we are both there together wouldn't you agree? Happy birthday, I love you. I hope you had a nice party with your crab friends.
  9. I have seen that Supremon is now closed. I have a list ready to update. I'll do it within the next few days.
  10. Here is a thread of birthday projects from fansites for Joon's birthday ?
  11. I have failed this thread and Rap Mon... I should be banned tbh. But just know he has been such a sweetheart lately and making me cry.