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  1. HAPPY LATE LATE BDAY.... We're coming up on your birthday soon love!!!
  2. Hey question for you. What does dance monster rank mean? and what are the other ranks?

    1. Cypher•


      Hi!  i think ranks are according to how many posts you've made, you're on the third one "dance moster" 

      the 1st rank is no jams

       second one infires

       3rd one is dance monster

      4th is hixtape 

      5h Vante

      6th is golden maknae 

      7th is worldwide handsome

    2. EricaRosemary
    3. Cypher•
  3. @Rain I agree. Why do people give him close to zero love? He is one the smartest people and he genuinely loves everyone even when some armies treat him like dirt. it makes me sad
  4. @jin All of their stuff is so unbelievably expensive. Like dang bts help us poor fans out here just a little bit haha
  5. @Cutie pie HECK YEAH THEY ARE
  6. @Bottle of Jin The boys have proven thus far that they can pretty much accomplish anything so we shall see. They need to get that GRAMMY it has to happen.
  7. Any of you guys know if there are pictures of bts with the big characters?
  8. @Sweet&Suga they all are kinda growing it out.... Makes me wonder how their vibe and style will change for this next comeback
  9. I think ships are fun as long as people don't take it so seriously. Fans obsess over the weirdest things. Wouldn't it be cool to watch all idol groups jamming out and supporting each other more. They all have to be so poker faced because of fans who think they are going to marry their idol of choice lol