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Found 240 results

  1. Youth (靑春) means green springtime of all creation, BTS is exactly the most glorious youths of the present age. 2017 of the seven member boy group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jungkook) who celebrated their 4th anniversary is hotter than anyone. Even in the survey prepared to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul. BTS was definitely chosen as the best KPOP team, and No.3 after SM CEO Lee Sooman and YG CEO Yang Hyunseok in the "Powerful People who move the KPOP industry" ranking. BTS who talks about "youth" with their own language and music isn't just loved by Koreans. In the changing media environment, the group has constantly communicated via SNS ever since their debut and while expanding their territory to the world they won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and, they marked a new era in KPOP and of course in Korea music industry. BTS is currently busy with their second world tour concert, "WINGS TOUR" and their growth is present progressive. They are writing the new KPOP history and BTS is preparing for another rise. They revealed their honest stories to Sports News that is celebrating the 32nd Anniversary. ①"We can't achieve many things without ARMY" - BTS - You're currently continuing the WINGS Tour after winning the award at the Billboard Music Awards. What are your thoughts and feelings? Suga - Every day feels like a dream. We're busy and hectic but we're happy. Jimin - I still can't believe that we won at the Billboard Music Awards. All I can think about is how grateful we are to our fans who support us and many others. I wish we could grow more as much as they support us. - Are there any changes or new things happening after the winning? J Hope - Hm... I think the modifier attached before our name has changed (laughs) Many people around us call us "Singer who won the Billboard award" (laughs) Jungkook - It feels like the stage we're performing has become bigger so I have more worries and I feel more pressure. - Are you able to feel your hot popularity in the overseas? V - We get to meet a lot of fans around the world while we're on a world tour and when we're on stage, I am able to feel "our fans really like us a lot". And I feel so proud and grateful when the tour tickets get sold out. Rap Monster - Gratefully, I'm able to feel it now. I was really surprised especially when we were at this year's "Billboard Music Awards". We're very grateful to fans around the world who send us love, that must not be simple. - Your encounter with various artists at the Billboard Music Awards received a lot of attention V - The Chainsmokers was an artist I always liked and I was so happy to be able to speak with them directly. Jungkook - I can't choose a specific artist because everything was memorable. Suga - Meeting the Chainsmokers was memorable. I think it would be fun to work with them. - Please tell us if you would like to work together with any Korean or foreign artists. J Hope - I would love to work with anyone at any time if we can create good music together. V - Drake Jungkook - Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Troye Sivan Rap Monster- Younha noona, senior Lee Sora, Tablo hyung are still my bests. These days, I think Ahn Jiyoung from Bolbbalgan4 is very cool too. It would be a great honor if I could work with Drake or Nas among foreign artists someday. Suga - I want to work with various artists. They don't have to be musicians because I would like to work with them in different ways. Jin - Sandeul Jimin - I still want to work harder with my members for now. - You have always revealed your affection for ARMY at the BBMA and other awards ceremonies V - ARMYs are very precious and we're always grateful. Most of all, it's because we truly love them. Jin - It's because ARMY is the people who made us who we are today. I still believe that even now, we can't achieve many things without ARMY. ② What are the charms of each member chosen by BTS members themselves? V He knows his own charms (Jungkook) Born to be idol (Rap Monster) His charm on stage (Suga) 4D (Jimin) Sleeps deeply (Jin) I'm proud of his gifted talent. His face is really good looking too. Sometimes you can't tell where he'd bounce off to but I think that's also one of his charms (J Hope) J Hope He's the ultimate jjangjjangman who is great in everything he does (V) Dance and his energy (Rap Monster) Outstanding dancing skill (Suga) Bright and faithful (Jimin) He falls asleep in 10 seconds after lying down (Jin) He dances well, his rap is unique in color and he's a positive person (Jungkook) Jungkook Cool guy who is talented in everything (V) All arounder (Rap Monster) Man of many abilities (Suga, Jimin) He has a good sense of smell (Jin) He is the youngest but he is good in everything and he is humble. I really like Jungkook's "my way". (T/N: doing things in his own way without minding what others think) (J Hope) Rap Monster He has perfect language ability and his leadership is perfect too. I'm proud of the person he is. (J Hope) Our leader guy who guided our team to where we are today and gave us strength (V) He is talented in many aspects except things that require his body (Jungkook) His musical talent (Suga) Leadership heodang (T/N: person who has good looks and seems like a perfect person but who is also unexpectedly clumsy) (Jimin) He likes cute characters (Jin) Suga He is a genius guy who deserves to be called "genius" because he walks like insane in his work room every day (V) He's cynical but cute (Rap Monster) He is a genius (Jungkook) He has fused with the bed (Suga) (T/N: It says Suga but Jimin's answer is missing BUT this is also similar to what Jin wrote in "Introducing BTS" for Festa 2017.... so I think Jin and Jimin's answers could have also been mixed up??) Tsundere (Jin) Suga gives me great strength music-wise. If we didn't have him, I think BTS's music core could have crumbled. (J Hope) Jin He has broad shoulders, he is nice and he constantly works hard for what he has to do (Jungkook) He is the worldwide handsome guy who makes others happy (V) He's face is approved by the world! And he doesn't try to the boss just because he's the oldest (J Hope) Handsome face (Suga) Handsome face and his easygoing personality (Rap Monster) The unknown charm that attracts you (Jimin) Jimin His charm on stage (Suga) Jimin looks like he is naturally talented but he is a squishy dough/mochi like guy who works hard every day to show a great performance. (V) I like watching him working hard (Jungkook) The gap of sexy and mochi (Rap Monster) He is bad at games (Jin) Jimin is sexy on stage and he looks cool even to the members (J Hope) ③"We will exceed your expectation" - BTS - You have been running without any break for the last 4 years and you've grown without a hitch. J Hope - I really think we slowly climbed a step at a time. The support sent by ARMYs really gave us strength. V - I think we were able to create many memories together so that makes me very happy. Jin - I think we have been running without any break. I'm so happy to be able to run with the members while holding hands together without any trouble. I hope we can hold hands and continue to go forward together. - What do you think is the charm unique to BTS and secret to your success? V - I think our teamwork played an important role. Jungkook - I think the best secret is that we stick together and work hard Jin - I think it might be that people feel some kind of happiness by watching us. I thought that the fans enjoy and are happy to watch the kids they support playing together and showing cool performances on stage. - You are evaluated as the most optimized group in the SNS generation by repeatedly showing standard growth J Hope - Even I think our group made great use of the generation we live in. We also actively used SNS and I think our company played an important role in making this possible. Suga - I'm very grateful that you used the expression "standard growth". I believe that we just did what we like and enjoy doing. I'm grateful to the great love we receive. Jimin - I completely agree. We were able to communicate a lot with our fans thanks to SNS and I think our fans understood us and supported us more sincerely. - You emphasized your pride as Korean artist rather than advancing to the US during the press conference in Korea. Rap Monster - We thought that officially advancing in the US isn't the right step for us at this moment. We reached here by singing and rapping in Korean so that's what we want to continue doing. - You expressed your determination to enter the Billboard Hot 100 and perform at the Billboard Music Awards. Jimin - I believe it's one of the many goals we have. Rap Monster -That's right. "Hot 100" or performing at the BBMA is not something we just want to accomplish and it's not something we can achieve by working hard. I believe that it's a possible wish we can achieve someday. J Hope - (besides this) we want to become singers who receive attention from around the world and I think Billboard stage would be that very first stage. Jungkook - I believe that results will follow how much effort we put in so I don't want to restrict myself to one specific goal. - You have suggested direction as the next generation Hallyu and KPOP artist. Suga - That's an overpraise. I believe we still have a long way to go and we will continue to do our best. Rap Monster - We didn't work to receive good evaluations but eventually, if we're praised like so by others, that is a great honor as an artist. Jin - I'm grateful to many seniors who opened this road for us. We hope we can open many opportunities for our juniors. - Many Korean fans are waiting for your comeback. Rap Monster - We are preparing for it. We will try to show you something that will exceed your expectation. Suga - We will surely comeback with better and cooler music so please look forward. - Lastly, please congratulate Sports Seoul for their 32nd anniversary J Hope - I sincerely congratulate Sports Seoul's 32nd anniversary!! Please stay with us always!! V - Please continue to provide us with lots of great news! Jungkook - Sports Seoul is 11 years older than me! Please continue to have a long life!! Rap Monster - Sports Seoul! It's a very familiar name I've been hearing since I was younger. 32nd anniversary is longer than 10000 days and it's way older than me! I sincerely congratulate you and thank you for interviewing us in this meaningful space! Suga - Even BTS will become a team who will stay together for 32 years. Jin - Even I'm 26 but it's older than me. "Sports Seoul hyungnim", please continue to bring us great news and give us lots of love. Please be happy always and I will cheer for you to be filled with good events. Jimin - I sincerely thank the readers. Sports Seoul and BTS will work hard.
