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  1. BTS topped the Oricon Chart for two days straight. According to Japan Oricon Chart, BTS' 8th single "MIC Drop/DNA/ Crystal Snow" released on 6th December ranked No. 1 for two days straight on Oricon single chart BTS recorded 30,567 Oricon points on the 7th, that's on the second day after releasing the album. The group has recorded 269,861 points on the first day so in total, they recorded 300,428 Oricon points. Moreover, the album sales volume counted by SoundScan Japan (from 12/5 to 12/6), BTS recorded 379,101 copies and proved their status in Japan. BTS's 8th single Japanese single album ‘MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow’ has three songs including the Japanese versions of "DNA" and "Mic Drop" from their Love Yourself SELF 承 'Her' which received love from all around the world, and their special winter song "Crystal Snow". "Crystal Snow" is an original Japanese track included in this album but it ranked No. 20 on the US iTunes Song Chart. Meanwhile, BTS will hold their "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR THE FINAL" at Gocheok Dome in Seoul from the 8th to 10th December. Original article here Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  2. Respect Must be Earned: BTS’ Journey Towards Gaining its Stripes in Black America By Guest Contributor: Monique Jones (@moniqueblognet) When I first wrote my article about BTS coming to the American Music Awards, I was excited to see this infamous K-pop group that I’d heard so much about. I was happy that they would have the chance to perform on a major international stage like the AMAs. I believed that this appearance would serve as the biggest stepping stone yet for K-pop’s eventual domination of American airwaves. As I wrote on Twitter after BTS’ performance (and after I saw the crowd whipped into a frenzy), this must have been what seeing the Beatles for the first time was like. BTS has been on a roll since their big AMAs debut. They’ve hob-knobbed with R&B it-boy Khalid, and they have released a track featuring Desiigner and Steve Aoki,”Mic Drop”. Everything’s going well; or, it’s going well for BTS, anyways. The rest of K-pop, however, still hasn’t really “made it” in the States. While one might speculate as to the many reasons why K-pop has failed to penetrate the American music landscape — language barriers; stereotypes about Asian performers held by music executives; general American disinterest towards international music that isn’t British or Canadian — one major reason deserves more discussion: K-pop, as a whole, has a race problem. So, how is BTS overcoming it? K-pop’s history includes many instances of anti-blackness, both intentional and unintentional. For example, there is the wearing blackface reminiscent of the ganguros of Japan, who self-identify with the black rapper image so much that they darken their skin, blurring the lines between wayward appreciation, fetishism, and straight offensiveness. There iscolorism, such as with some groups’ members poking fun at other groups’ members for their tan skin. There is intense fetishism of Blackness, which is one of the defining traits of K-pop. It colors how K-pop idols — and, how K-pop male idols, specifically — interact with Black men. For example, a K-pop idol who associates with a Black man can be perceived as getting an “all clear” or a “black card”, even if the idol lacks a true understanding of the culture they love and mimic. Fetishism of Blackness also colors how male idols interact with Black women. Yes, many K-pop idols — both male and female — love Beyonce, Rihanna, and Tinashe; and, some male idols even claim to prefer Black women as romantic interests. But, are Black women — rappers, dancers, and fans — seen as just hypersexual objects or are they seen as legitimate collaborators in a larger conversation around music and culture? K-pop also frequently exoticizes the Black Rap image. Idols may dress in the “black rapper” style, affect a “blaccent,” and mimic notable rapper mannerisms. As shown by has-beens like Iggy Azalea, being blatantly fake will only get you so far. In short, K-pop has both a credibility issue, as well as a sensitivity issue. Can K-pop fix these two problems and get firmly on the road towards American domination? It seems like if there’s any group to do it, BTS is definitely most prepared for the task. Through a trial-by-fire in the form of a reality show three years ago, BTS has gained the knowledge necessary to possibly become the first K-pop group to go beyond mimicry, and to instead develop a brand that openly and honestly respects its black musical forefathers and foremothers. This could go a long way towards winning over black America, and by extension, the rest of the country. Fakery Versus Reality It is unclear what people expected from BTS when they arrived for the AMAs; but, based on every interview they did in the week they were in Los Angeles, they clearly succeeded in winning hearts. Moreover, based on how they presented themselves, winning hearts and changing minds were their top priorities. Of all K-pop groups, BTS most understands the racial hurdles they face in trying to cross over into the American music scene. They understand, for example, how members of the Asian diaspora in America face myriad stereotypes while trying to make it big in the music industry. BTS group leader and rapper RM (formerly known as Rap Monster), seems particularly astute. Not only was he the group’s English-spokesperson during their brief sting in America during the AMAs, but he also knows enough about America’s stereotypes against Asian performers to comment on how the AMAs treated the band with respect. “The AMAs didn’t treat us as a curious novelty from Asia, but showed us respect and treated us as an important part of the show,””he told Metro UK. “They put our performance right before Diana Ross, and we were introduced by the Chainsmokers, who are very popular in the United States. It was clear in many ways that they knew a lot about us and had prepared for our appearance for a long time.” RM is different from what many Westerners perceive the K-pop idol to be. Aside from being highly intelligent — he has an IQ of 148 — he’s introspective and, as you’ll read later in this post, he actually seems to apply the lessons he’s learned from some of his more haunting mistakes. Also, his journey in the music industry, coupled with his personality, has imbued in him an “anti-mainstream” sensibility. On top of that, he has credibility as a rapper that is hard to come by for many K-pop idols. Unlike other members of BTS, RM and fellow groupmate Suga cut their teeth in Korea’s underground rap scene. If you work your way up from the bottom, you’re bound to learn some things an idol class won’t teach you. RM has already had his credentials as a rapper questioned based onhis decision to join a boy band: in his cover of Drake’s “Too Much,” he addressed other rappers who have tried to start beef by calling him a “sell-out” In fact, many songs written by RM feature “the inner conflicts that Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope have as idol rappers.” BTS also boasts another unique experience relative to other K-pop groups: during the 2014 reality show American Hustle Life, the group underwent a military-style bootcamp on the history of hip-hop and rap from the legendary, Coolio. In that series, BTS members traveled to Los Angeles — the home turf of West Coast rap — to receive on-the-ground training from legends in R&B and hip-hop. As journalist Blanca Méndez wrote for Noisey: Though Rap Monster and his groupmates may be relatively well-versed in current hip-hop music, it’s hard to understand the music without fully understanding the culture. It’s even harder to do so in a place so far from the source, especially since, for a country that consumes and repackages hip-hop culture as much as it does, Korea has some serious issues with anti-blackness. Many American pop and rap fans — particularly many Black American fans — remain skeptical of K-pop. Korea’s homogenous culture can perpetuate an ignorance of — or, in some cases, an apathy towards — anti-Black stereotypes and offensive words, such as the racist contexts of blackface and the “N”-word. Even BTS couldn’t escape making some of the same egregious mistakes that have befallen other K-pop idols. Early in their career, BTS had their own brushes with the “N”-word, which caused extreme controversy. A younger RM boasted that “talking black” was “a talent” he was good at. Until their education with the actual rap greats themselves, BTS was like any other K-pop group: problematic. Some fans even labeled them “racist.” But what’s the difference between abject racism — which is apparent in Korea as well as n the rest of the world — versus plain ignorance? Ignorance certainly isn’t an excuse for bad behavior, especially since there are several K-pop idols who were actually born and raised in North America and who should therefore understand the racial implications of “playing black”, as it were; but, we should also consider when sincere ignorance occurs. In my opinion, much of the way K-pop interacts with rap is similar to watching a child discover rap for the first time. For this child, everything about rap is “cool”. The child becomes obsessed with knowing every lyric (even the bad ones) and mimicking every body movement. The child doesn’t realize he’s parodying the culture he proclaims to idolize — until he goofs in front of an actual Black person. What happens next may depend on how that Black person chooses to react, but regardless, the child comes out the other side a different, and hopefully more aware, person. BTS got their own wake-up call during the first American Hustle Life episode, in which they found themselves in front of Coolio for the first time As Méndez wrote: Coolio gets right down to business, asking BTS some basic questions about the origins and history of hip-hop. Whether it’s because they’re nervous or clueless or both, the room goes quiet. But it’s not long before Coolio is interrupted by class clown V, who chimes in with a “turn up” that makes Coolio pause his pop quiz to get the kid in line. He asks V if he even knows what “turn up” means, to which V replies, “Let’s go party?” Some of the other members chuckle, the others shake their heads in embarrassment. Coolio is not amused. He orders V to do 25 pushups, and the group’s eyes collectively widen. Shit just got real. “Do you even know what that means?” is a fair question to ask of K-pop stars, or idols, who often talk the talk without really knowing what they’re talking about. This is not to say these stars aren’t genuine or talented artists, but the K-pop industry is about selling a package. Idol groups are formed by finding raw talent and the right look that can be preened, polished, and trained to deliver that package. When forming a hip-hop group, it’s not as important to know and respect hip-hop culture as it is to be able to sell it. BTS continued their American Hustle Life education with rapper/producer Warren G, a pioneer of West Coast hip hop, and renowned vocal coach and music consultant Iris Stevenson, who served as the inspiration for Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act 2. American Hustle Life starts out rough for BTS, who are “kidnapped” by the guys who will eventually become their L.A. comrades Much of the series is edited for laughs but many scenes also show that the boys are taking their lessons seriously and developing deeper appreciation of hip-hop. This is especially apparent after Stevenson’s singing lessons: the boys appear to appreciate their new vocal skills, but are also touched by Stevenson’s patience, kindness, and maternal spirit. They respect her as a master of her craft. To them, Stevenson, or “Iris seonsaeng (teacher)” as they called her, is one of the newfound fans they hope to most impress. Unlike the hard-nosed and strict Coolio, Warren G is another seonsaeng whom BTS hopes to impress. Warren G calmly taught the boys the true meaning of hip-hop, as well as the ways in which the genre is wrongly mischaracterized by racism and negative stereotypes. As RM told HipHopPlaya in 2015: I wanted to ask Warren G a lot about hip-hop. Like Warren G