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Found 164 results

  1. © LUV STRUCK (Deactivated) © VOLLMOND © SCENE STEALER © Keep Real © juni world
  2. So this was really just inspired by the 4th Muster. And now I'm madly looking for more pics of BTS in onsies... if you have any, please share <3 Bonus: (is there more?)
  3. So I thought it'd be fun to do something unique, and it took me a bit but here's what I thought of that everyone could have fun with and at the same time show some love to all seven of BTS. The idea is to list a reason why you love a member listed. There's no rules to the format, any way you want to answer is fine as long as it follows forum rules of course. How this works out is I'll name someone to kick off this game, and the next person must say what they love about that member then list someone in bold for the next player. Here, like this with the name given in italics maybe for the answer and bold for the next player to respond to. Since there's only 7 guys and in the interest of longevity, it might be best if the answer is limited to just one thing at a time. Tweaks can be made if needed though like including BTS staff and others related to BTS maybe to help keep it going - Jin Because he's a princess Suga Have fun, and hope you all enjoy this game! My first time ever creating a forum game, woot, woot!
  4. one of the 1000000 things that drives me insane about hobi is his face when he dances. i physically. can not. ex. 1: ex. 2: do i even need an ex. 3 here's one anyways i'm sure you haven't but remember rainsim? remember that stage? in conclusion j-hope is perfect and his looks can kill and if u have any gifs of hobi's expressions while he dances pls share them with me so i can cry more thank u he knows u can't resist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. © HOPE SMILING © VOLLMOND © Baidu J-Hope Bar // © hopefully © the ho’s
  6. Hello BBasers! And welcome to the EmoVcon Thread! Please, enjoy your stay Part 1 Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  7. Well, here goes! One of the reasons I love Jin is how goofy he can be, and I'm sure for some of you, that's also the case too so I figured I'd make this thread for the sillier side of Jin! This also includes sharing favorite Dad jokes that he's shared with us and anything really that you can think of. I have a picture to kick things off even!
  8. Fellow BBasers, I'm honored to launch the Emotic-Hope thread! You'll find a bunch of Hoseok expressions because we all know that he can't hide his emotions! Let's get started! PART 2 Reeditions HERE Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  9. © CAMERA BOY © LAW OF ATTRACTION © caramel x vs © code 39 // © 309%
  10. © PARADISCO © KOOK LUV © BONBONNIERE © KC비타민 (lol hi chim) © SNOWPEACH © andromeda kook
  11. © LUV STRUCK (Deactivated) © SWEET OCEAN © VTAC © PRINCE V © SWEET OCEAN © caramel x vs © awesome taetae
  12. © SENSATION © IN YOUR EYES © PRINCE V © just do eat © the equator
  13. I'm new to this site so I wanted to start out with something small. I just wanted to know what you guys call Taehyung. P.P.AP- jk P.S: enjoy this gif of Tae's elephant
  14. this is a thread of my messages to Jung Hoseok he may or may not see them :,) if he is reading this right now he should fly over here and celebrate our birthday together ;))
  15. I've been seeing a lot of stuff around on Facebook and YouTube lately about BTS songs people are the most underrated and not really spoken of anymore. So I was wondering what you all find to be the most underrated Bangtan songs? I'm curious
  16. Cozy-Joon has joined your lobby! I Frickn love Namjoon in his sweaters and sweats. He looks so effortlessly adorable and not baggy or tired at allll. Specifically this: Everyone needs more soft-cozy-joon in their life And of course many others:
  17. (From x) So much like Suga's thread, he's had way toooo many hair colors for me to categorize... so once again, I will put a tiny amount per year (Watch me decide to make a thread for Namjoon & regret it cause he literally has not had black hair since 2015. WTF) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 To be continued... please share your collections! (I'm sorry I'm lazy... I did not include everything because I literally pulled all of these from their official facebook page >__> )
  18. So there's a thread about Suga's hair, but I thought it might be cool to have a thread sharing photos of all the crazy colors he's pulled off (^From X ) For now I'm gonna start with pics based on years in spoilers CAUSE HE HAS SO MANY I DON'T THINK I CAN IDENTIFY THEM ALL. Please add more if you can TTuTT 2013 2014 2015 2016 borrowed from this thread 2017 2018 - to be continued Please share, esp if you have better collections than these? :3
  19. Not sure this is the right place for this so mods, feel free to move it if needed. I spent a great deal of time in the hospital this year and I am still recovering after a major back surgery. BTS and ARMY were there to cheer me up through that rough patch so I made a video letter for them to show my appreciation. It was hard to make since I still can't sti for long periods of time, so I would appreciate if you watched and commented on it. It was made really out of love for them.