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Everything posted by Minyoung's_Satang

  1. [190916 Yonhap News - Reporter Lee Eunjong] Group Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) has wrapped up their vacation for more than a month and have resumed their schedules. On September 16th, agency BigHit Entertainment revealed that BTS' extended break has ended and they left the country this morning for their overseas schedule. The specific destination is unknown but they were reportedly filming for a reality TV show and some members were caught at the airport holding self a camera in their hands. Previously, on August 11, BigHit reported that BTS would end their schedules to take an extended break in their 6 years after debuting. During their period of recharging, each of the members spent their own time visiting galleries, traveling and going fishing, and watching their colleagues' concerts. On their free time, they would go on SNS and fan community, "Weverse", to let fans know how they were doing while also communicating with them. Leader RM uploaded a hand-written letter on his birthday, September 12, and uploaded it on Weverse saying "Shakespeare once said 'We are advertised by our loving friends'" and "I’ve been advertised by everybody and have become aware that this day is more well-known and much more special because of you all”. They also expressed their gratitude toward their fanclub, ARMYs. As summer break comes to an end, BTS will have a concert on October 11 (local time) at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the King Fahd International Stadium. They will then proceed with their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour finale on October 26, 27 and 29th. Article Source
  2. 190914 <BTS Weverse> Jin's post and J-hope's comment on Jin's post Jin: [Breaking news] Bang PD doesn't have an appetite so I'm ordering chicken alone hobi: Breaking news, breaking news!😆 T/N: Hobi is being cute and using his dialect when saying "breaking news". 속보다잉 [souk-bou-dta-ing] Language notes * 입맛 없다 [eem-maht eob-da] ~ to not have an appetite
  3. 190914 <BTSWeverse> Hobi's comment on RMs post **RMs letter translated on separate post above ^^** hobi: Look at the comments. Namjoon-ah quickly witness this!!! hobi: How is it that he can he write this well 🥺🤭😪 *Hope is saying this in a cute way. The word is 쓰다 [sseu-da], but hobi says 쓰뉴 [sseu-nyu]* T/N: In his letter, Namjoon said he doesn't dare say he's witnessed all the love given to him, so now hobi is giving him proof that that he needs to witness the comment section
  4. 190913 <BTS Weverse> Suga's comment on ARMYs post OP: That's right, Jimin oppa didn't even know until that point..the weapon that was hidden in Seokjin oppa's pocket..........☆ ↪ (That was) the end of Jimni oppas happiness lolololol🤣 (+omg...Yoongi oppa thank you for your comment 😳💜 I feel great, just like I recieved a gift for Chuseok 😭😭😭😭 I'm happy. Enjoy your Chuseok and eat lots of yummy food〰️〰️〰️❗💜) #apost_to_bangtan Suga: I know right. You have to be kind-hearted. T/N: 마음을 곱게 써야지 ~ This means "You have to use your heart kindly/nicely". To be honest the English doesn't do the korean justice but I hope you understand the nuance 😅
  5. 190912 <BTS Weverse> Namjoon's birthday post Dear Army, On a rainy late summer, are you guys doing well? To be honest, I don’t remember birthdays before the age of 20. Looking back, it was a bit special, not too plain. After learning through that experience, I realized that my birthday isn’t a day ‘I’ should be congratulated, but more of a day to be thankful to our parents who put us (in this world). On a clear September 12, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of words for the 7th year already. Shakespear once said, “We are made well-known by our beloved friends”. I’ve become aware that today is more well- known and special because of you all. I’ve been having thoughts of if I can be someone who can let everyone know of love and trivial truths, like always, and if my heart, which can’t be displayed through words, can be able to reach at least one person. I won’t dare say that I have witnessed all the love that was poured out today but I am thankfully receiving it through this short letter. I wish we could be happier even if it’s just for one more hour. I love you. -Namjoon-
  6. @ WekiMeki I went to both shows in Metlife for LYSY and I remember during the second day, I was still so starstruck every time I saw them on the screen for Dionysus. I strongly believe that these 7 men were kings in their past life 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for all the translated lyrics!!
  7. 190911 <BTS Weverse> RMs post *190912 in Korea* RM: 🎂 Thank you 🎂 Happy Birthday Namjoonie! You are our Jooniverse ~~ 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳
  8. 190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: Heyyy guys! Good morning or a good night kakakak Here in Brazil it's 5:45 a.m and I just wanna sleep but I have to go to the university. I notice that Jin is online. Everyone trying to be noticed JIN WE MISS YOU Jin: I miss you too **Written using hangeul** [Ah-ee mi-seu yoo too]
  9. 190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: I'm sorry....9..2....9......2 They're numbers close to the year I entered school..... I'll just cry for a minute.... ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'm happy but...I'm happy but...I'm happy that Seokjin made a comment but..No no...(Don't call me) a noona yet....It's a secret that I'm the class of 99' Noona will work hard and come back in October with the body of a 30 year old. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Words in picture: How dare I be wavered by a child Jin: How are you? ** Jin used an expression from the Joseon dynasty **
  10. 190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: Joonie oppa happy birthday on September 12~!! Today is the 11th but Happy birthday in advance!!! Thank you for always letting us hear good rap and music!!! Jin: So now he is at the age when he starts hearing 생신 Jin: People born after 92' are prohibited from laughing T/N: 생신~ The formal counterpart of "생일" [birthday]. Its usually said or heard amongst elders. So if you encounter someone much much older than you, like a grandfather or grandmother, you must say 생신 [saeng-sheen] instead of 생일 [saeng-eel] to be respectful.
