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  1. DNA consists in every body cells, and all of organs composed from cells
  2. Blue haired Tae ❤ He is so good!!! Was this really happening? We have been through all of this since 2013. Like dance practicing and all of those things that makes us exhausted. But this is all happening, we are world-wide-known now. Thank you! I love him so much! He is so handsome in suit and black hair! Actually, I really prefer this hair colour. Who's with me? This my second choice is this
  3. My favorite MV style is Idol with Nicki Minaj. I love Nicki Minaj's rap part. It is so colorful and yellie-full! And the MV is actually funny and eyes-mesmerising. And I love Jungkook rap part. Our sub-rapper is on stage, everybody! And they asked the fans to dance to it by BTS Idol Challenge that has place in the back of the MV. I love happy BTS in Idol MV! This the MV of saluteness!
  4. Which do you prefer? Cute Jungkook with aegyo: Or Sexy Jungkook with abs: Let's discuss what concept that is better. Give your reason out!
  5. I have already applied for KOR-ENG Translator. I am very literate in classical English literature. Please, let me be the Translator team!
  6. I have already applied myself. I hope I can get into the team!
  7. This shows how much Namjoon's fight for us, ARMY Love you, RM! We will always support you until the end!
  8. Well said by our Seokjin. He deserves us, A.R.M.Y!!! ❤
  9. No What is your favorite BTS song?
  10. I would laugh What if BTS visits your home?
  11. Have Taehyung serenade me Would you rather breakfast with Taehyung or have dinner with Jungkook?
  12. Be childhood friend with Hoseok Suga's rap or J-Hope's dancing?
  13. But you are too lazy to do that and you keep snacking instead I wish that I could meet IZ*ONE
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