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  1. @jin I'm glad you survived whatever happened last week!
  2. This is so amazing that my mouth was literally actually agape for a while when I first saw the tweet. I"M SO EXCITED! And yo, a comeback stage on their SNL debut, like debut stages at new awards and shows appearances gonna be a thing I wonder?? That is such a power move it can be called the "BTS Move" lol.
  3. It's super amusing to me they used a ton of techniques that are used to invoke discomfort in viewers in horror films via the sound effects, whispering, choice of how they frame the members in the shots, and of course the editing. Did they tell the team in charge to do an ASMR thing and they were like, "Oh we'll give you a ASMR thing" and went with their own artistic vision?? As a horror fan though, I dig it.
  4. This is the film look, what it looks like if they were in a movie. Now I want to see a film version of the Save Me webtoon.
  5. I was going around telling anyone that would listen of their feat lol. I'm so proud of them!
  6. I scanned and posted yesterday for several hours and there were still more to scan. So much to scan lol. I need to hold off until the weekend.
  7. I wonder if the pieces will be concentrated in and around those 7 cities specifically or can be in any city anywhere?
  8. The special feature sneak peaks in the trailer look great.
  9. Stadiums!!!!! I'm so proud. I hope they'll announce at least a few more places, like a stadium that's near me.
  10. Yeah, last time when he revealed he had to organize his own bday moment, I was both impressed and stabbed in the heart that he had to do it himself. Jiminie sweetie pie, thank you so much for always helping out and stepping up to do something for him.
  11. They all have their own kind of laugh that's cute in thiee own way, but Jin's laugh is definitely the most distinctive and infectious. Listen to it enough times and you'll start laughing like him and be full of joy as well.
  12. The amount of beauty in thier visuals is overwhelming. Kudos contact lens cf, kudos.