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  1. The large airship of the group BTS is raising the curiosity of fans. On the 16th, Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, and Songdo, Busan, a large airship adveron appeared with the members of the Bulletproof Boys' Team and Jimin's face. Jin's airship over Gyeonggi-do Gwacheon has the words "LOVE MYSELF" and "I Will Always Love ARMY!". Jimin's airship over Songdo in Busan also says "LOVE MYSELF" and "I Love the Sea of Busan". BigHit Entertainment said, "We plan to launch the new member-type airship in sequence, and we will release more details later." At the Billboard Music Awards in May, the leader of the BTS' Leader, Rap Monster, said, "Please ARMY remember what we say, Love Myself, Love Yourself." Meanwhile, the BTS will hold 'BTS' Live Trilogy Episode III Wings Tour (2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE Ⅲ THE WINGS TOUR) on the 21st and 22nd in Taiwan. / Jeewonjeong@osen.co.kr [Photo] Big Hit Entertainment Original article Translations by Google [!!!] "新 Project preview?" BTS Love Myself blimps appeared in Gyeonggido Gwacheon and Busan Songdo - Jin's blimp in Gwacheon reads "LOVE MYSELF" "I Will Always Love ARMY!" - Jimin's in Songdo reads "LOVE MYSELF" "I Love the Sea of Busan" The member blimps are part of a new-form project that will proceed/appear sequentially and specific details about it will be revealed later. T/N: The blimps appeared Oct 16 and this is a project setup by Bighit (it's not a fan project) so I guess something new is coming soon. Trans by ctrIbeat === What are they planning now?!! Update: 171020 - V blimp spotted
  2. Korea's seven-member hip-hop group BTS held their first dome concert in Kyocera Dome, Osaka on the 14th and 15th. They debuted in 2013 and after one year had their debut in Japan. A group with a growing popularity around the world finally hit the much-awaited large stage. The tickets were sold out immediately and they have mobilized 80,000 people for the 2-day concert. V (21) who was filled with emotions was unintentionally moved to tears with the success during the end part of the last stage. "The weight of a dome concert is absolutely not light. Thank you to everyone who are here that we are able to stand on this stage with smiling faces." Leader RAP MONSTER (23) was immersed in deep emotions as the filled up space right before his eyes was being burned into his memory on the 15th, the second day of concert. The meaning behind the group's name BTS (Boudan Shounendan) is 'to stop the oppression & prejudice directed at teens & 20s, protecting our own music.' The good-looking seven-member group who uses hip-hop as a weapon was born as K-POP continues to be highly appreciated all around the world. RAP MONSTER's English proficiency and pronunciation are acknowledged, thus, the circle of fans gradually spread out throughout the world. They held their first world tour this year starting from February until July. They carried out 32 stages in 10 countries in North America, South America, & Asia mobilizing approximately 400,000 people. Their latest album 'LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her' which was simultaneously released in the world on 9/18 got 1st place in iTunes Album Chart in 73 countries including Japan. Even in the US they also achieved Korea's highest historical rank 7 in Billboard 200 Chart. In Japan, they placed 1st in Oricon for the first time with their 4th single 'FOR YOU' in 2015. In September of last year, the album 'YOUTH' ranked the historical 1st for a foreign hip-hop group. It's been 3 years and 4 months since their Japan debut. Their fans called 'ARMY' led them in their first dome concert. They performed the in sync choreography of 22 songs including 'DNA' from their latest album which also broke 20M views in the video-sharing website 'Youtube' and their latest single 'Chi, Ase, Namida'. "Our dream came true now, we are in this reality together with everybody. Thank you for today and yesterday too. Kyocera dome, we'll definitely come again. Dome and Osaka, I love you!!", J-HOPE (23) on the big stage promised for another meeting while mixing words in Kansai dialect. ◆ New song to be released on 12/06 In their concert on the 15th, they announced on stage that they will release their 8th single in December 06 in Japan. It is their first triple A single which includes the Japanese version of 'DNA' and a Japanese original winter song etc. <BTS> As trainees in their company they polished their techniques before debut and in the end with RAP MONSTER, V, JIMIN, JIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE, SUGA, the seven-member group was formed. They debuted in Korea in June 2013 with the single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL'. They released their debut single 'NO MORE DREAM (Japanese version)' in Japan in June 2014. (Original Article, Translations by prancingmaria)
  3. Steve Aoki Confirms ‘Incredible’ Bella Thorne & BTS Collaborations Will Drop Soon: Find Out When By : Gabriella Ginsberg (Music Editor) This is not a drill! Steve Aoki is teaming up with Bella Thorne and K-pop sensation BTS for two new songs, and he told us exactly when we’ll get to hear them! Steve Aoki, 39, has collaborated with just about everyone, but he’s been working Bella Thorne, 20, for the first time ever, and we can’t wait. “It’s going to be a part of my next album. Neon Future 3 will be coming out next year and she’ll be featured on a song that we worked on together,” Steve told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at a STRONG by Zumba event on Oct. 4. “She’s incredible! She is a good friend of mine.” Love it! But wait — there’s more. The DJ/producer also has a track cooking with BTS (Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook)! “I’m working on a song that they did in Korea that they asked me to remix and change up the beat and make it my own,” Steve shared. “It’s an incredible song. The guys are so talented and it’s a pleasure to work with them and their team. I’m excited about that project,” he added. Uh, same! We asked Steve what drew him to working with BTS, and his answer didn’t disappoint us. “Talent! And their connection with their fans; they know how to speak to them,” he explained. “I think most artists could learn from that. They can dance and sing and they have a really interesting look. They represent the future. I love being around them and the inspiration I get working around them,” he said. As for when we can expect the track? “The song is going to drop soon!” Okay, we’ll take it. HollywoodLifers, are you pumped that Steve’s collaborations are coming soon? Tell us which one you’re more excited for! Read full article here. This gonna be lit fam. I don't know if my body is ready for this. Someone pls hold my hands.
