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  1. game

    Yo if you lot are looking for extra points I still have missions out there that need doing. And Pat solved 2 of my 3 secret rounds. So go get that last one fam [I'll respond to the mess that happened here in a bit lmao]
  2. lmao the title be saying 'simple' my heart be saying 'struggle'
  3. Hiatus starting tomorrow :') I'll be traveling and I will take my laptop with me but who knows if I'll get a chance to use it. I haven't touched my data for this month so I can use my phone however. So yeah. don't miss me too much. I love you all. Stay healthy. stay ready. 

    I'll probably blast a lot of posts around tonight before I bid you farewell since I've abandoned the discussion threads for too long yo 

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    2. leanna


      Pls take me in your suitcase. I could use a vacation right about now.

      All jokes aside, safe travels!!

    3. Mongmungi


      Faith, stay safe throughout the journey and sorry daw, we will surely miss you lots ♡ ILYT 

    4. Pokeybun


      omg i didn't have time to comment earlier but i hope you have fun travelling! stay safe out there be careful and return to us soon :'))

  4. send me acrylic stands of you guys and I will carry them with me wherever I go
  5. game

    I would literally probably stop breathing but u go right ahead murderer
  6. game

    I'm still shaken by it but tbh I'm dying to have this as my stamp