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  1. I wants!!! It's probably good it's not available where I live, because I probably can't afford it, but I wanntttsssss. T_T
  2. Aww, it's too bad the director and company clearly copied and the situation is taking attention away from the song, which addresses social issues in India. The artist also apologized. The power to give credits is not in my hand. If it was, I would have written “video sets inspired by DO YOU”. As an artist I love the way you all are standing up for yours. I only have authority over my part of the content and thats the music and lyrics. I feel sorry for that. — RaftaaR (@raftaarmusic) September 14, 2018
  3. @JinsPeachyGirl86 @Cypher• I saw Tyra's update that BTS filmed today, so that's less thing they have to pack in tomorrow lol.
  4. Yo I just realized this is the same night as the Oakland show. I assume AGT is taped live the same day and BTS is going to perform live, so that means they are going to tape their performance, go to LAX and fly to either SFO or the Oakland airport, then do the concert. Busy Wednesday!
  5. Yeah they go from cute uwu feels to this constantly. Emotional whiplash is part of thier charm lol.
  6. Merch gets sold out even if it's sold online. They don't need to sell the items forever, I just hope they just produce more quantities merch because there are thousands if not millions of new fans since the last tour when it was already hard to buy tour merch. People want to give you money! Make it easier please!
  7. They're a good point into their careers now to renegotiate terms and have funds to hire lawyers if needed. I hope the guys get what they deserve for all thier hard work.