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  1. So I thought it'd be fun to do something unique, and it took me a bit but here's what I thought of that everyone could have fun with and at the same time show some love to all seven of BTS. The idea is to list a reason why you love a member listed. There's no rules to the format, any way you want to answer is fine as long as it follows forum rules of course. How this works out is I'll name someone to kick off this game, and the next person must say what they love about that member then list someone in bold for the next player. Here, like this with the name given in italics maybe for the answer and bold for the next player to respond to. Since there's only 7 guys and in the interest of longevity, it might be best if the answer is limited to just one thing at a time. Tweaks can be made if needed though like including BTS staff and others related to BTS maybe to help keep it going - Jin Because he's a princess Suga Have fun, and hope you all enjoy this game! My first time ever creating a forum game, woot, woot!
  2. Aaand he has successfully gotten all his hyungs to do the shoot dance during RM & Jhope's lines in 'So What" xDDDD OT7 kinda xD Solo lol: And then dragging his hyungs along lololol I'm sure there'll be more to increase as times go by lol. Go get'em jungkook!
  3. Because who doesn't love a man in glasses? Please share your faves! I managed to ID some of the sunglasses if anyone feels ~inspired by the fashionista himself and wants to get some Also separated into clear glasses and sunglasses for your viewing pleasure Clear glasses Sunglasses let us not forget this iconic move
  4. deal with it ok , this thread is vital to my existence hot af
  5. (From x) So much like Suga's thread, he's had way toooo many hair colors for me to categorize... so once again, I will put a tiny amount per year (Watch me decide to make a thread for Namjoon & regret it cause he literally has not had black hair since 2015. WTF) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 To be continued... please share your collections! (I'm sorry I'm lazy... I did not include everything because I literally pulled all of these from their official facebook page >__> )
  7. (sigh this would be my second time creating this topic as the first time i lost all the content i had before. rip) I'll be posting content for 1-2 members the next few days as i continue to collect more photos, lol. For today, it's Jimin! (tagging you @fuckparkjimin fam) JIMIN @The_luMINary95 // @The_luMINary95 @xming1322 // @xming1322 @mighty_jimin @The_luMINary95 // @xming1322 Feel free to contribute and post content of whichever member! Let us all suffer together from their glorious collarbones.
  8. Since I can't find a topic to talk about it, I'll just create one. This topic is for everyone who encounters something new in the BTS universe and wants to speak up about their feelings. As a new fan, there is still so much content for me to explore, so many old things will be new for me. You can also use this thread to just dump whatever feeling the boys make you feel. We need to unleash my feelings somehow to stay sane lol. ---- Yesterday I watched the 3rd Muster event. It was fun and cute, so I laughed a lot. I wanted to try something different today, so I killed myself by watching the BTS Live Trilogy Wings Tour Final in Seoul. I was curious about it because of Burn the Stage movie. I've been listening to the Wings/YNWA album because I want to understand the story arcs more. I've had some favorites (Lie and MAMA are easily the top ones), but the live concert opened my eyes to more songs. I'll just say all songs. All the solo songs were very, very impressive. I had goosebumps so many times, especially in Reflection, Stigma, MAMA, and Awake. Absolutely beautiful. Jin officially destroys me with his voice only, twice, in Awake and Epiphany (congrats sir!). Then came the closing segment, and I couldn't stop crying. Beautiful in so many ways. (Born Singer is too powerful for me I broke so easily and so fast under the song.) The trilogy, especially the Wings era, seems to be very precious to the members and the fans, so I will definitely learn more about it. What an experience, and that's just watching from the DVD. I hope one day I can see and feel their magic with my own eyes. That's all for now. Thanks for reading my random comment! :3
  9. So these are tear bags (aka "aegyo-sal" in Korean) Someone analyzed BTS's eyes a while back here & in the meantime, I also noticed that Jin, J-hope & especially Jimin (and sometimes jungkook?) have very prominent naturally-occurring tear bags, and therefore squishier eyesmiles >3< Jin J-hope Jimin (especially. It's what makes his eyesmile so squishy <3 ) Ft. the rest of BTS Not sure if anyone really would have collections of these maybe I'm just weird, but if anyone has more eye smile/tear bag pics, please share~ Fun fact, when i googled "taehyung tear bags" i just got a bunch of gucci bags. Wat...
