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Found 257 results

  1. [FUSE] BTS ANNOUNCE NEW MUSIC IN SEPTEMBER WITH 'LOVE YOURSELF' POSTER The K-pop sensations are preparing a new EP for the fall to kick off their musical comeback Jeff Benjamin/August 10, 2017 Kevin Mazur/BBMA2017/Getty Images for dcp BTS have breaking out in America big time this year thanks to a win at the Billboard Music Awards, a sold-out arena tour, and the tireless work of their dedicate fanbase...and the guys clearly aren't ready to rest anytime soon. For their new EP coming in September, the K-pop sensations confirmed their upcoming musical comeback with a poster of main vocalist Jungkook curiously in a wheelchair with the words "Love Yourself." According to a press release, Love Yourself will be the band's new concept following their previous album concepts of School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Wings (the latter two of which saw them charting on the Billboard 200 albums chart). Just like when BTS's record label BigHit Entertainment put out short films of each individual member ahead of the Wings album release, this poster is just the first step in the group introducing their upcoming content with the key word for the series being "innovation." See below: Fans know that the group loves to tease and share hints about upcoming projects and will remember that BTS leader Rap Monster previously alluded to the idea when accepting their BBMA Award for Best Social Artist , saying, "Love myself, love yourself." Needless to say, fans need to literally pay attention to everything this group says. The Love Yourself campaign is said to continue through the rest of 2017 and into 2018 (likely similar to how the Wings album era was stretched between late 2016 and its re-release came at the top of 2017). A press release promises a "large-scale campaign for the new record," meaning the group may break even more records than they have already. Read full article here. p/s : sorry guys, i suck again at embedding the tweet.. T.T
  2. article

    CEO Choi of company J (JSMD – The company that made the BTS x AGATHA collaboration earlier this year) is undergoing trial for fraud. The collaboration released products like backpacks and suitcases. The contract was signed only to use BTS’s name and image for the collaboration. He lied to an event agency that he’d bring BTS to hold events like fanmeetings, concerts, and other promotional events. In reality, under the contract, he could only hold one product promoting event with BTS with consent from Bighit. He didn’t have the right to hold multiple other events like fanmeets or concerts, but he pretended he did. As a result, he received approximately 624 million won in appearance fees for BTS form the event agency. Upon investigation, it turns out CEO Choi has a personal debt of 100 million won and a company debt of 2 billion won. He committed the fraud in order to maintain the contract with Bighit because without the money he wouldn’t have been able to pay the monthly 330 million won in royalties that he needed to give Bighit. T/N: Bighit/BTS shouldn’t be affected and it seems the even agency is suing JSMD! Trans; cr. ctrIbeat CEO of a manufacturing company, who manufactured AGATHA collaboration, is committed for fraud. Choi took total KRW 624M from an event agency promising to outsource BTS fan meetings and fan events. From the beginning, he didn’t have any rights to bring BTS to such events. […] he was in process of Individual Debtor Rehabilitation and the company has KRW 2B in debt. Upon investigation, he confessed that he decided to commit the crime when he couldn’t even handle monthly royalties of 300M to maintain the contract with BigHit Trans; cr. jiminishell Original Naver article
  3. Boy group BTS is still considering their comeback date. BTS representative revealed on the 21st to OSEN, "We have not confirmed the comeback date of BTS. September 18th is not a confirmed date. We're considering many possible comeback dates." BTS has announced their September comeback with the prior promotion "Love Yourself" series. The members have actively participated in composing, writing the lyrics, producing, and other general works for the album and they're planning to present high quality songs. Meanwhile, BTS became the first KPOP group to win the "Top Social Artist Award" at the US Billboahigh-qualityrds last May. They were also recently chosen by the US New York Times as the 44th Artist most loved by the Americans. Original article here Responses I like the article (144) This is heartwarming (13)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (8) I want the next part of this article (2) 1. I hope the promotion period is longer this time~ +87 -2 2. indeed~ there's no way Bighit would let us know the date~ Journalists, please don't try to release spoilers. I'm not curious at all. We like to know the details out of the blue! +73 -2 3. Journlist, can't do you your job well - - +73 -9 4. Nothing's confirmed until they release it officially +25 -0 5. Please promote for 3 weeks ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I can already feel how amazing this album's going to be ㅠㅠ +29 -4 6. I'm waiting until they release something... ㅎㅎ +14 -0 7. everything sounds nice~~~ +16 -1 8. ARMYs, please don't get mad when antis come near us. Just report them because BTS is doing well no matter what they say ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ +22 -4 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  4. “Everyone was alone”.. BTS, ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ 3rd round of posters released Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003597344 translation: leece ____ Boy Group, BTS, is increasingly heightening anticipation by revealing posters for their ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series for three consecutive days. BTS, starting from the 12th at 9pm to the 13th, midnight, has revealed the 3rd round of ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ posters, in order of Suga-Jungkook, J-Hope-Jimin, Rap Monster-V and V, through their official fancafe and SNS accounts. The posters comprise of 3 posters with the members in pairs and 1 poster with Jin solo, for a total of 4. Suga and Jungkook are in the inside and outside of a hospital while J-Hope and Jimin are idly sitting in a practice room. Rap Monster and V are, respectively, lying on asphalt and grass and Jin is sitting by the seaside with a melancholy feeling. For all 3 of the pair posters, the phrase is “After coming back from the sea, we were all alone” but on Jin’s poster, that was revealed last, the phrase, “If I could turn back time, I want to go back to that summer, to that sea” is written, piquing curiosity around the circumstances. With the launch of Jungkook’s poster, on the 11th, BTS has announced the start of a new series, titled ‘LOVE YOURSELF.” At the moment, it is planned to deliver the whole plot of the series through pre-promotion.