  4. BTS "DNA" Video Tells 7 Members' Stories With Color K-pop band BTS released their fifth EP, Love Yourself 'Her,' a few weeks ago and its track "DNA" is visually intravenous, as intended, as is its dancing, colorful graphic storytelling, and chart performance. Inviting comparison with Psy and Wonder Girls, "DNA" and BTS have broken into the mainstream. The "DNA" YouTube video was published Sept. 18 and currently has more than 80 million views. From No. 85 on the week published Oct. 7, the BTS hit jumped to No. 67 for the Oct. 14 published period. "DNA" is now the highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 title by a K-pop artist or band. In 2009 Wonder Girls reached No. 76 with "Nobody". Big Hit Entertainment, the group's creative team, explained to Billboard how catering to the individuality of the band's seven members helps them express unique stories, using their personal style and flair. This binds the group together while representing BTS as an epic cooperation between diverse and energetic young men, full of passion in song. With this powerful combination, there's no telling how high up the charts BTS will go. Read full article here.
  5. Fox Sports Asia decides to step behind the DJ deck and assigns the top six EPL football teams their own musical anthem. It is only seven games into the new EPL season, so it is way too early to be making title predictions at the moment. Nevertheless, that isn’t going to stop us from giving our two cent assessment on how we think the top dogs have been performing so far. Since we know how proud English clubs are of their anthems, we raided the top six trending songs off the Spotify charts and assign the most appropriate musical report card. Without further ado, yo DJ, spin that wheel… Manchester United Anthem-of-choice: DNA by BTS It might be odd going with the K-pop love song DNA as United’s season anthem. Especially when they ruthlessly put four goals past four domestic opponents. Maybe then, DNA is the best choice of song since manager Jose Mourinho has finally found his team DNA (see what we did there). He finally landed his experienced forward, Romelu Lukaku as well as midfield dynamo Nemanja Matic – both of whom have played their parts in the Red Devils’ romp to second in the EPL table. Just as BTS underwent an identity change this year, so have United. And we bet you that Mourinho will not hesitate to sing “Our meeting is like a mathematical formula… You’re the source of my dream… At first sight, I could recognise you… That it’s you that I was looking all over for” to his latest key recruits. Read full article here.
  6. "The album that is going to be a turning point" Boy group BTS is paving the road that has been never walked by anyone else. This is an achievement accomplished by a group in their 5th year since debut. In fact, the surprising point is that it is still an ongoing progress and we can't make a guess the end of their journey. BTS released their new mini album "Love Yourself" and they had told us that this is going to be the group's turning point. Just like their words, BTS is endlessly accomplishing achievements which "come true as they wish" or "they have the ability to achieve everything". BTS is the starter of that has paved this first path in Korea. They already hinted us with the record they achieved in just 24 hours since their comeback at 6PM on the 18th. The title track "DNA" music video surpassed 20 million views in just 20 hours and 48 minutes (on the 19th around 14:48), setting the fastest record among Korean singers and this album ranked No. 1 on the 73 countries' "Top Album Chart" (iTunes), setting the greatest record among Korean singers. In less than 6 months since the group revealed their wish to enter the US Billboard's main "Hot 100" chart as their next goal, BTS achieved their other wish. "DNA" ranked No. 85 on "Hot 100" and their new album "Love Yourself" entered No. 7 on "Hot 200". BTS is the first Korean singer to enter the "Hot 100" and "Hot 200" chart simultaneously. In order for the song to enter the Hot 100, the song has to receive high no. of album sales, streaming and downloads, radio plays and etc. They are the second Korean singer after PSY's "Gangnam Style" (2012) and they're the first among KPOP boy groups. Furthermore, they're receiving great responses from the US as well. They have entered the UK Official Album chart at No. 14 and Single Chart at No. 90, breaking and renewing their own record. That's not all, they have also set the best record as a Korean singer. The group has revealed that they wish to become a group that sets records in the KPOP history as their next goal. The group is already fulfilling this wish. Original Article here Responses I like the article (2206) This is heartwarming (61)This makes me sad (1) I'm angry (69) I want the next part of this article (8) + I recommend this article to the main page +1136 1. They're already amazing for the records they've set so far. I will be happy enough if they continue to present us with great music but I also hope they can grow more so more people will listen to their sons+1294 -20 2. I took the path people told me not to take I did things I was told not to do I wanted things I shouldn't have wanted And I was wounded and wounded again You can call me stupid Then I'll just laugh it off I don't want to succeed by doing something I don't like I trust in myself word +1177 - 18 3. BTS is really cool and amazing +960 -16 4. You guys have soared already so let's hit the world's peak! +834 -13 5. Super Star BTS, you guys always open the new path +823 -14 6. But honestly, as a fan, don't you ever feel motivated by them to work hard in your life....? I really respect them as a person and that makes me live and work hard for my life... everyone knows that the records they've set so far are amazing enough so I hope they don't cling on "setting new records" and just continue making the songs they want and be happy. I will always support you. Fighting to all of us!