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Found 71 results

  1. me too, friend, me too.
  2. appreciation

  3. appreciation

    FABULOUSNESS Because of these boys, I say 'I can't' a LOT.
  4. appreciation

    HE LOOKS SO DA** FABULOUS. His smile could launch worlds.
  5. appreciation

    Gawd! Keeps on slaying with his Black Hair HSHSHS
  6. as the title says bcs we need a thread for it I know there are tons of it so do share what you found here! because again, we need it
  7. Because who doesn't love a man in glasses? Please share your faves! I managed to ID some of the sunglasses if anyone feels ~inspired by the fashionista himself and wants to get some Also separated into clear glasses and sunglasses for your viewing pleasure Clear glasses Sunglasses let us not forget this iconic move
  8. appreciation

    Can we just take one minute to watch that face? At least one? It's very rare to find someone who gets even more attractive while derping.
  9. appreciation

    Hello my friends, today's lesson is the evolution of 민윤기 (Min • Yoon • Gi), or SUGA, as we now know him in Broketan Flopnyeondan BTS. (these are not in 200% accurate chronological order, but I can guess.) Let us begin with his extra smol photos: (sajdhlJdhjkdhjLHKDHJKSDLJDHSKJDNDLK) Next, we shall hop on to his "flower boy" phase: (tummy lol) There was also smol basketball man: + Mr. student council boy: Later on he found his $$$wag: educated with rap, dance: and more: and then eventually found his way into your hearts: And thus today, we have god bless puberty and Big Hit entz Bonus
  10. Dark & Wild deserves more love so please comment with your favorite song of the album, favorite live stage, style, etc. first the album give us Intro: What am i to you wich is a great intro, and can someone PLEASE tell me i'm not the only one who loves 2학년. And my fave thing about this era.... Danger Hobi
  11. Since i'm pretty bummed out about that UMG issue, i want to post something positive.. at first i wanted to post this in the Jungkook sub-forum, but i thought why not involved all 7 members? Let's share the moment (if you can find videos or pictures is better ) of when you fell in love with your bias[es].. because sometimes trying to explain it in words is hard, so it's easier to explain by sharing the picture/video of exact moment your bias[es] caught your attention.. for me, Dope Kookie did it for me.. let me share some pictures :
  12. appreciation

    Hello BBasers! And welcome to the EmoVcon Thread! Please, enjoy your stay Part 1 Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  13. Hello BBasers! Welcome to the Emoti-Yoongs thread! Hopefully, you'll enjoy these new gifs <3 @nouneedkookiesandtae Thanks for the name! Part 1 Part2 Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  14. appreciation

    If I ever said something with so much confidence, i am quite certain that I would probably DIE. :')
  15. appreciation

    God Bless You. And speaking of, yes, even his sneezes are beautiful. I heart 1D too, but that's not the point here. :")
  16. appreciation

    holaaa i just made this conversation thread so we can all appreciate Jin's cringy, yet funny dad jokes :)) To start off, What color is a burger? BURGUNDY AHAHAh kekee Jins dad jokes are the best lmao
  17. appreciation

    Hobi's reactions to things he is scared of are often hilarious. This thread is for his crazy reactions to things that scare him (since there seems to be so many). Roller Coasters Animals/ Bugs Misc.
  18. Hi all! Me again, but this time I'm here with Taehyung's music recommendations from today's vlive! This should be all of it! I'll edit if need be. I'd just like to take a moment again to appreciate that Tae's taste in music spans a wide range of genres :") Calvin Harris - Slide (ft. Frank Ocean & Migos) DJ Khaled - I'm The One (ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, & Lil Wayne) Hardwell - Follow Me (ft. Jason Derulo) Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. George Frideric Handel: Rinaldo-Opera (1711-London) - Lascia ch'io pianga (the switch from Kendrick Lamar to opera music lmao) Michael Bublé & Nelly Furtado - Quando, Quando, Quando William Fitzsimmons & Priscilla Ahn - I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song Of The Sparrow) (I used to listen to this song a lot when I study <3) Chris Garneau - Over and Over TOULOUSE - I Will Follow You Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Acoustic) 에디킴 (Eddy Kim) - 너 사용법 (The Manual) Paul McCartney - Let It Be John Legend - Start Charlie Puth - One Call Away
  19. Fellow BBasers, I'm honored to launch the Emotic-Hope thread! You'll find a bunch of Hoseok expressions because we all know that he can't hide his emotions! Let's get started! PART 2 Reeditions HERE Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  20. appreciation

    This tweet I saw this morning inspireded me to do this. Let's appreciate the greatest thing that it's Yoongi as a Slytherin. cr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 I couldn't find the source for everything, so ctto for those without source.
  21. appreciation

    Hello fellow BBasers! Surprise, surprise! After receiving good feedbacks for the Emotic-HOPE Thread, I decided to continue! Here comes live the Emoti-Mon Thread! Those gifs can be used freely over the forum as long as they stay on the forum only! Thank you
  22. Oh my lord. If he weren't so overly attractive, one would possibly assume that he was a typical teenager......well, he's not really a teenager anymore so........ This is heartbreaking. I feel the cuteness and sweetness shredding my soul. X'D
  23. one of the 1000000 things that drives me insane about hobi is his face when he dances. i physically. can not. ex. 1: ex. 2: do i even need an ex. 3 here's one anyways i'm sure you haven't but remember rainsim? remember that stage? in conclusion j-hope is perfect and his looks can kill and if u have any gifs of hobi's expressions while he dances pls share them with me so i can cry more thank u he knows u can't resist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)