  2. When BTS debuted in 2013 not many predicted they'd be as successful as they are today. Back then it was true that BTS's musical core "hip hop" genre made people question if this could bring success to an idol. It was the reality of the KPOP industry that unless they're an idol from the so- called big 3 companies (SM, YG,JYP), success was as difficult as a camel going through the eye of the needle. But the prediction made by the many was merrily proved wrong and BTS has grown up as "national team" level idol. BTS's popularity in the overseas was revealed especially more directly. BTS's second full album "WINGS" entered the "Billboard 200" at No. 26 which is the highest record achieved by a Korean singer. This force was continued and BTS was chosen as the final winner of "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. They were recognized for their influence as global stars. The "Top Social Artist Award" won by BTS determines the winner by reflecting the "Billboard Social 50" chart and the SNS votes. Justin Bieber has been the exclusive winner for the award for 6 years since it was created in 2011. BTS's winning feels like a dream even now because even the many singers who knocked on the US market door did not achieve any result like this. Of course, singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" was chosen as the "Top Streaming Song Video" back in 2013 but it wasn't an official category that invited him at the award stage. If so, what could be the underlying source of their power that made it possible for BTS to achieve this blinding achievement? Many chose the fact that the group communicated notably on SNS and online platforms compared to the other "Top Social Artist" nominees. Ever since the early days of their debut, BTS has stayed active on SNS accounts and constantly created contents through personal broadcasts. They did not only communicate directly. BTS members shared special photos and videos which weren't revealed before on their SNS account and interacted with their fans enthusiastically. For example, the 77 seconds long video uploaded last March by Jungkook with the message "Happy birthday Suga" (슈가 생일 ㅊㅋ) caught our attention. Contents like these are beyond specific stratum or location and demonstrated bigger influence as they combined with the tendency of music market which is consumed in real time via Youtube and SNS. Their fandom that was produced with these factors grew in all aspects including size and solidarity as time passed and this became BTS's powerful weapon. BTS members who felt the power of communication through a series of process are planning to constantly continue their communication with fans even in the future. The musical world preferred by BTS combined with their solid talent also helped them to succeed. BTS is a group with all members skilled in composing, lyric writing and producing selected "Youth" as their theme and formed sympathy with people who are living in the same generation as themselves through their storytelling. When many idols choose "love song between male and female", BTS focused on "social phenomenon" or "reality" as their subject. An official from gayo industry who wished to stay anonymous explained, "BTS's broad and continuous communication that is clearly different compared to other singers is the characteristic. Through precise storytelling the group has been showing us since their debut, BTS's identity transformed and improved inside consistency instead of diversity." BTS's company Bighit Entertainment also commented, "It's important that they constantly communicated with the fans around the world through SNS. Together with this, the members' chemistry, trendy music that's comfortable to listen to the Western market, the performance unique to KPOP, achievements made by the group's senior singers and many characteristic combined and affected them." As mentioned previously, BTS's hip hop based sound and familiar sound to the international fans were combined with the perfect group choreography that is known as the characteristic unique to KPOP. Overall, BTS's success was created by fusing universality and rarity in top form. Original article here Response +441 1. Congrats on your 4th anniversary^^ Although they're on tour, BTS still came to Korea to celebrate the 4th anniversary with fans and prepared an event so they can spend time with fans. This is why I can't help but like them. Let's continue to stay together♥ +285 -1 2. "Through precise storytelling, the group has been showing us since their debut, BTS's identity transformed and improved inside consistency instead of diversity."... This is one of the many reasons why I support BTS.. +268 -0 3. Definite identity! BTS is the best even when we only consider how much they communicate with their fans!! +234 -0 4. BTS, congrats on the 4th anniversary. ARMY and BTS will continue to stay together +211 -0 5. #4yearswithBTS Congrats on the 4th anniversary~~ +199 -0 6. There aren't any idol who constantly talk tell us their stories like them. Even when they make one song, they still explain to us during what situation this song was created, what was said by someone and how it influenced to create that song, how they were troubled when it wasn't easy to create the song and how they overcame such situation to reveal the track. Listening to the explanation of the album production process is my favorite part ㅎ +52 -0 7. It's not easy to be loved like this by the singer you like. I'm always grateful and sorry. +50 -0 8. BTS made impossible possible... amazing~~ they dominated the opponent with their rap, dance, and song~~ +46 -0 9. Debut anniversary Home Party even when they're on tour♡ BTS let's stay healthy every day. Congrats on the 4th anniversary +44 -0 10. Guys, congrats on the 4th anniversary +39 -0 Trans; ©
  3. For our annual roundup of the most influential people on the Internet, TIME sized up contenders by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. Here's who made this year's unranked list: BTS Overtaking Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to spend 27 consecutive weeks atop Billboard’s “Social 50” chart, which tracks popularity across different platforms, would be an impressive feat for any artist. It’s especially so for BTS, a Korean boy band — the full name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, loosely translates to “bulletproof boy scouts” in English — whose seven members have managed to cultivate a virtual fanbase that could give the Beyhive a run for its money. In 2016, the so-called BTS Army propelled Wings to No. 26 on the Billboard 200 — the highest-ever debut for a K-pop album — and earlier this year, they helped BTS win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. During their acceptance speech, band member Rap Monster (real name: Kim Nam-joon) gave credit where credit was due: “This award belongs to [everybody] around the world who shines the love and light on us,” he said. —Raisa Bruner Read full article here KINGTAN!!!!
  4. As at 2017 June, who could be the most influential people and team in the gayo industry? To celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul, we opened a survey on the 8th til the 15th to research the "powerful people of gayo industry". A total of 32 people, a staff from 32 entertainment companies, participated in this survey.This is an official opinion shared by entertainment company CEOs, or staffs above chairman of the board. We asked each participant to fill the rankings of 1st to the 3rd place for each category and we informed them that each rank has its own score. Every No. 1 team for each category was given 3 points, No. 2 team received 2 points and No. 3 team received 1 point. The total point for each category is 192 points and the highest score a team can receive is 96 points. Through the answers provided by workers in the same industry, we were able to apprehend the internal atmosphere and the flow of the gayo industry. The most "powerful people" selected by the officials of gayo industry was SM Entertainment Lee Sooman producer. Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk who raised BTS as the best KPOP idol team was chosen as the best KPOP producer, and BTS and TWICE were proved as the hottest male and female KPOP teams at this time. G Dragon and IU were chosen s the best male and female solo singers, and the NCT from SM was mentioned as the best rising star KPOP group. Black Eyed Pilseung and Kim Inah were chosen as the best composer and lyricist. #2. Who is the best KPOP producer? <①Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk (48 points) ② JYP head producer, Park Jinyoung (45 points) ③SM head producer Lee Sooman (29 points) ④G Dragon, Teddy (above 9 points)> Bighit Entertainment CEO was credited for creating BTS who created worldwide KPOP sensation. As the CEO of a small company that lacks capital and brand power, he raised "dirt spoon idol" into the top national group in a short period of time. CEO Bang shook the market flow controlled by idol groups from major entertainment companies and he is chosen as the "role model" of many small gayo entertainment company producers. #3. Best KPOP male team? <①BTS (85points) ②EXO (60points) ③Big Bang(18points )④Seventeen (15points) ⑤WANNA·ONE(4points)> The fact that BTS won the "Top Social Artist Award" at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards last May was a symbolic incident that proved they had built a powerful fandom not only in Korea but around the world and the group has outstanding expandability. As of now, no one disgreed on the fact that BTS is the best KPOP male team. ◆ List of participants for this survey (32 staffs from 32 companies) YG CEO Yang Minseok, JYP president Jungwook, Star Empire CEO Shin Joohak, YMC CEO Cho Yoomyeung, TS CEO Kim Taesong, FNC president Cho Sunghwan, HOW CEO Lee Yonggul, Dream T CEO Lee Jongseok, nhemg CEO Kim Myunghoon, Santa Music CEO Lee Sangchul, Happy Face CEO Lee Joowon, YNB CEO Bang Yoondae, Cracker CEO Yoon Youngro, Double Kick CEO Lee Hyungjin, A Cube CEO Choi Jinho, WM CEO Lee Wonmin, Source Music CEO So Youngjin, Fantastic Music CEO Woo Youngseung, Brave CEO Brave Brothers, Widmay CEO Cho Seungyong, VIBE CEO Yoon Minsoo, Pledis vice president Kim Yeunsoo, Starship director Seo Hyunjoo, SM director Kim Seunah, Bighit director Chaeun, Kiwi Media group director Han Jungsoo, Jellyfish director Yoo Yeonwook, Woolim director Lee Youngjoon, Cube director Lee Jiwon, MBK director Park Kyuhyun, DSP director Kim Kyungmin, Mystic director of the headquarters Cho Baehyun. Original article here Response +314 Users who commented on this article 1. I think TWICE and BTS are definitely unclimbable +475 -42 2. I watch BTS and Twice with interest because they're the top trending male and female groups but when you watch them, you will realize why they are popular. They constantly upload various contents on V App and Youtube and that's certainly going to help them build a solid fandom. This eventually connects to economic power and brings more popularity. They're amazing +404 -31 3. BTS - TWICE... they are the one-top idols right now +377 -31 4. I really like BTS and TWICE a lot. I hope they succeed more!! +354 -31 5. BTS, TWICE let's last for a long time~ +136 -12 6. TWICE and BTS are leading overwhelmingly♡ let's continue this♡♡ and fans, let's stay in good terms~~ +115 -6 7. BTS and TWICE are my favorite male and female groups these days ㅠㅠ I really like IU too ;ㅅ; +131 -12 8. It feels like BTS and TWICE have solidified their position as the top male and female group +139 -15 9. wow this is amazing!! BTS is leading overwhelmingly and Bang PD-nim is amazing too. They were bashed during entertainment survey last year and I wonder what those antis think right now. Now BTS is really walking on the flower road only. TWICE is amazing too, congratulations! +140 -17 Trans; © [Instiz] A recent survey prepared by Sports Seoul that was done by influential people from music industry. T/N: Also mentions part 2 of the survey.