  5. Blood, Sweat & Translation: Army of Linguist Fans Behind BTS Mania SEOUL, Aug. 10 (Korea Bizwire) — BTS, for all intents and purposes, is one of South Korea’s truly global-scale music acts, standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of say Rihanna, Adele or Justin Bieber in terms of name recognition. But as to how exactly it has become this big a phenomenon remains a mystery that even music industry experts can’t wrap their heads around. The group was founded by a relatively small company, Big Hit Entertainment, small even by K-pop agency standards. It doesn’t have the backing of a global record label distribution (besides in Japan, where the band has signed with Universal Music). On top of that, the seven members hardly ever sing in nor do they promote in English (besides member Rap Monster, who mostly handles English interviews of the group). Hindsight analyses are sure to come as time passes, but in the more immediate terms, one thing is certainly clear: The group owes a huge part of its success to social media, as seen in fans having shored up the support for BTS to win the Top Social Artist award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. But taking a closer look at the fan base, one can find that there’s something more proactive than just clicking likes and sharing posts — the group arguably has the largest and most active fan community dedicated to translating and disseminating details of their idols’ activities. BTS-Trans, a nonprofit fan-run organization, is one of those groups. In fact, it’s the largest community that produces English translations for media and content produced by, or related to, BTS, with over 720,000 Twitter followers (@BTS_Trans) and more than 632,000 subscribers on YouTube (www.youtube.com/bangtansubs2). So how does it work? Let’s say BTS member Suga uploads a photo on Twitter, as he did just Wednesday with the caption, “If you go to Hawaii, do definitely hop on a helicopter” on Aug. 9. If you saw that, go check out either the group’s Twitter, YouTube or also its Tumblr page (http://bts-trans.tumblr.com/). The members of the community will make sure every little available BTS tidbit — whether its text, photo or video — will be translated into English. Even though the group operates around social media, BTS-Trans has a bigger organization than meets the eye, with staff from all over the world. According to “Alli Q,” communications coordinator for BTS-Trans, the community has a team of Korean-English, Japanese-English and Mandarin-English translators, video timers and typesetters, video encoders, and even secretaries and administrative staff. “We currently have around 50 staff members, although not all of them are active throughout the year,” Q said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency. “Our staff are concentrated mainly in the United States and (Korea, Singapore and several Southeast Asian countries), but we have staff from all over the world.” Read full article here.
  6. Watch: BTS’s Rap Monster And Jungkook Featured In MAJOR LAZER’s Aesthetic Video Previously, BTS fans were pleasantly surprised when American artists Diplo and MAJOR LAZER posted photos with Rap Monster and Jungkook. However, Diplo’s Instagram post especially left fans with a cliffhanger, as he said, “About to make a movie with my Korean squad.” Now the mystery has been solved! MAJOR LAZER tweeted a video on August 8. The 1-minute video features members of MAJOR LAZER talking about what it is like to be on tour. BTS’s Rap Monster and Jungkook met up with MAJOR LAZER while they were in Korea performing at the 2017 Jisan Valley Rock Festival. Rap Monster and Jungkook are seen talking and laughing with them in the tail end of the video. Watch it below! Meanwhile, BTS has had a lot going on recently, with two more stops for their “WINGS” World Tour, a finale concert in Seoul this December, and a fall comeback. Read full article here. p/s : sorry, i don't know how to do the code for twitter.. T.T
  7. BTS Jimin is departing from Incheon International Airport to Singapore for their overseas schedule on 3rd afternoon Original article here Responses I like the article (2451) This is heartwarming (199)This makes me sad (4) I'm angry (123) I want the next part of this article (22) 1. my heart dropped because of his hair color.... I'll be anticipating for your September comeback! Purple you!! +2148 -116 2. look at him overflowing with style +1729 -101 3. Jimin's hair color is so pretty ㅠㅠㅠ +1599 -88 4. he makes my heart f*cking flutter +1482 -91 5. Park Jimin is handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let's hit daebak again during this September comeback! +1419 -93 6. I'm totally looking forward to the September comeback!! +627 -28 7. Jimin ㅜㅜ I can't believe this became the main article... I missed you so much +617 -26 8. keeeuu our Jimin +580 -29 9. What is this, Jimin ㅜ you are dazzling +568-32 10. Congrats on ranking No. 1 on Billboard Social and World for the 33rd week +508 -19 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  8. Group BTS Rap Monster was injured at their dorm. On the 30th, BTS's company Bighit Entertainment announced through their official SNS, "Rap Monster will not be able to take part in choreographies at Sapporo show, one of their concert schedules in Japan." According to the announcement shared by the company, while the group was resting at their dorm in Sapporo, Rap Monster bumped his right little toe into the corner of a furniture piece. The company revealed, "He was immediately taken to the nearby hospital and was given emergency treatment but since his toenail had lifted from the nail bed, he was diagnosed to refrain from doing any activities that might cause pain or further damage." Fortunately, his overall condition is good without any abnormality except his toe but he will listen to the advice and not participate in choreographies during the concert to help his wound heal. Meanwhile, BTS members except Rap Monster will participate in all choreographies like usual for their 2-day show in Sapporo and Rap Monster will also get on the stage with them and do his best. Original article here I like the article (15) This is heartwarming (3) This makes me sad (199) I'm angry (2) I want the next part of this article (1) Age, gender ratio of users who commented 1. You bloody door threshold, stop abusing our boys!!!!!!! +416 -28 2. I'm so upset... Yoongi oppa injured his ear before I just hope every door threshold vanishes ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +304 -20 3. Don't be hurt Namjoon ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +254 -16 4. My heart tears ㅠㅅㅠ +216 -17 5. heol ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ don't get hurt ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ +185 -15 6. this could be due to his clumsy action but you're brain's ability to control our body decreases when your body is usually exhausted due to excessive amount of movement. You might fall down by getting caught on something really small because you show slow reaction. This occasionally happens to athletes during their seasons when they are very exhausted +47 -1 7. seriously these bloody corners, you need to get your mind straight. Change yourselves and become rounder!!! +45 -2 8. heok ㅜㅜㅜ oppa ㅜㅜ don't be hurt ㅜㅜㅜ ARMYs' heart tears to hear news like this +35 -1 9. you need to be careful... it really hurts when your toenail comes off.. as a person who experienced this, Namjoon is 24 so it feels like forcefully taking off a rusted nail that's been stuck on you for 24 years.... I wonder why there can't be a year without a member getting hurt... seriously I want to burn down every door knob, and furniture.. +35 -1 10. what do we do ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope you end the concert soon ㅠㅠ Namjoon... +33 -1 Trans; ©
  9. [7 ‘Next generation’ Idol Composers to continue (follow) after G-Dragon] source: http://m.insight.co.kr/newsRead.php?ArtNo=114319 … ---- There are idols, following after G-dragon and Yong Jun-hyung (Highlight), that are ‘singer-songwriters.’ Not only do they compose and write music for their own groups, they offer their charming music to their colleagues, as well. Introducing idol group members that have outstanding musical talent and can be described as ‘those born to make music,’ without exaggeration. [article goes on to list the 7 idols and their composing/writing achievements Suga's section translated below:]
  10. One of K-pop’s most famous boy bands, BTS is especially popular in Hawaii and parts of California, along with a curious pocket of fandom in northern Wisconsin. (read the full article here)
