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  1. game

    That looks so obvious but i literally have no idea
  2. game

    Congrats <3 @SNSDBunny
  3. game

    kate what is that serously
  4. game

    @Myrhiathank u very much fam <3 <3
  5. game

    it looks like jimin is it him??? is it????
  6. game

  7. lmao i'm a 100% stanning. my bias is the fluffy grey kitty <3
  8. I too think they'll release a mini album around october
  9. The video is very pleasing aesthetically. I like how it was shot. The song though is definitely a grower, I think I need to listen to it more but I do prefer the other tracks.
  10. Those edits are very nice. Our ARMYs are very talented. It's also nice seeing people being able to mix the passion they have for two different things
  11. pann

    what is this