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  1. BTS reached 11M followers on Twitter!!

    It's only been a month since the 10 mill y'all.
  2. appreciation Why We Love BTS

    Aside from their amazing music, awesome choreos, gorgeous mvs, massively talented and gorgeous, they are really relatable as people. They are three dimensional with insecurities, hopes, and dreams that they share with us. They genuinely care for and like each other outside of being co-workers, which leads them to show off their perhaps not so glamorous dorky side, but it's very real and very hilarious and fun, like hanging out with actual friends. They always bring a smile to my face and make me laugh and make me feel a lot of emotions in general. They try hard to use their status as public figures to inspire people and bring awareness to important issues. And so much more. I treasure them very much.
  3. chart [Billboard] BTS on the 2017 Year-End Charts

    It really happened and it happened already?!! I really didn't know, but I would call it an educated guess lol. Or can I see the future?? I really can't haha.
  4. Thanks to C-Army's and congrats to BTS!
  5. Word Association

  6. Cooky has the right idea about how to get abs. That's absolutely what I should do too.
  7. game WINGS Tracks - Race to Zero!

    Intro: Boy Meets Evil - 198 Blood Sweat & Tears -188 Begin - 194 Lie - 191 Stigma - 198 First Love - 192 Reflection - 199 MAMA - 178 Awake - 192 Lost - 198 Cypher pt. 4 - 198 Am I Wrong - 199 21st Century Girl - 197 Two! Three! (Wishing for Better Days) - 184 Interlude: Wings - 196
  8. game What Comes to Your Mind?

    Angels (one of them specifically is my fave character) -------- Balloon
  9. The General Jin Discussion Thread

    MBC bringing out vids of Jin being an awkward cutie on camera back in the day. I wonder if everyone is gonna get featured?
  10. chart [Billboard] BTS on the 2017 Year-End Charts

    A bigger dorm or a whole separate dorm just for their trophies. But seriously, amazing achievements! I hope they will continue to be inspired and have all the support they need to make the art they want to make and hopefully not be too worried or feel too much pressure.
  11. The General Jin Discussion Thread

    He's made a "hang loose" dance! It's also a Kim brothers party, heh.
  12. This article got me in the heart area. Right??! I hope the Mediheal sheet masks will be on Amazon too. If I'm already sorry to my wallet, I might as well be double sorry. Ahahaha. I'm so sorry wallet. Also that concert Army bomb ocean that everyone made waves for like an actual ocean was so amazing.
  13. discussion About Fanboys

    No, I do not think being a fanboy is weird or wrong in anyway and the assumption that being a fanboy automatically signifies their sexual orientation (or that there is anything wrong with anybody of any orientation enjoying BTS/kpop) is incorrect and I will elaborate.: I support fanboys. Please keep liking what you like and don't let the haters dictate your life!
  14. @Maphisto40 The BT21 art are so cute! I love spotting all the details. I'm so excited for the merch.