  11. Group BTS ranked No. 10 in Japan Oricon Chart for the first half sales figures as the only foreign artist. On the 14th, Oricon Style, the largest site in Japan that counts the sales of albums, released the market report that calculated the first half of soft music market (single, album, music DVD). According to the report, BTS was the only foreign artist to enter their name in the single, album and music DVD sections. BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" released on May 10th got them on the 10th place in the Single chart.It was announced that they were the first foreign artist to sell over 200,000 copies with a single album in 6 years. BTS's "Blood, Sweat & Tears" recorded 238,795 copies in the first week. Other popular Japanese idols like AKB48, Arashi, Nogizaka46, Kanjani Eigh, and Hey! Hey! Jump were also in the ranking. BTS's performance stood out among the popular Japanese singers. BTS has sold 200,000 copies in a week with Blood Sweat & Tears in just 2 years and 11 months since their debut in Japan. This is the fastest record set by the foreign artist until now. They also expressed their gratitude, "This is possible because of ARMYs (fanclub) who supports us always" Original article here Users who commented on this article 1. self-producing, composing and lyric writing skills, and world class choreography! our BTS makes us proud from everywhere they go! Let's fighting for the second half of the year as well~ +315 -2 2. keuuu amazing outcome in both Korea and overseas^^ BTS who always works hard, let's fighting for the second half as well! +296 -3 3. as expected~ no matter what they say, they prove with records all the time. I'm proud of them +274 -3 4. let's continue to walk on the rainbow road just like this. I will support you from everywhere... +245 -2 5. I thought they were just so-so until FIRE but I slowly fell in love since BST and then became a fan since Spring Day +212 -3 6. they slowly grew their potential and they overcame hardships to achieve their present outcome and this makes me happier! they are just a star that shines briefly. I'm happier because they became a star who will shine for a long time. Fighting!! +116 -0 7. as expected from BTS! I will anticipate for the second half~ +106 -0 8. thank you so much for making music that makes me want to listen to them more and I think you guys are preparing hard for the second half comeback. I will always support you and wait for you +105 -0 9. news that makes me strength from morning~ BTS makes me want to see them even when I'm watching them... this makes me miss them more~ ^^ +107 -1 10. I went to Trampoline Park with my daughter in Sydney and I was surprised when I saw Australian girls singing to Save me ㅎㅎ as expected from BTS!! +100 -0 Translated by Peachisoda
  12. Na Youngseok PD, group BTS, actor Gongyoo, and actress Lee Yuri were selected as the Brands of 2017. On the 3rd, Korea Consumer Forum announced the winners selected as the "2017 Brand of the Year". Brand of the Year Awards celebrates its 15th anniversary and this is an event that chooses the best brands who shined the year through votes by the nation every year. The voting period began on the 12th last month until the 25th on the official website and about 380,000 consumers participated in the event. Representative of Korea Consumer Forum, Jeon Jaeho explained, "We received an overwhelming response that caused the site to crash temporarily during the voting period.", he continued, "We believe the votes especially reflect the consumers' interest towards singers, actors, sports stars, individual content creators." BTS was chosen as the Singer of the Year. BTS who debuted in 2013 released many hit songs like "Blood Sweat & Tears", and "Spring Day". Not only did they sweep both Korea and Japan music charts for the first half of 2017, and they also won the "Top Social Award" at the "2017 Billboard Music Awards". Original article here Responses I like the article (320) This is heartwarming (38 This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (1) I want the next part of this article (1) 1. oh my god this is like the ultimate list of people who were famous this year... Gong Yoo and Na Hyungseok PD... then BTS and all other trending stars. I agree with this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ +270 -2 2. Congrats to everyone who got chosen~^^ BTS! Congrats! You guys have good news every day ㅠㅠㅠㅠ +239 -3 3. Congrats to everyone~~~ Congratulations to BTS~ +228 -3 4. Congratulation everyone!!!! I sincerely congratulate BTS!! Let's hit daebak even during this comeback!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ fighting +218 -3 5. I really voted hard for BTS so I'm very happy ^^ Congratulations to other winners~ +214 -3 6. Gongyoo deserves the daesang!! congrats to BTS as well +61 -0 7. congrats to everyone +47 -0 8. Everyone who showed remarkable performance this year is on the list~ love you, BTS +42 -0 9. everyone who deserved to win the award got them~ congrats to everyone~ +44 -1 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  13. cr: Koreaboo i think this is quite interesting.... GFRIEND recently held a showcase to announce their comeback with their fifth mini-album, Parallel. During the talk session, SinB revealed that their title song “Love Whisper” was choreographed BTS’s choreographer. “It was choreographed by BTS’s choreographer. Out of all the performances we’ve done, this was the most difficult.” — GFRIEND’s SinB “There’s a lot of moves that can be seen in musicals. For example, there’s a move where we run and look up at the sky together, or use our hands to block the sunlight.” — GFRIEND’s Sowon Check their choreography out!
  14. Melon Hi-Fi Guide 2017.07.25 - The Meeting of Hi-Fi and BTS [by Han Ji Hoon] translated by leece (me) source: http://www.melon.com/musicstory/inform.htm?mstorySeq=5273 What genre do you think Hi-Fi audiophiles listen to the least? Blues? Icons of Blues B.B. King or Albert King are a given; Buddy Guy or Junior Wells are popular musicians. British Pop? There are many people who go as far as to import Fairport Convention or Sandy Denny albums from abroad and diligently listen to them. Among Progressive Rock, Alphataurus or Faust, who really experimented with music, and albums like Dr. Z’s [Three Parts To My Soul], fetch considerable prices among collectors, even now. Even traditional music such as, Gayagum Sanjo or Ajaeng Sanjo are being exposed to many through record labels like AKDANG or Audioguy. Ironically, the genre least listened to by domestic (Korean) audio enthusiasts is K-POP, the center and symbols of the Hallyu Wave. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, audio, as a hobby, tends to require quite a bit of finances so most don’t start seriously until after their 30s, when they have more economic power. In other words, there’s a bit of a generational gap with K-POP’s sentiments. Another reason is the sound quality. Early K-POP, in other words, the music of 1st and 2nd generation girl and boy groups, were lacking in recording quality, compared to their music videos. As a result, you listen to it a couple times and determine it doesn’t sound good and eventually, that gets applied and generalized to K-POP, as a whole. There is a saying in computer science, “garbage in, garbage out.” It means, if you input incorrect/bad data, your result will also be incorrect/bad. This phrase can be applied directly to audio, as well. No matter how high end your amp or speaker is, the resulting sound can only sound as good as your source/ if the source music is bad, the resulting sound will also be bad. Rather, if your amp and speakers are good but your source is bad, it could lead to disaster. It’s because, the more sophisticated the amp and speakers are, the more amplified the imperfections of a recording get. For example, it’s like if you look at a 320x240 resolution mpg on a 5120 x 2880 retina display, you can see, even more clearly, how low the picture quality is. From the point of view, BTS’s music was a big shock to me. “The sound quality from an idol group could be so good!” A moment when my preconceived notions completely collapsed. So much so that as soon as listened to the music, I wanted to personally find the recording engineer to talk with them and see what kind of equipment they were using because the sound quality stood out from other idol group music. The resolution of the sound, with resilient bass that's not over-the-top, overall dynamics (writers note: the difference between the loudest and quietest volume, the better the dynamics, you can hear a livelier scene), with balance between the high, mid and lows, are as good as (not losing out to) DG, Decca or ECM, brands well-known for how well they record, even when compared. It’s not just the sound quality that’s good. You get the feeling that BTS’s music, like a very well-crafted Swiss watch, is very-well constructed in an organized fashion. The rap line, centered around Rap Monster, SUGA, j-hope and the vocal line, centered around Jungkook, Jin, Jimin and V is a perfectly fitting ensemble so instead of the impression that one person stands out, you get the feeling of a cohesive team singing. Perhaps for that reason, participants of “Produce 101” might have chosen to appeal with BTS’s “Spring Day” or “Boy In Luv.” So then, what aspects should you focus on when listening to BTS’s music to increase your enjoyment? My thought is, compared to other K-POP music, listening to the source device would be good. With something so meticulously recorded, rather than a compressed file, rather than a PC sound card or smartphone with a D/A converter (writer's note: device that converts digital signals to analog signals, simply put, converts digital files into analog audio formats), I think it's ideal to listen to it on a proper D/A converter (in it’s lossless form) where you can hear the essence of the music and better understand their message. [t/n: kind of glossing over this part because he goes into some technical detail about audio equipment — he notes that he’s listened to their discography from “Spring Day” to “No More Dream” (in reverse order) and found the Mytek Manhattan 2 D/A Converter + Ultrasone HFI 78 headphones to sounded the best to him.] If you’ve simply liked them for their dance, performance and/or looks, carefully listen to their songs in lossless, with a proper D/A converter, you’ll notice things you haven’t heard before. You can listen to BTS’s music in lossless high resolution through Melon Hi-Fi.