  10. Can we just appreciate the vocals Jin has brought this album like I don't know what we did to deserve this gift I love how his voice is ranged I loved his vocals in magic shop At first when I got into kpop I didn't really appreciate Jin but boi I do now if you don't fix yourself and love this amazing mamma soul
  11. Well how is everyone you'll are so great thanks for supporting BTS and all that they do. Oh and how great was the love yourself era I'm so sad to see it go especially since it is what got me into BTS but that just means another is coming.
  12. So these are sweater paws... And I think there needs to be a large collection of BTS sweater paws Jin: Suga: Jhope: Rapmon: Jimin : (king of sweater paws lbr <3) V: Jungkook: I thirst for more if people would be kind enough to share <3 <3 <3
  13. I honestly don't know why, but I just frickin' felt like compiling this for no reason? For someone whose the worst least experienced dancer in BTS, he's surprisingly flexible Videos: Photos: To be continued as more occur?
  14. So some members have significantly less dance experience (and body awareness coff) than the official dance line (Jhope/Jimin/Jungkook), but still have to do their parts of the choreography.. Sometimes they deserve a little more appreciation for at least being able to catch up. Some of my fave moments (of them seriously dancing): V 1/2: Suga: RM: Jin: So excluding dance line, what are some of your favorite non-dance line dance moments? (I also just wanna see if there's more serious dancing from the other 4, esp namjin T___T ) Bonus round of BTS not-serious dancing lol
  15. Hi hi, these are my true feelings about the album LOVE YOURSELF | ANSWER. After the Album LOVE YOURSELF | TEAR, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t want anything more in the world. It was an amazing comeback and I love the way it started off. Then came ANSWER. I just finished recording and discussing about the new song and MV IDOL. I see on Twitter and on Instagram on how it went up and the TEASER alone has be shocked, impressed and hyped for the full song. Every time, they seem to put it a step further, to up their game every time; because I am impressed and fall in love with each song. This whole Album is an experience and journey to loving yourself, I believe it’s the most important conclusion to this whole progress and journey. Not only has it helped others and helping them realise it’s okie to love yourself and that you should – it’s that you can and will. Epiphany was a beautiful and lovely example of that. not only the video, but the emotion and rawness of Seokjin’s voice and vocals impacted me; it was also the story. How he acted and really gave it his best, all the hard work, thought and effort into this whole production and concept; is absolutely inspiring and mind opening. Love Yourself ANSWER is truly unique and awe inspiring and really makes you realise, you have to Love Yourself in order to love others. It’s okie to be you, don’t worry about others, don’t let them get you down and keep doing what you love. It’s also to never underestimate yourself. My true feelings is that, within each Album, Her, Tear and Answer; especially answer – all play a role in that journey of loving yourself. I am emotional and really grateful to these guys, BTS has done it again. This song also impacted me, IDOL, you can relate and connect to it even if you’re not an idol – because to me, BTS has this way of, you can interoperate the lyrics and have your own intake on things that you’ve experienced n’ feel/felt. I am excited for the full/whole Album and I can’t wait to hear all the other songs. Just by reading the soundtracks names and what genre they are was like: HYPE HYPE HYPE AND I’M NOT READYY. Also, I wanna say; this Album is so beautifully designed and I want