  5. [Article] 170620 [Bighit Official Statement] BTS, "Drama for every member? We're still in the early stage of planning... nothing has been confirmed" Group BTS's official revealed, "Nothing has been confirmed about their upcoming project". BTS's company Bighit Entertainment official revealed on the 20th to Osen, "Drama project for each member is one of the projects Bighit is planning to release this year or in next year. However, there's nothing we can talk about because we're still in the early stage of planning." Also, regarding the rumor of recruiting story writer, the official drew a line by saying, "we did not recruit any story writers". Previously it has been reported, "BTS' leader Rap Monster said their acceptance speech after winning "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards he shouted, "Love yourself". This phrase was intended to hint BTS' next move.", "BTS is currently preparing for their next album with "Love yourself" as the title. They are planning to produce videos with drama like format that has a story for each member and release it in order to the public and communicate with them. " However, their company revealed that nothing is confirmed and they're only in the early stage of planning. Meanwhile, BTS is preparing for their comeback with plans to return in the second half of the year. Original article here Response +370 1. It looks like nothing has been confirmed so the journalist was writing a novel on his own +542 -16 2. please don't release spoiler like this... they will let us know when the time comes +423 -15 3. I hope to see more better music +379 -14 4. why are you doing this... journalist, they said this isn't true so please don't spoil everything ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +282 -10 5. Seeing these haters leave comments here for BTS to shine made me really realize that BTS will surely last for a long, long time. Because BTS has been achieving everything these haters say ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +202 -13 6. I will wait for anything BTS brings for us! BTS who we trust listening to!! +81 -5 7. It's really surprising how Naver doesn't feature any articles about BTS winning #1 or setting any records... but they still featured that false article we saw earlier... man.. hahahahah +75 -3 8. I don't know what album they'll release but I'm looking forward +75 -4 9. Bighit and BTS always go beyond my expectation... Fans just have to trust in them and wait for their album +70 -3 10. yes... I will trust in you and wait.. I will listen to Bighit's words and not what the journalist tells us +66 -3 Translations by Peachisoda Please use full credits when sharing.
  6. Kang Chanee shared his memory In 2013, BTS members needed a large practice room so they came to practice hard for couple of days and nights at our office practice room In just 4 years they leaped as world star BTS from a scary(ily hard working) rookie kids! 4 years ago Scary rookie kids are practicing all night even today~ Among all the groups I've seen recently, I felt the strongest energy from them! "Genius displays itself even in childhood" This idiom literally applies to group BTS. SNS post shared by a gayo producer who watched BTS practicing for their debut right around the corner in 2013 at a practice room is receiving attention. CEO Kang Chanee who has been a manager for a long time and later debuted singers like Chunja, LPG, Yoon Gun posted a photo of BTS practicing on his Facebook account in June 12th 2013 with the caption, "Scary rookie kids are practicing all night even today~ Among all the groups I've seen recently, I felt the strongest energy from them!" 2013 June 12th was the day before BTS's debut. After 4 years, on June 12th CEO Kang Chanee shared his post from 4 years ago and added, "n 2013, BTS members needed a large practice room so they came to practice hard for a couple of days and nights at our office practice room. In just 4 years they leaped as world star BTS from a scary(ily hard working) rookie kids!" BTS advanced to the world star rank after winning the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards as the first KPOP group. Original article here Response +249 1. This photo really touched my heart. Even when they've become the top-level group in Korea with worldwide popularity, it's still difficult for them to have their articles featured on the main page compared to other teams but BTS members still continue to grow by overcoming all the prejudice and discrimination. Watching them makes me respect them and this is beyond the simple aspiration fans have for their stars. +214 -2 2. The strong bond between the members, the enormous amount of practice, overflowing talents, sweat, and passion- hard work never betrays. BTS is the proof and this is why I love them~ BTS forever +168 -2 3. My singers who make me proud +134 -1 4. There's nothing free in this world~~ BTS fighting! +128 -1 5. As expected from BTS! Congrats on your 4th anniversary and let's walk on the flower road with ARMY +130 -2 6. Some think they rose really easily... but this is the result they achieved by shedding blood, sweat, and tears!! BTS is amazing ㅎㅎ +34 -1 7. There are people who don't know BTS but people who really know BTS don't talk bad about them... they are a team that shows us what's it's like to do your best +32 -1 8. I'm so proud +31 -1 9. As expected from BTS! It took only 4 years for the scary rookies to become this extraordinary idol kya~ +30 -1 10. As I read the article... I was moved... ㅠㅠ congrats on the 4th anniversary~ +29 -1 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  7. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA She's more familiar to us as "Teacher Sungeun", the vocal trainer of Produce 101 rather than her full name "Kim Sungeun". Her stage name "AG Sungeun" sounds much more unfamiliar to us. "Please feel comfortable to call me Teacher Sungeun". Vocal trainer Kim Sungeun (37) has an impressive résumé. She trained BTS until they debuted and she is the vocal teacher of popular girl group TWICE. She has participated to direct the first album of Sam Kim and other singers. She is a celebrity trainer who is recognized for her talent in the industry. (T/N this is not a translation of the complete interview) She said she greatly wishes her young students to grow up as happy adults before becoming successful idols. "It's a harsh world for the younger friends to endure. I recently told this to BTS Jin. I told him that I wished him to become a joyful adult and that I hoped he would enjoy his life as an adult while being a wonderful musician. He then told me not to worry." - - - I love how she often praises Jin. I think this is the second/third time I've heard her compliment him for his hard work and sweet personality.
  8. Who : BTS Jungkook When : 2017. 5. 21 Where : US Las Vegas MGM Hotel What : Attending the Billboard Music Awards Credit : Dispatch Kim Minjung reporter Original article here Response +3123 Who left the comments? 1. Jungkook has really pretty eyes... I think I know why Seokjin said his eyes look like Bambi's +2405 -89 2. heol he's so cute. baby rabbit❤ +1877 -71 3. Jungkook is good at singing, dancing, and he's cute and handsome but he's so hilarious too ㅋㅋㅋ he's a real Golden Maknae +1740 -58 4. aigooo he's handsome +1742 -66 5. Jungkook ㅠ +1457 -56 6. It's really surprising how young boy-like charms and adult sexiness coexist in Jungkook... seriously it's so surprising when you watch their stages. How could he have such different aura. He's like a real baby rabbit who doesn't care what happens tomorrow when he's with his hyungs (T/N: Bullying/joking with his hyungs without thinking the consequences XD) but he's so sexy like an adult in Blood Sweat & Tears and Fire stages... Jungkook, I really care about you ㅠㅠ +870 -23 7. sh*t he's f*cking handsome... the photo is so HQ ㅋㅋㅋ +705 -21 8. I think Jungkook's no makeup face and makeup face looks very different... he's sexy and overflows with oppa charms when he has his makeup done but he's a real baby with his makeup ㅎㅎ +686 -21 9. Jungkook is so pretty and handsome♡♡ congrats to BTS again for winning at the BBMA and let's be more successful! I love you ♡♡ +607 -18 10. aigoo he looks like a baby... +559 -15 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  9. Hip hop idol group BTS literally put on a set of wings like the title of the album "WINGS" released last year. More than a million copies of this album were sold all around the world and the group received 300 million votes, that is 75% of the total votes and won the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards. They did not promote in the US or have any viral video like "Gangnam Style". This is an achievement they accomplished only by interacting with their fans and the power of their music. BTS sang in Korean and they don't have a single English song that targets the US market. However, they are receiving compliments like "You don't need to understand the language to feel the passion of the new rising artist", "They boldly approach the culture of the younger generation", "They don't leave out the fans who don't speak Korean". They succeeded with their musicality together with interaction. Even without the prestige of the foreign music awards, BTS was a group that stimulated my curiosity since their debut days. They were an idol group who are produced for the industry yet they said they are a hip hop group which requires sincerity as their foundation. This seemed like a contradiction, furthermore "Bangtan" (Bulletproof) that reminds us of military culture which has nothing to do with creativity and "Boy Scouts" that reminds us of boy scouts or "Hitler Youth" in the worst case. To make things worse their fandom name is "ARMY". The contradiction list kept growing the more I watched their stages and music videos. They enjoyed wearing the uniform but they sweep the stage with the energy that's enough to mess their brightly colored hair and tear away their outfits. They have the classic visuals of idol but all members participate in composing, lyric and rap writing to create their music. They perform high-level intense group choreography at the concert venue with fire as the special effect but some of the members were able to reach this level of dancing only by practicing and making effort without the talents of dancers. Moreover, the songs written by BTS is different compared to the consistent love songs by KPOP groups or the current hip hop groups who sing about having a rich lifestyle, party, love, and break up. BTS enthusiastically captures the frustration, anger, and social perception in their songs. This is why foreign critics acclaim that we finally have a conscious KPOP group. When democratic songs of 1980s and 90s played during the end of 2016 as the citizens held