  15. ① [Naver Article] 170704 [New song to listen to on your way home] Seo Taiji + BTS, the insane collaboration is here... "Come back home" Group BTS released the remake of "Come Back Home" by Seo Taiji and Boys. Will they be able to write the "myth of remake legend"? On the 4th at 6pm, BTS released the first track from Seo Taiji's 25th debut anniversary remake project "Time: Traveller", "Come Back Home" on all music sites. "Come back home" recreated by BTS didn't lose its signature sounds like the heavy bass line, intense beats and the impressive chorus of the original version. It was perfectly recreated as a new song with the additional new colors of BTS. "Come Back Home" by Seo Taiji and Boys released in 1995 was a song that created a social phenomenon of sending teenagers who ran away from their homes to go back to their homes. This is the first remake in 22 years by BTS. Even BTS has previously released many songs which target the teenagers and songs with social messages. It seems like "Come Back Home" created together by Seo Taiji and BTS will present us with meaning beyond this. Seo Taeji has also revealed his thoughts on BTS's remake of "Come Back Home" by saying, "I hope "Come Back Home" will comfort the transcend generation and be able to comfort the teenagers living in today's society." The music video of this song is scheduled to release on the 5th. Remake songs by Younha, Loopy & nafla, Eddy Kim, and Urban Zakapa will be released in order. Original article here I like the article (3292) This is heartwarming (93) This makes me sad (10) I'm angry (75) I want the next part of this article (43) Users who commented on this article 1. I mean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the song is f*cking nice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +4076 -286 2. Seo Taiji-nim made the right choice... thank you for choosing our BTS and this really is an honor... +3759 -320 3. the song is f*cking dope +3269 -240 4. yes, it is insane +2886 -197 5. BTS jjang! You are the best +2503 -206 6. The rap verses are very well written and the vocalists did great. The quality of the song is really nice. They really make great covers. I really love this so much so I'm listening to it on repeat. I can't believe such high-quality song was created despite their hectic schedule... amazing +982 -39 7. I really love the song ㅜㅠ I was curious to see how a 20-year-old song could change and this is really daebak ㅜㅠ +936 -34 8. I'm a fan of Seo Taiji and objectively speaking, this is the best song among all Seo Taiji songs sung by many singers until now. I didn't know about BTS well but I truly approve you +895 -27 9. wow this really sounds like the latest song... it didn't lose the colors of the original track but King God BTS also made it trendy... I expect a long run for this song +861 -26 10. the falsetto in the first line was amazing +842 -37 Trans; © ② [Naver Article] 170704 "No. 1 in 2 charts" Seo Taiji X BTS collaboration worked Singer Seo Taiji and group BTS's collaboration worked. On the 4th 6PM, BTS released "Come back home" on online music sites. This is a track released from Seo Taiji's 25th debut anniversary remake project. The song swept the music charts as soon as it was released. As of 7pm on 4th, "Come back home" safely secured its position on the top rankings of 8 major sites. It was No. 1 on Genie and Olleh Music. The song was No. 9 on Melon, No. 3 on Naver Music, and No. 2 on Bugs Music. "Come back home" recreated by BTS didn't lose its signature sounds like the heavy bass line, intense beats and the impressive chorus of the original version. It was perfectly recreated as a new song with the additional new colors of BTS. With the trendy and sensual electro trap beat and the rap making personally joined by BTS members Rap Monster and J Hope clearly expresses their respect for the original artist and the musical confidence of BTS. Original post here Responses I like the article (477) This is heartwarming (11) This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (7) I want the next part of this article (0) Users who commented on this article 1. I really like the song +361 -13 2. I really approve +317 -9 3. the song was nice!! +312 -10 4. I'm listening on Melon and I like it ㅋㅋ +308 -11 5. As expected from BTS +264 -10 6. I was like why "come back home" out of the blue? but it was their remake ㅋㅋ I think remake songs should really capture the characteristics of the original song and also express the uniqueness of that singer and this is indeed a trendy remake from the trend idol +88 -3 7. wow... I really like the song. Seo Taiji, BTS - Come back home +79 -3 8. heol it's on the real time search ranking ㅋㅋ +70 -3 9. I'm ARMY but I learned that this song is releasing only today but I'm so happy because it's a great song and they're receiving very good responses ㅠㅠ No. 3 on real time search ranking ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +75 -5 10. BTS really expressed their own characteristics well without damaging the vibes of the original song. I used to enjoy listening to Seo Taiji's music back in the days and this remake song is amazing +66 -3 11. I've never felt satisfied by the previous singers who released remakes of Seo Taiji's songs but I like this +59 -3 12. I genuinely like this +64 -5 13. Really nice! It's not easy for remakes to be nice but I'm listening to it on repeat +52 -1 14. I enjoyed watching them perform Classroom Idea before and I think this is quite enjoyable too +48 -0 15. they didn't do any proper promotion but the reactions are daebak ㅜㅜ the song is really nice!! +62 -5 16. It's the collab of the legend and the trend~ +48 -1 17. this is embarrassing but... even to an ahjumma listener in her 40s, this is really nice~ I'm listening to this on repeat with my son around~ ㅋㅋ +59 -5 18. the song is nice. I think I know why everyone's like "BTS" "BTS" +47 -1 19. it felt awkward at first because it was completely different but after listening to it again, I thought they did a great job ㅋ +46 -1 20. Boys, you really did well!! you guys are the best!! +59 -6 Trans; © ③ (ICYMI) Some comments on Melon about BTS' Seo Taiji remake "Come Back Home" #서x방_컴백홈_어서와 #COMEBACKHOME Listen to BTS' Come Back Home (Audio) here!