+165 -2 7. BTS is indeed the group that opened the path for idol groups to enter the Billboard chart more easily and BTS is also the group to let the world know more about KPOP with their records in other countries +154 -3 8. BTS, you guys just have to continue doing what you guys have been doing so far. ARMYs will always believe in you and walk along with you. I'm just happy by the fact that we get to stay together through this entire journey +131 - 2 9. Think about the amount of tears they would have shed to pave that new road... but they still continued to only say words that will comfort the fans and they're the singers who tell us we should love ourselves.... I want to become a better and nicer person since I've stanned BTS. I support and love the music they make and their values. Thank you always +130 -2 10. The really cool 7 youths! +130-2 eng trans by : @peachisoda
  7. BBC releases an about our boys after Radio 1 plays 'DNA' - twice. Read the lovely article.
  8. The craze of group BTS's new album is also strong in Japan. According to Japan Oricon Chart, BTS's Korean mini album LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' ranked No. 2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart. LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' is Korean album and not a Japanese album. BTS did not have any special promotion in Japan but the group achieved this record, making us realize their explosive popularity. Previously, LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her'also ranked No. 1 on Japan iTunes Album chart after it was released on iTunes on the 18th. BTS's LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her'is their new series following their school, HYYH, and Wings. The album consists 11 tracks in total including the title track "DNA", and other side tracks like "Best of Me", "Go Go" and hidden tracks. US music media Billboard revealed that on the 26th, BTS is the first KPOP singer to enter the Top 10 on Billboard 200 chart and they have also entered the Hot 100 chart at No.85 with "DNA" Original article here Responses I like the article (2155) This is heartwarming (78)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (0) I want the next part of this article (3) + I recommend this article to the main page +920 1. Omg today is the lucky day for ARMYs around the world ㅋㅋ I'm ARMY who supports this group ahahahahaha <- that kind of feeling ㅋㅋ +899 -3 2. The world is going crazy~ BTS pride boom boom!! +757 -3 3. I'm proud of record boy scouts +687 -1 4. This is seriously insane ㅠㅠㅠ +606 -2 5. Daebak!! +559 -1 6. This is BTS Style and scale +133 -1 7. aigoo.... I'm losing count of how many things I should congratulate them for... No. 7 on Billboard Hot 200, entering Hot 100 and No. 2 on Japan Oricon chart!!!! +126 -0 8. They are irresistible indeed.The world is thirsty for BTS. It's more like the world is going crazy for them ㅋㅋ +128 -1 9. I'm really proud... they're not from a very big company. They're from a small company and I heard they really shed blood, sweat, and tears from trainee days. I'm so proud to see them growing bigger each year +120 -1 10. Korean album!!???? BTS, how high are you going to soar??????? You guys are going to reach the point where our hands can't even reach, just like what Rap Mon said????? +113 -1 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  9. BTS Takes a Different Approach to K-pop: Ease By JON CARAMANICASEPT. 20, 2017 The best song on “Love Yourself: ‘Her’,” the new EP from the K-pop stars BTS, isn’t the main single, “DNA,” with its shuddering club-music drops and urgent Shawn Mendes-esque guitar intro. Nor is it “Best of Me,” which was written in part by Andrew Taggart, of the dim pop-EDM outfit the Chainsmokers, and fits neatly into that duo’s litany of songs that swell and throb yet still feel like dirges. Rather, it’s the more humble “Pied Piper,” a sort of slow disco number that’s emphatic in its relaxation. While BTS — a seven-man boy band that has been among the brightest lights in the genre, and has been rising quickly over the past year — is capable of the flamboyance and sometimes manic energy that can dominate and typify much of K-pop, it’s just as comfortable with a more tranquil approach. Ease is the most striking aspect of “Love Yourself: ‘Her’,” which is likely to be this group’s most successful release to date in this country. (Earlier this year, BTS won a Billboard Music Award for top social artist, and it has already placed several releases in the Billboard album chart.) More than any other K-pop group, it is primed to benefit from the retreat of BigBang, whose members are moving toward solo projects and mandatory military conscription. The members of BTS — Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Jungkook and Jin — have a range of complementary skills. Jimin is a lithe singer in the Justin Bieber vein, as heard on “Intro: Serendipity.” On some songs, like “Best of Me,” he and Jungkook sing back to back, two shades of tender in a tug of war. But it’s BTS’s rappers who often dictate the group’s sound, especially Rap Monster, who is gruff without being aggressive. They’re showcased on two songs near the end of this EP: “Mic Drop,” which has a fantastically squelchy beat (produced by Pdogg), and the closing track, “Outro: Her,” in which the group’s three rapping members — Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope — take turns with extended verses, a rarity for a group that often trades off every four lines, or less. The beat here, produced by Suga and Slow Rabbit, is lush with instrumentation, and moves with a casual saunter reminiscent of the mid 1990s. And each rapper showcases a different approach: Rap Monster with bluster, Suga with slick talk and J-Hope with tricky double-time rhymes. But there’s no sense of muscling for turf — just the easy swagger of artists who know they’re in control. BTS’s new EP, “Love Yourself: ‘Her’,” is poised to be the group’s most successful U.S. release to date. source