stated, things like ‘shooting guns, doing drugs, robbery’ aren’t things that are hip-hop itself, but a negative side that’s included within hip-hop. It’s like an uninvited guest that shoved its way into hip-hop, but people said that that’s hip-hop. He also told me that hip-hop is something that’s open to everyone despite what race you may be or what language you may speak. I heard a lot of great things from him besides those as well. Although it may seem like a very obvious thing, but the weight of it just felt different when Warren G said it. And after everything he would say, Warren G attached “It’s all Good.” When I heard those words from the side, then my mood felt really good. Should I compare it to the feeling of a grandfather telling good stories next to you (laughter). RM reflected on more of Warren G’s teachings” in another interview: Interviewer: Although hip-hop is a genre of music, it seems like a type of religion and philosophy. Just what is hip-hop? Just what is it that guys seem to go crazy over it? RM: Defining hip-hop is the same as trying to define love. If there are 6 billion people in the world, then there are 6 billion definitions of love, and like that, each definition of hip-hop is different for each person. Of course, it’s possible to give a dictionary definition. In 1970, there was a person called DJ Herc in South Bronx. At a party that he was hosting, he set breaks on a beat and during that break, someone would be rapping, someone would be dancing, and someone else would be doing graffiti… That’s how hip-hop was born, and they call that the 4 elements of hip-hop, but dictionary definitions like these is something anyone knows, but to explain that spirit… In one word, it’s something that can’t be explained. It’s a way that expresses me as well as being a meaning for freedom and rebelling. Because it’s something where people play and have fun with, it can have messages of peace and love placed in it. If you compare it to a Pokemon, it’s like a Ditto. Personally, hip-hop to me is the world. The world that I’m living in… It’s difficult, right? To be honest, it’s still hard for me too. Interviewer: Maybe it’s because I don’t know much about hip-hop, but there are many aspects of hip-hop culture or clothing that I’m unable to understand easily. The hanging gold necklaces, gun fires, images like that… I also don’t really understand the term ‘swag’ that is used often. RM: The culture of shooting guns and doing drugs is not the actual self of hip-hop. It’s just become a by-product that appeared around hip-hop music, it’s not the actual self of hip-hop. Although there’s a certain image that pops up clearly when you think of hip-hop fashion, that’s also becoming something that’s more broad. Look at A$AP Rocky or Kanye West. They don’t wear pants that drag around any more. To understand ‘swag’, you need to understand what kind of meaning ‘making it on your own’ has in hip-hop. Making it on your own is a very cool and important concept in hip-hop. I don’t know whether RM has ever been interested in Black music and Blackness beyond rap; but, RM’s experiences in Los Angeles immersed in West Coast rap culture and learning from hip-hop legends clearly had an impact. For instance, when RM put out his mixtape, a series of songs that reflected his own inner turmoil, loneliness, and stress from rival rappers doubting his credibility, he cited India Arie’s “Just Do You” as a source of inspiration. “It’s a song that gave a lot of comfort to me when I felt confused,” he said to HipHopPlaya. “I believe that the message of this song gave a lot of influence towards this mixtape. That’s why the song that represents the entire message for this mixtape is ‘Do You’.” India Arie is relatively obscure even by American standards despite mainstream success with her 2006 hit “I Am Not My Hair”, she has remained a primarily independent artist. She is an even less likely source of inspiration for K-pop, where most references draw safely from Top 40 hits; that RM drew inspiration from her music speaks to his growing knowledge of Black music and culture. After his time in LA, RM also apologized for his past missteps including for his youthful boasting about “talking Black.” He said he had to come to terms with the fact that his words might have been hurtful, and seemed resigned to being unable to change the past; all he can do is go forward. Most importantly, he said he holds himself responsible for what he’s done. Finally, it seems a K-pop group understands the sensitivity they need for entering the world of Black culture. They could also address issues facing Black people today, including Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling, #BlackLivesMatter, and police getting off scot-free after killing black men and women. K-pop idols should be at the forefront of supporting Black lives — the lives of their fans — particularly if they seek to involve themselves in Black music and culture. To adopt Blackness in any form is also to adopt the issues that affect black people. Black people didn’t gain our unique swag just by happenstance; the ways we express ourselves come from centuries of finding alternative ways of keeping our dignity through unspeakable horrors, and of figuring out how to express ourselves in sly, inventive ways. Our culture comes from the little we were able to retain from crossing the Middle Passage. Blackness is, in a nutshell, achieving greatness amid struggle and constantly finding ways to achieve success in a society that hates us. Through pressure and stress, unexpected diamonds were created. But our diamonds — our culture — are things we are not willing to have mined without reciprocation. To get in the vicinity of these diamonds, you have to earn it. BTS isn’t shy about making socially conscious music. “Our song lyrics are not 100 percent based on our personal experiences. However, a lot of the lyrics have been influenced by our experiences,” said Suga to Soompi‘s E.Cha. “…We’ve tried hard to tell the stories of our generation and our age group in present-day society.” BTS’ music frequently deals with topics that aren’t normally expressed in K-pop. As Billboard‘s Tamar Herman wrote when describing RM’s single with Wale, “Change”: “Though most K-pop acts shy away from politicizing their music, or even touching on seemingly controversial topics, the Rap Monster-led K-pop act has addressed politics and cultural issues in their songs on multiple occasions, with a particular focus on youth-related issues such as mental health, bullying and suicide. The atypical approach has made BTS fan favorites in the U.S., leading to them becoming the highest-ranked K-pop act ever on the Billboard 200.” “Change,” which was released this March, not only features RM’s commentary on Twitter bullying, but it also includes Wale’s reflections on the state of black America, including recent police shootings and other injustices. “With the duo currently criticizing the ‘alt-right,’ Twitter’s ability to ‘kill,’ ‘racist police’ and declaring ‘no faith in the government,’” writes Herman, “the unrestrained hip-hop track is one of the most progressive songs yet from the socially aware boy band BTS.” As RM told Teen Vogue‘s Taylor Glasby, the collaboration was Wale’s idea — a credit to BTS’ relevance. “When he suggested the collaboration, that was a real shock,” he said. “I thought about it, [and was] like, should we do a party song? But I wanted to something different. The title is ‘Change’–in America. They’ve got their situations and we’ve got ours in Seoul, the problems are everywhere and the song is like a prayer for change. He talks about the police, and problems he’s faced since he was a child. I talked about Korea, my problems, and about those on Twitter who kill people by keyboards.” Setting the Precedent BTS is on the right track towards learning from K-pop’s past mistakes and working to earn their stripes with Black listeners as they cross over into the international realm; but, BTS could also set a precedent for other K-pop groups to do the same.The group has the potential to be that special group that teaches their fellow K-pop idols a thing or two about what true respect for hip-hop looks like. Consider what artist and musician Tony Jones — one of BTS’ LA mentors in American Hustle Life — said to Soompi in 2014: I thought every other group and artist in Korea that did K-Pop was like that and that talented. I was wrong. Not to talk about any other group, but they’re just different. BTS has so much to offer. They really studied hip hop culture. I want to meet the person behind them because the producers and the directors are finding the beats, and everything they’re doing is really American. I also really think that they can come over to the U.S. and do music if they can learn English in the future. They’re that good. They’re that talented. Afterwards, people were like “Look up BAP, look up EXO, or G-Dragon,” and all these groups. I checked them all out, and it wasn’t the same for me, you know. They’re talented as well, but it wasn’t the same reaction that I got. …They took from New Edition, from Boys to Men, they also took from A$AP Rocky. They just took everything and put it together. I don’t know if that was the plan or the boys were that talented but it’s lucky they came together. It’s brilliant. I really think that K-Pop will blow up more and it won’t be a local thing anymore. It’s going to grow because of BTS. …Those boys and the staff really studied American culture and they do it very well. I’ve seen people from different countries try to mimic it and try to replicate it and try to rap the same, sing the same, and act the same, but it’s not happening. Those boys really studied and really got good at it. They’re all talented from top to bottom. There’s not a weak link in the group. So it’s very interesting. They’re really good. Warren G is right: anyone can rap; but, not everyone has the dedication to the craft or the willingness to learn about Black history and culture. This could also be what separates BTS from their more formulaic K-pop cousins.If so, one can only hope that other groups will get the hint. The world of K-pop can be a Matryoshka doll of racism, colorism, fanaticism, fetishism and exoticism, all surrounding a core of general ignorance. To dig through those layers as a Black American can be exhausting. Throughout my writing of this post, I’ve wondered if I was giving BTS too much wiggle room — or, perhaps, not enough. I did what every Black person interested in BTS must do: judge the group based on where they started and where they are now. I believe the group has had its hard knocks, but they’ve learned and taken responsibility or those errors; and, taking responsibility for your worst mistakes has to count for something. It’s this growth that put BTS in a prime position to gain even more Black followers than they already have, and I’m not just talking about young Black girls attracted to the boyfriend fantasy that K-pop boy groups excel at. With collaborations like the ones with Wale and Desiigner, BTS has officially gained crossover appeal and a certain amount of credibility. Not “Black card” credibility; plain old credibility, which can help turn a Wale or Desiigner fan onto BTS’ music. These types of Black artists speak to a broad set of Black listeners. If you’re a young follower of rappers influenced by trap and the new wave of southern hip hop, then BTS is trying to convince you that they have a toe in that world, too. If you’re a rap fan who’s on Wale’s speed — between your 30s and 40s, a little more conscious, and a little more jaded and world-weary than some younger fans — BTS can appeal to you as well, despite their youth. Overall, BTS wants Black America to know that they get it. They’ve had the teachings from rap royalty. They’ve got people like Warren G in their corner. They’ve gained more respect for the artform, and it shows in their latest work. BTS’ most recent album, Love Yourself: Her, has a melodic quality that’s in line with the sounds coming from SZA, Daniel Caesar and Bryson Tiller, as well as a punch of anger — the original version of MIC Drop has a backing track that sounds like a mashup between Kanye West, Flo Rida and Timbaland, and lyrics that show that the group has a certain amount of grit that, at the very least, can intrigue new listeners. Most importantly, the album sounds authentic, which will make them appealing to Black audiences. BTS has learned what it means to make great hip-hop. As RM said, even if there is a dictionary definition for hip-hop, the true spirit of hip-hop can’t be explained. Hip hop isn’t about affectation and it isn’t about pretense; it’s about being real and being true to who you are. Is BTS’ education on black America done? On the contrary: BTS is still learning. In fact, that education will never be over for the group, and they are bound to make a new set of mistakes the more they fight for U.S. dominance. They will always have more to learn about their Black audience, and continue to unlearn some of the problematic ways that K-pop in general handles Blackness. But, if their experiences on American Hustle Lifeare any indication, BTS has genuinely learned how to be true to themselves, and it shows in their new, broader-reaching, and more culturally responsible sound and outlook. And, if BTS can learn to be true to themselves, the rest of K-pop can learn that lesson, too. source
