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  1. I can't believe I'm gonna get to see him surf :")
  2. Okay I teared up. I want 40 of these so I can plant a garden of them. Cr ♡☆ Cr
  3. game

    I'm a sucker for this game it's so old school. If I were in Kpop group, the world would see its end before that ever happens pls stop me, I would pick Pat aka @-Mochi- and we would make a great duo like Homme. And probably be just as inactive rip (I'm also imagining our shows would be very similar to sin's great performance at home party) Dare: Go to a thread (or person) that you've always wanted to post in or speak to and make that first post!
  4. I'm back already. The anan magazine was a blessing. Cr (I could have and should put this all in one post I'm a mess rip)
  5. I swear he wants to fight. He is GLOWING. Cr
  6. event

    Are you the new Rin, saying you'll do bad but leaving us all in the dust Congrats Nene ♡♡ and wtf I heard about the sweater I'm dying
  7. Cute and cool at the same time. Cr
  8. Translations from the article "Can Korea's Hip Hop change?" Always proud of our leader. Quick reminder that if anyone tells you he hasn't changed for the better they're lying through their teeth and living with their eyes closed. (C) Also! If you wanna give his MV a few streams pls do.
  9. Tbh nothing makes me happier than seeing people fall in love with their personalities. I legit cry tears of joy. They make me so proud. [Should I post translations of the interview here or does that go in general translation section rip]