  10. Group BTS took the first place on Korean music charts. BTS released all tracks included in the mini-album "Love Yourself 承 ‘Her'" at 6pm on 18th. Title track "DNA" topped the Korean major music charts' real-time chart on the 19th, including Melon and Naver music. They made a splendid beginning of their comeback by lining up the top 10 spots with their 8 new tracks from their album including "Best of Me", "Dimples", "MIC Drop", "Go rather than worrying". The previous title tracks like "Spring Day" and "Blood Sweat Tears" also climbed to the upper ranks. BTS's mini album "LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’" captures the freshness of youths who have fallen in love and on the 18th the album recorded the highest number of pre-orders, surpassing 1,120,000 copies in total. Meanwhile, BTS will reveal their first performance of their new album on Mnet "Comeback Show - BTS DNA" which will be broadcasted internationally on the 21st. Original article here Responses I like the article (1358) This is heartwarming (52 )This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (5) I want the next part of this article (3) + I recommend this article to the main page +301 1. The music video has 15 million views already. This is amazing. I like this group because you can see how hard working they are! +665 -3 2. I'm singing DNA while tapping my wrist ㅋㅋ the song is daebak +554 -3 3. Every song sounds classy they're great. Please don't complain too much about their songs lining up on the chart... ㅎㅎ because fans wish to make their group top the chart to celebrate their comeback ㅎ I especially like pied piper. It's like a song that's recruiting the listeners to join the fandom ㅋㅋ +516 -4 4. It's really cool how they always try out something new and lead not like the usual songs by the existing idols +494 -4 5. They're receiving so much attention in other countries. Please write about those too. They're insane on Youtube too. The song's great. Let's fly higher with ARMYs♡♡♡ +457 -3 6. The music video recorded 10 million views in just 8 hours and 4 minutes and surpassed 15 million views in 13 hours and 7 mins +100 -1 7. This is the fastest music video to reach 10 million views, in just 8 hours +89 -0 8. seriously the song and the music are both amazing ^^ pied piper, this song~ my ears are opening automatically ^^ +75 -0 9. I'm waiting for the album~ +62 -0 10. As expected, they are my singers who I want to shout for the world to hear and boast about them!!! I love the new song so much ㅠㅠ the whistle keeps playing in my ears and it's so addictive... I think the music video was really made with plans to kill ARMYs... my heart continues to contract by itself the entire time I watch the video ㅠㅠㅠㅠ seriously this is your world~ ARMYs have your back so please continue to walk forward without stopping~~ ^^ +57 -2 Eng Trans By: @peachisoda
  11. The boys are releasing 'Love Yourself: Her' on the 18th, but on the 21st at 8:30 PM KST, they'll have 'BTS COMEBACK SHOW' on Mnet where fans all over the world will be able to see their new songs live. They'll be talking about how BTS came to be, their album productions, and more. The show will broadcast on Mnet in Korea, on Mnet Japan in Japan, on JOOX and iflix in Southeastern Asia, on VIKI in the USA, as well as Mnet's YouTube. Make sure to tune into not only their comeback on the 18th, but the show on the 21st. cr: allkpop
  12. BTS’s New Mini Album To Include Collaboration With The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart It has been announced that The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart took part in creating a song for BTS’s new mini album. Andrew Taggart and BTS’s rap line members both worked on their new song “Best of Me,” which is described as an EDM track that will be included on BTS’s mini album “Love Yourself 承 ‘Her.’” BTS and The Chainsmokers met in May at the Billboard Music Awards, and it’s reported that they’ve been sharing music back and forth since, which has resulted in the completion of their collaboration “Best of Me.” BTS’s “Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’” is due out on September 18, while The Chainsmokers will be holding concerts in Korea on September 11 and 12. source original OSEN article
  13. I don't know if this should be posted here and with all the excitement of the comeback, I couldn't be more upset. For those that don't know Jeon Won, a reporter/journalist for Xports, published an article (the article has since been deleted) making false claims against BTS. Here is a summary: Some coverage: I'm extremely tired of this treatment towards BTS and BigHit. We not only have to be afraid of what BigHit's next post is (lol) but at every turn they are being defamed. I'm happy to say that many korean journalists came to BTS' defence. But it's our job too. Be aware and be careful. Block and report any news, reporters, or journalists you see defaming BTS: Don't forget to support the hell out of this comeback. Our support isn't faked or bought through illegal means. They haven't worked this hard just to be slandered and discredited. Send as much love and good energy as you can. Buy Her, stream, vote, and let's wave hi to them in Cypher 5 and Hot 100. But please pray for Florida and all the Islands being hit by Hurricane Irma. Donate if you can. Pray for all the people affected by the termination of DACA. Pray for this world. Thank you.
