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  1. A grade all natural inimitable aegyo.
  2. @HobiOne He does pull off that red lip so, very well.
  3. It's The Wings Tour hat. I wanted to get one too, but alas.
  4. other

    Accurate presentation of events.
  5. I agree, their quality music videos/short films, especially HYYH era on, really got my attention.
  6. It's so cool looking! The organization of fan projects are always so impressive.
  7. Happy birthday, Em! Hope you have a great day, however you choose to celebrate it :")

    May this year and all the coming years bring you much happiness and health~

  8. em1.gif.5c5b8ba7cdebdb99f27f005e74608ec8.gifem2.gif.255bf7b7f3004b2f7d84a626160ca723.gif

    Em~ Happy birthday!

    Hope you stay healthy and amazing from today onward and may you have a great celebration ahead~! <3

    1. movietvdrama


      Lulu!! The Jin gifs are so cuuuttttteee. Thank you for your message! WHENYOURESOBEAUTIFULYOUSTEALYOUROWNHEART.gif.6b1868ffbda8f098e492406a1526c269.gif

  9. Happy Birthday dear! I hope you have an amazing day and that today will be filled with happiness!!! Enjoy! Have a bangtan-ful day~ 


  10. Hiya, happy birthday! Hope you have/had a wonderful day! ^__^

  11. Happy Birthday! I forget timezones these days and my mind's been all over the place so this is probably way early for you, but I wanted to greet you anyway before I forgot~

    I hope life treats you kindly for all your coming years, and that you stay safe and healthy and content throughout the coming days!

    Have a good day, Em <3

    1. movietvdrama


      Thank you, Rin, for this sweet bday message! KISS2.gif.67326082eec04b18b8ce8f2165cd83b8.gif

  12. appreciation

    These lovely gifs has me just
  13. The observation that he doesn't pull the flowers out! Sweetie pie. Also is that a literal Melon receipt in op's post? It's funny and sad at the same time ops talking about BTS feels the need to post receipts.