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  1. As much as I would love to see the two countries reunified, the local opinion is still not quite stable concerning this issue. Therefore, I hope that no particular agendas are tied to BTS' attendance and participation. I'm not quite fond of politics and music being meshed together as it might restrict the artists from fully speaking their minds and voicing their opinions on controversial topics. However, I am supportive of any decision BTS takes.
  2. @Mongmungi I'll do my best to make the most out of this break. The good thing about taking some time off is that you're not pressured to do anything, to stress over exams or to think of tomorrow. Thank you for the support Lulu and the warm welcome
  3. @Mongmungi Please accept my belated congratulations on your marriage I've decided to take a year off college due to an infinite lack of motivation and I might end up spending more time here. tbh i missed this place a lot <3
  4. @Mongmungi going through the turmoils and hurricanes of life. I've been okay though huhu How about you? I see you're back in full force.
  5. Ahh he did so well. He added a nice touch to the song and made it his own. Props to him
  6. His eyes look innocent and they're beautifully shaped <3
  7. HEYO! I'm pretty sure it's your birthday today?


    (if it's not then pretend that you didn't see this lol)

    1. Killer


      AHHH Thank you so much friend <3

      It's a shame that I am replying a month later. I am very sorry about that ♥

  8. tumblr_inline_nd7ctiEOUm1ry72eo.gif HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE tumblr_inline_nd7ctiEOUm1ry72eo.gif





    1. Cypher•


      Happy Halloween have a nice day!


    2. Killer