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  1. SO, Haters are going to hate and I think it is hilarious that they go out of their way to hate on something that doesn't effect them at all. I googled Bangtang Sonyeondan and this is what urban dictionary came up with... You'd thing they would be able to come up with better names these just made me laugh. . . . . . . . Urban Dictionary: Bangtan https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Bangtan bangtan or known as bangtan boys (bangtan sonyeondan) is a korean boy group that consists of 6 gay members named LAP MONSTEO, SUGAR, JNOPE, JIMINT, JUNGCOOKIE, VAGINA, JINGER. HILARIOUS IF YOU ASK ME! Like come on hate all you want but these names are so stupid lol I though ya'll might get a good laugh at this as our boys continue to climb to the top
  2. I am in shock. I remember not being able to find that interview with English subs and now look at em!!!
  3. I loved the video but I feel like the song doesn't really go with the video. Am I the only one? I love love love it but it made me think way too hard... I guess it is Bighit and that's what they make up do (think hard)
  4. A: Louder than Bombs Q: Are you streaming ON?
  5. These photos were just adorable. Wish i could see my kookies tats
  6. @taesthetic just once please just once!!! lolz
  7. @sungel Freaking like half a month in Japan I am shook
  8. I'll be in Chicago, LA and Orlando!!! SOOO READY!!!!
  9. I'll take the desert, you take the coast
    But to each his own
    I'll take the desert- To Each His Own-- Talos

  10. How August D of him. Except he's not August D he's Suga. Identity crisis <3
  11. And just like that ARMY we get a new album. The title being Map of the soul 7 Bighit announced it via weverse today!
  12. Happy New Year Bangtang and Army.

    Thank you BTS for pulling me out of a place where I never imagined I'd see the light of day again.

    Thank you for making me feel loved, appreciated, sexy, and wanted.

    Thank you for tearing down stereotypes and showing haters what we're made of.

    Thank you for making me realize my self worth.

    And to Army...

    Thank you for being my support group, my family, my home.

    I have met lifelong friends through the Bangtang universe that I will treasure till the end and beyond.

    New Year, Same Me, Same Army, Same Bangtang



    1. Yoongi jr.

      Yoongi jr.

      i think im going to cry

  13. This time I'm ready to run, oh-woah
    Escape from the city and follow the sun
    'Cause I wanna be yours
    Don't you wanna be mine?
    I don't wanna get lost in the dark of the night - One Direction

  14. @Vii Joonie and silver hair is absolutely show stopping in my opinion.
  15. I watched them in 2017 and I am ready again in 2019! They will kill it and and and I get to look at my favorite guys when the clock strikes midnight ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  16. omg they aren't!!! So cute!
  17. what a classy response bighit. Why is everyone trying to take BTS down?
  18. You hear that people? The sound of every hotel room being booked in Times Square for the ball drop. Can't wait to tune in!!
  19. Yeah.. I honestly didn't know it was this bad for them. Maybe cause my way of thinking would never come up with doing things like that. It sounds like some girls have been reading a little too much fanfiction and have forgotten their reality. Which is really sad for not only them but BTS and BTS's fandom. Sounds to me like those girls have some very addictive behavior. Unfortunately, BTS has become their unhealthy addiction. I wish some extensive counseling on those people cause it really is a cry for help.
  20. @Pat I bought from them and tried to get in contact for months with no response. I disputed it with my bank and they were able to get the money back from the company somehow.
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