candle lights at the Gwanghwamun square as they yearn for democracy, the youths around the world repeatedly watched the music video of BTS "Not Today" on Youtube, which tells the viewers to not submit themselves to neoliberalism. BTS is opening the first door that's beyond the chance and frontier of Hallyu. Hong Seokkyung, Professor of Communication Studies, Seoul National University Original article here Responses I like the article (62) This is heartwarming (0) This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (0) I want the next part of this article (2) 1. Professor, thank you for this wonderful article. I think you really expressed the true value of our BTS well. +44 -0 2. My younger sibling is a fan of BTS and I thought s/he would stop liking them at some point but after watching their stage and listening to their song, I understand why s/he likes them +42 -0 3. wow BTS is cool... +35 -0 4. I support BTS's powerful soar ♡ My heart felt so proud of them the entire time I read the article ♡ I'll always be with BTS ♡♡♡ +33 -0 5. Thank you for the nice article ♡ +29 -0 6. They didn't start off like idols from big companies who receive support from their senior groups from their own company or have their articles featured on the main page of entertainment news ranking on portal sites or get themselves known to the public by easily appearing on famous variety shows... they didn't start 50m front like those idols in a 100m race. They steadily began at the starting point, stumbled, receiving judging eyes from many due to petty, ridiculous misunderstandings...but they didn't blame on others and continued with good genuine music... they reached here today after 15 hours of dance practice every day... You will understand why BTS gives strength to even people in other countries to live their lives every day when you learn about BTS ^^+18 -0 6. Thank you for the in-depth analyze article about BTS~ When I read recent articles or columns about BTS, most of the journalists who don't know about BTS write their articles using facts you can find by searching them online or saying that they became famous thanks to the popularity of KPOP... this article written made me realize that professor has analyzed this after watching BTS's stage, music videos and other foreign articles~thank you again for the nice article~ ^^ +12 -0 7. I joined the fandom after watching a couple of their choreography videos.. I think there is a reason why people like them!! +11 -0 8. I love this kind of article ㅋ +9 -0 9. wow this is such a cool article ^-^/ I can imagine the tone you'd be using to explain about them.. +8 -0 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  10. Boy group BTS revealed their pride about their fans. On 29th BTS held the press conference regarding their winning at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. On this day, the representative of Bighit Entertainment said, "This award is the most forward-looking. The number of times artists were mentioned on SNS also acted as a measure to display who is the hottest existence in the US music industry.", emphasizing the possibility of BTS as a global social star. They also continued and talked about their fans "ARMY", "They have strong power and loyalty. US Billboard even compared them to the 1960 Beatles' fans." Regarding the reason why the foreign media are enthusiastic about BTS, they explained, "They are focusing on BTS who has the ability to become the representative of KPOP and the value of potential KPOP market. There's also a strong global leverage created by BTS' SNS and their fandom." Meanwhile, BTS recently won the "Top Social Artist" award as the first KPOP group after competing against global artists at the US Billboard Music Awards, rewriting the history of Korean pop music. Original article here Response +413 1. Billboard said, "hey, your fans were amazing when you guys appeared. it sounded like the cheerings of Beatles fans" +1025 -56 2. This means that their fans' loyalty is as great as Beatles' fans. They didn't compare the fans to the singer. This is what Billboard said +909 -69 3. This is what the Billboard said... Please read the actual article and stop critizing just by reading the title... +780 -63 4. It says they compared them to their fans. The young fellows did well so why are you all shaking with rage?+782 -72 5. This is just how the foreign media compared... +674 -56 6. This is a provoking title. Out of all things they talked about... +278 -19 7. I wonder why there are so many people suffering from dyslexia ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they didn't say BTS is like Beatles. Foreign media compared their fandom to Beatles' fandom to describe BTS's global fans' passion. How could they compare the singers to Beatles? +239 -7 8. This is what the Billboard said. I'd be grateful if you read the article properly before leaving a comment +214 -11 9. Please watch the video on Youtube. They really did compare them to Beatles during their interview with Yahoo. But BTS strongly denied this was never true ㅋㅋ I think that's just how popular they are +242 -22 10. Do you think BTS would have said this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what do you want us to do when that's just how Billboard compared? +202 -10 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  11. "There might be people who feel hostile towards us even now but I believe that's something we have to bear. I think this will depend on how well we do and if we can show them good results so I want to continue producing good results." This is BTS's (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) aspiration revealed during the interview with Newsen after the release of their second full album "WINGS" last October and in just 7 months, they have set another new record that will remain in the history of K POP and proved their aspect as the "growing idol". This is an achievement that surprised the fans around the world and the officials in the industry regardless to one liking or disliking the group. BTS won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards held on May 21st at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, US. They are the second singer after PSY (who won the Top Streaming song, Video award four years ago) to win an award at the "BBMA", the awards ceremony that is known to be strict on Korean singers and BTS is the first KPOP group to win an award. This category chooses the winner by adding up the digital song and album sales volume, streaming, number of times the song/s was/were played on the radio, no. of shows and social participation index, etc collected during a year period and the global fan votes which began on May 1st. After ranking #1 on "Social 50" last October 29th, BTS topped the chart 24 times, surpassing Justin Beiber who owns a strong local fandom and surpassed Justin Bieber once more with an overwhelming number of votes, introducing KPOP to a greater number of people. Nominees for the category included other global stars like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande which makes their winning more unrealistic. When the Korean medias were informed that a Korean singer had won an award at a prestigious US music awards ceremony, they scrambled to report the news. Perhaps, this could be the moment when the group's receiving the hottest spotlight since their debut in Korea. They not only achieved the highest ranking (#26) among KPOP artists on one of Billboard's main chart, "Billboard 200", they set an unprecedented record in KPOP history by entering the chart with 4 consecutive albums. BTS also has gained meaningful results like entering the TOP 10 in US iTunes' main single chart "Top SONGS", and entering the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart at #15. Since then, major local media like The New York Times reported BTS's US tour back in March and other major foreign media like Times and People Magazine, CNN, BBC, Nikkan Sports made reports on BTS winning the Billboard award, even more in detail compared to the Korean media. full article | Translated by Peachisoda
  12. Original Article by PEACHISODA [Article] 170522 [BBMA] "We got to the Billboard!"... BTS moved as they win the award "We're standing at the Billboard.. We can't believe this" "BTS" repeatedly exclaimed "unbelievable". They were the first KPOP group to stand on the magenta carpet and they also stood in the center of the award ceremony as the first KPOP group. And they held the trophy as the first KPOP group. "I can't believe we're standing at the Billboard. It's a great honor. We're especially grateful to ARMY (fanclub) and I love you. We will become a better BTS" (Rap Monster) BTS seized the 2017 Billboard trophy. They won the "Top Social Artist" award at the "BBMA" held on the 21st in Las Vegas, US. They surpassed global pop stars like Justin Bieber. "Top Social Artist" category has been his award. Bieber has secured his throne for the 6 years since they introduced the category in 2011. However, BTS climbed over that wall this year. Read more [email protected]
  13. BTS Member Jin Goes Viral During 2017 BBMAs for Being Really Hot (Again) by Bradley Stern May 22, 2017 4:15 PM Read More: BTS Member Jin Goes Viral During 2017 BBMAs for Being Really Hot (Again) | http://popcrush.com/bts-jin-2017-bbmas-third-one-left-tweets-red-carpet/?trackback=tsmclip Ah, the extraordinarily tough task of being the lead visual member of a K-pop group: Jin of BTS certainly knows what a difficult undertaking it is to be, well, so damn fine for a living. Last night, before BTS took home a historic Top Social Artist win as the first Korean group to win a Billboard Music Award (congratulations again, boys!), the massively popular troupe was already causing a stir on social media — and on the red carpet. But there was one member in particular who caused both devoted A.R.M.Y. members and newfound fans alike to swoon: Jin — unofficially now dubbed the “third one from the left.” Even without any knowledge of BTS whatsoever, the viewers at home were quick to notice Jin’s standout handsome looks on the red carpet, leading to hundreds of enamored tweets all highlighting the same member. Amusingly, this isn’t even the first time Jin caused a panic at an awards ceremony with his mere appearance. Two years ago, at the MelOn Music Awards, Jin became known as the “car door guy” simply for looking good while getting out of a car. Again, times are very tough for Jin. Are you one of the ones desperately searching to find out who that third one from the left is? Or are you already a hardcore A.R.M.Y. member, deeply amused by the West’s sudden preoccupation with Jin? Either way, the public’s thirst did not go unnoticed. source: POP CRUSH You guys, i can't even with this. It's too much. All my Jin dreams are coming true.
