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  1. Life update I’m in school and listening to bts:make right

  2. Got in a fight with CASH BAKER he hit me and now we are not talking

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    2. Jungkookielover❤️❤️
    3. Jungkookielover❤️❤️


      Okay I’m at their house cash won’t talk to me bc of our”make out session “

    4. Jungkookielover❤️❤️
  3. Life update my dog is getting tested on the day befor my birthday and if he dosn’t pass he gets put down

    1. Jungkookielover❤️❤️


      It’s fine I mean I have had him for only about years

    2. Jungkookielover❤️❤️


      What the fuck were the fuck are they nobody messes with my babies without getting bumbled

    3. Jungkookielover❤️❤️
  4. Life update guys i have a project due tmw and its not and I’m haertbroken and cash and maverick are doing everything to try and cheer me up its not working

  5. Guys life update for y’all school sucks i just want to die 

  6. Guys my choir concert went great my girlfriend was on stage with me my crush Isaac was there 2 guys I miss her so much

  7. Guys life update i hate life school sucks ass my life is hell and i really want to die but I’m not sure that my life is my life

  8. Guys I’m cryin so much i just cant forget juice wrld like that anyone who was he fan did they aren’t true

  9. Guys life sucks ass i just want to die my own best friend just said she hates my so yeah really feel like there’s nothing to live for

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