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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm here to announce a new partnership with an existing Discord server for BTS! It's called the BTS Lounge. If you're unfamiliar with Discord, it's a chat application. It allows for both voice and text chat and is available through a browser, a desktop app, and a mobile app. There's already a handful of people in the channel so don't hesitate to join and make some new ARMY friends! >> Join Now! <<
  2. With the conclusion of our Halloween event, it's time to announce the prize winners! Prize #1 Love Yourself: Her (random version)! OR Your choice between a Kpoptown voucher and an amazon gift card! WINNER: Prize #2 A BTS mystery box! Filled with some various BTS items and a few extra goodies. WINNER: Prize #3 A set of mystery BTS photocards! WINNER: If you won prizes one or three then please contact @monimoni to give her your information for shipping. If you won prize two, please contact me. For those who entered the raffle but didn't win the main prize, look out for our Lucky Grid game that will win you some prizes from the Armory!
  3. As some of you may remember back in January we upgraded the hosting plan for the site. Unfortunately, we'll have to downgrade back to shared hosting soon. I've been paying $70 a month for the current plan (vs the ~17$ for shared hosting) and I can no longer afford to keep paying that large of an amount every single month. There aren't enough donations I can rely on and adsense isn't making any real money so I have no other option but to downgrade. Forum performance on the day-to-day basis will probably remain the same. It's when big events happen and traffic increases that problems will arise. We'll most likely get that "Resource Limit Is Reached" error page that temporarily keeps you from accessing the site. It's a problem for the site but I can't justify spending $70 a month for just to be prepared for those occasional events. The downgrade process will most likely happen in September. I may try to stretch it until October so we'd be covered for the comeback but that's probably not gonna be possible. So just be aware things might change in September. Have a nice day and stay safe if you're in the hurricane's path! -aj
  4. It's finally time! We announced recruitment for the Projects team all the way back in early May and closed out applications in June. In the time between then and now we've had our recruits help plan and organize Jungkook's and Rap Monster's birthday projects while they went through their probationary period. Probation's now over and we can finally reveal our newest team! Please welcome the following users to the BBase staff! @aureliaa @KookieMochi @kookieswithsuga @Nale They're joining up with existing members, @Amajay @52Hz @Indirianna Congratulations to our recruits for making the final team and we look forward to all the amazing upcoming projects that'll happen because of you guys!
  5. Today, June 9th 2017, marks the six month anniversary of Bangtan Base! There's been a lot of ups and downs, and there'll probably be lots more ups and downs, but hopefully we can keep chugging along for another six months. I wanna say thanks to all the users here at BBase who keep this place alive. The site still exists because of you guys. And I especially want to say thanks to all the staff members. You've all helped me immensely. I never could've handled this own my own. ♥ Happy Anniversary~!
  6. announcement Ads

    Aloha, As you may have noticed we recently put up ads again so I am here to ask you to please disable adblock while browsing the site. Even if you just pause it once a day, it will help us a lot. One important note, though: Do not repeatedly click on the ads because you will get me suspended and I will cry. Adsense is super strict with their guidelines so invalid clicks with result in a suspension of my account and the likelihood of getting it reinstated after that is close to zero. So please don't do that. Turning off adblock is enough of a help so don't click on the ads unless they actually offer you something you are interested in. xoxo AJ
  7. TapaTalk is an app for browsing forums on mobile. Since we're way too nugu for our own app, this is the next best thing. @Stepkdramafan226 will be making a tutorial on how to use Tapatalk soon so be on the lookout for that. P.S. - You can now add your social media accounts to your profiles. P.P.S. - I know awards and prefixes are messed up. Blame the IPB update. Let's just hope they come back soon with an "oops, sorry" update that fixes what they broke. P.P.P.S. - Jin will never wink at me. I am dead inside.
  8. It's time to finally announce the album giveaway winners! And those winners are.... First place: @MinSugaGenius Second place: @pikky Third place: @Israa Congratulations~~~ Please PM both me and @52Hz with your info by February 27th or else you forfeit your prize.