  14. In an era where Internet is omnipresent, the usage of social media has been continuously increasing and marketing teams have mostly understood that they must take them into account if they want to keep up with the evolution of society. Korean marketing teams are not an exception and since South Korea is one of the most connected countries in the world, they may have been even more proactive in building a strong presence on social media. This tendency applies to Hallyu (literally « flow of Korea », this term can be defined as the expansion of the Korean culture towards other countries): nowadays, most of Korean pop music and drama stars have their own social media and interact frequently with their fans. One of their most efficient ways to increase their social media presence and to remain visible even during their tours abroad is to pre-record several shows and to release them regularly. They have done this for two years with successful results : in April 2017 they were ranked first in brand reputation. It is a ranking made by the Korean Business Research Institute by analyzing big data from March 7 to April 8 for the categories of participation, communication, and community awareness. This ranking is an indicator of the influence the boy band will have on consumer purchasing behavior. This result is interesting considering that the last come-back of BTS was on February 13th, 2017 and that the group was busy touring South and North America during this period. Full Article
  15. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA On the 22nd, BTS won the "Top Social Artist" award at the BBMA and this can be called one of the issues that happened since PSY's #2 on Billboard Single Chart with "Gangnam Style". It's not only because they won an award at the BBMA which is a prestigious global awards ceremony. In fact, it's because "Top Social Artist" award itself is a meaningful award at the BBMA including the US music industry. We can consider that digital music service that has streaming as its base and SNS platforms are the two axes in the present pop music industry. If the digital music service industry provided an opportunity to every user to listen to countless songs for $10 a month, SNS platforms including Twitter and Facebook provided service for the users to have access to real-time updates provided by trending musicians. It has an incredible far-reaching power. It's obvious that more profit is promised to musicians who are mentioned more number of times on SNS, as they're likely to trend more. The more they are mentioned, they get various advertising and other offers from companies and they are promised higher profit in the music industry and concert shows. This is why Billboard created the "Social 50" chart since 2010. This chart is a yardstick that shows who is the "hottest" person in the present music industry and how much they're trending on various SNS platforms. Thus, SNS displays who is the hottest celebrity as of now among the younger generations who are the core users of the platforms. Only the hottest US pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and others have topped the chart. In other words, BTS receiving the Top Social Artist award could be called the proof how viral they are among the younger US users. BTS has been ranking #1 for 26 weeks on the Social 50 chart already from last year til today (May 26th). This chart adds up scores from all SNS including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Sound Cloud, etc run by Korean boy groups so ranking #1 on such chart means a lot. And this is supported by their 4 consecutive entries in the Billboard Chart. The way Billboard Awards treated BTS also shows how they were judged. BTS played BTS's song during the red carpet and they scheduled the Top Social Artist award ceremony during the second half of the ceremony. This is when they award the major awards. On this day, fans of BTS gathered at the red carpet and sent them great cheerings. Also, the video of BTS receiving the award shared on Youtube reached 2 million views. This shows that BTS has already become a star who has their position in the SNS era even within the US. As if to reflect the above statement, US fashion magazine Vogue selected BTS as the best-dressed celebrity at the BBMA and TIMES also chose the winning of BTS as the best moment of BBMA, wittily adding that the worst moment was that BBMA did not include BTS's performance at the ceremony. BTS's BBMA Top Social Award winning doesn't mean that they merely became a topic in the US. In this present SNS generation we live in, BTS became a pop star who represent this. Original article here Response +1487 Who left the comments? 1. I didn't know about BTS well because they didn't appear on variety shows a lot but I learned that they are a very cool group by watching on Youtube. When you begin watching BTS's Youtube videos, time will fly +1551 -50 2. I'm proud of them +1297 -39 3. This article makes me really proud and happy ^^ It doesn't matter if they accept or refuse to accept because this is the fact.. +1184 -33 4. I'm really proud of them~ I'm happy to get the chance to know BTS ^^ +1063 -31 5. BTS, fighting! +966 -27 6. It's been a while since I read a good article. I thought Top Social Award is a small award and expected them to broadcast the award ceremony during the first part of the show but I was surprised when they awarded them at the second half. The venue was filled with loud cheerings when BTS was called out and I really didn't expect that +355 -4 7. I'm so proud to see BTS succeeding by paving their own path ㅎㅎ BTS interacts with fans and that's great too but BTS was able to get where they are now because of their own BTS style music. I hope you will continue to climb higher! +303 -5 8. I became a fan because I could feel their sincerity within their interaction. I will continue to support their goal and dream +293 -3 9. Foreign media report that BTS has everything from live performance, interaction skills, their self-content shows, performance, composing and lyric writing ability, and visual. This makes me proud of them. I think their songs and the collaborations they do will be legendary. For sure! I like this article. I was mad at the article that was posted when they didn't even know about BTS well enough +283 -3 10. When you just look at the title of this article, it feels like BTS only became popular due to SNS. This is the result they achieved by slowly creating a synergy with music, performance, and various other interactions! Fighting to BTS's Austrailia show today~ They won the award this year in the Social category but I dream and wish BTS to really win an award with their music and perform at the BBMA stage next time! +272 -5 = = = Phew, I think I got most of the articles - sorry if they were posted already! Feel free to remove them! Im still new to this news posting thing, please take care of me
  16. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA [Kim Sungdae's Music Note] On May 21st, group BTS became the first KPOP group to win the "Top Social Artist" award at the "2017 Billboard Music Awards". This award chooses its winner based on the sales of digital music and albums, streamings, the number of radio plays, and concerts for a year period, and including the global fan voting which began on May 1st, known as the social participation index. BTS was chosen as the final winner of the award by winning against other nominees like Justin Bieber who reigned this category since it was created back in 2011, Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande. Setting aside the racism which isn't even worth to mention about, it seems like it's partially true that BTS's winning at this year's BBMA was influenced by the sudden increase in Hispanics who have similar emotions like Koreans in the US population. They have watched and supported BTS equally like the group's Korean fandom. The team who is doing well enough in Korea even won an award at the Billboard and now this literally is "The Rise of BTS". However, if you look at this splendid achievement as a mere luck, miracle or an extraordinary event- I'd like to avoid such thoughts. In other words, BTS did not reach where they are today without any preparation and effort. The group's company Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk asked BTS that was created with Rap Monster as the core to walk their own future with their own ability instead of the work and name value they receive from Bang Sihyuk's own group of composers and producers or other famous composers. And BTS members fundamentally had to be artists who loved music and performance. CEO Bang's policy was that people who want to think and do music as their goal and not as means could continue to stay with him and others who don't agree with him should walk away without any second thought. Of course, BTS harshly polished themselves and in the end, they reached the victory stand at the Billboard Awards Ceremony. Spontaneity and familiarity. Those might also be the core secrets behind BTS's popularity and success. They emphasized "over 27 minutes of running time despite it being a single album" when they debuted. They were an idol group who created their own mixtape and the members made the aim set by their company, "to have the ability to compose, write lyrics, stage directing and producing by themselves" as their own goal. They tried to talk with their album and they really spoke with their albums. Most of all, BTS believed they should be able to talk their honest stories with music which lead to writing their own lyrics and they worked hard to "fill their lyrics with sincerity rather than swag". Through their series albums, they deeply touched the hearts of the fans who belong to similar age groups with their storytelling and the freestyle rapping they showed us with "Outro : Circle Room Cypher", their SNS to interact with their fans, and their powerful "Paldogangsan" satoori rap which boldly displays their hometown. In the end, they achieved everything in one context. The issue that troubled CEO Bang to create a successful hip hop idol group that was nonexistent in the industry was, "How do we reach our target?" and the answer to this question slowly appeared fans derive from BTS's spontaneous gestures and their interaction. And most importantly it was their passion. CEO Bang wanted BTS to be members who want to be musicians and not just celebrities. Instead of popularity and fame, he prioritized their passion and interest for music. Fortunately, all members of BTS were fans of hip hop/black music and they weren't just fans, they were hardcore fans. People often assume that idols are interested in things besides music but at least BTS is an exception. They have the ability to discuss the Nas VS Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and DMX, and Dynamic Duo. They also know how to apply Moombahton which is a combination of reggaeton and house music, to create a hit song like "Blood Sweat & Tears". Labeling idols as products created by companies to merely do the things they tell them to do is similar accusation like defaming director Park Chanwook and Lee Changdong's movie as "arson" even now. CEO Bang Sihyuk once told us that his own philosophy and view of the world are infused in BTS. And he said he considers show industry- concert as his top priority. This is because he believes that there are no chances of winning with only music and album. BTS successfully ended their South and North America tours recently. They sold out 100,000 copies of tickets and the ticket bought by Russell Crowe to a Hollywood child actress Kylie Rogers. Chile reported that BTS's concert tickets were sold out fastest in history. Just like what the music critic Shin Hyunjoon said, KPOP is pop music made in Korea for the countries outside Korea (made in Korea for non-Korea). In other words, "the material background is export directed culture economy" (Gayo, KPOP and beyond them"). This shows that BTS and CEO Bang have really made good use of this factor and became the successful example. As someone said, BTS didn't change the history of Billboard but it's definitely true that they did rewrite the history of KPOP after PSY. This wasn't luck nor miracle. BTS worked harder than anyone and the reason why they won the Billboard award was the result of the generous love their fans showed them. They really worked hard as if "they squeezed their blood", just like what Bang Sihyuk told us. Every debate that surrounds BTS's success should all begin from this point. Original article here Response +887 1. I think we're able to relate to their music more because they express their own stories with their own music. I support you to continue writing the new history +650 -6 2. I'm touched even by articles like this.. We've been through a lot... I guess that is why. I don't agree with every word in this article but I'm grateful to you for writing this article because it seems like you have written this after researching bout BTS in many ways~ ^^ this wasn't just luck or miracle.... ㅎㅎ +602 -6 3. hing thanks for the nice article. BTS is really a group that gives me strength. I didn't think I'd fall into an idol in my mid-20s.. ㅜㅜ their lyrics are really healing and all their contents make me happy ㅠㅠ +552 -5 4. the endless effort by BTS, the deep connectedness they share with fans, and their passion as an artist makes BTS improve and be successful. This is never about finding the right timing or just because they are lucky. istg BTS will grow bigger and they will fly higher +514 -4 5. We're finally seeing some good articles today! I pressed the heart (like button). BTS, continue doing the music you love!! ARMYs will support you ^^ +501 -5 6. Thank you for the nice article. I'm sure you could write any article as a columnist but someone saw BTS's success as just the general victory of KPOP... I really couldn't agree to that. Even I was a person who wasn't interested in idols but from some point after watching their stage, music, and passion I fell in love with them for who they are. They don't appear often on variety shows so the public might not find them familiar? but I think they have the capability to grow bigger in the future. Of course, their passion, musicality and seeing them never losing their original intention made me relate with them. I hope you will continue to provide us with good music to listen to without getting tired or sick. I will always support you +128 -3 7. "Sincerity instead of swag".... "talked with their album"... this makes me so touched ㅜㅜ music is what defines BTS the most and this makes me so proud of them as a fan +125 -2 8. I'm a person who disconnected myself from all idol music prior to liking BTS. That phase naturally came to me when I passed 20. But now I'm looking at the idol music in a different light because of BTS. I realized that Korea's idol market is looking for a much more talented artist than before after listening to the self-composed/written/produced songs of these idols. I think we have a firm stereotype of idol music that makes us to skip their songs always... I would suggest you to try listening to the idols'songs if you find good ones because that's what we listeners should do! +117 -2 9. As their fan, I was a little frustrated by the little interest and response the Korean media showed compared to the foreign media regarding BTS's BBMA nomination and winning. I was disappointed to see people considering this unimportant because it was only a popularity vote but reading such column made me pleasant..! thank you and I read it well +103 -1 10. wow I think this article really shows the journalist's genuine thoughts. I think this is one of the few articles that really explain the true value of BTS!! Thanks for the column!! ^^ BTS's music will continue! I will continue to watch and cheer! +103 -2