  14. BTS will be making their first ever appearance on JTBC’s popular variety show “Ask Us Anything”! On September 4, the group’s agency confirmed, “BTS will be participating in a recording for ‘Ask Us Anything’ this month. However, the recording date and air date are undecided.” Meanwhile, BTS will be making their much-anticipated comeback with mini album “LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her'” on September 18. The album has already been achieving an impressive amount of pre-orders, topping Amazon’s CDs & Vinyl Best Sellers list in the United States and surpassing 1 million stock pre-orders. Source (1) cr: soompi
  15. BTS Reveal 'Serendipity' Comeback Trailer for 'Love Yourself' Album 9/4/2017 by Tamar Herman There are two weeks left before BTS releases their upcoming album, Love Yourself: Her, but the K-pop boy band dropped a lengthy comeback trailer earlier Monday (Sept. 4) featuring member Jimin. The “Serendipity” clip is a short two-and-a-half minute-long music video focusing on the BTS member as he sings a contemplative alt R&B love song amidst a variety of light and airy sets. The song contained lyrics written by Rap Monster. According to BTS’ reps, Jimin’s trailer will be the only solo one for Love Yourself, following in the line of members Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope featuring in comeback trailers for previous albums. Since announcing the Love Yourself project last month, BTS has released a variety of videos and images relating to the album’s thematic content. Following the release of the comeback trailer, both “Serendipity” and “Jimin” trended worldwide, and the BTS member wrote a message of thanks to the band’s loyal fan army, fittingly known as ARMY, for their show of support. “Serendipity is available for the public,” Jimin wrote through BTS’ official Twitter account. “Did you hear? I worked hard on it so please enjoy. Please expect a lot from our album too.” According to BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment, there were over 1.05 million copies of Love Yourself: Her pre-ordered as of last Thursday. The new album will be the septet’s first release since winning a BBMA in May, the first ever for a Korean boy band. source
  16. Group BTS's mini album "Love Yourself- 承 'Her'" reached 1,050,000 in pre-order sales. According to Loen Entertainment who is the distributor of BTS's new album, "Love Yourself - 承 'Her'" had recorded 1,051,546 copies in pre-order from the 25th to 31st. This number only represents the orders received by music wholesale dealers and retailers in Korea so we expect to see a greater increase in numbers if the overseas pre-order volume is added. That is not all, this figure represents an increase of 350,000 copies compared to BTS's album "WINGS Extension- You Never Walk Alone" released last February which received love from all around the world and recording 700,000 copies in pre-sale. Love Yourself- Her, scheduled to release this 18th is the first album of BTS's new series "Love Yourself" after their school, HYYH, and WINGS. The album captures the freshness of youths who are in love. BTS has begun their official comeback countdown on the 4th by revealing the 24-hour timer and the new BI door opening slowly. Original article here Responses I like the article (162) This is heartwarming (11)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (1) I want the next part of this article (1) 1. They sold 1,050,000 copies of album that only has Korean(songs).... (shivers) I knew they would exceed 1 million... (shivers) Super Star Boy Scouts, you guys are amazing for real ㅋㅋ I mean this is only the pre-order... ㅎ +94 -0 2. Is this real? Did they just surpass 1 million in pre-order? +87 -0 3. heol daebak +75 -0 4. And this is only the pre-orders received inside Korea excluding the overseas orders??? so the number will increase??? +69 -0 5. indeed, I knew they would set a new record in pre-order ㅋㅋ +21 -0 6. If they add up the Amazon orders... heol!! +20 -0 7. 1,050,000 copies without the overseas orders??? isn't this insane??? (shivers) BTS ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ +19 -0 8. daebak ㅋㅋ I can't believe they hit 1,050,000 copies in pre-order!! +17 -0 cr: @peachisoda
  17. cr: S. Park (Soompi) Last month, BTS released a remake of Seo Taiji’s “Come Back Home,” then revealed that they will be performing eight songs with Seo Taiji at his concert. Through a recently uploaded V Live video, fans were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at Seo Taiji and BTS practicing for the upcoming concert. The clip showed BTS members respectfully greeting their senior and some even calling him their “father.” (The caption explained that when Seo Taiji met BTS for the first time, he told them to call him their father.) J-Hope said he felt nervous rehearsing with the legendary singer, while Jimin expressed excitement at being able to perform at the historic Jamsil Sports Complex. After stretching and preparing, Seo Taiji and BTS went over the choreography and stage positions for each song. In between breaks, members spoke to the camera about performing with the K-pop legend Seo Taiji. Rap Monster said, “It’s hard. I’m a bit worried,” and added, “I’ll be okay as long as I don’t get too excited on stage.” Jin seemed happy and shared, “Father Seo Taiji gave us directions, teaches us well, and told us to have a comfortable mindset.” J-Hope said that he was “at first worried” which Jimin echoed since he has to “rap and dance this style of dance for the first time.” Seo Taiji walked by making playful gestures during J-Hope and Jimin’s interview and made them laugh. When practice ended, BTS members circled around Seo Taiji to thank him for a good practice. Seo Taiji said, “I’m confident it will be a successful performance. You all must be tired, but thank you. BTS is the best!” and gave the members a thumbs up. He continued, “While I was practicing, I felt like I was practicing for Seo Taiji and the Boys. I even feel young again. I wish for your continued success.” Seo Taiji’s 25th anniversary concert will be held this Saturday, September 2 at Jamsil Sports Complex. Source (1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eternally youthful Seo Taiji really looks like another guy their age. I'm so excited to see the performance!
