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  1. Granted but your brain wanted to be active That night for some reason😜 I wish I could live a good life ( I think I've got complications more than depression) 😥
  2. I'm getting down and down😔😭😭

    i wanna cry,cry and just cry...!

    everything is getting more complicated and I can't deal with that😥🤕

  3. Listening to Sirena_Chemicals...❤️❤️

  4. Thaaaank God you came out of that hell
  5. Me while checking online users on bbase...!


    935 users online..😵

    Me: yayyyyy! 👏🏻

    The next moment when i check The ones logged in....!😉

    Me: Sh**t all are anonymous 😡

  6. The thread is About V .....being hot🔥 And dashing
  7. I performed DNA,BST and boy with luv on my cousins wedding ceremony :jhscared:

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    2. EricaRosemary


      Whaaaa? yeah what did you do??

    3. Tae's Queen

      Tae's Queen

      I danced.....! And It was sooo coool

    4. Tae's Queen

      Tae's Queen

      Guys in the wedding were like with their mouths open looking at me..hahaha

  8. They don't deserve all this.....but i think that the thing which only matters is we love them and will support them till our last breath!
  9. Happy Birthday Jimin....ah wish you a very successful and happy life ahead ❤️❤️


    we love youuuuu!!!