  17. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA Boy group BTS won the Top Social Artist award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards held on 22nd in Las Vegas, US. This category chose the winner based on the digital and album sales volume, number of radio plays, streaming, shows, the social participation rate, and other data. This category was created in 2011 for the first time and US Idol star Justin Bieber continued category as the winner until the winner of the category changed this year for the first time. However, the point we need to focus on more is the level of attention the US media are showing toward KPOP and not only the news about BTS's winning. The news about BTS awarded at the BBMA was covered by almost all pop music media and they reported this news to a great extent. The size of their fan base was clearly proved this time. In other words, BTS definitely solidified their position as the "Next Thing". This is indeed a great achievement. Many KPOP artists including Wonder Girls, BoA, Se7en, Rain, and SNSD have tried and failed to advance into the US KPOP market but BTS has definitely switched on the green light. Then how should we try to view why and how BTS is the first group to succeed beating their great senior artists? Of course, the very first reason would be that they worked hard to achieve this but if you look from a greater point of view, we can't help but analyze that it took a great number of years for KPOP to "finally" reach the US. Let's look at this point from a slightly different angle. From a more realistic point of view. What were the "elements" that changed the overall perspective the US market had for KPOP? To understand this, we need to look back at the article "What Does It Take for a K-Pop Band to Blow Up in South America?" written by the New York Times magazine. This article is rather a craze sketch with BTS in the center rather than a cause analysis. But we need to make a guess on why such prestigious magazine would describe the South America atmosphere at this point in time. Actually, the reason is simple. It's because the KPOP popularity in South America interlocks with its popularity in the US. As we all know, US is a multiethnic state. But during the last 20 years, the ethnicity ratio has changed dramatically. According to the US Think Tank, the ethnicity ratio of US in 2012 was Caucasian 53%, Hispanic 24%, African Americans 14%, Asian 4%, Others 5%. African Americans were No. 2 just 2 years ago but the Hispanics have taken their place with an overwhelming difference. The growth is a more important factor. Hispanics have grown by 43% compared to 10 years before. Based on this, they predict the ratio of Hispanics in the US will grow to almost 30% by 2060. (the next paragraphs talk more about Hispanics, KPOP craze, dramas...;;) Original article here Response +110 1. hmm.. journalist, thank you for the nice post but I think you are misunderstanding some parts so if you would let me explain about this one point- it took time for KPOP to "finally" reach the US but this doesn't mean that BTS is involved during that period. KPOP reached because BTS has raised an exceptional international fandom +470 -8 2. what drama? craze? ㅋㅋㅋ BTS captured the public with their own SNS as their foundation, Youtube, their musicality, perfect group choreography, and charms which only belong to BTS +378 -2 3. This article is ambiguous~ I have a feeling that you're trying to say BTS achieved this because the US has changed...? BTS has storytelling and this is why international fans relate with them and this wasn't built in just overnight~ +367 -2 4. I think it's quite funny how you try to state that this is the victory of KPOP, but you did write a proper article after thorough analyze. Honestly, BTS is just amazing rather than this being a KPOP craze. They have something in them that makes male and female fall in them when you watch them for once ㅠ seriously they have something that's different from other idols... +330 -2 5. but why are they still treated coldly in Korea? You said the US has changed by don't you want to know why the power of one's company is important in their home country +302 -3 6. I think this article is basically trying to say that BTS chose the right timing but to say so, BTS's case is too unusual and peerless. According to your theory, there should be a KPOP craze right now but honestly, I can't help but wonder what's the difference compared to now and 10 years ago. I've never seen a group like BTS who has such core fandom. I think that difference will surely show up as time passes +207 -0 7. It's not that KPOP did well... BTS did well... Present KPOP is transforming like J pop, they only create addictive hook songs... but BTS is a group that combines KPOP + their story + world music trend really well and most of all, they are successful because they are a hard working group... you can't compare them with kids who build their recognition by appearing on variety shows +197 -1 8. Journalist, I think you need to research more about KPOP, Billboard and BTS. Please read the articles written by the US journalists. See how they talk about this great incident.. Korea is the only country that's clueless about this great achievement.... I think you have the wrong approach on this article.. I'm disappointed.. +192 -0 9. Of course, you could analyze BTS's overseas popularity in various angles; but it's too overreaching to say that BTS won their award at the BBMA because of KPOP craze and the change in the US. Personally, I think BTS chose to try the musical identity that didn't exist in KPOP until now and this made listeners relate with them and made everything possible +183 -0 10. Journalist, you're quite absurd ㅋ it's like you're trying to saying BTS just laid their spoon on a table that's been prepared by other people ㅋㅋㅋ I'm sure you will soon realize that the reason is different by looking at why these international fans fell in love with BTS.. if they were able to become popular with just perfect group choreography and things like that, I'm sure they'd be more famous already. BTS achieved this because other elements were combined together +167 -0
  18. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA BTS is recently the most wanted and sought group. On the 21st, BTS won the "Top Social Artist" award at The 2017 Billboard Music Awards held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, US. They surpassed the global stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes nominated for the category and became the first KPOP group to win the award. BTS is the first KPOP idol group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards. Also, this is more meaningful since they are the first winner to receive the award on stage since "Top Social Media Artist" category was created back in 2011. ◇ The "Miracle Idol" created from a small country BTS's ultimate goal is "great music". The composers and lyricists of BTS's music include at least 3 to 10 musicians at most. Currently, there are many composers, lyricists, arrangers who work to create a song in many major entertainment companies. Also, rather than producing as a solo many musicians are creating teams to do music. This is a collaboration to create one song that's only about 3 minutes long. Composer Bang Sihyuk expressed to MBN Star, "When working on a song, my goal is to create a song that many people would want to listen to. BTS debuted in 2013 with their single album "2 COOL 4 SKOOL". They continued to release albums, releasing 14 albums in total. BTS gained sympathy from the public by expressing the stories of youth in every album. Their popularity increased rapidly especially since they began their "HYYH" series. The songs, lyrics, and the music trend all fit well together during this period. They made an accurate chose of the music trend in the overseas market and they also lead the music trend in the domestic market. "HYYH pt 1" chose the risky and unstable youths as the theme. "HYYH pt 2" was the last series to complete their two-part youth series and the members sang about the dazzling energy of youths running forward despite the risky and unstable reality. And "WINGS Extension" is an album that gave warm comfort and hopeful messages to today's youths who are in pain. Thus, they provided a clear direction to the public with a definite concept for each album. Moreover, the music video, videos, and jacket photos had hidden messages in them and these made the fans scream in excitement. They also performed fancy in sync group choreography that will capture the public. One of the reasons why BTS's song is so popular is that the lyrics seem to speak for the youths. BTS is talking about their current stories but the listeners find their songs relatable because the youths living today are also faced with similar situations. The biggest reason why BTS's popularity was able to expand to the global market is because they are a "completed group". Most members have composing and lyric writing ability. They also show us high-level performances and large-scale choreography. When you look at BTS's moves since their debut days until now, BTS didn't achieve these results by chance because they were able to achieve them from thorough planning and effort. They steadily grew the size of their fandom since their debut to present. The fact that they grew steadily, a step at a time from zero and a small entertainment company to where they are today is also the reason why we have to watch them closely. These members achieved impossible achievements by shedding sweat and passion from zero. The higher they climb, more youths will grow their dreams under BTS's starlight. ◇ "Spring Day" lyrics (Composed and lyrics written by: Pdogg, Rap Monster, ADORA, Bang Sihyuk, Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen) Original article here Response +476 1. Most idols from big and small companies who have built their recognition for 2~3 years just continue being a celebrity by taking photoshoots if they aren't that successful in acting or variety shows but BTS really didn't take any break and ran forward until now with music.... this is the real hard work and success. Korean and American medias asked them what is the secret behind your success but there's nothing special. BTS only worked hard +590 -4 2. You need to agree on this fact about BTS. BTS's lyrics are clearly different compared to other idols' lyrics. Satire on society, dreams and hope, loneliness, moving to a new place, confusion, stories about friends who only use their mobile phone when they meet, stories of people who drain their parents' money, stories of youths who feel unstable about their tomorrow and not just their life, stories about the friends they miss... etc... of course, they also have the typical love songs too but even that's really hard to find in their recent albums. When you're tired of love songs or songs that go "let's party tonight", nothing could be better than listening to BTS's song. +552 2 3. I'm sure many idols will now use BTS's growth curve as their benchmark but the secret behind BTS's popularity aren't just about how often they interact with us or how the media treats them. They didn't just succeed by providing many contents to fans. The fans were able to feel and see their passion and sincerity for music in every interaction and this is how they built a global fandom. They never showed us signs of laziness since their debut and they are an idol group that works harder the more they succeed. The fans know that they have much more to show us compared to what they've shown us so far so we are sure that BTS's popularity is not something that will only last temporary. +510 -2 4. I like each and every lyric because I can relate to them and I can feel their effort. They didn't just rise to fame with only one song in a go. They are a better artist because they gradually built what they have now. Even when time passes, they have the power to create songs about different generation and make the listeners relate to their music. +447 -2 5. It looks like it's going to be difficult for other groups to climb over BTS for some time... but BTS could write new history and open the road for the future KPOP junior groups! I hope you will not stop now and continue growing bigger just like how you've done so far. +438 -4 6. I'm not trying to say love songs are bad. But if those songs felt like "this is a story of a person I don't know", BTS's songs feel like "This is the story the people around me and I face in real life" which makes you really relate to their songs. They really have many good songs. +150 -1 7. BTS is a group that made me really feel the music and move me in my 30s... I watched the live broadcast of Billboard awards and the cheerings of international fans and the cool interviews, I was so proud. They are a group that fairly got to where they are now with talent without media play. It doesn't matter what they say because they are the best Korean group. Billboard invited them and global fans recognized them and they have a good reason for doing this. Don't just be jealous because they're not a group you support. You should be proud of them as singers of our country!! +136 -0 8. I had many thoughts in my mind while I listened from the intro to the outro ㅠㅠ every track is amazing but each of them have their own story and meaning... the best ㅠㅠ +136 -0 9. I insanely fell for them after listening to HYYH pt 1 and I read every lyrics later and I couldn't escape from them. I was then touched after watching the practice video!!!!! every member has great personality~~ heol... can a group like this really exist? +130 -0 10. that's right. I can relate to their music because they talk about the stories of today's youths. Especially Baepsae, DOPE, Young Forever like songs really do~ ^^ +129 -0
  19. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA BTS covered the famous Japanese fashion magazine "An An" as the cover model. According to Nikan Sports on the 26th, "An An" will release a normal version of the magazine on June 14th and a BTS special version. It's been revealed that "An An" is releasing two versions for the first time. "An An" featured 22 pages of BTS interview and photo shoot. On 10th, BTS released their Japanese single "Blood Sweat & Tears". They scored 238,795 Oricon points in the first week of its release, topping the Weekly Single chart. In just 2 years and 11 months since their debut in Japan, BTS surpassed 200,000 points on the Weekly Single chart and this is a great record by a foreign artist. Original article here Response +734 1. I think BTS is setting a record every day... It seems like BTS is doing everything that others can't do. I'm proud +626 -7 2. 22 pages~!!! I SHOULD BUY THIS~!! +493 -4 3. BTS fighting +387 -2 4. The cover looks cool~ +362 -2 5. Handsome +332 -3 6. BTS's song was played at US Walmart and I heard they sold the most number of copies on the first day of the release after TVXQ ㅋㅋ They're a superstar +147 -0 7. Walmart tweeted ㅋㅋ I think they said something like they're happy to see people happy to hear BTS's songs? Anyway, they tweeted. This is daebak. Seriously I died laughing while watching the gamer's interview ㅠㅜㅜ +145 -0 8. I see "the first" used a lot in the recent articles of BTS >< I'm really happy and proud of them. I will stay with you until the end. BTS, ARMY, I purple you +113 -0 9. Namjoon, I really respect you +104 -0 10. This is a magazine I want to buy in a while.. I should really buy this +100 -0 - - - - - that cover tho.