  3. Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk will donate the 10 million won prize money he received with his "presidential citation" at the "2017 Korea Content Awards 2017" held at COEX on the 5th. CEO Bang Sihyuk decided to donate this 10 million won for the "LOVE MYSELF" campaign by BTS and UNICEF. "Love Myself" is a campaign that aims to eradicate global children and adolescent violence started since the November by BTS. BTS and Bighit Entertainment have donated 5 billion won as "Love Myself" fund. Meanwhile, CEO Bang Sihyuk received the "presidential citation" for creating group BTS who ranked No. 7 on Billboard 200, and won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 BBMA, and helping the expansion of Hallyu. Original article here Responses I like the article (853) This is heartwarming (25)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (0) I want the next part of this article (2) + I recommend this article to the main page +574 (peachisoda will update the comments later bc the top 8 comments are made my international lovelies~) Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  4. Big Hit CEO Bang Shi Hyuk To Receive Presidential Award For His Work With BTS (cr) Bang Shi Hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment and the producer behind BTS, will be receiving the presidential commendation award at the 2017 Korea Content Awards. Organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will be holding the 2017 Korea Content Awards on December 5 at COEX Mall. The event, which celebrates its 9th anniversary this year, is a way to celebrate those who have made the Korean entertainment industry shine brighter through their work. This year, 27 people will receive awards that are divided into four categories, including overseas advancement, broadcasting, animation, and character. Bang Shi Hyuk received a high evaluation for spreading the Korean wave, as BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” became the highest ranked K-pop album on the Billboard 200 chart and as they won Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Recently, he was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong, where he said, “With a powerful fandom as their foundation, BTS shows the potential to coexist with American mainstream culture or even emerge as a new form of mainstream culture.” Kim Dae Il, of the game developing company Pearl Abyss, will be receiving the presidential commendation for overseas advancement alongside Bang Shi Hyuk, while Lee Dong Hwi will be receiving the commendation award in the broadcasting category thanks to the JTBC show “War of Words.” In the drama category, Ahn Jae Hyun of Samhwa Networks will receive the commendation award for SBS’s popular drama “Romantic Doctor Kim,” as it went beyond just being a medical drama and also talked about realistic problems in society. In the animation category, children’s show “Katuri” will be receiving the commendation, while YouTube channel show “Carrie and Toys” will receive the commendation in the character category. Minister Do Jong Hwan stated, “Our content is steadily developing and has achieved a global competitive edge thanks to the content industry workers who have poured out their passion and talent despite the difficult conditions. All those who have received awards are like stars who light up Korea’s content industry. We will do our best so that those stars can continue to shine.” Congratulations to Bang Shi Hyuk and everyone who received an award! Source (1)
  5. Cover Story "BTS" who has captivated the world... An exclusive interview with Bang Sihyuk who grouped the seven boys and raised them "Is it a must to have a member who studied abroad in an idol group? Our kids are native Koreans from outside Seoul" Boy Scouts created by Bang Sihyuk? haha, it was never meant that way. It was intended to mean protecting the youths from the pain and pressure but I also did hear a few comments saying it sounds childish Adjusting their code to global "youth" We made effort to capture the brutal realities of the youths rather than fun and happy songs and this worked in other countries too My identity is "commercial composer" Trendy music that perfectly fits the public's taste is my goal What inspires me? Music is something you write with your butt In 2010, first-year student Kim Namjoon of Gyeonggi-do Ilsan Daejin High School was a rapper aspirant well-known among the "talented people". He grew interested in hip-hop music since middle school and posted his self-written raps and music on hip hop community site. He was slowly recognized by the people in the field and he was also mentioned to the best pop gayo composer of the time. It was Bang Sihyuk (45, CEO of Bighit Entertainment) who has created hit songs like g.o.d's "Sky Blue Balloon", Rain's "Bad guy", Baek Ji Young's "Being shot by the bullet". Immediately after listening to Kim's rap, Bang Sihyuk felt in his bones that he was "the thing". He scouted Kim as a trainee at the entertainment company he was running. Starting with Kim, he recruited 6 more boys. The boys are from Ilsan, Gwacheon, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju. They are native Koreans without a single member from overseas. Not even one of them is from Seoul and this idol group was created in 2013. Group name "BTS". The "high school rapper" who was the pivot becomes the group leader with the stage name "Rap Monster" (He has changed his stage name to RM). With many groups naming themselves with English names with thoughts of promoting overseas, their group name was uniquely Korean. "Are idols some bulletproof glass?" "Boy scouts created by Bang Sihyuk?" They also received sarcastic remarks like "They sound old-fashioned", "They sound childish". 4 years have passed since then and at present, there is no one teasing them for their group name anymore. "Bangtan" became one of the teams receiving the most attention in both Korea and overseas. On November 19th (local time), the group made their US debut on AMAs, one of the 3 major US music award ceremonies, and they also won the "Top Social Artist" award last May at the Billboard Awards, winning against the US' biggest idol star Justin Bieber. They set a milestone by ranking No. 7 on Billboard Album Chart with their new album released in September. The group was also invited to ABC "Jimmy Kimmel Live", NBC "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and other famous US talk shows. They have over 10 million followers on Twitter (as of 28th). They have the most number of followers among Korean accounts. They've reached the position where no other than "Gangnam Style" PSY reached among Korean singers. The hidden driving force behind "BTS"'s success is no other than Bang Sihyuk. He has planned and created the group and he is "BTS's dad" who have given their name. He chose RM with Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V and trained the 7 boys he found all over the country. The global interest for Bangtan also affected Bang Sihyuk. Right after "Bangtan"'s impressive US debut, over 200 requests to interview him from media inside and outside the country were sent to Bighit Entertainment. "Friday" had an exclusive interview with Bang Sihyuk, who is currently the most dominant figure in gayo industry, in LA on November 20th right after the AMAs. Bang Sihyuk (45) who was a composer and a producer of JYP Entertainment in 2003 went on the plane to LA with JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jinyoung. This was during the time when GOD, Rain, and other artists they co-produced were popular. With their success as the stepping stone, they chose to fly to the US with bare hands to try their luck in the S pop music industry. These two lived together in a small apartment and distributed their songs to every recording company. However, the US market walls were too high for them who came from a country they haven't even heard of often. Eventually, Bang Sihyuk returned to Korean alone after a few months. 14 years have passed since then. On Novemebr 19th (local time), Bang Sihyuk entered the AMA ceremony venue, one of the 3 major US music awards ceremonies. He had come to the place where his 7 member boy group "BTS" (from Bighit Entertainment he created back in 2005) was going to hold their US debut stage. It was like Bang Sihyuk and BTS had placed their flag in the US music market where even the big entertainment companies suffered defeat, We met with Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk who came to LA with BTS for the AMAs. BTS members called CEO Bang "PD-nim". Even CEO Bang said, "I feel more comfortable to be called as a producer than a CEO". Dressed in white shirt and cardigan, we couldn't find the "judge with a sharp tongue" we saw back in 2010 MBC Audition Program "The Birth of a Great Star". While drinking his iced coffee, CEO Bang said, "Don't you think yesterday's (BTS) stage was really touching? I didn't know the boys would do such great job." - Have you expected this amount of success? "I had a belief that BTS would do well. But I didn't imagine them to grow this fast. I think this year has passed with me still stunned (by the achievements). - How did you create the group called BTS? Many commented that it's a childish name "It doesn't mean "the boy scouts created by Bang Sihyuk" like some think (laughs). With the meaning of "bulletproof" that is commonly used in the US, we thought "what if we protect the pain and pressure of 10s and the 20s youths". But in Korea, they found the name childish (laughs). BTS is a group that began with the leader RM. About 7 years ago, one of my friends said "There's this rapper who is receiving a great amount of attention" so I met him and he was incredibly talented. So I thought of making a hip-hop crew with this boy as the center but I thought an idol group would be better so I gathered other members and created BTS." - One or two foreign members are present in the recent idol groups but it's unique that every member is native Korean who are also not from Seoul "I didn't intentionally avoid recruiting anyone from Seoul. While recruiting BTS, the concept was "members who talk about their own stories and represent their generation". I focused on this concept when recruiting the members and that's how the present 7 of them came together" - We can tell from the group name too but it doesn't seem like you were targeting the international market from the planning stage. "You are correct. I did think "we should make global advance in the future" but we didn't aim for the overseas market from the planning stage. However, we thought of doing music that every teenager and youth can relate to regardless of race or country. I think this worked in overseas too. Even if you look at past cases, international fans call their favorite group with their own nicknames if they like the group's music or the members solely with the names they create on themselves, right? Even the English name "BTS", the acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan was created by the international fans." - Based on the analysis, the point that differentiates BTS from other existing idol group looks like it's the message in their songs. Even the "series" concept album that focuses on one subject explains. "I think the present idol singers' music focus too much on "having fun". BTS went in the opposite direction. They focused on singing about the brutal realities and the concerns experienced by the youths of this generation rather than happy music. When I told the members to write a song/lyrics for the first time, they all wrote about things that showed off themselves. I "rejected" all of them. I told them they must write their own stories. This might seem childish but I thought this would make the youths of similar ages to relate to their music more. I think "series", "growth" concepts naturally came along because they created music based on their own stories." - You didn't plan on using social media like Twitter actively? "It's true that SNS has played a great role in growing BTS's popularity. However, the company didn't force them to use the SNS. The members voluntarily used it even before their debut. We didn't restrict them from using their mobile phones from trainee days. This eventually made BTS members to become "Twitter manias" like other youths. The members use their SNS just like netizens and I think fans love this more. This applies to YouTube too. YouTube is the place where you can access the trendiest music of this moment. Even we upload our music and music videos on YouTube and this was the place were fans met BTS for the first time. I think the fans increased with the members interacting with fans on SNS on real-time." BTS always addressed their fans, "fan-beundeul/팬분들" (T/N: 분/beun means "person" in honorific expression. 