  9. If you follow BTSContentIndex on twitter then you already know, but the Content Index can now be found on the subdomain of Bangtanbase! contentindex.bangtanbase.com Look at that nice, pretty url! (that took me like 10 tries to properly set up *sobs*) Be sure to follow BTSContentIndex on twitter for updates and send lots of thanks to @BTSContentIndex for compiling such an amazing resource. P.S. - Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥♥
  10. Our lovely @hannalau made some cutesy Valentan's Day badges for you guys to request! Go go go!
  11. HAPPY TWO MONTH ANNIVERSARY! i should've done this for our one month anniversary but i got lazy oop Enjoy the Valentan's events and remember to enter the album giveaway! I hope you enjoy the new theme (: Some other options are coming in the future. Stay tuned!
  12. Please be sure to read through everything! Good news: since we've basically outgrown our current hosting plan we're starting the process of upgrading. Bad news: this means changing nameservers which, if you remember from when we moved hosts back in December, means the site can be inaccessible for up to 24 hours. You can try using another browser and/or clearing your cache to gain access (sometimes you have to clear your cache from the computer itself, not just the browser. I wasn't able to access the site last time when I cleared the Chrome cache but once I cleared the cache files on my Mac it worked. Just google the ways to do it on your type of computer). If none of that works, sadly you'll just have to wait for the 24 hours to pass. Be sure to check our twitter @Bangtan_Base for more updates. We'll try to do some activities (streaming videos, playing cards against humanity, etc.) during the downtime. I'll post a comment down below when the actual process starts. Thanks for your continued support! -AJ
  13. as most of you probably know because you've gotten the error pages, we've been hitting our resource usage limits on the site. just refresh the pages and things should work normally again. in the meantime i've disabled most of the plugins and applications to help reduce our resource usage so don't freak out if you see things missing. we're working towards a solution to the problem so don't worry. thanks for your continued support and keep enjoying bts @ isac! -AJ
  14. It's finally time! Time to meet our new BB staff members! You already know our awards team but it's now time to reveal the other teams! Mods: @Maphisto40 @vmin @lnfires @monimoni Graphics: @LoneChesiry @Indirianna @poca Tech: @Stepkdramafan226 A big congratulations to them! Welcome to the team. I also want to thank every person who sent in an application. It means a lot to me that so many people were willing to come work with me on the site. I'm so glad I was able to create BB and give you all a nice space to celebrate BTS and I'm forever grateful for your continued support of the site. Here's to hoping we grow even more throughout the rest of 2017! -AJ
  15. announcement Awards!

    Hey~ It's finally time to announce the awards team recruits! I'm thrilled to welcome @BTSJAMS @chimchim and @hannalau to the Bangtan Base staff! Congratulations to them. I hope you all treat them well! And with the new team set up, it's also time to start voting on awards! Voting thread OPs will be decided on a first come, first serve basis. Just comment below with what era you want to OP and if you're the first one to claim it, it's yours. Take note that Voting Thread OPing can take a lot of work. While OPing here versus OneHallyu or other forums might be a lot easier, it still requires a lot of time and effort. Just make sure you're prepared. ERAS: NO MORE DREAM N.O Boy in Luv Just One Day Danger War of Hormone I Need U Dope Run Young Forever Blood, Sweat, & Tears OTP (and OT3 & OT4) award voting will also begin now. Claiming an OTP voting thread will be the same as claiming an era thread, just comment down below which one you want to have. You can OP multiple OTP voting threads since some pairings don't have as many potential OPs as others. OTPS: SugaMon NamSeok 2Seok KookieMonster JiHope YoonSeok Taegi VMin JiKook JinKook VKook Enjoy awards voting everyone! -AJ Relevant Links: Awards Guidelines How to OP a Voting Thread View the Voting Threads
  16. We just passed 500 members! Y'all don't know how happy this makes me. I had hoped we could get this big, but to actually see it happen and so quickly too...it's amazing. I wanna thank @Jimin and @jungkook for their help. They've been here since day one, always listening to me going on and on about this place without getting annoyed and telling me to stfu. I love you guys. And I also wanna thank all of you guys! You've put in so much effort. Making tons threads, offering amazing suggestions, spreading the word about the site when I kept flopping at it, putting up with all my little mishaps. You guys rock. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now let's get to 1k members! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Time to celebrate this milestone holla.