  20. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170321 Do you know "Bangtan Face Project"? BTS fans' "Clean Fandom Culture" campaign They collect trash at concert venues, etc. Even their international fans join the campaign Group BTS fans are campaigning to create a new fandom culture. This is called "BangFae Project". "BangFae" is the shortened form of "Bangtan Face" and the object of this campaign is to create a good image for their singer since "the fans are the face of their singers". This project began in September 2016. BTS's fanclub "ARMY" has created an SNS account for "Bangtan Face Project" to share details about the project. The fans have picked trash at concert venues, helped the unfortunate neighbors, etc. Furthermore, they are working hard to spread public show etiquette and supporting the culture which will help them support other artists performing at these events without covering the view of other audience, etc. The fans collected trash at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul last February when BTS held their concert, they also separated the garbage accordingly. This became an issue among the idol fandoms. They also created the "ARMY service group" since January and visited animal shelters in each region to help with bathing the animals and cleaning the area. Currently, they are raising fund to help the unfortunate neighbors to celebrate BTS's debut anniversary. This fandom culture is spreading to other countries as well. Fans collected the trash in and outside the concert venue of "Kcon 2017 Mexico" and at BTS's world tour Chile concert venue and the story was shared on Twitter. Previously, European fanclub members also received attention for their "Radio Request Project" to help BTS gain recognition in the Europe. This once again proves that KPOP is also spreading the fandom culture. Original article here Response +109 1. This is cool +76 -1 2. I think it's really cool how the fans are doing this voluntarily. I think I read before about BTS's donation. I respect the fans who are like their singer +71 -0 3. They are a nice singer and their fandom who work to create a good culture. Adults should learn from them. +68 -1 4. ARMY, it's cool how you thought about this on your own and put into practice! BTS and ARMY, fighting! I hope everything you do to be successful +67 -1 5. ARMY jjang +64 -1 6. First of all, I think the fans are able to do this because BTS itself has a good personality. BTS has shown good images to their fans and they gave them good influence so I think that is how the fans are continuing their good characters. I saw that even the international fans are doing this Bangtan Face project and I'm very proud ㅎㅎ BTS is cool and ARMYs with good hearts are cool too! +45 -1 7. The fans are just like their sincere singers with a great personality. I hope you will set a good example to the fandom culture. Bangtan ARMY caepjjang ^^ +40 -0 8. This is nice to see because the fans aren't doing this because someone's forcing them and they're continuing this good work by participating voluntarily. Let's create a healthy fandom ca...caejjang! +42 -1 9. Idol culture has existed for quite a long time and it's time to see more improved culture. BTS and ARMYs will play a great role in improving the idol fandom culture positively. I hope to see more articles written about this so it could help to improve concert culture and the negative ideas normal people have about fans ^^;; BTS and ARMYs are really cool. +42 -1 10. As expected from our ARMY♡ let's continue being mature +40 -1 --- Hope this continues on! So proud of ARMYs <3
  21. THE GUARDIAN this pic choice tho nnnnnnn ELLE MAGAZINE E! Online Who Is BTS? Everything You Need to Know About the Billboard Music Awards' Breakout Korean-Pop Boy Band ROLLING STONE BBMA Winners BTS: 5 Things You Should Know About the K-Pop Sensations
  22. BTS won the Top Social Artist award at the BBMA. The other nominees for the category are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes. BTS surpassed other outstanding nominees and seized the trophy. The US music media Rolling Stone posted a special article about BTS on the 22nd online. Rolling Stone analysed the reasons behind BTS's popularity under the title "BBMA Winners BTS: 5 Things You Should Know About the Kanalyzedsations". #BTS write and produce socially conscious K-pop. Rolling Stone evaluated, " While other K-pop acts focus on songs about heartbreak and partying, BTS have connected with audiences by touching on topics such as mental health (2015 album track "Whalien 52" tackles loneliness), politics (see member Rap Monster's collaboration with Wale titled "Change") and even female empowerment ("21st Century Girl" has been performed on Korean television)." They also added that the members participate in creating their songs which is rare in the KPOP market. #They've sold out U.S. arenas. Rolling Stone reported, "BTS had played small theaters on two different American tours, but their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour saw the band selling out arenas stateside. The tour was originally only set to include three U.S. shows at Newark's Prudential Center, Chicago's Allstate Arena and Anaheim's Honda Center, but after tickets sold out within minutes, two more dates were added in Newark and Anaheim." # BTS are monster sellers around the world. They also mentioned the success of BTS's album in 2016. Rolling Stone wrote," 2016 album Wings being Korea's best-selling album of the year, their sales are strong even in territories where fans don't speak their language." and added that they received higher ranks on Billboard chart including other charts in the US, UK, and Japan. #The odds were stacked against them. Rolling Stone described, "The odds were stacked against them.". They pointed out that Bighit Entertainment where BTS debuted in 2013, was a small label and entertainment company until BTS succeeded in 2015 with "I NEED U". They also added, "Psy, CL, Wonder Girls, BIGBANG and Girls' Generation – all come from huge agencies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment" #Their social media following is no joke. They also pointed out that all members stay active on their SNS. Rolling Stone reported, "Twitter (where 5.9 million followers currently see the members posting personal messages, selfies and playlists), Facebook (4.3 million), YouTube (3.9 million), Instagram (3.6 million), plus an additional 5 million on Korea's popular V app". BTS has shown their power with SNS. BTS is the 3rd artist to achieve the most number of #1 on Billboard Social 50 chart after Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, building their way to the Billboard Music Awards. Original article here Response +2717 1. But they're really daebak when you watch their practice video on Youtube... +894 -35 2. BTS is the real growing idol. They steadily set their goals since debut and they have really achieved all of them (shivers)... They said they wanted to win Daesang and they won it with hard work and just like what they said in their mixtape, they went to the Billboard +836 -31 3. There's nothing to complain even about their pre-debut days and they always practice hard. I think this is why they have many fans +728 -26 4. They climbed all the way here only with effort and determination without those common media plays. There's no reason why they won't be able to stand on the very top and they don't lack in any way because they have the ability +717 -25 5. They're amazing for real.. I'm proud of them +675 -28 6. Each and every member of BTS is talented and skillful but they are the most humble group that always tells us, "I'm not someone who is special but thanks to our members and fans, I think I was able to reach here" +141 -1 7. I was so happy and proud to be able to hear them speak Korean at the BBMA... They are an artist I look forward to their future... BTS, fighting! +137 -0 8. wow they really chose the best points! Especially "#The odds were stacked against them." the fact that they succeeded even when they aren't from a big company +132 -1 9. You succeed as much as you make effort +131 -1 10. amazing (shivers) I think they'll grow bigger +126 -2 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  23. BTS took usual steps from the beginning. They didn't "advance to a higher level" with their first song as they began from a small company and not one of the big companies. They captured their growth stories in "school trilogy" and "youth trilogy", drawing a steady growth curve and this is not a usual case in the Korean music industry. Unlike the companies usually managing the SNS accounts, they personally interacted with their fans with messages linked with their own music and this soon became a path that helped the world to learn about BTS. Starting off with "dirtspoon" and winning the "Top Social Artist" award at the Billboard, it seems like they have traveled on a different journey compared to others to reach the flower path. Naturally, the process of making music for this group was different from other idol groups. The story begins with CEO Bang Sihyuk recruiting Pdogg (Gang Hyowon, 34) through an internet cafe site. He came to Seoul in 2007 from Gyeongnam, Gimhae and focused on sensitive musicians like 8eight, Lim Junghee, 2AM and others but his "history" began when rapper Sleepy found Rap Monster and brought him to the company. The encounter between a producer born in Changwon but believed the root of music started in LA and the talented trainee who was already famous in the underground scene naturally resulted to hip hop. Their musical boundary continued to expand as they brought in more members like Suga and J Hope in the future. Pdogg who we met at the Bighit Entertainment workspace in Nonhyungdong, Seoul said, "The musical identity of BTS members were completed to some extent even when I first met them. I majored in music education in university so I did comprehensive theory classes but instead of teaching like a teacher, I try to interact and work together with them. What kind of "effective preparation" did BTS, a group that all members participate in making their songs receive from him? Pdogg has worked in all songs as a producer beginning from "No