분들/beundeul is the plural form) and even Bang Sihyuk addressed them the same way. - Could you briefly summarize the success factors of BTS? "There was KPOP's unique trendiness and the performance as the base with the power of SNS. And like the Western artists, I think it's the fact that they combine their own stories in the music. When they released the song "I need you", we intentionally created a music video that's quite powerful. This was because we wanted to express that's how much youth is painful. When we read the comments on YouTube, viewers around the world left in various language. "I wanted to commit sucide but this gave me strength". I think this kind of empathy and interaction are the secrets behind their success." CEO Bang Sihyuk is one of the top composer and producer of Korea's pop music industry. He majored in aesthetics at Seoul National University and he got into music while performing as a band during his middle school years. In 1994, while he was still a university student he won the bronze award at the "Yoo Jaeha Gayo Competition" where they mainly select sentimental folk singer-songwriters. He then began to distribute the demo tapes of his self-composed songs and JYP who by chance heard his song scouted him. Bang Sihyuk said, "I didn't listen to Korean gayo a lot before this and I had almost no connection in the gayo industry so I was very lucky when Jinyounghyung reached out to me first. I think I half-assedly began walking on the composer's road without a dramatic momentum." It's a great success considering it wasn't a serious beginning. GOD, 5 member boy group that received great popularity in early 2000 was produced by Bang Sihyuk and Park Jinyoung. He is also a popular composer who wrote countless hit songs like Baek Jiyoung's "Like being hit by a bullet" and Rain's "Bad guy". - You were a Yoo Jaeha Gayo Competition contestant that focus on folk music and an elite from Seoul National University. We think there's a great gap between your past work experience and present music. "My identity is "commercial composer". This was also why I had to think a lot before going onYoo Jaeha Gayo Competition. Even during that time, I was awarded for R&B music which has a strong commercial color and looking at it this way, I think I have continuously walked on the commercial composer's path from the beginning." - What does commercial composer mean? "I think an artist is a person who persuades the public with their preference and makes music that can move the listeners. However, a commercial composer like myself prioritizes on making music that accurately aims for the public's taste. The music liked by the present generation, and trendy music is my goals. The typical example is "Blood Sweat & Tears" by BTS. We quickly made the song after adjusting ourselves to Latin pop music and tropical house music which were growing popular in the global market." - Where does your inspiration come from? "I think the word "inspire" isn't quite correct. I believe music is "something you write with your butt". You have to sit down in your work room for a long time, listening to many various songs to create good music. This is why YouTube is one of the things I watch the most. Rather than going to clubs, and talking with younger people outside, it helps me a lot more to listen to from Africa and Balkans on YouTube." - Then as a commercial composer, what are your thoughts on the flow of pop music market? "First of all, my music is based on Western music. I've lived all my life exposed to the American music. Based on this, I think the Hispanic Latin pop music will be very dominating for some time. Also if I could pick one more, it's a mixture of genre. We used to think hip hop and EDM were incompatible but there are many songs these days that have both genres. With this kind of border falling apart, I think songs with Latin pop as the base will become popular." - Then what kind of music do you think survives in the pop music market? "Does surviving mean something great? I think it would have its own worth even if it's consumed for a short period and disappear. However, the music we want to create is music that will remain in one's memory. Like "Gwanghwamun Sonata" by Lee Moonsae that comes to my mind whenever I go to Jungdonggil, Seoul." - Many say that AI could replace the creator's field like composers. "I have listened to songs composed by AI. They really make good songs. I personally think that AI will play a great role even in the music creating field. I think the singers, producers, and composers would have to decide how they are going to choose and tune the songs made by AI." - We're curious about the reaction of JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jinyong who you have stayed as a family for a long time. Was he envious? "Never. Jinyounghyung isn't a person who gets jealous of things like this. He's someone who I think is the coolest. Jinyounghyung was the first person I thought of when BTS became this successful. Jinyounghyung was the very first person I spoke on the phone when they won the award at the Billboard Awards and I called Jinyoung hyung at the airport when I came to this year's AMAs." - The gayo industry is very interested in "the after (group) of BTS" "We are preparing but now isn't the time to mention them. Our priority is to focus on BTS." - Future goals? "Modelling. For the 2nd or the third BTS, we have to analysis the road walked by BTS to create "success formula". Right now, I can't say, "You should do this and you will be as successful as BTS" but I think I could talk about it by next year. Like how we have many hallyu groups that followed SM's Mr. Lee Sooman's success formula that was created by advancing Boa to Japan, we will create a success formula for BTS's advance in the US and overseas markets." ◆ Success formula picked by Park Sihyuk 1. they talk about their stories "They sang about subjects like pain, pressure, and school violence that the 10s and 20s listeners can deeply relate to." 2. they followed the KPOP principles "Performance and visual, good looks, great dances, and talents which can supplement language barrier. This works all around the world." 3. Angling towards the fans' level "We didn't limit their SNS. We let them do whatever they wanted. Just like any average person around their age. The fans felt a sense of closeness seeing stars using SNS just like them." 4. Contents rather than marketing "When we followed the youth story of peers, we found the keyword "growth". Just like how the youths grown, even BTS's own growth connected to their contents" Original post Responses I like the article (445) This is heartwarming (15)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (0) I want the next part of this article (1) + I recommend this article to the main page +327 1. I think they didn't have to restrict them because the members are good-natured. I also think he was able to tell them to talk about their own stories because he was earnest. it's like father, like son... I'm really happy to see the members I support working with such amazing leader... +587 -5 2. I'm touched because I can always feel how much Bang Sihyuk cares and loves BTS. I think the fact he doesn't look at them commercially touches me the most... and his extensive knowledge and view of music are so cool. I hope Bighit will continue to do well +435 -3 3. thank you for the nice article ^^ Even the exclusive interview with BTS published a few days ago was touching too! this is an article I can really feel the sincerity +415 -3 4. I'm sure he's a good leader. I think BTS will become more successful. Thanks for the nice article +375 -1 5. I read every word. I will support you to be more successful in the future +363 -3 6. Many said they were targetting other countries from the beginning but I think they got more international core fans naturally because of BTS's song, lyrics, and message of youths which foreign fans could relate to. Thank you for the nice interview. I enjoyed reading +117 -1 7. Wow I really enjoyed. This is a very nice interview. I will cheer you endlessly +94 -0 8. I was curious about the person who created BTS and it was Bang Sihyuk... this is so cool, touching and beautiful. Fighting. +86 -0 9. Thank you for making BTS +83 -0 10. thank you for the nice article! +72 -0 Eng Trans By :@peachisoda
  6. BTS Surge Up Album & Song Charts Following American Music Awards Performance By Jeff Benjamin | November 28, 2017 9:47 PM EST BTS performs onstage during the 2017 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 19, 2017 in Los Angeles. Kevin Winter/Getty Images U.S. viewers are digging "DNA" (and "Go Go" and "Mic Drop" and basically the entire "Love Yourself: Her" EP). BTS continue to reap the benefits of their live U.S. television debut at the 2017 American Music Awards by surging on multiple charts. After wowing the crowd with their performance of "DNA" -- with their fans filling Microsoft Theater with their chants -- the group saw big gains when it came to their latest EP and single. Read more: BTS Brings 'DNA' & Flashy Choreography to 2017 AMAs Impressively, BTS' Love Yourself: Her returns to the Billboard 200, jumping back in at No. 198 on the ranking, after moving just over 1,000 copies in the week ending Nov. 23. Streaming was the main factor in helping Her surge back to the Billboard 200 with the album garnering 12 million total on-demand streams in the week, according to Nielsen Music. This marks the seventh week that the EP has spent on the chart, extending their record as the longest-running K-pop release on the tally ever. (K-pop fans may wonder how if BTS landed on the Billboard 200 that they only rank at No. 2 on the World Albums chart and that is due to the World Albums chart only counting sales and not streaming points. As previously reported, Red Velvet sold 2,000 copies of their latest record Perfect Velvet, which was enough to put them at No. 1 while BTS is at No. 2.) Read more: BTS at the 2017 AMAs: The Overwhelming Fan Response You Didn't See on Camera Interest in the group also extended to their songs which saw gains in downloads and streaming across the board. "DNA" sold 3,000 digital tracks, according to Nielsen Music, allowing the single to return back to its No. 1 spot on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart. The hard-hitting electro-pop track previously spent two weeks at No. 1 upon release. Also notably, BTS had huge gains on song streaming, particularly with "DNA" increasing 99 percent to 5.6 million streams in the tracking week following the AMAs. But fans weren't just checking out the performed song either: Love Yourself cut "Go Go" increased 10 percent to 1.5 million streams, as did "Mic Drop" which increased 36 percent to 1.3 million streams. With so many new members recruited to the band's famous Army fanbase, look out for "Mic Drop" to further rise on the charts next week as its official remix with Steve Aoki and Desiigner was released last Friday, Nov. 24, and was performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, Nov. 27. You can watch the official music video below:
