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    • Stop deleting my posts mr admins i put a lot of effort in them200.gif
  1. Yes i see now thank you Mr. Sarah Z. You stay safe and healthy too
  2. nice! i do not get much internet here in Kiribati but my babies here always keep me WHOLESOME100!! 😄
  3. ARMYS! Our babies' european tour is CANCELLED! *ANGRY EMOJI* *SAD EMOJI* *JUNGSHOOK* I was so looking forward to the live stream of the concert as i do not have much internet here in Kiribati 😞 so whenever i get Wi-Fi i spend 8 hours watching our babies' MVs.
  4. Okay i understand Mrs. Taesthetic thank you for explaining by the way have you heard fake love?
  5. I see Mr. Taesthetic i understand now thank you
  6. Why isnt the theme removed? i was very confused
  7. WHAT??! it says it's jhope's birthday in the website! and fake love is my favourite bangtan song
  8. oh i did not see that oops hope my babies stay safe and healthy
  9. ARMYS! Let's wish our baby seokie a happy birthday! Saw it on the page banner haha XD Btw have you guys heard this new BTS MV? i think namjoon and kookie did very well in it!
  10. ARMYS! Check this video out our baby is coughing during a show i am really worried for him. Sending my thoughts and prayers for our babies!! Please stay safe and healthy
  11. I agree Mr. EricaRosemary it was a great song but the tune was a tad bit off and it does not work well with the aesthetics of the video. Have you heard the MV by the way?
  12. Welcome to Bangtan Base! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Be sure to read the Rules & Guidelines and check out the Forum User Guide to familiarize your self with how to use the forum. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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