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  1. Oh man 4 bandmates on the list??? That's awesome!! I love Mr. Worldwide Handsome but my heart belongs to Jeon Jungkook
  2. He has such a unique personality that when he decides to change up his style I get progressively more and more attracted to him. Long, short, pony tail or no pony tail he looks so good. My favorite look is him in his most comfortable attire and messy hair... he just... so ...good!!! I thought BTS was not supposed to mess with Army's hearts Jungkook?
  3. ohhh KOOKIES HAIRRR... We get an entire season long of Bon Voyage to see his long beautiful locks!!! yass
  4. I bet he was so focused while watching it too. I can picture him stopping then rewinding just to pick up jokes and say phrases lol
  5. yess that's awesome!!! Big laughs are the best
  6. Jiminie is a whole bunch of things, cute is just one of them lol
  7. @Bottle of Jin He's a young adult driving through a city. I was in a fender bender two years ago and was the same age as him. It happen. Human error. Just glad no one was terribly injured and that Kookie owned up to his mistake. Just goes to show that he felt like he had the support from his agency to tell the truth and make it out without any horrible repercussions.
  8. "Win, lose, I don't care because at the end of the day I still have this face so who's the real winner here?"- Kim Seokjin
  9. This song is so quality i am loving the EDM remix!
  10. Tae's duality is insane how can he be a little cutie piglet one moment then a sexy dom the next?? It shouldn't be possible!