  7. On November 19th (local time), BTS performed at the "2017 American Music Awards" held at Microsoft Theatre in California, LA. "AMAs" is a traditionally the place that draws great attention to both the winners and the artists who perform at the event that represents the US pop music industry. BTS set a new record once again on this special stage. This history isn't only a history for BTS since this will be recorded in the pop history as well. # The only boy group BTS is the only boy group that went on this year's "AMAs" stage. In the past few years, there hasn't been a boy group superstar in the pop music industry. BTS's stage reminded the musical attraction and excitement of stage performance of boyband to the viewers. The special charm of boyband that is created by the perfect group choreography and the beautiful vocal harmonies of the members was perfectly displayed by BTS. The solo performances by Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers, Niall Horan of One Direction were followed by BTS's stage and this was the moment that declared who is the next generation boyband. # The only non-English song Strictly speaking, "AMAs" is a US pop music awards ceremony. Singers who perform in the US with songs written in English and speak English as their native language are invited to the event to perform on stage. Among this year's "AMAs" performers, Swedish DJ Alesso is the only Non-English speaking performer along with BTS. However, even Alesso performed on stage with Hailee Steinfeld, Florida George Line and other US musicians with English songs. This shows that US music market has a thick language barrier so the fact that BTS performed at the "AMAs" with a Korean song is special. And it's not common to see US fans singing along to Korean songs. # The only Asian singer It's not common to see Korean singer, let alone an Asian singer to perform at the "AMAs". The rock and country genre are strictly dominated by the whites with R&B and Hip Hop dominated by the black Americans in the US pop market. Even the Latin American singers who are geographically closer to the US only began to stand on the "AMAs" stage recently. The fact that BTS received equal treatment like the other American world-class pop stars and had the chance to perform at the event is a historical incident throughout the pop music history. The future performance of Asian singers after BTS's performance is something we can look forward to and it looks like we will soon see Asian singers entering the US pop culture industry. BTS isn't only breaking the language barrier in music. They're also breaking down the racial barriers. # The only debut stage "AMAs" stage was BTS's US TV debut stage. "AMAs" invites musicians who have proven their live and music performances among the singers who promoted actively during that year in the US. From Christina Aguilera's tribute stage for Whitney Houston to Diana Ross who received the Lifetime Achievement Award and performed the ending stage of the event- these are top stars who have proven their talents by performing tens and hundreds of concerts and stages on TV in America. Nevertheless, the fact that "AMAs" suggested this exceptional stage to BTS this year is a proof that tells us the US pop music industry wholeheartedly trusts BTS's talent and growth possibility. # Passionate audiences Singers who performed at this year's "AMAs" all focused to present splendid and spectacular stages. Singers like Selena Gomez who presented a musical like stage, Lady GaGa who invited the "AMAs" team to her own concert hall, Portugal. The Man who mobilized big band, and Pink who performed while climbing up the side of the building all presented elaborate performances. These stages made our jaws drop but it was BTS's stage that really got everyone enjoy the music and performance per se. During the actual broadcast, "AMAs" cameras busily captured the audience enthusiastically cheering while watching BTS's stage. This was the moment that showed us BTS's existence in the US pop music market. Original article here translations by peachisoda Responses I like the article (6238) This is heartwarming (123)This makes me sad (3) I'm angry (31) I want the next part of this article (25) + I recommend this article to the main page +3500 1. What you are saying is correct from beginning to end♡ +2084 -17 2. I always support the path they're taking~~ +1743 -14 3. I guess it's safe for us to now call them the real superstars? Who could argue... if you still do say something negative, you're a bad person for real +1721 -18 4. My BTS pride is rising again♡ +1593 -12 5. They're so cool no matter how many times I see them. Let's only walk on flower path~ +1501 -13 6. ㅎㅎ and they didn't even go to the after party but the members did a V App live instead and thanked the fans. They're so polite and humble. I fell in love again yesterday... I really respect my singer who doesn't change no matter how famous they get~~~♥♥♥♥ +313 -5 7. No words were needed~ I thought BTS was on a Korean music show the entire time I was watching the live broadcast ㅎㅎ seriously I got goosebumps when I saw international fans singing in Korean!! +281 -5 8. this is a great article! thank you! +215 -0 9. I watched with my eyes, heard with my ears and felt with my own skin... do not mistreat BTS in any way +196 -0 10. You can't escape from BTS ㅠㅠ I'm so happy stanning BTS +172 -0
  8. Group BTS will spend the New Year with the Americans. BTS has recently confirmed their appearance on US ABC New Year Special program, "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2018". On the 22nd, BTS's company representative revealed to OSEN, "It's true that BTS recently recorded "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve"." However, they did not answer when we asked them what song or what type of stage they performed during the recording. BTS took part in the pre-recording or "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" in the US recently. They're the first KPOP group and the second Korean singer after 5 years since PSY's appearance. "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" is an annual year-end show that broadcasts special stage at the New York Times Square from December 31st evening till early morning of January 1st. original article here translations by peachisoda Responses I like the article (888) This is heartwarming (24)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (2) I want the next part of this article (2) + I recommend this article to the main page +574 1. This is daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ wow BTS is seriously unbeatable +314 -1 2. BTS is unbeatable. daebak (shivers) +229 -2 3. wow congratulations +205 -1 4. As expected from BTS!! +192 -1 5. Now we've got to follow New Year special shows aired in other countries too? The joy of searching and watching. BTS! +40 -0 6. This is how famous they're in other countries but... Korean journalists show no interest if you're not from a big company ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS, I always support you... +35 -0 7. wow daebak. I'm waiting for it to broadcast +32 -0 8. what is this seriously ㅋㅋㅋ what's happening outside Korea ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but it seems like Korean media isn't interested much... +30 -0 9. I major music and honestly I don't think I've seen recently seen any artist like this group that mesmerizes... the only flaw is that it's hard to feel satisfied by watching other talented artists after watching this team's contents. Genre doesn't really matter (classic, etc). I'm really curious how they could be so perfect +25 -0 10. this is weird... Korean media aren't talking about their achievements a lot.. it's weird.. this is a great achievement tho.. +23 -0
  9. BTS has definitely gone global. The Korean boy band was greeted by hundreds of fans at LAX airport on Tuesday as they landed in the U.S. ahead of their performance at Sunday's 2017 American Music Awards -- and has plans to take their show on the road to meet even more of America's ARMY. "Our fans, ARMY, I love you," J-Hope told ET's Denny Directo during an interview at their AMAs rehearsal on Wednesday, as the band opened up about their upcoming 2018 world tour. "We will visit more cities, and I think we will definitely be like, adding more stages. I don't know the particular time of when we will be coming back [to the U.S.], but it will definitely be doper and bigger," RM revealed. "It's gonna really happen." EXCLUSIVE: BTS Opens Up About Their Love Lives and Share the Meaning of ‘True Love’ "Yeah, of course," J-Hope added of whether he, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V and Suga plan to perform tour dates in Europe and Brazil as well. "We just finished this tour named Wings, and I think it is going to be like, a new series for the tour, so of course including United States, it'll happen, I think. I hope it will happen everywhere, every continent," RM shared. "We want it too." Recording music in English might be less of a priority for the group, though they're definitely breaking into the U.S. market. "We're releasing our new song, 'MIC Drop' remix with Steve Aoki and Desiigner next week. It's going to be like, an English version of something, so I think we will try some versions like that later," RM explained, as the band dished on who they hope to collaborate next. EXCLUSIVE: BTS Celebrate Their Biggest Album Ever and Reveal What They Love About Themselves J-Hope and the guys pressured Jungkook to reveal his love for Justin Bieber, which he confirmed. "Yeah." V, meanwhile, revealed his desire to work with Daniel Caesar. "I love him," he raved. As for RM's wishlist? That would be "Sabrina Claudio, Drake and, of course, Migos." For now, however, the group is focused on their upcoming AMAs performance -- which RM teased they couldn't be more "ready" for. RELATED: BTS: Everything You Need to Know About the K-Pop Boy Band Ready to Take Over the World "We're going to do it like we always have been," he declared. See more on BTS in the video below. (Source: Entertainment Tonight)
  10. BTS to appear on famous talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live [171108 Newsen: Reporter Bae Hyojoo] Group BTS are set to make an appearance on famous American talk show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'. While in California, Los Angeles for the upcoming American Music Awards on November 19, BTS will take time out of their schedule to participate in filming for Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Jimmy Kimmel Live late night talk show hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been airing on ABC as a flagship program since January 2003. Meanwhile, BTS will perform at the 2017 American Music Awards in Los Angeles as the first Kpop representative on November 19. [article source]
  11. CREDITS TO SOOMPI As promised through hints from both Steve Aoki and Desiigner themselves, a collaboration between the musicians and BTS will finally be hitting the airwaves! On November 7, Big Hit Entertainment confirmed that BTS will be releasing a remix of a b-side track “MIC Drop” from their recent “Love Yourself: Her” album. The track was remixed by DJ Steve Aoki, and will feature Desiigner rapping. The group’s agency explained that the remix’s surprise release is to repay fans worldwide for their meaningful success and for showing BTS so much love during their most recent comeback. Steve Aoki had previously confirmed that he was working on a collaboration with BTS, while Desiigner also hinted at something when he met up with BTS recently. This exciting remix of “MIC Drop” is set to be released worldwide on November 17. Meanwhile, BTS is set to perform at the 2017 American Music Awards on November 19, soon after the track’s release. Source (1) (2) - - - well hot damn.
