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  1. He is! He gives Jin his hand and gives Hobi a sip of his drink too. So giving, haha!!
  2. @Cypher• It took me a day to notice lol, but my name color also changed.
  3. LOL Jin asked for Yeontan's hand, but JK took Tannie away, so he asked for Yoongi's and it sounds like Yoongi did it.
  4. I absolutely love all of these photos!! I hope they'll release more photos from the ad shoot. I'm extra bummed that the only VT x BTS shop near me closed up. I would love to sample these and possibly buy if they're good.
  5. I'm so happy Halsey is friends with BTS. The way she spoke on behalf of ARMY to clarify to Elvis Duran what was really upsetting us from yesterday's interview was right on the money. (14:34s timestamp for the video if you know what I'm talking about). Halsey rocks. 

  6. The Hot Topic BT21 enamel pins are very nice. I need to get myself a jean jacket to stick 'em on lol. 

  7. Awww, snacks are a great way to bond. I would absolutely act the same way that TXT does around BTS here if I were in their shoes. It's cool we get to see the behind the scenes of Jimin falling asleep and staying asleep for the group picture lol.
  8. @Cypher• I did the thing and I got the thing that I forgot the name of lol, but it's an additional gif thing under your profile pic. I guess you can't get a new one until the old one expires, but I don't see one in your section.
  9. Those students are so lucky! And it's a cool honor to be asked to be mentors as well, it really shows respect to them as artists.
  10. I think I like this stage the most out of all the American stages they've had to dance on so far. This was properly designed for a lot of range and movement of performances and of course the show being focused on singing, great audio work. It's wonderful to hear all the "flaws" of the breathing and plosives that comes with singing and dancing live. Kookie though is a monster at breath control! The camera angles were okay. There was a crane angle that was awesome. I think it really helped that this was all pre-recorded, so they could choose the shots with more thought instead of having to make choices on the fly. Having watched so many iterations of their live performances of Boy With Love, I'm no longer sure that I can actually hear their name fanchants wayyyyyy down low in the audio mix, at the beginning or the fanchants audios are just ingrained in the brain lol.
  11. I think these guys would definitely be more touched by a home cooked meal if you could cook. I don't cook beyond basics, so it would be better in my case to show them the amazing array of cuisines in my area. Pho, ramen, tacos, burgers, so on and so forth. So many possibilities! Definitely plenty of Korean food options too if they want to stick with that. It would probably be super fun to do kbbq with them. There's copious amounts of Korean markets as well for thier fave snacks from home if they want.
  12. I've been anticipating the youtube clip since I watched this live last night! It's lovely that they get to showcase a vocals only performance in addition to the dancing one earliar in the week. Thank you Stephen! I love how at ease Hobi was from the start and the others show off more off their personality the further they get into the song as well. Namjoon singing and bopping his head along when it's the vocal line's turn is so cute. Jin's eye contact and that wink to the camera is so smooth. Everybody's singing/rapping parts are basically distinctive highlights every time, it's so great!
  13. @_javaJAVAjava_ I'm in California. Mmmm Korean food, so delicious, so pricey here, but so delicious.