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  1. This is turning into a thriller: Who ran over Jungkook? Unreliable narrator Jin?
  2. I'm into a time travel/sci-fi element. This doesn't really have to do with the short film, but going through memories in your head is a form of time travel. Rewatching events, trying to change them.
  3. Hmmm, that could be, as that would date the events back to HYYH too.
  4. Karma tragically separating the two with the veil of death sounds legit, but there are so many options to present that narratively other than the tired makjang trope of her ridiculously jay walking through five lanes without checking for traffic first, unless she's made of steel, but it seems she's not alas. It looks like Jin seems to be on the verge of getting into an accident too. Aside from Jimin and J Hope and maybe Tae and Namjoon, the events aren't concurrent. I was wondering if he was going to plow into one of the guys while they were playing out their respective dramas on the road. J Hope seeing JK at the hospital is possible. I don't have the dates on hand to cross reference, but JK must have been there for a long time to recover fully.
  5. merch

  6. article

    The more famous BTS gets, the more people will try to take advantage.
  7. Tbh one of my biggest drama pet peeves is a character getting run over due to not looking both ways before walking legally or cross walking. I rolled my eyes so hard. The other story lines are still going in an interesting path though.
  8. The young women definitely seem like some sort of guiding force, so I really like this theory. The hair colors if the guys with thier corresponding lady scene partners seem to match a lot too, but not all the time. Can't wait to see more of the story!
  9. I was waiting for subs. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I really dig this theory! I think this IS a short film, it's just released in seperate parts. But yeah, the material could easily translate into a feature length film. I need interviews with the peeps responsible for bringing the concept to screen from all the depths!
  11. Some fans recognize some of the ladies as trainees from SM and JYP. I know it's standard that trainees appear in videos, shows...etc, but it would be kinda cool if they performed as female group version of BTS with the same kind of dancing, even if it's temporary just for this concept. I want a female group that is like BTS so bad. (I miss The Ark, cries.)
  12. I'm glad I waited until I got home to watch this, because at first I was cackling to myself that the "unexpected" part was there potentially being a love interest for each one of them instead of one girl with the seven of them ala Boy in Luv or all the other kpop/boyband mvs in general to being severely emotionally compromised by the time the video got to Hoseok's faltering smile and me screaming noooo as soon the mom had him cover his eyes in the black and white memory. What we see in the "highlight reel" (I love how they always undersell their gorgeous short films with the titles) is already gorgeous and extremely cinematic, which is totally my cup of tea. I can't wait to see more! Also, I heavily relate to the girl in Yoongi's segment and glad she did what I'm sure a lot of Armys wanted to do as soon as that cigarette showed up.
  13. New glimpses of their hair to continue the wig or not conspiracy lol.