  11. 190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: This kind of deep meaning + Ah this is crazy :A lot of crying: Ah I love you really😭😭😭😭😭 My biases comment :More crying sounds: I just checked while walking just now and I almost fell 😭😭😭😭😭😭I love you so much What should I do Jin: Sometimes, there are explanations that come out that not even the original writer knows about. T/N: All 3 illustrations are related to Jin/RJ * 진 ~ Jins name in korean (flip your phone to your left and it looks like the middle characters which also look like RJ) * The middle characters look like RJ (Flip your phone to the right and you will see '진') * RJ ~ Jins BT21 character that is an alpaca that wears a coat because he is cold (😂😂 so cute) 💜 (Jin and RJ are constantly intertwined 😲)
  12. 190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: Our (dear) tani's that can also act lolololololololol + Oh my goodness... Seokjin oppa! My hands are really shaking If oppa is a con artist, then I can be conned 99% or 100% (of the time)!! Words in picture: Our (dear) members can even act well like this Jin: Almost (all of us) were liars/con artists
  13. 190910 <BTS Weverse> RMs comment on ARMYs post OP: Something about this is so dependable Even the atmosphere (around them) gives off a world class feeling RM: Mom, are you watching? T/N: 월클 is short for '월드 클래스' (World class)
  14. 190910 <BTS Weverse> RMs comment on ARMYs post OP: Rebel lololololololololololololol ** The chart represents Joseon's factions through Suga** RM: 1 vote that it's practical learning T/N: This post is based on Korean history (Joseon Confucianism times). Namjoon is saying that he thinks Suga is going against society because he learns things practically instead of ideally, which was going against society during the Joseon Era. * 사문난적 [samunanjeok] is a term that was used back in Joseon, confucianism times where someone goes against the beliefs of confucianism. Where one breaks the rules and does things that are out of line. So OP is saying "Suga is someone who breaks rules in this world and does behaviors that are out of line". Basically, a rebel. *실학 [shil-hak] is a term that is also a reference to Joseon, confucianism times. It means practical learning. In the Joseon Dynasty, most people learned through theory based ideas and not practical based learning.
  15. 190910 <BTS Weverse> RMs comment on ARMYs post \ OP: Commonplace for I-lovelys The water bottle that Seokjin threw is a miracle that has become a work of art. Let's shout out God Seokjin! RM: I'm buying this display T/N: I-armys/I-lovelies are called 외랑둥이 in Korean
  16. 190910 <BTS Weverse> RMs comment on ARMYs post OP: What yoongi wishes for the members more than (his/their) success Words in picture: Success is success, but personally even when we are in our 30s, 40s, or 50s, I hope the 7 of us continue being together. Even eating together and hanging out together. Even at that time, it would be nice if we gather together and make music and perform on stage but that might not be the case. RM: I know right. Hyung let's ride the "dda-reungi' bikes in Seoul together T/N: 따릉이 is the cute name given to the city bikes you ride in Seoul. They go "따릉" when you honk on the horn, which is a cute ringing sound.
  17. 190910 <BTS Weverse> Taehyung's comment on ARMYs post OP: Thanks to the hardships, you accomplished your dreams~ V: Thanks to you 👍🏼(ARMY) T/N: 덕분에 ~ When it follows a word, it means "Thanks to.." but if it is alone, then it just means "Thanks to you".
  18. 190910 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: Hit me with your pretty hand~ Jin: You have the right to remain silent T/N: 목비권을 행사할 수 있다 literally means,"You can exercise your right to silence". However, it basically means "You have the right to remain silent", which is part of the Miranda rights
  19. 190910 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: Seokjin-ah 4 points on science is okay I got 6 points on English + Oh my goodness, liberal arts student is fine. I can just find a job, right? I can just go to Bangtan's concerts, buy goods, and earn enough (money) to survive anyway 😆🎶 Jin: lolololol But I'm a liberal arts major so I'm okay
  20. 190910 <BTS Weverse> Suga's comment on ARMYs post OP: Seokjin, have you had any thoughts of working at a dental clinic? Just by looking at your handsome face, my mouth won't shut Suga: I suppose you'll have to move from the dental clinical to a hospital that specializes on the temporomandibular joint T/N: He's saying to go to a doctor that specializes on the jaw
  21. 190910 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post OP: Brother~ What have you been eating that you are growing this well? Let me know! I'll eat it next time!! Jin: Lately, I've been waking up at 12pm and sleeping at 12am. Maybe this had something to do with it? T/N: 오라버니 [orabeoni] is a term that was used in the old korean days. Nowadays, 오빠 [oppa] is used more commonly
  22. 190910 <BTS Weverse> Jin, RM, and Taehyung's comment on ARMYs post OP: If there was a science teacher like this, I would get 100%!! Actually, I don't know but I would never fail to attend classes~ +Kyaaa mister Seokjins comment Even if I score 0 points, I'll never miss a single class of yours for the rest of my life 😆😆😆😆😆 Jin: What do you think about (having) a 4 point science teacher? RM: The teacher is eliminated since he's a liberal arts major.. V: How about me?/What do you think of me? T/N: Jin once got 4 points on his science exam