  18. The Business Behind BTS Bringing More Music & Physical CDs to US Fans By Jeff Benjamin | September 01, 2017 7:41 PM EDT On Aug. 21, a Target employee handling the retail giant's @AskTarget Twitter account unexpectedly went viral all thanks to K-pop boy band BTS. With the sensational septet gearing up to release their Love Yourself: 'Her' album on Sept. 18, a fan asked the account if they could stock BTS albums because "U.S. fans want to pre-order" for the release next month. The Target employee playfully responded by namedropping a pair of BTS singles saying, "These 'Fun Boys' are on 'Fire' now. We'll share your request to carry their albums with our buyers. Thanks for tweeting your request!" leading the account with typically very little activity to earn thousands of retweets and likes. Turns out BTS and their team had been listening to fans long before the social media manager at Target was roped into the conversation. On Aug. 29, the band announced that for the first time in North America their music would be available via pre-order on exclusively on Amazon. Four different versions of the album will be available via a deluxe package containing a CD, 100-page photo book, 20-page "mini book," a photocard, poster, stickers and more. "We are excited for the growth in the U.S. market for all things BTS and Amazon is the perfect partner for us to work with as they share our vision in many ways," BTS' record label Big Hit Entertainment in Seoul tells Billboard. "Since the link was announced, we are very pleased with the reaction to this new turn for BTS. The company has also been working with Amazon and other retail distribution companies that will help to continue to expand the reach in the U.S. market." Sources confirm with Billboard that those other retail distribution options include The Orchard, the Sony Music subsidiary specializing in distribution and marketing for independent artists and labels, that will distribute the upcoming physical CD as a domestic release to U.S. retailers. In a deal that's reportedly been in the works for six months, The Orchard will import product from Korea and sell via their stateside warehouse to all retailers that want to have it in stock in America -- such as Target -- with the company taking over digital distribution for all of BTS' past releases. The Orchard declined to comment for this article. The bet looks likely to pay off for BTS and its partners. Not only did Love Yourself: 'Her' reportedly rise into the best-sellers list on Amazon, but the band already has a slew of K-pop chart records. Wings dropped in October and became the best-selling and highest-charting K-pop album ever on the Billboard 200 when it earned 16,000 units in its first week, 11,000 of that sum being in traditional album sales and likely all digital. In its second week, the LP moved 6,000 units including 2,000 traditional album units. Since 2015, BTS has sent four different albums to the Billboard 200. With deals ready and in place, BTS' famously passionate fan base -- who won the band the 2017 Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist -- are clearly ready to help their band make an even bigger splash stateside with this upcoming release. With distribution on lock, one can only wonder where this powerful Army can take the band next. They've already begun requesting BTS be played on U.S. radio. America, you've been warned. source
  19. The hashtag was first used in its modern sense 10 years ago on Twitter, when an early adopter wondered if it could be used to categorise group messages. Former Uber and Google engineer Chris Messina tweeted on August 23 2007 to ask the wider Twitter universe if using the “pound” symbol at the start of a key phrase could be a logical way to organise conversation and categorise tweets. The idea took off and by the end of that year, the most popular hashtag, #noticias – which means news in Spanish – had been used around 9,000 times. As Twitter and social media in general grew, so did the impact of the symbol as a mechanism for focusing discussion and offering a place for users to discuss a single topic. Today, an average of 125 million hashtags are shared on Twitter every day, and the most popular hashtag of the year so far has been used more than 300 million times. That hashtag is #BTSBBMAS, and refers to K-Pop band BTS and their victory at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, further demonstrating the far-reaching ability of the tool. As well as reacting to news, entire social movements have gained momentum, followers and a platform for wider conversation through hashtags. Read full article here.
