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Found 78 results

  1. I love rude Hoseok and I want to be able to easily search and see his rudest moments!! Post anything that made you feel so attacked and wanting more! cr
  2. appreciation

    Imagine bangtan without Namjoon: -No more Brain Leader -No more English Translator -No more Dancing Machine -No more Video Downloader (lol) -No more Namjin -No more "You got no jams" -No more "Strong power Thank you" -No more King of Destruction The person with the BEST Dimples in this whole world! <3 The BEST Rapper! <3 Note: You can't spell ARMY without RM <3 Bangtan will never be Bangtan without Kim Namjoon! <3
  3. In anticipation for the mixtape, let's discuss our favourite Hoseok parts on BTS songs. It would be great if you could explain why you love the part and what meaning it holds to you. His parts are a lot people's fav and its only fitting to discuss.
  4. appreciation

    Please, find time to read this 😭💜 Namjoon has been called names, accused of plagiarizing, handled everything so well. He's been through a lot this year. He's strong but remember, he is a very fragile human being. His posts in the fancafe show who truly Namjoon is.He cares and calls himself selfish for wishing others to be happy. Why would you call yourself selfish if you want the people around you to be happy? Namjoon once said when they received an award, he wanted to call every ARMY or run into their gates and hug them, if only he could. Let's look at the real picture here, whether you like him or not, Namjoon deserves to be respected. He taught us all a lot of lessons in life! A girl went to Highlight Tour in Toronto, she thanked Namjoon for being an inspiration and he gave her a full 95 degrees bow. All of us have been through hard times and we all got through it. This just shows how good our leader, BTS and our fandom is. When Namjoon performed at ALLFORCE, he said it was difficult because he was supposed to perform alone, performing alone was not cool or good. So when Suga and J-Hope joined him on the stage, it made it less difficult and enjoyable for him. So he expressed his gratitude to Suga and J-Hope. If they ever perform and need back up, he will do it five times more. He is very thankful to them. On the other hand, when he was working on his mixtape and taping his video for "Do You", he suddenly blurted out that he missed his younger members. He missed seeing them play and playing with them. He said he missed them and loves them. I think we've all been hurt before, so we know what it truly feels. To Rapmonster, he doesn't care about being in pain as long as the people around him are happy. He said he didn't like the word "Annyeong" either, because it had two meanings"Hello" or "Goodbye". He became emotional when he heard Adele's new song and wrote a long message, It's funny how the world see's Hello as a meme, but to Namjoon, it is a very meaningful song that opened up a new perspective to him. He is an intelligent young man with wise words. He is real. If you're asking where I got these from, some of these are from his posts on fancafe which I summed up. Others may say I shouldn't be talking about this but I believe that everyone has the right to know in this fandom. So if I'm hurting someone by posting this, I truly apologize. Rapmonster said in one of his post that he'll post his message in the fancafe because not so many people can see it. Only us (armys) and him. It saddens me that he probably is scared of posting here on twitter now because of all the mean and rude comments to him. I might not have been here since their debut, but I am proud to say that I've been here long enough and thankful to BTS for giving opportunities to know their true selves. We may not know each other personally, but our hearts beat as one. Let's keep running on our paths. Spending these years with BTS, it was special to me, and to all of us. If you're an old or new fan, it's okay. We welcome each other in this fandom with open arms. ❤ "If you ever feel like crying, just run, it feels good" - RAPMONSTERWhen Namjoon feels like crying, he just keeps running and running. It makes him feel free as he said. It feels like the wind takes him somewhere else instead. #NAMJOONKNOWLEDGE"The fear comes from the imagination" - RAPMONSTERIt's true. Our leader openly supports the LGBT rights. I support the right too. He doesn't judge us. <3 OUR LEADER IS THE BEST!
  5. appreciation

    because i'm feeling this whole agust d/yoongi give it to me look right now, here's a photo appreciation thread.
  6. appreciation

