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  1. I love how the ones where they are just waiting still look model gorgeous.
  2. This is so cute. Baseline is awesome! I think he legit a fan. It's so easy to just look up BTS and fall into the vortex. I think he's in the black hole with us and Hobi is his bias!
  3. I know everyone's been saying it, but I'M EXCITED AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  4. Ot7 family visit! It's nice that they stopped by in little groups to visit Hobi. Of course mathyung and leader brings food, Tae brought his child, Yoongi went super out of his way, JK went into silent staff mode, and Jimin took time to visit too. Tae leaving a message for hoobae rookie artist J Hope was hilarious.
  5. My faves are Grey, Pink, and Red.
  6. Yeah, making it a National Holiday isn't a physical gift, so it isn't against the rules!
  7. Anything could happen with Army and BTS!!