  20. Singer Lee Sora is trying out a different music with Tablo and BTS Suga. Lee Sora is preparing her new single she plans to release in the second half of the year. She's preparing for her new album after a year since her last album "Her Style - 9th album" released in November 2016. She has received a song from Tablo for now. The fact that she's returning to the gayo industry with the song composed and written by Tablo is capturing a lot of attention. The combination of Lee Sora and Tablo itself is refreshing. We're already anticipating to see what kind of music these two would bring for us. She also got rap featuring in this album. This is the first rap featuring in Lee Sora's song since her debut. It's been revealed that group BTS Suga was suggested as the rapper and it's being discussed positively. At first, they thought of Tablo as the rapper but it's been revealed that Tablo has suggested Suga as the rapper who will suit with Lee Sora's vocal tone. Lee Sora's new single is in fact, a challenge and an exception. A representative of Gayo industry said, "Lee Sora is a perfectionist when it comes to making music. She might delay the release of her album a little to create high-quality music. Since she has been given the song and she has been suggested a rapper, the releasing date for the song will depend on the condition and decision of Lee Sora." Original article here Responses I like the article (780) This is heartwarming (81)This makes me sad (1) I'm angry (7) I want the next part of this article (3) 1. Heol daebak Suga +694 -22 2. heol daebak... Yoongi..!! +543 -13 3. Suga is amazing~~~♡ +490 -14 4. heol ㅠㅠㅠ Yoongi ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +456 -11 5. heol Yoongi ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +420 -9 6. wow Tablo personally suggested Suga because his vocal tone will suit well with hers (shivers) this is dope +187 -3 7. Tablo suggested him?! woah I'm looking forward to Tablo's song and Suga's rap too. I'm looking forward to the collaboration of the senior and junior! And there's Lee Sora too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +161 -3 8. heol Lee Sora has a godly voice and there's a song written by Tablo, featuring Suga... 8ㅅ8 Thank you very much!!! +151 -2 9. heol Suga!!! I support both Lee Sora unnie and Suga~ I'm looking forward to the amazing song they'll release! ^^ +131 -2 10. People are reaching out to work with BTS because they're talented. I'm proud of them. I'm so happy to be able to read great news every day +118 -1 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  21. [FUSE] BTS ANNOUNCE NEW MUSIC IN SEPTEMBER WITH 'LOVE YOURSELF' POSTER The K-pop sensations are preparing a new EP for the fall to kick off their musical comeback Jeff Benjamin/August 10, 2017 Kevin Mazur/BBMA2017/Getty Images for dcp BTS have breaking out in America big time this year thanks to a win at the Billboard Music Awards, a sold-out arena tour, and the tireless work of their dedicate fanbase...and the guys clearly aren't ready to rest anytime soon. For their new EP coming in September, the K-pop sensations confirmed their upcoming musical comeback with a poster of main vocalist Jungkook curiously in a wheelchair with the words "Love Yourself." According to a press release, Love Yourself will be the band's new concept following their previous album concepts of School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Wings (the latter two of which saw them charting on the Billboard 200 albums chart). Just like when BTS's record label BigHit Entertainment put out short films of each individual member ahead of the Wings album release, this poster is just the first step in the group introducing their upcoming content with the key word for the series being "innovation." See below: Fans know that the group loves to tease and share hints about upcoming projects and will remember that BTS leader Rap Monster previously alluded to the idea when accepting their BBMA Award for Best Social Artist , saying, "Love myself, love yourself." Needless to say, fans need to literally pay attention to everything this group says. The Love Yourself campaign is said to continue through the rest of 2017 and into 2018 (likely similar to how the Wings album era was stretched between late 2016 and its re-release came at the top of 2017). A press release promises a "large-scale campaign for the new record," meaning the group may break even more records than they have already. Read full article here. p/s : sorry guys, i suck again at embedding the tweet.. T.T
  22. article FRAUD

    CEO Choi of company J (JSMD – The company that made the BTS x AGATHA collaboration earlier this year) is undergoing trial for fraud. The collaboration released products like backpacks and suitcases. The contract was signed only to use BTS’s name and image for the collaboration. He lied to an event agency that he’d bring BTS to hold events like fanmeetings, concerts, and other promotional events. In reality, under the contract, he could only hold one product promoting event with BTS with consent from Bighit. He didn’t have the right to hold multiple other events like fanmeets or concerts, but he pretended he did. As a result, he received approximately 624 million won in appearance fees for BTS form the event agency. Upon investigation, it turns out CEO Choi has a personal debt of 100 million won and a company debt of 2 billion won. He committed the fraud in order to maintain the contract with Bighit because without the money he wouldn’t have been able to pay the monthly 330 million won in royalties that he needed to give Bighit. T/N: Bighit/BTS shouldn’t be affected and it seems the even agency is suing JSMD! Trans; cr. ctrIbeat CEO of a manufacturing company, who manufactured AGATHA collaboration, is committed for fraud. Choi took total KRW 624M from an event agency promising to outsource BTS fan meetings and fan events. From the beginning, he didn’t have any rights to bring BTS to such events. […] he was in process of Individual Debtor Rehabilitation and the company has KRW 2B in debt. Upon investigation, he confessed that he decided to commit the crime when he couldn’t even handle monthly royalties of 300M to maintain the contract with BigHit Trans; cr. jiminishell Original Naver article
