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  1. That was cute, heh. The reporting makes me happy.
  2. Neither article really digs into the issue of Asian representation, but no doubt it was also nice to see BTS win as an Asian American as well. It's a topic I'm not coherent enough to really give its due right now, but it was another way that it was wonderful, important, and impactful that BTS won.
  3. This whole article is just wonderful haha!
  4. They thank Armys in English during their Korean and awards and they thank Armys in Korean at the American award. <3
  5. Tis a clickbaitesque title, which makes it more amusing they interviewed koreaboo lol. Top social artist typically wouldn't seem like a big deal, but even if they were American, 300 mill over the other globally famous artists is pretty astronomical. The factors of the achievement are just all so heartswellingly amazing.
  6. I like the pictures of Army at the awards. It was so amazing for BTS and Army yesterday. I'm still processing.
  7. other

    Boy is young and surrounded by beautiful people lol.
  8. The roommates are sharing the same humor. "Billboard" "Las Vegas"
  9. I like how BTS gets a whole paragraph.
  10. @SariSari I feel the same. There are some differences from all the other times, but I'm not sure until someone officially confirms it or when something in the storyline next season.