  12. BTS Invited to the American Music Awards: Three Proven Truths [171106 SBSfunE: Reporter Lee Jungah] BTS will perform on stage at the American Music Awards. On November 19 (local Korean time), BTS will become the first Kpop group to be invited to and perform on-stage at the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs) at the Microsoft Theatre in California, Los Angeles. The AMA is one of the most prestigious music awards shows in American pop culture along with the Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards. It is a big event garnering approximately 10 million viewers each year throughout America alone. This year, BTS is in the performer line-up and although they have not been nominated for any categories, to be performing on one of the biggest stages in the US pop industry proves three facts. # BTS’ True Status in the US Until now, some aspects of Kpop have been distorted in their introduction to the US. Much of the explosive Asian pop music to have entered the US market have been purposefully exaggerated to gain the attention of mainstream American media. Even as they were announced the winners of the Billboard Top Social Artist Award, BTS received disparaging opinions disregarding their achievement and the result. Assertions were made that the validity of winning a social media popularity award could be exaggerated, and as such, simply could not be verified. This invitation to perform at the AMAs therefore presents a sharp rebuttal of such views. If one understands the nature of the AMAs, that it is one of the biggest music awards shows in the US, then this all becomes clear. While the Grammy Awards is considered the world's biggest music awards show, the AMAs are one of the more thorough awards shows when it comes to their winners selection process by accounting for the popularity of music through voting, overall sales figures, airplay time, and performance and public popularity among other factors in the United States. As such, it is difficult for artists unknown in the US to appear on the AMAs. Their upcoming AMAs performance is a direct reflection of the objective significance that ranking #7 on the Billboard 200 album chart demonstrated. # BTS’ Proven Live Performance As grand a music show as the AMAs, the performances are equally known for their magnificent productions. It is thus fair to say that the performers are given almost as much attention and respect as the winners. Once the show comes to a close, articles discussing the appraisal and analysis of the headline performances will no doubt abound. The event is considered the most popular music awards show due not only to the amount of attention and speculation it brings prior to the event, but also because live broadcast coverage by ABC – America’s biggest broadcasting network – is one of the biggest viewership rating drawcards annually, simultaneously bringing in approximately 10 million viewers. In essence, artists who are unable to put on a grand performance have no way of gracing the stage. Prior to the announcement of BTS, Christina Aguilera and Selena Gomez, who have previously given perfect performances, were also confirmed for the performer line-up. BTS’ invitation to the AMAs verifies their performances to be of world-class. Tickets to their December show in Seoul’s Gocheok Skydome have sold out, and during their sold-out WINGS TOUR through North and South America, South East Asia, Australia and Japan this year, they held a total of 40 concerts in 19 cities and played to an audience of 550000 people. The invitation to perform at the AMAs presents not only a wider, grander-scale audience for BTS, but also identifies them as of equal standing to other worldwide pop stars, both directionally and in their performance ability. Hence, rather than what will come in the aftermath of their AMA performance, it is the anticipation leading up to it that clearly reflects the calibre of their ability as performers. # Their Method of Entering the US (Music) Mainstream Through their official website, the AMAs hyped up BTS’ DNA performance by highlighting their “official debut on American broadcast”. Until now, American media have referred to Kpop artists as merely an active subculture, but by referring to BTS as the ‘new cultural phenomenon’ and directly announcing the title of the song they are expected to perform, BTS’ significance is emphasised to convey a somewhat different attitude of respect. This is presumably because they have managed to breakthrough mainstream American culture. For Kpop artists, to perform onstage in the US is generally recognised as being an ideal ‘dream stage.’ In fact, as the music industry worldwide revolves largely around that of the US, there has always been a yearning to break into America through whatever means necessary. It is true that Kpop has tried to break into the US market using various methods of trial-and-error. In the case of BTS, they didn't officially establish a formula to break into the US market. However, having now been acknowledged as part of the mainstream culture in America, it seems that that has been the natural result of BTS’ activities and promotions to this date. While consistently working on their own music, through this music they've garnered fans, and though they had not set out specifically to conquer American territory, it merely became another place where their fanbase was established. Now, BTS’ fans are a part of the mainstream American music scene. [article source]
  13. American Media Spotlight is on BTS’ K-pop First Participation in the AMAs [171106 OSEN: Reporter Seon Migyeong] More than 10 influential American media names including Forbes, Billboard, Entertainment Tonight and the Hollywood Reporter have all reported on BTS’ upcoming performance in the American Music Awards. On November 3rd KST, Forbes published an article titled “Rising K-Pop Superstars BTS will perform at the AMAs.” In it, they mention that “BTS’ music highlights the plight of the millennial generation and they’ve rewritten history and broken records on American music charts due to the support of their devoted fans ‘ARMY’, and their growing influence on social media." While the pairing between the AMAs and a Korean idol group may seem unique, BTS revealed that it can be seen as a sign of the growing globalisation within the US music industry. In regards to their upcoming awards show performance, Billboard also reported “Soon after the announcement that BTS were in the line-up to perform at AMAs, their fans, ARMY, managed to trend worldwide with the #BTSxAMAs hashtag.” Furthermore, media outlets such as Hollywood Reporter and PopCrush expressed great expectations for BTS and announced that the countdown to BTS’ era had begun. BTS’ K-pop first attendance and performance at the 2017 American Music Awards will air on November 19th in Los Angeles. [article source]
  14. BTS Invited to the American Music Awards: The First for A K-pop Group [171103 X-Sports: Reporter Kim Miji] In a first for a K-pop group, BTS has been invited to perform at the American Music Awards, one of the big three American music awards shows. It was revealed on November 3rd that BTS were invited to perform at the 2017 American Music Awards, to be held in California, Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theater on the 19th. It is a first for a K-pop group to be invited to perform at an American music awards show. After garnering immense worldwide popularity for their LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ album and its title track DNA, their performance of DNA at the event will be aired live to American audiences on ABC. Along with the Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Music Awards, the American Music Awards are currently considered as the most influential music awards shows in America, with symbolic artists selected to participate in proceedings. Having participated in the Billboard Music Awards last May, and now receiving an official invitation to the American Music Awards, BTS are bringing K-pop to a global level. Meanwhile, on the 4th of November, BTS will hold their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE Ⅲ THE WINGS TOUR in Macau. [article source]
  15. Beyond Music, Through Actions BTS X UNICEF’s Special Collaboration 'LOVE MYSELF' [171101 Jonghap News: Reporter Lee Hana] Emerging as a global trend, BTS have emphasised the importance of communicating about real-life issues through their music since debut. The LOVE MYSELF Campaign, run jointly with UNICEF, aims to raise funds to provide aid directly to teens and youth going through difficulties throughout the world. On November 1st at 11am, BTS and Big Hit launched their LOVE MYSELF campaign to eradicate violence against children and teens globally at the Korean Committee for UNICEF in Changjeon-dong Mapo-gu in Seoul. On this day, the event was attended by Big Hit’s CEO Bang Shihyuk, BTS and the Secretary General for UNICEF, Seo Daewon, to unveil the purpose of and future plans for the campaign. Secretary General Seo Daewon announced “I know that the name BTS is synonymous with the determination to protect children and youth from societal prejudice and oppression, as well as to boldly stand up for their music and values. We consider this an important value in alignment with the UN’s Rights of the Child Treaty, which at the root of UNICEF’s activities, guarantees that all minors under 18 years of age are entitled to express themselves freely and safely.” With this in mind, “BTS’ LOVE MYSELF campaign joins forces with the ENDviolence campaign to eradicate violence against children. We believe that by loving and believing in oneself, we can then spread love to those around us and work to advance society and nations positively. This is the message BTS want to convey through this campaign.” They explained further “We hope that our love and message will be a great consolation for the children and youth worldwide who are going through hardships due to the wounds inflicted by violence.” Since their debut in 2013, BTS has repeatedly touched on the concerns of youth, and in their latest album release LOVE YOURSELF HER, they convey the message that ‘To find true love, you must first learn to love yourself.’ As such, BTS’ participation in this campaign is an extension of these views and Bang Shihyuk CEO emphasises the nature of the campaign as being ‘identical’ to the message portrayed in LOVE YOURSELF HER. Bang Shihyuk explains “The campaign revealed today aims to actively give back to society as a way to pay back the love Big Hit and BTS have received during this time. Up until now, Big Hit and BTS have worked hard to positively influence their surroundings through music. This campaign will expand our artistic influence beyond just music and directly to society.” It was revealed that “Starting this past September, and developing over the next 2 years with BTS’ LOVE MYSELF series, we aim to bring attention to repairing one’s self-esteem and confidence, and with this newfound perspective, to then convey the message to spread this love towards others.” Rap Monster said “‘No More Dream’, ‘Baepsae’ or ‘Dope’ seem to fit the aims of the campaign well. In addition to the LOVE MYSELF series, stories about the process of learning to love oneself has always been emphasised in our works since debut.” While their music releases have been filled with references to such messages, he expressed that “Since debut, we have managed to receive so much love that if we could return even a little of what was given to us, then we would be extremely happy.” He adds that “As just 7 people, we don’t think BTS can change the world. However, by using phrases like ‘LOVE MYSELF’ and ‘ENDviolence’, I think we can make progress in a positive direction with the many people who love us by building up one’s self-esteem and confidence.” With this, Jungkook discloses a special episode directly related to UNICEF. “While on tour abroad, we saw many promotional videos about UNICEF. I thought if we received an envelope to sponsor, we would be able to participate, so I waited to receive the envelope but was never given one. Although we couldn’t participate then, I’m honoured to be able to contribute this time around,” he expressed. Suga says “I think it’s the process of expanding on and fulfilling the messages that I’d heard of through music in the past, and this is just the first step. Please show us even more attention in the future.” Under the agreement, BTS and Big Hit plan to raise funds through LOVE MYSELF for the Korean Committee for UNICEF and their #ENDviolence campaign, starting with a 500 million won donation, 3% of sales from all albums in the LOVE YOURSELF series over the upcoming 2 years, all profits made from sales of official campaign goods, and general donations made to the fund itself. Bang Shihyuk PD explains that “As artists, we are concerned about participation in societal exchanges. During the course of this year’s ‘Wings Tour’, the members shared various concerns, and among these, one was the plight of the youth and younger generations and the need to create a warmer and more beautiful society. This campaign aligns with BTS’ musical promotions perfectly to create an almost ‘identical twin-like’ identity.” Again, Bang PD reinforces that this campaign is not a once-off charity work. He explains about the partnership with UNICEF saying “We are not once-off honorary ambassadors for this charity, but rather, have sought to create a campaign to promote change towards a warmer society from a long-term perspective. With 70 years of experience and involvement in promotional campaigns to facilitate societal change, we believe that there is no better partner that understands both our philosophy and vision than UNICEF.” More information about the campaign can be found via UNICEF’s website, the campaign’s official webpage, and through the use and sharing of the hashtags #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence through social media channels/SNS. Official campaign goods are expected to launch sometime in December. [article source]