to thank all of the creativeness and thought that has gone into designing of connecting all the albums together. I also want to thank all of thought, hard work, consideration, time, effort, blood, seat and tears that went into this whole concept and album. The MV’s, the lyrics, the visuals, the production and the time that went into the small details put into every scene and production of music/songs. I am forever grateful and loyal to these guys. Everyone that worked hard for this, bless them. This Album, is surely a life saver. It’s lovely. That is my feelings, thank you. I purple you. <3 - Atsushi Ah Kit Hi hi again, After writing this, I listened to all of the songs on Spotify and streamed until I couldn't stay awake anymore. It was around 3am to 4am, and I had to sleep. I am still streaming, don't worry! Drink water, eat plenty and remember to look after yourself okie!! <33 One song stood out to me the most. I'm Fine: I cried hard, so hard while listening to this song. Save Me was about needing a hand, it was about needing someone to save you and needing help in doing so. It was being dependant on others and it connects to you because you feel hopeless or felt that way. However with I'm Fine, it is about being dependant and overcoming you personal battles and problems. You realise how strong you really are and not to underestimate yourself. For you are more capable of many things than you think. You may not be fine or okie in the moment, but you will be soon, you just gotta make it fine, you are in control and to make yourself happy. You will be fine, I promise you. Be happy in the moment, it's okie to cry and not be okie; just lift your head up after to live. I purple you all a lot, you have to know that because you deserve such love. But remember to love yourself first. Purple yourself! Another song is- Epiphany: Another song I cried my heart out with. The lyrics hit deep and at home to me. Especially with Jin's vocals and emotions with the music/instruments throughout. This song is really hard to listen to sometimes but I listen to it anyways because it has that one line that hits home; the chorus. "I'm the one I should love." "I'm the one I should love in this world." Now, to me it's hard because I don't love myself as much; I am unable to until I am in the body my minds says I am. I am in a female body and my mind/brain screams at me, "Male!" It's hard because I am the one I should love in this world, I have accepted who I am but I haven't learnt to love myself just yet, not a lot anyways. I love many things about myself, the things I do and can achieve - but with Gender Dysphoria; it's extremely hard. I thank BTS, I thank Jin for this song for being so powerful, impactful and emotional. With such a strong message and meaning, I couldn't think of another way to finish the Love Yourself series. It's perfect. It's a masterpiece. Epiphany is truly beautiful and lovely. It really mkes me have hope in loving myself more. Conclusion and appreciation: I thank and appreciate all of the hard work, thought, effort and care that has gone into this whole series and ANSWER really is getting all of the recognition, love and appreciation it deserves. I thank the staff, the whole crew, the boys and all of you who support them. I appreciate all of the meaning and message being incorporated into these songs, from IDOL to I'm Fine. I have never felt so cared for, so inclusive and loved. Thank you BTS. I purple you. <3 - Atsushi Taehyung A.K.A - Sushi I purple you all, thank you for reading~ <3 Have a lovely day and keep being you~! <3
  16. So yeah... A thread to share photos of their earrings/misc piercings? cause they look damn cool Jin Suga Rapmon Jimin V: Jungkook boy howdy this kid has a lot of cool ones I couldn't find any for J-hope. Can someone share if he has any?