  16. 7월 4일 오후 6시 방탄소년단의 COME BACK HOME 공개 (-seotaiji facebook) [Trans; ©] BTS' remake of Seo Taiji's "Come Back Home" will be released tomorrow, July 4th, at 6pm kst This song was really popular in Korea! edit: UPDATE!!! [Naver Article] 170704 "Seo Taeji praised highly"... BTS will reveal the remake version of "Come back home" today (4th)
  17. article

    They highlight Jin's ment. "Even if the world ends tomorrow, I'll be happy because ARMY exist." Jungkook said he wants to learn Japanese even harder, so when they meet again, he can communicate well with fans. Taehyung said Don't forget. I'm sorry. It's my fault. Because you are my once in a lifetime. Suga: Because today everyone was so excited, I feel Happy. Namjoon: In the future too, let's smile, Cry and Fly together. Will be posting a continuation of the article...
  18. Youth (靑春) means green springtime of all creation, BTS is exactly the most glorious youths of the present age. 2017 of the seven member boy group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jungkook, Jin, V, Jungkook) who celebrated their 4th anniversary is hotter than anyone. Even in the survey prepared to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul. BTS was definitely chosen as the best KPOP team, and No.3 after SM CEO Lee Sooman and YG CEO Yang Hyunseok in the "Powerful People who move the KPOP industry" ranking. BTS who talks about "youth" with their own language and music isn't just loved by Koreans. In the changing media environment, the group has constantly communicated via SNS ever since their debut and while expanding their territory to the world they won the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, and, they marked a new era in KPOP and of course in Korea music industry. BTS is currently busy with their second world tour concert, "WINGS TOUR" and their growth is present progressive. They are writing the new KPOP history and BTS is preparing for another rise. They revealed their honest stories to Sports News that is celebrating the 32nd Anniversary. ①"We can't achieve many things without ARMY" - BTS - You're currently continuing the WINGS Tour after winning the award at the Billboard Music Awards. What are your thoughts and feelings? Suga - Every day feels like a dream. We're busy and hectic but we're happy. Jimin - I still can't believe that we won at the Billboard Music Awards. All I can think about is how grateful we are to our fans who support us and many others. I wish we could grow more as much as they support us. - Are there any changes or new things happening after the winning? J Hope - Hm... I think the modifier attached before our name has changed (laughs) Many people around us call us "Singer who won the Billboard award" (laughs) Jungkook - It feels like the stage we're performing has become bigger so I have more worries and I feel more pressure. - Are you able to feel your hot popularity in the overseas? V - We get to meet a lot of fans around the world while we're on a world tour and when we're on stage, I am able to feel "our fans really like us a lot". And I feel so proud and grateful when the tour tickets get sold out. Rap Monster - Gratefully, I'm able to feel it now. I was really surprised especially when we were at this year's "Billboard Music Awards". We're very grateful to fans around the world who send us love, that must not be simple. - Your encounter with various artists at the Billboard Music Awards received a lot of attention V - The Chainsmokers was an artist I always liked and I was so happy to be able to speak with them directly. Jungkook - I can't choose a specific artist because everything was memorable. Suga - Meeting the Chainsmokers was memorable. I think it would be fun to work with them. - Please tell us if you would like to work together with any Korean or foreign artists. J Hope - I would love to work with anyone at any time if we can create good music together. V - Drake Jungkook - Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Troye Sivan Rap Monster- Younha noona, senior Lee Sora, Tablo hyung are still my bests. These days, I think Ahn Jiyoung from Bolbbalgan4 is very cool too. It would be a great honor if I could work with Drake or Nas among foreign artists someday. Suga - I want to work with various artists. They don't have to be musicians because I would like to work with them in different ways. Jin - Sandeul Jimin - I still want to work harder with my members for now. - You have always revealed your affection for ARMY at the BBMA and other awards ceremonies V - ARMYs are very precious and we're always grateful. Most of all, it's because we truly love them. Jin - It's because ARMY is the people who made us who we are today. I still believe that even now, we can't achieve many things without ARMY. ② What are the charms of each member chosen by BTS members themselves? V He knows his own charms (Jungkook) Born to be idol (Rap Monster) His charm on stage (Suga) 4D (Jimin) Sleeps deeply (Jin) I'm proud of his gifted talent. His face is really good looking too. Sometimes you can't tell where he'd bounce off to but I think that's also one of his charms (J Hope) J Hope He's the ultimate jjangjjangman who is great in everything he does (V) Dance and his energy (Rap Monster) Outstanding dancing skill (Suga) Bright and faithful (Jimin) He falls asleep in 10 seconds after lying down (Jin) He dances well, his rap is unique in color and he's a positive person (Jungkook) Jungkook Cool guy who is talented in everything (V) All arounder (Rap Monster) Man of many abilities (Suga, Jimin) He has a good sense of smell (Jin) He is the youngest but he is good in everything and he is humble. I really like Jungkook's "my way". (T/N: doing things in his own way without minding what others think) (J Hope) Rap Monster He has perfect language ability and his leadership is perfect too. I'm proud of the person he is. (J Hope) Our leader guy who guided our team to where we are today and gave us strength (V) He is talented in many aspects except things that require his body (Jungkook) His musical talent (Suga) Leadership heodang (T/N: person who has good looks and seems like a perfect person but who is also unexpectedly clumsy) (Jimin) He likes cute characters (Jin) Suga He is a genius guy who deserves to be called "genius" because he walks like insane in his work room every day (V) He's cynical but cute (Rap Monster) He is a genius (Jungkook) He has fused with the bed (Suga) (T/N: It says Suga but Jimin's answer is missing BUT this is also similar to what Jin wrote in "Introducing BTS" for Festa 2017.... so I think Jin and Jimin's answers could have also been mixed up??) Tsundere (Jin) Suga gives me great strength music-wise. If we didn't have him, I think BTS's music core could have crumbled. (J Hope) Jin He has broad shoulders, he is nice and he constantly works hard for what he has to do (Jungkook) He is the worldwide handsome guy who makes others happy (V) He's face is approved by the world! And he doesn't try to the boss just because he's the oldest (J Hope) Handsome face (Suga) Handsome face and his easygoing personality (Rap Monster) The unknown charm that attracts you (Jimin) Jimin His charm on stage (Suga) Jimin looks like he is naturally talented but he is a squishy dough/mochi like guy who works hard every day to show a great performance. (V) I like watching him working hard (Jungkook) The gap of sexy and mochi (Rap Monster) He is bad at games (Jin) Jimin is sexy on stage and he looks cool even to the members (J Hope) ③"We will exceed your expectation" - BTS - You have been running without any break for the last 4 years and you've grown without a hitch. J Hope - I really think we slowly climbed a step at a time. The support sent by ARMYs really gave us strength. V - I think we were able to create many memories together so that makes me very happy. Jin - I think we have been running without any break. I'm so happy to be able to run with the members while holding hands together without any trouble. I hope we can hold hands and continue to go forward together. - What do you think is the charm unique to BTS and secret to your success? V - I think our teamwork played an important role. Jungkook - I think the best secret is that we stick together and work hard Jin - I think it might be that people feel some kind of happiness by watching us. I thought that the fans enjoy and are happy to watch the kids they support playing together and showing cool performances on stage. - You are evaluated as the most optimized group in the SNS generation by repeatedly showing standard growth J Hope - Even I think our group made great use of the generation we live in. We also actively used SNS and I think our company played an important role in making this possible. Suga - I'm very grateful that you used the expression "standard growth". I believe that we just did what we like and enjoy doing. I'm grateful to the great love we receive. Jimin - I completely agree. We were able to communicate a lot with our fans thanks to SNS and I think our fans understood us and supported us more sincerely. - You emphasized your pride as Korean artist rather than advancing to the US during the press conference in Korea. Rap Monster - We thought that officially advancing in the US isn't the right step for us at this moment. We reached here by singing and rapping