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  1. Are you guys still 'hiring' for this? I wanna fill out one of the forms but I want to know if you're still hiring.
  2. There are no regrets in life, 

    just lessons.

    1. loverapmonster


      Yes i agree Mr. stxrry.kook very deep in my feelings and got me thinking about the astronomical objects consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity

  3. "Throw a stone at me if if you've done as much as I done" 

    - We Are Bulletproof pt.2


    "Throw a stone at me, we don't fear anymore. Together we are bulletproof."

    - We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal 




  4. Spin the bottle WYR die saving your bias or your bias dies from saving you
  5. I would laugh What if Tae said he loved you?
  6. Wet myself because it's less worse than barfing WYR Go out with your bias ot go out with bts?
  7. Yes I was <3 Are you streaming MOTS7?
  8. Slow (idk what you meant by race) Cupcake
  9. Granted, but they all hate you. I wish I could go to a BTS Fansign
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