  17. BTS has changed me, all in such a positive light. They have inspired me, guided me, saved me and made me what I am today. I shall continue to grow with them and everyone else. They have changed me for the better. My best friend and I got into dancing because of them, we would practice a lot, try and perfect their choreography, it was challenging but it opened a door I never knew was there. My best friend always loved dancing and watching dance shows, however this made us very close. Closer. We both love their music and their personalities. I never knew dancing could be a passion of mine, BTS kinda awoken that in me. They have saved me, when I was depressed and at the lowest point in my life, I went to a dark path and self-harmed. This was about four years ago, I still remember when I was so lost and scared, I chose to do the wrong thing; I comforted myself with their music. I loved hearing their voices when I was to afraid to hear my best friends voice instead. I feared to be looked at different and be disgusted by. I listened to Yoongi's other songs he produced as August D. As I was also in tat state, I was learning more about BTS and their history, their journey. To know those things and what they went through, it was almost comforting but mostly admirable...the hardships and challenges they've faced; the amount of dissing and down grading comments thrown at them. It made me think, how strong they are, because of how they have each other. (During 2013/2014 and until now, I have been battling against my enlarged pituitary gland in my brain, IBS and the endless hospital travels from my town to the big city. Doctors here and there, medicine, smell of hospitals, being poked a lot and seemingly no end to it. So I found comfort, I found warmth and relief while listening to their music. Watching the Run episodes and their vlogs helped so much. They helped me keep faith, when I seem to give up they keep giving me a reason to keep living and finding hope. It's like they reassure me, everything is gonna be okie. I have also questioned my sexuality and who I was as a person a lot at the time as well. It was hard, it was a struggle but because of them I found confidence and determination.) So I turned to my best friend two/three years later, talked to her about it and what made me do it. How I was struggling. How they helped me and made me feel strong enough to speak to her. She accepted me and we became the closest ever. We are like brother and sister; I wouldn't trade her for the world. BTS has guided me, that what I did was wrong for myself; that it wasn't the answer. BTS still kept going, they influenced me with their words and actions that; if you have a dream...don't give up. Chase it until you catch it, never stop believing, never stop working hard and keep faith. You'll get there, and when you do it - it will also inspire others. BTS has inspired me to keep my passions, to be fearless, to be myself and be unique. I will keep dancing, I will keep drawing and I will keep fighting. They've changed me so much, they've honestly shaped me into the guy I always wanted to be. This latest album, Love Yourself | Tear has made me cry so much. Especially The Truth Untold. Listening to those lyrics, understanding them or projecting them in your own way that can relate to you or your situation; it like being hugged. It like saying, "It's okie to cry. You can cry now, let it all out because I am here for you now." I am a trans guy, it is extremely hard to love myself...I am not in the body I am meant to be or wanting to be. When I look in the mirror, I feel horrible and bad. However this album, this song and the Outro: Tear has changed that opinion on myself. I have also watched the interviews and how Nam-Joon answered about how for you to be able to love another person, you must love yourself first. So, I take that and keep it in my mind a lot. I have to accept the body I am in now and soon; I'll be who I really am. It'll take a while, but that's okie. They have changed my outlook and view on life, they have changed my thoughts into such positive ones and they have changed my everything. For the best possible. Right now and forever, I am grateful to have the chance to be alive with them. To grow with them, to listen to their music and to see them keep doing what they love. I want to see you all, fans of BTS and ARMY to be yourselves and love yourselves, keep doing what you're doing too. Don't ever give up! We purple you! How about you? I'd love to know how BTS has changed you as a person, your perspective and views. It'd be lovely to know how they shaped you and influenced you. I can only imagine the best reasons and things. I hope you're having a lovely day everyone, I'd love to discuss and talk with you~ <3 Thank you and I purple you!! <33
  18. So forgive me if I'm wrong <scuttles away?>, but I'm surprised this hasn't been made yet... Pretty straightfoward thread... share things of Jin with flowers & flower crowns cause it's too much pretty ??? TT_TT
  19. © CAMERA BOY © LAW OF ATTRACTION © caramel x vs © code 39 // © 309%
  20. Like all other kpop idols, BTS has had some terrible outfits. What are the things that horrified you the most? (Some examples LOL ) Jin Suga Jhope RM Jimin V Jungkook
  21. Well, here goes! One of the reasons I love Jin is how goofy he can be, and I'm sure for some of you, that's also the case too so I figured I'd make this thread for the sillier side of Jin! This also includes sharing favorite Dad jokes that he's shared with us and anything really that you can think of. I have a picture to kick things off even!
  22. I've been seeing a lot of stuff around on Facebook and YouTube lately about BTS songs people are the most underrated and not really spoken of anymore. So I was wondering what you all find to be the most underrated Bangtan songs? I'm curious