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Cutie pie


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  1. Someone go ahead 👏🏻 i wanna playyy
  2. Cutie pie

    game What IF.....?

    . In this game user no 1 will ask what if...? For example . What if you failed in exam.....lol and next user will answer it while leaving . His/her own question starting with what if,,? now my turn.... What if you are locked up in a washroom?
  3. I know that you are not a dog... Which song's choreography of BTS do you like the most ?
  4. Cutie pie

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but they want to make more money..! i wIsh to pass my upcoming exam..
  5. Cutie pie

    game This or That

    Have yoongi's number.. travel the world or stay with BTS?