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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! Today I have a special announcement. We're launching a new feature called Language Clubs (name subject to change)! This set up involves the use of the forum's Clubs features which are basically mini forums for groups of people. We'll be using them for groups of people who speak the same non-English language. Right now we have a Spanish Club and a Japanese Club. All content in the clubs will be in their respective languages. The introduction of these clubs is to allow for non-English speaking users to have access to the forum and to be able to interact with other fans in a safe space. We're striving to be a worldwide base for ARMYs to come together and this is one big step towards that goal. With the creation of these non-English speaking areas, we'll be needing bilingual/multilingual users to moderate those sections and act as an intermediate between the Club and myself. So "Club Moderators" have now been established. Club mods will have the same responsibilities has regular mods, but their jurisdiction will be in the Club they belong to. If you're interested in applying to become a Club mod, please read the Moderator Team description HERE and then apply HERE. Please bear in mind that this is a brand new feature on the site so we'll be working on the kinks for a while. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time. Thank you. If there's any questions, please leave them down below! -aj
  2. so we were having issues with our shop plugin and it was uninstalled and re-installed but in the process of that all bombs were lost. oops. so please comment down below the amount of bombs you had and i'll restore them for you. legit numbers only please. this isn't your pay day! forever a flop, aj
  3. *pauses from streaming Fake Love 394839043 times* Some quick news guys. Our previous points (bombs) system has apparently been abandoned so we're switching over to the points system attached to the our current shop plugin. If you want your bombs to be transferred over please comment down below before Monday May 21st at 11:59pm CST. Once that deadline passes the old points plugin will be disabled so you'll lose your bombs if you don't comment before then. -aj-
  4. OFFICIAL BBASE CENSUS Hello everyone! I'm here to announce the first ever BBase census! We're conducting this census survey to find out more about the users who frequent our forum. All information is anonymous! Please be sure to fill out the form to the best of your ability and follow the directions of each question carefully. The form will close on February 10th at 11:59pm KST. Thanks to everyone who fills this out! >>CENSUS<< (special thanks to @poca for creating the census)
  5. Hello~ I'm here to announce a new feature: Trophies and Medals. This plugin is a temporary one (hopefully) while we wait for the marketplace application to be finished. You can see an example of what Medals/Trophies look like in the picture below: Medals will work similar to Special Awards in that you have to pay for them (1,000 bombs) in the Armory thread and an Awards Team member will award you your medal. Right now medals include BTS members' autographs and custom items (that cost 5,000 bombs). Soon albums will be added to the medals section and removed from Awards. Trophies are given out automatically when a user does something like reach a certain amount of posts. Currently there is only one Trophy, the Army Bomb, that is awarded when users reach 100 posts. More trophies may or may not come in the future. This is a brand new plugin to the site so things may change at any time. We'll keep you updated when that happens. Enjoy. -aj
  6. And the winner is...... Congrats! Be sure to PM me your address within 48 hours or else you forfeit your prize and it'll be given to someone else.
  7. Hello everyone. Today marks the 1st anniversary of Bangtan Base. I still can't believe it's been a full year since we opened. There's been a lot of ups and downs on this site. Mostly downs recently. In fact, I actually had plans of closing the site once the anniversary came. This site has caused me an immense amount stress (and an immense amount of money). I've wanted to just quit shut everything down several times. But even with all the problems I could never really bring myself to do it. I could never really bring myself to leave it all behind. So I trudged forward and decided to keep this place alive for now. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's still active on this site. It really appreciate seeing you guys still posting and commenting and participating in forum events. I know this place isn't bustling with activity and I'm sure you've been tempted to hang out in other more lively places but I'm really glad you guys continue to stick around. I also want to thank my amazing staff team. Your desire to work on this floppy little site means the world to me. I hope I'm not too horrible of a leader to you guys. This is turning out more depressing than I thought it would be. Sorry. On a lighter note, I'm happy to see how the site has evolved over the year. We have a youtube team now, a large twitter following, and a ton of successful fan projects. I'm proud that these wonderful things are a part of BBase. Thank you again to everyone here. BBase exists because of you. Let's hope for a better second year. -aj