  23. Boy group BTS is still considering their comeback date. BTS representative revealed on the 21st to OSEN, "We have not confirmed the comeback date of BTS. September 18th is not a confirmed date. We're considering many possible comeback dates." BTS has announced their September comeback with the prior promotion "Love Yourself" series. The members have actively participated in composing, writing the lyrics, producing, and other general works for the album and they're planning to present high quality songs. Meanwhile, BTS became the first KPOP group to win the "Top Social Artist Award" at the US Billboahigh-qualityrds last May. They were also recently chosen by the US New York Times as the 44th Artist most loved by the Americans. Original article here Responses I like the article (144) This is heartwarming (13)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (8) I want the next part of this article (2) 1. I hope the promotion period is longer this time~ +87 -2 2. indeed~ there's no way Bighit would let us know the date~ Journalists, please don't try to release spoilers. I'm not curious at all. We like to know the details out of the blue! +73 -2 3. Journlist, can't do you your job well - - +73 -9 4. Nothing's confirmed until they release it officially +25 -0 5. Please promote for 3 weeks ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I can already feel how amazing this album's going to be ㅠㅠ +29 -4 6. I'm waiting until they release something... ㅎㅎ +14 -0 7. everything sounds nice~~~ +16 -1 8. ARMYs, please don't get mad when antis come near us. Just report them because BTS is doing well no matter what they say ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ +22 -4 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  24. “Everyone was alone”.. BTS, ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ 3rd round of posters released Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003597344 translation: leece ____ Boy Group, BTS, is increasingly heightening anticipation by revealing posters for their ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series for three consecutive days. BTS, starting from the 12th at 9pm to the 13th, midnight, has revealed the 3rd round of ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ posters, in order of Suga-Jungkook, J-Hope-Jimin, Rap Monster-V and V, through their official fancafe and SNS accounts. The posters comprise of 3 posters with the members in pairs and 1 poster with Jin solo, for a total of 4. Suga and Jungkook are in the inside and outside of a hospital while J-Hope and Jimin are idly sitting in a practice room. Rap Monster and V are, respectively, lying on asphalt and grass and Jin is sitting by the seaside with a melancholy feeling. For all 3 of the pair posters, the phrase is “After coming back from the sea, we were all alone” but on Jin’s poster, that was revealed last, the phrase, “If I could turn back time, I want to go back to that summer, to that sea” is written, piquing curiosity around the circumstances. With the launch of Jungkook’s poster, on the 11th, BTS has announced the start of a new series, titled ‘LOVE YOURSELF.” At the moment, it is planned to deliver the whole plot of the series through pre-promotion.
  25. Blood, Sweat & Translation: Army of Linguist Fans Behind BTS Mania SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Korea Bizwire) — BTS, for all intents and purposes, is one of South Korea’s truly global-scale music acts, standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of say Rihanna, Adele or Justin Bieber in terms of name recognition. But as to how exactly it has become this big a phenomenon remains a mystery that even music industry experts can’t wrap their heads around. The group was founded by a relatively small company, Big Hit Entertainment, small even by K-pop agency standards. It doesn’t have the backing of a global record label distribution (besides in Japan, where the band has signed with Universal Music). On top of that, the seven members hardly ever sing in nor do they promote in English (besides member Rap Monster, who mostly handles English interviews of the group). Hindsight analyses are sure to come as time passes, but in the more immediate terms, one thing is certainly clear: The group owes a huge part of its success to social media, as seen in fans having shored up the support for BTS to win the Top Social Artist award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. But taking a closer look at the fan base, one can find that there’s something more proactive than just clicking likes and sharing posts — the group arguably has the largest and most active fan community dedicated to translating and disseminating details of their idols’ activities. BTS-Trans, a nonprofit fan-run organization, is one of those groups. In fact, it’s the largest community that produces English translations for media and content produced by, or related to, BTS, with over 720,000 Twitter followers (@BTS_Trans) and more than 632,000 subscribers on YouTube (www.youtube.com/bangtansubs2). So how does it work? Let’s say BTS member Suga uploads a photo on Twitter, as he did just Wednesday with the caption, “If you go to Hawaii, do definitely hop on a helicopter” on Aug. 9. If you saw that, go check out either the group’s Twitter, YouTube or also its Tumblr page (http://bts-trans.tumblr.com/). The members of the community will make sure every little available BTS tidbit — whether its text, photo or video — will be translated into English. Even though the group operates around social media, BTS-Trans has a bigger organization than meets the eye, with staff from all over the world. According to “Alli Q,” communications coordinator for BTS-Trans, the community has a team of Korean-English, Japanese-English and Mandarin-English translators, video timers and typesetters, video encoders, and even secretaries and administrative staff. “We currently have around 50 staff members, although not all of them are active throughout the year,” Q said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency. “Our staff are concentrated mainly in the United States and (Korea, Singapore and several Southeast Asian countries), but we have staff from all over the world.” Read full article here.