More Dream" to their recent tracks "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "Spring Day". Q. How did you proceed with your classes? A. We often just watch movies or listen to songs together. By watching the movie "8 mile" that deals with the rap battle in Detroit hip hop club, we talk about how rough lyrics are created, and the fashion and lifestyle of hip hop. We find and listen the sampling track used in the films and I give them related assignments. Q. What kind of assignment would that be? A. As you know, BTS is a group with a definite growth narrative. In order to express that with music, we go through many discussions. It differs according to songs but we often begin working on the beats to fit the subject of the lyrics. We can't proceed if the beat is bad so each of us writes our beat, listen to them and make adjustments. Q. How do you divide the roles? A. Members like Rap Monster and Suga are good in every position. J Hope and Jungkook also know how to make the beat and other members work on songwriting. I mostly work on making the track and I play the role of completing the lyrics and melody written by the members. More than 90% of the lyrics are written by the members themselves. Pdogg producer said he was sad that he couldn't attend the BBMA with BTS due to the preparation for BTS's Fiesta but he revealed he would work harder to make good music without being taken over by the excitement although he's very proud of the boys. BTS has been revealing surprise contents like music, photos, videos every year on June 13th to celebrate their debut anniversary. Q. What's different about working together rather than working by yourself? A. When one works on their own, they express all their feelings into the song but it's easy for one to fall into mannerism. However, by working together you continuously discover things you never expected to find. We choose the best ideas suggested by talented guys so you will have the best ideas in hand. As for "Sping Day", the melody and lyrics written by Rap Monster in just two days were amazing. I did feel a little disappointed by the extreme sleekness but by connecting it with the part (of the track) we received from the foreign composer, the song gained more life and doubled the moving feelings. Q. If you had to pick a secret behind the success of BTS as a producer? A. I think the fact that they talk about their own stories play a big role. They don't write the stories they don't know about. "No More Dream" lyrics could sound immature but that is the emotions they felt at that age. "Move" from "HYYH pt 1" is a song that they made after moving from the dorm they lived for 3 years in real life. Receiving good influence from each other is also an advantage. As for Jin, he was a vocalist and he wasn't one of the members who wrote songs but he finished his solo track despite their hectic schedule. Most of us give up when they are rejected for 20 times but he didn't let go until the end and that moved me. Q. Were there any critical moment? A. Every moment was critical. We were worried about how we were going to take the musical changes and growth narrative when we moved on to "Youth" series from "School trilogy". Fortunately, "I NEED U" did well and gave us a momentum but we had so many thoughts so we couldn't even keep up with deadlines. Many tried to stop us even with "Blood Sweat & Tears". Moombahton trap was slowing becoming popular worldwide but many said reggae based songs would be difficult in Korea and many pointed out that it was too different from the hip hop music done by BTS. But we felt like it was something we had to do and it was fortunate that we received good results. Pdogg who fell in love with hip hop after majoring in vocal music in arts middle and high school said, "There's a part in pure arts where you can't overcome with hard work even when you have 80% of talent. Unlike vocal music which requires a lot of background knowledge when you listen to the songs, hip hop is charming because anyone can easily build a bond of sympathy. There's a somewhat advantage when I write melody line because I can take a more classical approach by using the counter line, etc but Bang Sihyuk PD-nim said I have this strange trot-style in me. I guess it's because I was not born and raised in Seoul?" (laughs) Global electronic duo The Chainsmokers who also attended the US Billboard Music Awards on the 21st invited BTS to their rehearsal stage and did a surprise meetup. They posted a photo they took together on Twitter and expressed their affection. What could be the next layover of BTS? Pdogg hinted that he's into Kendrick Lamar and Drake these days. "I think they prefer the chill out genre songs that calm your mind as they are tired of the current music. Vintage yet easy to listen to. I recently bought a vintage instrument like Roland JUNO 60 and I'm in love with the unique rough yet warm feeling of analog so I think the sound will change in the future." Original article here Responses I like the article (587) This is heartwarming (13) This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (3) I want the next part of this article (12) 1. Thank you very much for always making good music with Bangtan +544 -4 2. Thank you for always writing good songs♡ +463 -5 3. Cool!!! +410 -3 4. Thank you for writing a good article +368 -4 5. I'm proud ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +352 -4 6. He couldn't attend the Billboard due to the fiesta ㅠㅠ I'm really looking forward to this fiesta too. I really like this interview +63 -0 7. Pdogg-nim who I'm always grateful to ㅜㅜ he's a person I'm grateful to because he makes really good music and I'm so happy to get to know him through this article ❤ thank you always +54 -0 8. Pdogg-nim, thank you for always being together with BTS! ㅎ +48 -0 9. Relatable music... thank you for the good music! +45 -0 10. they really make relatable music... the best... +43 -0 Source: Peachisoda
  24. Read Whole Article: Five Things to Know About BTS Ok, really there is nothing too special about this article compared to all the other articles circulating right now, but I think I may have found one of the understatements of the century with #5 on their list. The video they chose, and the interaction they described to show how they get silly, are the tamest examples that in no way compare to what it really means when BTS gets silly. What do you all think? #5 They’re not afraid to get silly In April, BTS stopped by PEOPLE Now to show off their silly side in a Confesh Sesh, where the guys dished on everything from their lucky charms to the Korean snacks they’re craving while touring the United States. When asked about their pick for the song that should play when they enter a room, BTS deliberated for a few seconds before breaking into a rendition of “Power” by Kanye West. They even picked a runner-up for the category: “Started from the Bottom” by Drake. Tasked with choosing one of their own songs to perform the rest of their lives, BTS broke into a mini-concert. Their picks included “Save Me,” “Butterfly” and “Not Today.”
  25. BTS won the "Top Social Artist" award at the Billboard Music Awards held at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, US on the 22nd morning. "BTS competed against other popular foreign musician nominees like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande for the "Top Social Media Artist" category and confidently won the trophy. During their acceptance speech, Rap Monster revealed, "We are grateful to ARMYs around the world." This is the first "BBMA" award received by a KPOP idol group. That's not all. They became the first winner to receive the award on stage since they introduced the category in 2011. With the world watching them, their winning is very special because they have broken the stronghold of Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has been the sole winner of this category. It wasn't an exaggeration to call the "Top Social Media Artist" award as the Justin Bieber award. He has won the award for the last 6 years, receiving strong support from women around the world. However, BTS has remained strong continuously on the Social Chart and they surpassed Justin Bieber, seizing the trophy. The global votes BTS received from fans around the world show overwhelming figures. "Top Social Media Artist" category chooses its winner based on the global popularity seen on SNS. BTS who has ranked #1 for 19 times on Billboard "Social 50" chart with "WINGS" since last October proved their even popularity global popularity beyond Asia. They are the first Asian artist to be nominated for this category in the Billboard Awards history. Previously, even PSY's music video created a syndrome with the help of SNS boom but he was not nominated for this category. "Top Social Artist" award received by BTS chose the winner based on the album and digital song sales volume, streaming, no. of times their song/s played on the radio, concerts including the social participation index, etc from 2016 March 18th to 2017 March 16th and they combined the global fan votes which began from May 1st. BTS has remained on the Billboard "Social 50" chart for 19 times, surpassing global top stars since last October, showing their mighty influence on the global social network. They are currently at No. 8 on Artist 100 chart. Original article here Response +3715 Who left the comments? 1. the boys are really no joke.. they are great. I agree on this! +6280 -174 2. daebak... now they're unreachable. Congrats Bangtans +4964 -203 3. ARMY, scream!!!!!!!!!!!!! +4179 -183 4. daebak ㅠㅠ congrats seriously and I'm proud ㅠㅠ +3736 -153 5. BTS, love you +3257 -142 6. I got goosebumps... I really got goosebumps when he said the speech in Korean +1064 -18 7. wow winning at the BBMA this is insane +1032 -25 8. Meanwhile, BTS thanked ARMY from the beginning ㅠㅠ Thanks to you who will attend the BBMA every year now, my English skill will improve!! you are really cool!! +917 -21 9. woah... I thought this was an award they give to Asian singers but Bieber and Gomez were the other nominees... this is dope... +848 -16 10. wow seriously this is insane.. daebak... really, BTS is amazing +865 -24 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda