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  1. @sungel That's an excellent question. I want to know the full behind the scenes story of how and everyone who helped developed the story concept that at the very least began in HYYH era - if not seeded even earlier - to the current webtoon and maybe even beyond.
  2. This is so cool!! I know that the but it reminds me of this:
  3. That sucks this happened to you. Thank you for sharing the info.
  4. The movie version of the youtube series is now on youtube. Full circle.
  5. @sungel Yeah, they've taken private plane before and using private exits (#BTS1stAirportWin). It might be easier/safer for them if they have their own plane. BigHit come through!! They can probably pay in installments or something lol.
  6. @Cypher• @JoyD The BigHit family has grown and and I assume will be growing. It's time to start to invest in a fleet of private jets or at least start with 2 lol.
  7. Same, it's always so heartening. The stage set up has Mad Max: Fury Road vibes, love it. Aghh, I think Jimin tripped on a stage light or something. Plz be careful!
  8. I don't know what's going on, but Ha Ji Won I guess lol
  9. @Cypher• I'm so glad Hachi is okay. I don't know her personally, but know enough that she's not a sasaeng. I feel so bad for her that she showed up on the list at all though, she is so sweet to everyone and so hard on herself.
  10. @Flame The eldest two are already soooo younngggg. The younger ones are going to be actual fetuses. @Cypher• Same! Debuting with a supernatural concept would be pretty cool.
  11. Both trailers reiterate how young they are lol. The first one has a big undercurrent of loneliness. Yeonjun hangs out alone with just his silent teddy bear pal. Soobin looks like he's interacting with someone off screen that tosses him a back pack. A real person/another bandmember/ love interest/ a ghost?
  12. @poca I always found it amusing as well. This is basically a minivan that can transport their family of 7 bros. So wholesome.
  13. I assume it's Korean ages though because it's from a Korean post, so the youngest is like 15 and the oldest 18 I think????
  14. Lol bighit changing the twitter name to random numbers as if the @ still doesn't say the same thing. The detective powers of our fandom is always fun to see.