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  1. Rip I'm a double poster Thanks Jimin
  2. I was born with this information yes ♡
  3. game

    Shhhhhh I'm on mobile and everything looks different don't expose me
  4. game

    It literally says there are now 461 replies wtf (Why does it even matter when there is a round to solve ignore me)
  5. game

    How..... is there already nearly 400 replies and we're only on round 2..... what are yall yacking about jesus christ I'm gonna have to backtrack this whole thing thanks a lot
  6. game

    *barges in, late, sweaty, tired* I'M HERE I'M HOME And I'm also not on the score board yet kms
  7. I'm crying
  8. appreciation

    I've been so excited for the rest thank you so much!!!
  9. game

    She says this everytime and I'm just so over it ya know
  10. I noticed it's acting up, on mobile so I'll fix asap!
  11. Rip I didn't see this :,) thanks op! This is so beautiful. Every country has done amazing things this tour.