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  1. [200217 Mail Business Star Today, Reporter - Sin Yeong Eun] Group BTS unveiled their Tracklist for the new album, raising expectations for their new album more and more. The 4th full-length album 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' and online cover photo was unveiled through Big Hit's official SNS channel on February 17 at 12 AM (KST). The tracklist has a total of 20 tracks. 5 songs from MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, which was released last April, and 15 new songs. The new songs consist of the pre-released song 'Black Swan', Comeback Trailer 'Interlude:Shadow', and 'Outro: EGO' , title song 'ON', 'Filter', 시차, 'Louder than bombs', '욱 (UGH), '00:00 (Zero 0' Clock)', 'Inner Child', 친구', 'Moon', 'Respect', 'We are Bulletproof: the Eternal', and more. Particularly, No. 20 'ON (Feat. Sia)' will not be on the album but will be a digital track that global singer Sia is featuring in and will be a different version. This collaboration came to be when Sia readily accepted BTS' proposal. 'ON (Feat. Sia)' will be pre-released on February 21 through global platforms due to promotions in North America. It will then be released a week later in Korea. BTS' 4th Full-Length album 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' will be released worldwide on February 21 at 6 PM KST. Article Source
  2. @Mette HI! It's alright! I also do not get notifications of replies. Just try and check the forum when you have time and you should see a notification bell on the top. Verified fan pre-sale for the states? I don't think any information has been released for Europe yet. It was only for the U.S and Canada regarding the concert shows. Only the U.S, Canada, and Korea tickets have been released. There should be one for Europe soon though! I will follow you and let you know when the dates have released along with the links and such ^^ I'm not sure how other places are doing tickets, but for the U.S and Canada, ONLY Ticketmaster had the tickets and even when going to Live Nation, it re-directed us to TM which is good because there is only one place to get tickets now whereas before, there were multiple places. Yes, if you would like to keep it a surprise, you can just come here for updates ^^ But there has been no releases for the European ticket process or anything. It seems this year they are doing everything different. (doing it country by country instead of releasing tickets all at once). Please try not to stress yourself out too much ^^ Since you have Weverse and Weply now, you will be getting the latest updates regarding BTS. Just make sure you check the announcements when there is an alert I think that is totally awesome that BTS will be there when you are!! It's really a once in a lifetime opportunity and your daughter will really love it! You're right, Kpop is everywhere in South Korea (especially BTS) and there is no escape! hahah Anyway, I will keep you posts if I see updates on the European tickets as I also have ARMY friends who are living in Europe
  3. [XSports News, 200214 Reporter - Jeon Aram] Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC Group BTS will be unveiling their new song on stage for the first time on the ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’, a popular late-night talk show in the U.S. ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ or ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’, which airs on the NBC channel in the U.S, revealed on February 13 through their official SNS that BTS will be appearing on the show. On this day, BTS will unveil their title song off their 4th full-length album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’ on stage for the first time The special broadcast will feature an interview with Jimmy Fallon and also visiting iconic places. Particularly referring to the first performance of their new title track that will be released, Fallon stated “BTS dominated Grand Central Terminal in New York” which raises curiosity and anticipation. BTS first appeared on the “Jimmy Fallon Show” in September 2018 when they performed ‘IDOL’ and this time will be their second time on the show. Earlier, ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’ gave a notice about BTS’ appearance through SNS and asked ARMYs to send in their questions to BTS using the hashtag #FallonAsksBTS, which received an explosive amount of attention and took the No.1 spot in the global real-time trend on Twitter. BTS’ 4th full-length album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’ will be released on February 21 along with the 4 concept photos that were released starting from February 10 until February 13. Article Source
  4. @Mette Ah ok! Then, maybe you could just participate in the public ticket sales? That would be the easiest option. The other option is to install weply which can be a bit confusing and is only required if you want verified fan presale ^^ But it's definitely not needed. I would just say to be very cautious of where you get your tickets and always stay in the know with when tickets will be on sale. But if you don't have keep up through BTS official Twitter, weverse, or weply, then you can just keep your eyes out through this forum and we will help you! You can also keep updated through the Ticketmaster blog! I'm sure you will get a ticket! ARMYs (BTS fans) are very kind and will help you though the confusion. Weply ~ A platform where BTS fans can purchase the latest BTS merchandise and also keep points. Available on both apple and android stores. Weverse ~ A social media platform that is an international fancafe For BTS fans (Both Korean and International fans are here). You can interact with other fans as well as with the members (if you are lucky) and see what they are up to. It's like twitter, but more interactive For BTS and their fans. Available on apple and android stores and also now on desktop, but the features are still limited. Both platforms are connected so if you have a weverse then you must have weply and vice versa. They both release news and announcements and the tour details will go here first then will disperse throughout other outlets just as twitter, ticketmaster, and other third party sites.