in Korean so that's what we want to continue doing. - You expressed your determination to enter the Billboard Hot 100 and perform at the Billboard Music Awards. Jimin - I believe it's one of the many goals we have. Rap Monster -That's right. "Hot 100" or performing at the BBMA is not something we just want to accomplish and it's not something we can achieve by working hard. I believe that it's a possible wish we can achieve someday. J Hope - (besides this) we want to become singers who receive attention from around the world and I think Billboard stage would be that very first stage. Jungkook - I believe that results will follow how much effort we put in so I don't want to restrict myself to one specific goal. - You have suggested direction as the next generation Hallyu and KPOP artist. Suga - That's an overpraise. I believe we still have a long way to go and we will continue to do our best. Rap Monster - We didn't work to receive good evaluations but eventually, if we're praised like so by others, that is a great honor as an artist. Jin - I'm grateful to many seniors who opened this road for us. We hope we can open many opportunities for our juniors. - Many Korean fans are waiting for your comeback. Rap Monster - We are preparing for it. We will try to show you something that will exceed your expectation. Suga - We will surely comeback with better and cooler music so please look forward. - Lastly, please congratulate Sports Seoul for their 32nd anniversary J Hope - I sincerely congratulate Sports Seoul's 32nd anniversary!! Please stay with us always!! V - Please continue to provide us with lots of great news! Jungkook - Sports Seoul is 11 years older than me! Please continue to have a long life!! Rap Monster - Sports Seoul! It's a very familiar name I've been hearing since I was younger. 32nd anniversary is longer than 10000 days and it's way older than me! I sincerely congratulate you and thank you for interviewing us in this meaningful space! Suga - Even BTS will become a team who will stay together for 32 years. Jin - Even I'm 26 but it's older than me. "Sports Seoul hyungnim", please continue to bring us great news and give us lots of love. Please be happy always and I will cheer for you to be filled with good events. Jimin - I sincerely thank the readers. Sports Seoul and BTS will work hard.
  19. When BTS debuted in 2013 not many predicted they'd be as successful as they are today. Back then it was true that BTS's musical core "hip hop" genre made people question if this could bring success to an idol. It was the reality of the KPOP industry that unless they're an idol from the so- called big 3 companies (SM, YG,JYP), success was as difficult as a camel going through the eye of the needle. But the prediction made by the many was merrily proved wrong and BTS has grown up as "national team" level idol. BTS's popularity in the overseas was revealed especially more directly. BTS's second full album "WINGS" entered the "Billboard 200" at No. 26 which is the highest record achieved by a Korean singer. This force was continued and BTS was chosen as the final winner of "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. They were recognized for their influence as global stars. The "Top Social Artist Award" won by BTS determines the winner by reflecting the "Billboard Social 50" chart and the SNS votes. Justin Bieber has been the exclusive winner for the award for 6 years since it was created in 2011. BTS's winning feels like a dream even now because even the many singers who knocked on the US market door did not achieve any result like this. Of course, singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" was chosen as the "Top Streaming Song Video" back in 2013 but it wasn't an official category that invited him at the award stage. If so, what could be the underlying source of their power that made it possible for BTS to achieve this blinding achievement? Many chose the fact that the group communicated notably on SNS and online platforms compared to the other "Top Social Artist" nominees. Ever since the early days of their debut, BTS has stayed active on SNS accounts and constantly created contents through personal broadcasts. They did not only communicate directly. BTS members shared special photos and videos which weren't revealed before on their SNS account and interacted with their fans enthusiastically. For example, the 77 seconds long video uploaded last March by Jungkook with the message "Happy birthday Suga" (슈가 생일 ㅊㅋ) caught our attention. Contents like these are beyond specific stratum or location and demonstrated bigger influence as they combined with the tendency of music market which is consumed in real time via Youtube and SNS. Their fandom that was produced with these factors grew in all aspects including size and solidarity as time passed and this became BTS's powerful weapon. BTS members who felt the power of communication through a series of process are planning to constantly continue their communication with fans even in the future. The musical world preferred by BTS combined with their solid talent also helped them to succeed. BTS is a group with all members skilled in composing, lyric writing and producing selected "Youth" as their theme and formed sympathy with people who are living in the same generation as themselves through their storytelling. When many idols choose "love song between male and female", BTS focused on "social phenomenon" or "reality" as their subject. An official from gayo industry who wished to stay anonymous explained, "BTS's broad and continuous communication that is clearly different compared to other singers is the characteristic. Through precise storytelling the group has been showing us since their debut, BTS's identity transformed and improved inside consistency instead of diversity." BTS's company Bighit Entertainment also commented, "It's important that they constantly communicated with the fans around the world through SNS. Together with this, the members' chemistry, trendy music that's comfortable to listen to the Western market, the performance unique to KPOP, achievements made by the group's senior singers and many characteristic combined and affected them." As mentioned previously, BTS's hip hop based sound and familiar sound to the international fans were combined with the perfect group choreography that is known as the characteristic unique to KPOP. Overall, BTS's success was created by fusing universality and rarity in top form. Original article here Response +441 1. Congrats on your 4th anniversary^^ Although they're on tour, BTS still came to Korea to celebrate the 4th anniversary with fans and prepared an event so they can spend time with fans. This is why I can't help but like them. Let's continue to stay together♥ +285 -1 2. "Through precise storytelling, the group has been showing us since their debut, BTS's identity transformed and improved inside consistency instead of diversity."... This is one of the many reasons why I support BTS.. +268 -0 3. Definite identity! BTS is the best even when we only consider how much they communicate with their fans!! +234 -0 4. BTS, congrats on the 4th anniversary. ARMY and BTS will continue to stay together +211 -0 5. #4yearswithBTS Congrats on the 4th anniversary~~ +199 -0 6. There aren't any idol who constantly talk tell us their stories like them. Even when they make one song, they still explain to us during what situation this song was created, what was said by someone and how it influenced to create that song, how they were troubled when it wasn't easy to create the song and how they overcame such situation to reveal the track. Listening to the explanation of the album production process is my favorite part ㅎ +52 -0 7. It's not easy to be loved like this by the singer you like. I'm always grateful and sorry. +50 -0 8. BTS made impossible possible... amazing~~ they dominated the opponent with their rap, dance, and song~~ +46 -0 9. Debut anniversary Home Party even when they're on tour♡ BTS let's stay healthy every day. Congrats on the 4th anniversary +44 -0 10. Guys, congrats on the 4th anniversary +39 -0 Trans; ©
  20. For our annual roundup of the most influential people on the Internet, TIME sized up contenders by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. Here's who made this year's unranked list: BTS Overtaking Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to spend 27 consecutive weeks atop Billboard’s “Social 50” chart, which tracks popularity across different platforms, would be an impressive feat for any artist. It’s especially so for BTS, a Korean boy band — the full name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, loosely translates to “bulletproof boy scouts” in English — whose seven members have managed to cultivate a virtual fanbase that could give the Beyhive a run for its money. In 2016, the so-called BTS Army propelled Wings to No. 26 on the Billboard 200 — the highest-ever debut for a K-pop album — and earlier this year, they helped BTS win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. During their acceptance speech, band member Rap Monster (real name: Kim Nam-joon) gave credit where credit was due: “This award belongs to [everybody] around the world who shines the love and light on us,” he said. —Raisa Bruner Read full article here KINGTAN!!!!