  16. Bang Shihyuk "A World In Need of Healing, BTS Conveying the True Meaning of Love" [171101 Joy News 24: Reporter Lee Miyoung] Big Hit’s Producer Bang Shihyuk explains why BTS initiated their global LOVE MYSELF Campaign. On the morning of November 1st, Bang Shihyuk PD attended the Korean Committee for UNICEF’s unveiling of the ‘Global Eradication of Violence Towards Children and Teens Campaign’ in Changjeon-dong Mapo-gu in Seoul to reveal their campaign agenda and future plans. Bang Shihyuk reveals, "The ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign differs from other charity works as Big Hit and BTS aim to go beyond their music to facilitate a place for societal exchange. By doing so, Big Hit and BTS transcend their roles as artists and musicians as a means of expanding their reach and influence. For those living in the same generation as BTS, we’ve come to express empathy through our music.” While we live through a time in need of healing, Bang Shihyuk states “Over the next two years, while the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign will run, we want to demonstrate the true meaning of love. In loving oneself through a mature perspective, I think this can provide a source of opportunity to view society and others warmly,” he revealed of the intent behind the campaign’s plans. Additionally, he says “The message that BTS and Big Hit want to convey through their LOVE MYSELF campaign and our interest in restoring one’s own confidence and self-esteem, is to ‘truly love, as much as I love myself, let’s also love others.’ Bang Shihyuk PD adds “Through interacting with BTS’ content, we wish to give others enjoyment while becoming pivotal in playing a big role in making society a warmer and more mature place.” The LOVE YOURSELF campaign was created by BTS with the view to change society, and in collaboration with UNICEF’s ENDviolence campaign, has developed a novel format for eradicating violence against children and teens around the world. It is noteworthy that they are the first Korean artists to forge a partnership with UNICEF to actively participate in addressing issues affecting the world on a global scale. Under the agreement, BTS and Big Hit plan to raise funds through LOVE MYSELF for the Korean Committee for UNICEF and their ENDviolence campaign, starting with a 500 million won donation, 3% of sales from all albums in the LOVE YOURSELF series over the upcoming 2 years, all profits made from sales of official campaign goods, and general donations made to the fund itself. Since their debut in 2013, BTS have given voice to the struggles of youth and younger generations via their music, and in their latest LOVE YOURSELF album, they convey their message of “Let’s find true love by first learning to love ourselves.” This time, with the help of LOVE MYSELF, this message can be actualised through not only their words but also their deeds. The campaign can be checked out via UNICEF’s website etc. and on social channels/SNS through the use and sharing of hashtags. Anyone who wants to provide support for youth affected by violence and suffering can do so by participating in the LOVE MYSELF campaign, and through the sales of official campaign goods launching sometime in December. [article source]
  17. BTS "2017 Best Achievement Billboard Hot 100 Entry" (Hot People 13) [171101 Joy News 24: Reporter Lee Miyoung] "We are very excited and happy to have entered the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ chart. To have made such a great achievement brings us much happiness.” 2017 is the year BTS’ dreams have become reality: to conquer Billboard, ‘the chart of our dreams,’ and to shake up the domestic (Korean) music market. Fans from all over the world have watched BTS rewrite the history books every day. The achievements of BTS have in no time, become a significant milestone in the history of K-pop. In a survey conducted from the 15-24th of October by Joy News to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the company`s establishment, BTS was selected as the #1 ranked ‘2017 Best K-pop Brand’ by 200 individuals within the entertainment industry. By an overwhelming number of votes, BTS were unrivalled for the position and also demonstrated their dominance in various surveys coming in second in both the ‘2017 Entertainment Industry Power People’ and ‘2017 Best Artist’ lists. The Joy News 24 team also selected BTS as the ‘Hot People 13’ of the year. BTS’ achievements are outstanding. Above all, it is remarkable that the album 'LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' has made such a significant impact on the music industry worldwide. DNA is the first song from a Korean group to enter Billboard’s Hot 100 and remain on the list for four consecutive weeks, and the album the first to enter the Billboard 200 chart and remain there for 5 straight weeks. Additionally, BTS have continued their record-breaking streak by becoming the first Korean artists to come in at #14 on the UK’s Official Album Chart. Domestically, within 13 days of the album’s release, 1.2 million copies were sold, breaking a 16-year long record for album sales set by G.O.D.’s 4th album. What’s more remarkable about these results is that BTS have shown steady growth and development through their music and level of involvement and planning. Starting out as ‘idols who had nothing*’ from a small-sized company, BTS have found their own way to pioneer change in the music market and, as such, expand their territory and reach. *[T/N] The term 흙수저 아이돌 used here literally translates to ‘dirt-spooned idols’ (as opposed to silver-spooned). BTS’ solid foundation lies in their impressive performances. The seven members have wowed fans around the world with and received attention for their sharp and dynamic performances. Since their debut, they began to gain sympathy from fans by portraying the stories and emotions of their peers in their 20s to 30s throughout the series of albums released. BTS’ success is not just through luck, but because they have the skills and ability to accomplish it. Today, more than yesterday, and tomorrow, more than today, we anticipate what BTS has in store. At achieving first place in Joy News 24’s ‘2017 Best K-pop Brand’, BTS express their happiness and share some of their upcoming plans. The following is a Q&A interview with BTS. BTS has been ranked the number 1 ‘2017 Best K-pop Brand’ in a survey to commemorate Joy News 24’s 13th year of establishment. How do you feel? "We’re really happy. It feels like this is all possible because of our many fans’ love. Thank you to our fans."(SG) "Being ranked number 1 is amazing no matter what, but to be named the ‘Best K-pop Brand’ makes me extremely proud and happy. In the future, we’ll work even harder to spread and advance Kpop.”(JH) "I’m really thankful and will work even harder to show a cooler image to ARMY."(V) " I think these outcomes are a result of the great synergy between ARMY and BTS. ARMY, I love you all!"(J) "Thanks and thanks again for the good news. There’s no greater honour than to be chosen by individuals within the entertainment industry itself. I will devote myself even more to my craft."(RM) "Thank you, it’s a big honour. As much as we’ve been chosen for this title, we’ll show an even better image in future."(JK) "It’s an unimaginable result. We think it’s such an honour for BTS to be considered in such distinction. "(JM) 2017 has been a year of many significant achievements. (Staying on Billboard’s Hot 100 for four straight weeks and selling over 1.2 million copies of your album etc). what do you consider your biggest achievement so far? "Entering Billboard’s Hot 100 was amazing and I was really happy."(SG) "I’m really happy that we’ve been able to have such big achievements. I think it’s this moment right now."(JH) "Billboard’s Hot 100."(V) "Good results are important, but everything that ARMY have done for us have been great. I’m happy."(J) "To achieve our dream of being on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and for four weeks straight with a song sung in Korean, is the most special achievement. It was (also) very surprising to reach #90 in the UK Single Chart."(RM) "I think it’s the steady support and love we receive from the people who listen to our Korean songs despite coming from many other countries, near and far."(JK) "It seems like it might be our relationship with our fans and the relationship between the members. The reason we’ve made it to this point is because we know each other so well.”(JM) Your goal for this album to enter the said Hot 100 chart has become a reality. What do you think about achieving each of your goals one by one? "I think it’s all because of our fans. I’m always thankful and love you all."(SG) "It’s really amazing. I can’t believe that as soon as we mentioned it, it came true. Because we worked hard to reach our goals, I feel a great sense of achievement."(JH) "It really seems like we’ve achieved our goals. It’s great and I want to continue down this path with ARMY for a long time."(V) "I want to thank those who love us and hope to continue forward step-by-step with them."(J) "We tell ourselves "don’t expect too much" but still continue to have these expectations. We will never forget that many people have helped us (get where we are) and will proceed with these thoughts in mind. Even though we constantly hold new and bigger aspirations for ourselves, we won’t forget what drove us to this point and where we started from."(RM) "I think we’re very lucky to be able to do what we do and receive the love and opportunities we get. As far as we’ve come, I personally think there still needs to be much development and growth."(JK) "Honestly, it’s surprising that each one of our goals have one by one been achieved, to the point that it’s shocking. Of course, all of it is due to our fans’ overflowing love. Therefore, I want to do even better and, at the same time, I’m curious about how much farther we can go."(JM) BTS is K-pop’s newest role model and the centre of the Korean/Hallyu wave. The LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' album is rewriting K-pop history by receiving so much love from fans worldwide. What do you think the success of DNA lies in? "Our brotherhood. The fact that we love and believe in one another seems like a big part of it."(SG) "I’d like to think it’s the hard work and passion. I always try to work hard, that’s something I’m passionate about maintaining, and it seems like that’s a big factor leading to our steady success."(JH) "The chemistry between the members and all of our fans worldwide."(V) "It’s love. Because we have ARMY’s love, I think we can achieve everything we want."(J) "I’d like to think it’s the complete sincerity in ours and the fans’ blood, sweat and tears."(RM) "I want to show the fans my heart and sincerity through my efforts, growth and varied appearances and images. "(JK) "ARMY. DNA."(JM) Not much is left of 2017. Do you have any news you’d like to convey to Joy News 24 and your fans? "It seems like there’ll be more exciting things happening. It would be good if you could anticipate them."(SG) "In the future, we’ll show you more good music and performances. The path we are walking is always good news~”(JH) "We’ll continue to always tirelessly show ARMY great performances and handsome appearances so please keep an eye on us."(V) "It would be good to stay happy and healthy always, both our members and all our fans!"(J) "Better things will be happening soon. Really, we’ll continue to show even better sides of us to everyone."(RM) "As quickly as time has passed, it seems we’re also gradually maturing. This happened because of everyone’s love. As much as we’ve grown, I feel like we must show an even bigger and better image so that even cooler things can happen in future."(JK) "There’s still plenty of time left for us this year. Before the end of the year, I want to say that it would be good if we can remember all the memories from this year, and I love you and thank you to everyone who has watched over and loved us."(JM) [article source]