    yoongi said no thank god for yoongi 😂
  7. Since i'm pretty bummed out about that UMG issue, i want to post something positive.. at first i wanted to post this in the Jungkook sub-forum, but i thought why not involved all 7 members? Let's share the moment (if you can find videos or pictures is better ) of when you fell in love with your bias[es].. because sometimes trying to explain it in words is hard, so it's easier to explain by sharing the picture/video of exact moment your bias[es] caught your attention.. for me, Dope Kookie did it for me.. let me share some pictures :
  8. Just Hold On - Steve Aoki x Louis Tomlinson We Are - ONE OK ROCK Good-Bye Days - YUI Love Song - Sara Bareilles Blue Room - Chet Baker All Alright (Live) - Sigur Ros Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj 아까워 (Waste of Time) - 지팩트 (Jazzyfact) Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt Read, Get Set, GO! - 페퍼톤스 여름이야기 (Summer Story) (original Version) - DJ DOC 꿍따리 샤바라 - 클론 Issues - Julia Michaels Despacito (Remix) - Luis Fons (Source: Naver Music) Each member recommended 2 songs each so 14 songs to listen to as summer approaches! Jin: Julia Michaels' Issues - saw live performance at BBMAs & thought wow that's emotion. Despacito - makes him feel like he's at a South American festival Yoongi: DJ DOC's Summer Story - heard at comic book store when he was young. Clon's KoongDdariShaBahRa - sang with cousin at a valley on summer day J-Hope: JazzyFact's Waste of Time - makes you want to go out & play. Justin Bieber's Beauty and A Beat - 1st song JH thinks of in summer Rapmon: Frank Ocean's Super Rich Kids - 1st song RM thinks of in summer. Pepperstone's Ready Get Set Go - simple & makes you think of mountains/park jimin: YUI's Good-Bye Days - listened since he was young. Sara Bareilles' Love Song - makes you happy just listening V: Chet Baker's Blue Room - good for summer nights/want to make this kind of song. Sigur Ros' All Alright - good for walking around at dawn Jungkook: Just Hold On by Steve Aoki x Louis Tomlinson - fun/gets you into a good mood. We Are by One Ok Rock - brings peace when tired from heat Trans: © T/N: This is just a summary of what each member said about each song. Read the full translated article here!
  9. game

    So I thought it'd be fun to do something unique, and it took me a bit but here's what I thought of that everyone could have fun with and at the same time show some love to all seven of BTS. The idea is to list a reason why you love a member listed. There's no rules to the format, any way you want to answer is fine as long as it follows forum rules of course. How this works out is I'll name someone to kick off this game, and the next person must say what they love about that member then list someone in bold for the next player. Here, like this with the name given in italics maybe for the answer and bold for the next player to respond to. Since there's only 7 guys and in the interest of longevity, it might be best if the answer is limited to just one thing at a time. Tweaks can be made if needed though like including BTS staff and others related to BTS maybe to help keep it going - Jin Because he's a princess Suga Have fun, and hope you all enjoy this game! My first time ever creating a forum game, woot, woot!
  10. Dark & Wild deserves more love so please comment with your favorite song of the album, favorite live stage, style, etc. first the album give us Intro: What am i to you wich is a great intro, and can someone PLEASE tell me i'm not the only one who loves 2학년. And my fave thing about this era.... Danger Hobi
  11. me too, friend, me too.
  12. appreciation

  13. appreciation

    FABULOUSNESS Because of these boys, I say 'I can't' a LOT.
  14. appreciation

    HE LOOKS SO DA** FABULOUS. His smile could launch worlds.
  15. appreciation

    Gawd! Keeps on slaying with his Black Hair HSHSHS
  16. as the title says bcs we need a thread for it I know there are tons of it so do share what you found here! because again, we need it
  17. Because who doesn't love a man in glasses? Please share your faves! I managed to ID some of the sunglasses if anyone feels ~inspired by the fashionista himself and wants to get some Also separated into clear glasses and sunglasses for your viewing pleasure Clear glasses Sunglasses let us not forget this iconic move
  18. appreciation

    Can we just take one minute to watch that face? At least one? It's very rare to find someone who gets even more attractive while derping.
  19. appreciation

    Hello my friends, today's lesson is the evolution of 민윤기 (Min • Yoon • Gi), or SUGA, as we now know him in Broketan Flopnyeondan BTS. (these are not in 200% accurate chronological order, but I can guess.) Let us begin with his extra smol photos: (sajdhlJdhjkdhjLHKDHJKSDLJDHSKJDNDLK) Next, we shall hop on to his "flower boy" phase: (tummy lol) There was also smol basketball man: + Mr. student council boy: Later on he found his $$$wag: educated with rap, dance: and more: and then eventually found his way into your hearts: And thus today, we have god bless puberty and Big Hit entz Bonus
  20. appreciation

    Hello BBasers! And welcome to the EmoVcon Thread! Please, enjoy your stay Part 1 Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  21. Hello BBasers! Welcome to the Emoti-Yoongs thread! Hopefully, you'll enjoy these new gifs <3 @nouneedkookiesandtae Thanks for the name! Part 1 Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  22. appreciation

    If I ever said something with so much confidence, i am quite certain that I would probably DIE. :')
  23. appreciation

    God Bless You. And speaking of, yes, even his sneezes are beautiful. I heart 1D too, but that's not the point here. :")