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  1. Hello! How are you guys? I'm fine, lol~ I wouldn't say I'm exactly new here... but hello?- Let me rephrase this... Hello! I'm M.K from a girl group called 3D, and I've been a fan of BTS/KPOP since March of 2019. Hope I can make new friends, bye! ❤️
  2. *coughs* I kissed my bsf, with masks on*

  3. Hello! I know I'm "new", but I know my way around this site, and I've submitted the Mod Google Form. Hope that helps!
  4. Hello, everyone! I'm going to go even more deep into facts about me. 

    1. I play the flute in my school band. 
    2. I'm emo- 🥱🖤⛓️🤍
    3. I'm a girl. 
    4. I'm a Scorpio. 😐
    5. I have to guinea pigs. 
    6. I have 3 other siblings. 
    7. I'm in 6th grade. 
    8. I live in the states. 
    9. I'm American, Mexican-American, and Native-American. 
    10. I've stanned BTS/KPOP since May 2019. 
    11. I'm a multi-stan. 

    Groups I remember that I stan- 

    • BTS
    • TXT
    • TWICE
    • ITZY
    • Red Velvet
    • Ateez
    • Stray Kids
    • 3YE
    • NCT(All)

    Bruh, I can't think right now-.

    1. 𝑴.𝑲


      • AESPA

      I can't think at all though-

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