  18. "BTS 7 Blimps, 'Love Myself' Campaign Teaser" [171101 Daily Sports: Reporter Hwang Jiyoung] Group BTS' blimps flown over their hometowns have been revealed to be a teaser for their campaign. On the 1st (of November), at the Korean Committee for UNICEF Convention, BTS took part in sponsoring the 'Global Eradication of Violence Towards Children and Teens Campaign Agreement' aimed at ensuring safe and healthy lives for all children and teens without the fear of violence. Big Hit Entertainment's director Bang Shihyuk and UNICEF's secretary general were also present to reveal the campaign's purpose and future plans. During the convention, BTS unveiled their 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign in collaboration with UNICEF to work towards social change to eradicate violence against children and teens through the overarching 'ENDviolence' campaign. The 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign by BTS begins with restoring one another's love and confidence to enable everyone to embrace others and work towards producing a more mature and warm change in the world by making a difference in others' lives. UNICEF revealed that it was difficult to hide the significance of the message behind the 'LOVE MYSELF' campaign undertaken during the period of October 16-31st when the blimps were sequentially flown over each member's hometowns. Jimin's blimp containing the message 'I love the sea of Busan' was flown over Song-do in Busan, while Jin's message 'I'll always love ARMY' was flown over Gwacheon. In Geochang, V's blimp shared 'I love my hometown' and Jungkook's 'I love my bros. BTS Forever' was flown over Busan's Haewoondae beach. In Gwangju, J-Hope shared 'I love you, mum,' Suga's in Daegu with 'I love music, I love my life!' and RM's in Ilsan Hosu Park with 'I wish I could love myself.' BTS and Big Hit have created a 'LOVE MYSELF' fund and plan to donate 500 million won to the Korean Committee for UNICEF in November. It will also raise funds over at least the next two years, donating 3% of the proceeds of their "LOVE YOURSELF" series in December, all profits from the sales of their official goods, and a general campaign to raise funds publically. [article source]
  19. BTS, Breaking Records with Six Consecutive Weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart [171101 Star News: Reporter Kim Hyunrok] Group BTS' LOVE YOURSELF 'Her' album has remained on the Billboard 200 chart for six consecutive weeks. According to the charts released by Billboard on October 31st (local Korean time), LOVE YOURSELF 'Her' reappears at #144 on the Billboard 200. As such, the album, released in September, has charted at #7, #25, #35, #15, #86 and now #144 over the past six weeks, setting a new record as the longest charting album for a K-pop artist. Apart from the Billboard 200, BTS continue to appear in the Artist 100 at #38, the Canadian Hot 100 chart at #97, the World Albums Chart at #3 and even climbing seven places in the Canadian Albums chart from last week's #24 to #17. They remain at #1 on the Social 50 chart for a whopping 46 straight weeks. Meanwhile, on the 4th of November, BTS will hold the Macau leg of their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR. [article source]
  20. "19 Cities, 40 Shows, 550000 people" BTS, World Tour Perfect Sell-out [171031 OSEN News: Reporter Lee Sodam] With group BTS' Wings Tour The Final in Seoul achieving a sell out of tickets, they have rewritten history by having sold out all 40 shows held globally in 19 different cities around the world. Ticketing for their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR FINAL being held over December 8-10th at Gocheok Skydome in Gocheok-dong Guro-gu Seoul, opened on the 27th and 30th of October. In selling out their tickets during the Fanclub membership pre-sale on the 27th and general ticketing sale on the 30th, BTS will perform to an audience of approximately 60000 people over the three days. BTS, who kicked off their Wings Tour on February 18 in Seoul's Gocheok Skydome, have performed to approximately 550000 fans over 19 cities around the world including throughout North and South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and in Japan. Of the 40 shows held, every single one achieved a perfect sell-out, showcasing their undeniable, global ticketing power. On the 4th of November, BTS will hold their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR leg in Macau. [article source]
  21. "Already the Third" BTS, 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' MV breaks 200 million views [171029 Sports Joseon: Reporter Jo Yoonseon] Group BTS' Blood, Sweat & Tears MV has broken 200 million views. On October 29 at 5.47pm, BTS' title song Blood, Sweat & Tears for their second full length album 'Wings' exceeded 200 million views on YouTube. In October last year, the song Blood, Sweat & Tears was released in the style of Moombahton Trap to express the feelings of conflict, temptation and growth in young boys and youth. The music video features the members' performances and sophisticated, sensual visuals, garnering great popularity worldwide despite being over 6 minutes long. As such, BTS has three songs exceeding 200 million views - Dope, Fire and Blood, Sweat & Tears - with eight songs in total surpassing the 100 million view mark, including Boy in Luv, Save Me, Not Today, Spring Day and DNA. Meanwhile, on the 4th of November, BTS will be holding their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE Ⅲ THE WINGS TOUR in Macau. [article source]
  22. We speak to rapper RM of BTS, the seven-member boy group whose ultra-dedicated fanbase have made them the most prominent South Korean act to break the west
  23. BTS, Four Consecutive Weeks on Both Billboard’s 200 Chart and Hot 100 [Daily Sports: Reporter Hwang Jiyoung; 171018] Group BTS has placed on both Billboard charts for four consecutive weeks. On the 17th of October, Billboard revealed that BTS’ single DNA ranked #98 on the Hot 100 chart while their album LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her ranked #15 on the Top 200 list. Last week (local Korean time), BTS climbed up from #35 to a record #15 on the Top 200, rewriting history in their wake. Album sales in America, through online and offline outlets, are reflected in these latest charts. Prior to this, BigHit Entertainment secured a presence in the American market for the album by conducting online and offline sales via various stores including Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Walmart. As Korean artists, BTS are the first group to remain on both of these main Billboard charts for four consecutive weeks. They also come in at #11 for the Artist 100 Chart, #24 and #66 for the Canadian Album and Hot 100 Charts respectively and also reached #1 for the World Albums Chart, all the while remaining #1 on the Social 50 for 44 straight weeks, once again rewriting history and the record books. BTS will hold their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE Ⅲ THE WINGS TOUR in Taiwan from October 21st-22nd. [article source]
  24. [BIZENTER: Reporter Lee Eunho] Group BTS sets an example of the generation benefiting from the new media age. Social media outlets including SNS and Youtube etc. have enabled media content distribution to transcend international boundaries, and through continuous communication with overseas fans, has become the basis for conducting solid activities for foreign and local agencies and corporations. Last month, at the press conference for the release of the mini album LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her, in response to statements about BTS being part of this ‘favoured generation’, member Rap Monster himself explained “Everything we are speaking about right now at this venue can be shared simultaneously throughout the world through media outlets.” By sharing in the growth and development of the media industry, BTS is a frontliner for such trends. Most importantly however, among the current era of idol groups, BTS is the only one to make and break records in such a pioneering way. With the availability of new media providing an equal playing field for everyone, the defining factor for success lies in its engagement and use. It’s not a question of through ‘what’ means BTS is gaining so much attention and fame, but rather ‘how’. Rap Monster alludes to BTS’ aforementioned ‘benefits of media use’ prior to the official press conference. “Because many opinions coexist regarding what the term ‘new media’ encompasses, it is slowly becoming more difficult to maintain a unique colour/flair without being swept away. We’re lucky, but we also know that we must work hard in order to maintain our own unique colour.” In other words, even though media has been of great assistance, in the end, BTS’s popularity can be attributed to their music. BTS puts great emphasis on topics raised through their music. In their debut mini-album talking about dreams and goals, 2 COOL 4 SKOOL, BTS gained sympathy from listeners by incorporating their own personal experiences of youth and the associated feelings of happiness, love, being lost and wandering, conquest, and emergency etc. into their music. The story, starting from the single 2 COOL 4 SKOOL, led to a series of recordings in the form of mini and regular albums where their messages were expanded on in following music releases, music videos, short films and video reels. Thus, BTS' content has evolved and extended into a combination of music and art centred around conveying their own personal messages. Through the results of BTS’ record-breaking album LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her, their music has proved successful in resonating with their fans – most significantly, through their sales volume. According to figures released publicly by Gaon Chart on October 13, LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her has sold approximately 1,203,533 copies in the two weeks since its release. The team is the first to exceed sales of 1.2 million for a single album within a month since the group G.O.D., 16 years ago. Over the past 16 years, the extent of change within the music industry and market requires no explanation. Music distribution channels have largely moved to digital formats with physical CDs becoming collectible items for fans. However, in choosing to use this traditional method of ‘conveying messages’ through their music, BTS – the current trendsetters in the industry – have produced an honest album reflecting these values to achieve the feat of matching this 16 year old record. It is an obvious truth that over time, this aspect has been mostly overlooked (in music). Ultimately, the most effective means of marketing is through making good music. [article source]
  25. [OSEN=Reporter Choi Nayoung] Group BTS has been selected as 'one of the most influential celebrities on social media' by the famous American US Weekly. On the 20th of October (local Korean time), American US Weekly revealed the names of 1st to 15th place in their list of 'The Most Influential Celebrities on Social Media.' Coming in at 14th, BTS is the only Asian name on the list. Coming in first was Beyoncé, 2nd Ariana Grande, and American presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama placing 6th and 12th place respectively. US Weekly revealed "It helped that this year, K-pop group BTS topped the Billboard 'Social 50' chart for over 30 consecutive weeks, and took home the 'Top Social Artist Award' at the Billboard Music Awards". Furthermore, they added, "In April 2017 at the 9th 'Shorty Awards', BTS also won the Global Social Media Award." Meanwhile, BTS will hold their 2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE Ⅲ THE WINGS TOUR in Taiwan from October 21st-22nd. [article source]