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  1. I'm still salty about @Mongmungi beating me in a round of GTV because I took the time to type a sentence about laundry instead of just posting the dang screenshot.. I just vented about it to a friend. I'll never forget.......


    1. SeokSeok


      my wife

      where is she now


  2. game Count to 2018

  3. game A-Z Animals Edition

    Hi I love animals. Name an animal with the next letter of the alphabet. Add photos if you like! Armadillo
  4. game Count to 2018

    Saw this game on another forum.. Simple yet oddly amusing. All you have to do is.... count to 2018. I'll start with 1 and then the next user posts 2 then 3 ect ect. Let's see how high we can get and who will post the last number. I must be really bored pls ban me from the site. If I'm creative enough I'll think of a prize for the winner ~~~ Don't get out of sequence or double post! 1
  5. Twitter is so toxic I feel like I just returned from battle. 

    How is everyone? Good yeah? I hope we can all smile more. 

  6. event Lucky Grid (Revealed)

    Sorry! @jin Can I exchange for bombs as well?
  7. Username: Peachmon Tickets for prize 1: 0 Tickets for prize 2: 8 Tickets for prize 3: 0 Total Spent: 2400 pumpkins So excited! Good luck everyone and thank you for this event!
  8. Oh wow! I'm considering it. It sounds like such a wonderful opportunity.
  9. Everytime he speaks it's like he's singing a song. You can't not be impressed and moved by his words.
  10. game Guess The Song (Halloween Edition) [Finished]

    Nice. I just wanted to get at least one right. I'll slip back into the shadows now
  11. game Guess The Song (Halloween Edition) [Finished]

    Outro: Does that make sense?
  12. game Guess The Song (Halloween Edition) [Finished]

    hi we meet like this once again. I love bonding through stress and anxiety race games
  13. game Guess The Song (Halloween Edition) [Finished]

  14. game Guess The Song (Halloween Edition) [Finished]