  5. @Mette Hi! Will this be your first BTS concert? The process of concert ticket season will be the same for each stop. So it would be the same in Spain but only with different prices any maybe rules depending on the venue. 1. There should be a notification from Weply a few months before the concert will happen so you will get all the information you need, including where to get the tickets and when. If you or your daughter do not have Weply, it may help to make one. 2. This should also be included in the Weply announcement with links on how to pre-register and all that. I will give you the link of the US site just to give you an idea of how things may work for you as well. 3. Ticket season time for any Korean concert goes very quickly. Especially with the popularity of BTS, every year is a war because they go so quickly and you have to fight for tickets. Usually they will sell out very quickly but then as time goes on, tickets will go back on sale (but they will be resale tickets which are very very expensive so try and get tickets when they first come out). There are also Facebook groups that are dedicated to helping you get tickets or where other fans are selling. Just be very careful as some people can be scammers. 4. The price of the ticket depends on the venue and also where you choose to sit. Currently for the U.S, floor seats are $275USD and there are also sound check packages. The prices will also be listed in the link I will give you ^^ (On the first link) 5. To be completely honest, any seat in a BTS concert is a good seat. It just depends on how close you want to be to them. It also depends on the venue layout and how the seating will be. You can look online for the layout of the stadium, but you won't really know the layout for the concert until the seating map comes up on the site you're buying tickets on. 6. It's good to note that ticket selling sites are getting much stricter. But to be honest, you won't know much at this stage with where you have to buy them as Seoul, US, and Canada information has just released. You can read up on the website I am going to give you just to prepare yourself though! I really hope I helped even a little bit! You are very awesome for wanting to surprise your daughter like that! And don't worry because you will get tickets and I'm sure she will love it no matter where the seat is! Remember, any seat is a good seat! ^^ Sites to help you prepare: (I hope these links can help you!! Also, I am not sure if your daughter has Weply, Weverse, or an official ARMY membership but these links should help you a lot! However, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! ) BTS MAP OF THE SOUL Tour Announcement on Ticketmaster Blog Verified Fan FAQ
  6. @LostWoods I'm so glad to hear that! 😀 No problem at all! If you have anymore questions about anything, feel free to ask!
  7. @LostWoods I have the membership kit and it is best for you to just pay in full. There are some things you also have to consider before shipping it off to someone in Korea ^^ 1. All your information has to match. This also includes your shipping information. If it doesn't, it may create some issues with you and your membership (termination or limited benefits). So it's best to ship to you first and THEN sell merch as needed. But I am also not sure about the selling of membership merch. 2. Your membership kit is personalized so what this means is that inside the kit is your physical membership card which is what you need. So you also cannot ship that straight to Korea as it has your membership ID number and full name. (Your full name should match your name on your passport) 3. Although the shipping is quite expensive, there is no other way than to just ship it to yourself as this is the safest option. Big Hit is very strict this time around so you must make sure all your information matches and before selling anything, check the rules first to be sure that your membership will be safe! I hope this helps ^^
  8. [200109 OSEN, Reporter - Kang SeoJeong] Photo Provided by Big Hit Entertainment Group BTS will release a pre-released song in advanced on January 17. On January 9 at 12 AM KST, Big Hit displayed the COMEBACK MAP of BTS' 4th full-length album 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' through their official SNS channel. The comeback map contains the contents of BTS' released schedule along with an image that shows various 7's overlapping each other to express a 3-dimensional '7'. BTS' grand scale comeback is building up expectations by releasing it in 4 stages. It will start off with 'Comeback Trailer: SHADOW' and will continue until the title track (Lead single) MV. Particularly, a pre-released song (1st Single) will be made public on January 17, a month before the release of the new album. In addition, 'CONNECT, BTS' mentioned certain locations such as London, Berlin, Seoul, and more. It also mentioned comeback trailers and concept photos which build more curiosity. BTS' 4th full-length album 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' will be released simultaneously on February 21 at 6 PM KST all around the world. Article Source
  9. [200102 Yonhap News, Reporter - Yoon Go-eun] CNN has selected #BTS as one of top 10 artists who have changed music in the 2010's. BTS has been included with artists such as Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Lady Gaga, Drake, Metro Boomin, Taylor Swift, Solange, and Kanye West. CNN states that BTS has popularized K-pop in the U.S and has predicted that it will expand amongst Americans further in 2020 as they only just emerged in the latter half of the 2010's. BTS' album LOVE YOURSELF:TEAR was the first K-pop album that topped the Billboard 200 chart in 2018. Following that, three more albums topped the charts, selling hundreds of albums around the world. Showing off K-pop's power once again, BTS appeared on ABC's New Year's broadcast 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' to ring in the new year in Times Square, New York. Article Source
  10. OP: You know that if/when I purchase Lemona, I won't be able to throw away the packaging, right? Everyone, what do you do with the packaging? Jin: Of course I threw it away.. Jin: Kim Seokjin is moved/touched by ARMYs (actions)
  11. 191221 BTS Weverse Jins Reply OP: It's been 20 minutes since I've entered the pop-up store. ARMYs, it's heaven over here Heaven (I say) Jin: It'll be hell for your bank accounts T/N: The nuance is more like "You think its heaven? I think it'll be hell for your bank accounts"
  12. 191220 Jin’s Weverse Reply OP: I heard oppa is of mixed heritage... Korean and heaven* *Heaven (천국- cheon-guk) in Korean sounds like a country/nationality, so OP is making a punny joke Jin: Sounds like that was written while (you were) seriously/heavily contemplating life *Pun explained* The suffix, -국 [gook] is used to indicate a nation or country. 한국 [hahn-gook] - Korea (The nation/country of Korea) 천국 [cheon-gook] - Heaven (but also, the nation/country of heaven) There is a pun here since '천국' also has the suffix '-국' So OP is saying Jin is a mix of 한국 (Korean nationality) and 천국 (Heaven nationality) Trans by Seraph and Minyoung
  13. 191220 Jin’s Weverse Reply Oppa, isn’t this reply* too sweet? ㅠㅠ My heart throbbed Jin-Oppa, take responsibility ㅠㅠ *Referring to Jin’s previous Weverse reply Jin: The reply in the photo (from) Hannamdong Fire Fist First time I’ve heard the name but it sounds familiar Trans by Seraph
  14. 191220 Jin’s Weverse Reply OP: Seokjin-Oppa, how do you come to Weverse so often?? Thank you soso much for coming often!! Missed you!! Missed you!! You’re handsome !! ... World!! wide!!handsome!! Jin, who was born on handsome island!!! Jin: I come to see the people who like me, even this isn’t enough Trans by Seraph

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