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  1. Oh snap, BLOND JIN IS BACK!!!

  2. 땡(RM, SUGA, J-HOPE) Feat.JIN@BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/kEFYHpP0td — 김석진의 날💛 (@jinnarrr_) June 17, 2018
  3. LOL! I'm assuming in the encore vid, Jin telling Jungkook, "I'm taking Namjoon's part. YOU do Yoongi's." Amazing vocal line team work at the end of the interview vid! I'm excited to see all the subbed parts of Jin's MC section. He did so well!
  4. Thank you for the translation! It was cool the spotlighted the fan made lyric/translation videos too. Those are so important! Also nice that the reporter asked both Jimin and Jin about their parts.
  5. Ooooohhh!!!! I remember that all black turtle neck outfit from one of their greetings and was wondering what it was for and it seems like that's what they wore under their cloaks? Also I guess they composited the image of them kneeling down in their cloaks with video of the big stone thing falling on them and not have the wall come down in front of them or something. Tbh, I didn't really notice they got squashed in the MV until someone pointed it out, but I did notice there was a bit of a bounce to the falling wall. Now I know it's the wall bouncing off of their MV selves lol.
  6. I was watching Fake Love and I noticed that they didn't cut the clothing tags from the shirts. I wondered why for one second and remembered that these clothes costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, so they probably want to keep the washing instructions lol. Yooo, SBS did Jin dirty for Anpanman. Really, ya'll had to include that? Everybody seems so tired. I hope they get some proper rest somehow.
  7. If this is what they chose for Opening Ceremony, I wonder if this means we're going to have a super emotional festa this year?????
  8. Their interaction with Shinee is so cuteee.
  9. Heh, MuBank still playing that game. I see your three different angles of Jin for Fake Love ending!
  10. Hobi ate a Snickers AND THEY ATE HIM BACK!
  11. They're cute and gorgeous, just like BTS heh.
  12. Cr I dig the sci-fi/post apocalypse warrior prince vibe of this group look. Also, look at how tall Jimin looks!