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  1. I actually skipped but does anyone know if they added anything new?
  2. Ok I feel like this is definitely time travel related
  3. event

    I'll go with the 15th
  4. These are all beautiful and those messages...
  5. Delete this please <3
  6. what are they plotting tbh also you dp fits so much aha!
  7. I feel you. Although school for me doesn't start until some time around mid-September. I was having a nap and this popped up out of nowhere. Big Hit was sure enjoying the Smeraldo drama of yesterday. On another note, this looks like something that I can't tell what it is exactly. It legit looks like a drama poster
  8. appreciation

    I'm not surprised. He looks hella fine
  9. @satoori also that instrument Pdogg is talking about sounds very 80s. Although it has a very very different feel and I'm digging it tbh and interested to see how it'll turn out if they're really aiming for this sound.
  10. if it' something like Move and Rain, I'm already dead tbh. Idk from seeing their new hair color, I have a feeling we will have another DOPE... It's just a hunch though.
  11. poll

    I think that we've lost....
  12. merch