  21. As at 2017 June, who could be the most influential people and team in the gayo industry? To celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Sports Seoul, we opened a survey on the 8th til the 15th to research the "powerful people of gayo industry". A total of 32 people, a staff from 32 entertainment companies, participated in this survey.This is an official opinion shared by entertainment company CEOs, or staffs above chairman of the board. We asked each participant to fill the rankings of 1st to the 3rd place for each category and we informed them that each rank has its own score. Every No. 1 team for each category was given 3 points, No. 2 team received 2 points and No. 3 team received 1 point. The total point for each category is 192 points and the highest score a team can receive is 96 points. Through the answers provided by workers in the same industry, we were able to apprehend the internal atmosphere and the flow of the gayo industry. The most "powerful people" selected by the officials of gayo industry was SM Entertainment Lee Sooman producer. Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk who raised BTS as the best KPOP idol team was chosen as the best KPOP producer, and BTS and TWICE were proved as the hottest male and female KPOP teams at this time. G Dragon and IU were chosen s the best male and female solo singers, and the NCT from SM was mentioned as the best rising star KPOP group. Black Eyed Pilseung and Kim Inah were chosen as the best composer and lyricist. #2. Who is the best KPOP producer? <①Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk (48 points) ② JYP head producer, Park Jinyoung (45 points) ③SM head producer Lee Sooman (29 points) ④G Dragon, Teddy (above 9 points)> Bighit Entertainment CEO was credited for creating BTS who created worldwide KPOP sensation. As the CEO of a small company that lacks capital and brand power, he raised "dirt spoon idol" into the top national group in a short period of time. CEO Bang shook the market flow controlled by idol groups from major entertainment companies and he is chosen as the "role model" of many small gayo entertainment company producers. #3. Best KPOP male team? <①BTS (85points) ②EXO (60points) ③Big Bang(18points )④Seventeen (15points) ⑤WANNA·ONE(4points)> The fact that BTS won the "Top Social Artist Award" at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards last May was a symbolic incident that proved they had built a powerful fandom not only in Korea but around the world and the group has outstanding expandability. As of now, no one disgreed on the fact that BTS is the best KPOP male team. ◆ List of participants for this survey (32 staffs from 32 companies) YG CEO Yang Minseok, JYP president Jungwook, Star Empire CEO Shin Joohak, YMC CEO Cho Yoomyeung, TS CEO Kim Taesong, FNC president Cho Sunghwan, HOW CEO Lee Yonggul, Dream T CEO Lee Jongseok, nhemg CEO Kim Myunghoon, Santa Music CEO Lee Sangchul, Happy Face CEO Lee Joowon, YNB CEO Bang Yoondae, Cracker CEO Yoon Youngro, Double Kick CEO Lee Hyungjin, A Cube CEO Choi Jinho, WM CEO Lee Wonmin, Source Music CEO So Youngjin, Fantastic Music CEO Woo Youngseung, Brave CEO Brave Brothers, Widmay CEO Cho Seungyong, VIBE CEO Yoon Minsoo, Pledis vice president Kim Yeunsoo, Starship director Seo Hyunjoo, SM director Kim Seunah, Bighit director Chaeun, Kiwi Media group director Han Jungsoo, Jellyfish director Yoo Yeonwook, Woolim director Lee Youngjoon, Cube director Lee Jiwon, MBK director Park Kyuhyun, DSP director Kim Kyungmin, Mystic director of the headquarters Cho Baehyun. Original article here Response +314 Users who commented on this article 1. I think TWICE and BTS are definitely unclimbable +475 -42 2. I watch BTS and Twice with interest because they're the top trending male and female groups but when you watch them, you will realize why they are popular. They constantly upload various contents on V App and Youtube and that's certainly going to help them build a solid fandom. This eventually connects to economic power and brings more popularity. They're amazing +404 -31 3. BTS - TWICE... they are the one-top idols right now +377 -31 4. I really like BTS and TWICE a lot. I hope they succeed more!! +354 -31 5. BTS, TWICE let's last for a long time~ +136 -12 6. TWICE and BTS are leading overwhelmingly♡ let's continue this♡♡ and fans, let's stay in good terms~~ +115 -6 7. BTS and TWICE are my favorite male and female groups these days ㅠㅠ I really like IU too ;ㅅ; +131 -12 8. It feels like BTS and TWICE have solidified their position as the top male and female group +139 -15 9. wow this is amazing!! BTS is leading overwhelmingly and Bang PD-nim is amazing too. They were bashed during entertainment survey last year and I wonder what those antis think right now. Now BTS is really walking on the flower road only. TWICE is amazing too, congratulations! +140 -17 Trans; © [Instiz] A recent survey prepared by Sports Seoul that was done by influential people from music industry. T/N: Also mentions part 2 of the survey.
