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  1. You can argue that they are one of the most influential artists of the generation and talk about their influence globally!
  2. I love the aesthetic of the Spring Day! I also love their simple MVs :)
  3. his hair looks so soft awww and omg long hair yoongi O_O
  4. Their power. Didn't JK also sell out a toothbrush? I don't remember for sure!
  5. Hey, everyone! What are your favorite moments of Bang Bang Con? The HYYH concerts hit differently to me yesterday--it brought back fond memories! I'm excited for day 2! The WINGS era is my favorite :)
  6. Public pool only because I'm awkward and I feel like there would be less tension at a public pool! Would you rather hang out with your bias for two hours or OT7 for a day?
  7. Hey! I just read both of the theories you shared and can I just say-- I am intrigued by the theories surrounding the BU and I love reading everyone's thoughts! I personally am not the best with putting 2 and 2 together, but I think you did a great job tying everything together. I've heard a number of theories surrounding the Run MV, but I've never heard one like yours! I remember watching the MV multiple times while wondering why Taehyung kept drowning, but I never really thought about it too much other than it's just a way for them to hint at the storyline. I haven't read any of The Notes yet, but after seeing how you used it to make a point, I will definitely read through some of them now. Thanks for sharing your theories! I'm excited to hear more from you in the future!
  8. - I became a fan after looking into them more from hearing of their global success. I wasn't expecting myself to fall for their charms and personality, but here I am! Their songs have such a large range and there's something for everybody. Individually, they shine uniquely. Together, they are an indescribable phenomenon. - I admire the relationship they have with each other and with their fans. It is a mutual support that is unbreakable.Their music is incredible, they are so dedicated to what they do, they are genuine artists, and they are humble for their achievements. - The message BTS delivers is universal and touches everyone in some way, shape, or form. Their music also reflects on personal topics that are healing and relatable. Their diverse personalities, discography, and fanbase are also able to draw more and more people into BTS. I hope my answers will be helpful!
  9. Welcome to Bangtan Base!

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      Thank you so much! :) <3

  10. Sarah Z

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but the concert is canceled right when you enter the venue (yikes, that would be terrible) I wish I could be happy every day!
  11. I think Jungkook and Jung Kook are basically the "same" names. His name (Jeon Jeongguk or Jeon Jung-kook depending on how you like to say/write it) is three Korean characters (전정국) in Hangul. Jeongguk/Jungkook/Jung Kook are all the same name, but written differently. In Hangul, it is written the same, but it depends on how you would prefer to write his name (Jungkook vs. Jung Kook) in other "languages." Idk if this helped, but that's what I'm thinking!
  12. Me too! The one part where the one member (I still can't tell them all apart yet) stepped on the backs of the others as if he was running sideways was really cool. I like the darker concept and I'm excited to see where they grow from here :)
  13. Bangtan Sonyeondan has debuted! (Read about their pre-debut here) - You can watch their MV below - Let's give them lots of love! Do you have any predictions for their future? Any thoughts? Any comments? Feel free to share them below!
  14. Hey! I don't know if you've heard, but Bangtan Sonyeondan is going to make their debut really, really, soon! Consisting of 7 members, this new boy group from Big Hit Entertainment is sure to make an iconic first impression. Their title track is 'No More Dream' and you can watch the teasers below. They have seven members. Who is the first to catch your eye? Are you as excited for their debut as I am? I can't wait to get to know them more! Talk all about them here in the forum. I would love to hear your thoughts! Debut: April 1 | 12AM KST
  15. I missed this song so much! It's so refreshing to watch them perform this song with so many happy vibes again :) Stay safe and healthy💜
  16. The tour isn't canceled yet! The ticket purchases are only being postponed because of health reasons. Hopefully, everything will work out soon. Stay safe and healthy💜
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