  22. [Article] 170620 [Bighit Official Statement] BTS, "Drama for every member? We're still in the early stage of planning... nothing has been confirmed" Group BTS's official revealed, "Nothing has been confirmed about their upcoming project". BTS's company Bighit Entertainment official revealed on the 20th to Osen, "Drama project for each member is one of the projects Bighit is planning to release this year or in next year. However, there's nothing we can talk about because we're still in the early stage of planning." Also, regarding the rumor of recruiting story writer, the official drew a line by saying, "we did not recruit any story writers". Previously it has been reported, "BTS' leader Rap Monster said their acceptance speech after winning "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards he shouted, "Love yourself". This phrase was intended to hint BTS' next move.", "BTS is currently preparing for their next album with "Love yourself" as the title. They are planning to produce videos with drama like format that has a story for each member and release it in order to the public and communicate with them. " However, their company revealed that nothing is confirmed and they're only in the early stage of planning. Meanwhile, BTS is preparing for their comeback with plans to return in the second half of the year. Original article here Response +370 1. It looks like nothing has been confirmed so the journalist was writing a novel on his own +542 -16 2. please don't release spoiler like this... they will let us know when the time comes +423 -15 3. I hope to see more better music +379 -14 4. why are you doing this... journalist, they said this isn't true so please don't spoil everything ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +282 -10 5. Seeing these haters leave comments here for BTS to shine made me really realize that BTS will surely last for a long, long time. Because BTS has been achieving everything these haters say ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +202 -13 6. I will wait for anything BTS brings for us! BTS who we trust listening to!! +81 -5 7. It's really surprising how Naver doesn't feature any articles about BTS winning #1 or setting any records... but they still featured that false article we saw earlier... man.. hahahahah +75 -3 8. I don't know what album they'll release but I'm looking forward +75 -4 9. Bighit and BTS always go beyond my expectation... Fans just have to trust in them and wait for their album +70 -3 10. yes... I will trust in you and wait.. I will listen to Bighit's words and not what the journalist tells us +66 -3 Translations by Peachisoda Please use full credits when sharing.
  23. Kang Chanee shared his memory In 2013, BTS members needed a large practice room so they came to practice hard for couple of days and nights at our office practice room In just 4 years they leaped as world star BTS from a scary(ily hard working) rookie kids! 4 years ago Scary rookie kids are practicing all night even today~ Among all the groups I've seen recently, I felt the strongest energy from them! "Genius displays itself even in childhood" This idiom literally applies to group BTS. SNS post shared by a gayo producer who watched BTS practicing for their debut right around the corner in 2013 at a practice room is receiving attention. CEO Kang Chanee who has been a manager for a long time and later debuted singers like Chunja, LPG, Yoon Gun posted a photo of BTS practicing on his Facebook account in June 12th 2013 with the caption, "Scary rookie kids are practicing all night even today~ Among all the groups I've seen recently, I felt the strongest energy from them!" 2013 June 12th was the day before BTS's debut. After 4 years, on June 12th CEO Kang Chanee shared his post from 4 years ago and added, "n 2013, BTS members needed a large practice room so they came to practice hard for a couple of days and nights at our office practice room. In just 4 years they leaped as world star BTS from a scary(ily hard working) rookie kids!" BTS advanced to the world star rank after winning the "Top Social Artist" award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards as the first KPOP group. Original article here Response +249 1. This photo really touched my heart. Even when they've become the top-level group in Korea with worldwide popularity, it's still difficult for them to have their articles featured on the main page compared to other teams but BTS members still continue to grow by overcoming all the prejudice and discrimination. Watching them makes me respect them and this is beyond the simple aspiration fans have for their stars. +214 -2 2. The strong bond between the members, the enormous amount of practice, overflowing talents, sweat, and passion- hard work never betrays. BTS is the proof and this is why I love them~ BTS forever +168 -2 3. My singers who make me proud +134 -1 4. There's nothing free in this world~~ BTS fighting! +128 -1 5. As expected from BTS! Congrats on your 4th anniversary and let's walk on the flower road with ARMY +130 -2 6. Some think they rose really easily... but this is the result they achieved by shedding blood, sweat, and tears!! BTS is amazing ㅎㅎ +34 -1 7. There are people who don't know BTS but people who really know BTS don't talk bad about them... they are a team that shows us what's it's like to do your best +32 -1 8. I'm so proud +31 -1 9. As expected from BTS! It took only 4 years for the scary rookies to become this extraordinary idol kya~ +30 -1 10. As I read the article... I was moved... ㅠㅠ congrats on the 4th anniversary~ +29 -1 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda
  24. Eng Trans: PEACHISODA She's more familiar to us as "Teacher Sungeun", the vocal trainer of Produce 101 rather than her full name "Kim Sungeun". Her stage name "AG Sungeun" sounds much more unfamiliar to us. "Please feel comfortable to call me Teacher Sungeun". Vocal trainer Kim Sungeun (37) has an impressive résumé. She trained BTS until they debuted and she is the vocal teacher of popular girl group TWICE. She has participated to direct the first album of Sam Kim and other singers. She is a celebrity trainer who is recognized for her talent in the industry. (T/N this is not a translation of the complete interview) She said she greatly wishes her young students to grow up as happy adults before becoming successful idols. "It's a harsh world for the younger friends to endure. I recently told this to BTS Jin. I told him that I wished him to become a joyful adult and that I hoped he would enjoy his life as an adult while being a wonderful musician. He then told me not to worry." - - - I love how she often praises Jin. I think this is the second/third time I've heard her compliment him for his hard work and sweet personality.
  25. Who : BTS Jungkook When : 2017. 5. 21 Where : US Las Vegas MGM Hotel What : Attending the Billboard Music Awards Credit : Dispatch Kim Minjung reporter Original article here Response +3123 Who left the comments? 1. Jungkook has really pretty eyes... I think I know why Seokjin said his eyes look like Bambi's +2405 -89 2. heol he's so cute. baby rabbit❤ +1877 -71 3. Jungkook is good at singing, dancing, and he's cute and handsome but he's so hilarious too ㅋㅋㅋ he's a real Golden Maknae +1740 -58 4. aigooo he's handsome +1742 -66 5. Jungkook ㅠ +1457 -56 6. It's really surprising how young boy-like charms and adult sexiness coexist in Jungkook... seriously it's so surprising when you watch their stages. How could he have such different aura. He's like a real baby rabbit who doesn't care what happens tomorrow when he's with his hyungs (T/N: Bullying/joking with his hyungs without thinking the consequences XD) but he's so sexy like an adult in Blood Sweat & Tears and Fire stages... Jungkook, I really care about you ㅠㅠ +870 -23 7. sh*t he's f*cking handsome... the photo is so HQ ㅋㅋㅋ +705 -21 8. I think Jungkook's no makeup face and makeup face looks very different... he's sexy and overflows with oppa charms when he has his makeup done but he's a real baby with his makeup ㅎㅎ +686 -21 9. Jungkook is so pretty and handsome♡♡ congrats to BTS again for winning at the BBMA and let's be more successful! I love you ♡♡ +607 -18 10. aigoo he looks like a baby... +559 -15 Eng Trans By : @peachisoda