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Found 157 results

  1. Even as their new title track “Fake Love” continues to rack up YouTube records, BTS has managed to reach another milestone with the 2016 hit “Blood Sweat & Tears”! On May 20, the music video for BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” surpassed 300 million views on YouTube, making it BTS’s fourth music video to do so after “DNA,” “Fire,” and “Dope.” It is also only the ninth K-pop group music video ever to achieve the feat. BTS is now the only K-pop group to have surpassed 300 million views on YouTube with four different music videos. The group also holds the record for the fastest K-pop group music video to reach the milestone, with “DNA” taking only 5 months and 16 days to make it to 300 million views. Congratulations to BTS on another impressive accomplishment! via Soompi
  2. American professional wrestler and actor John Cena has sent BTS a sweet message in their native language! Earlier this year, John Cena confirmed that he had become a fan of BTS after accidentally discovering the group on social media. The star had drawn attention for posting photos of BTS and J-Hope on his personal Instagram account, and he later shared that he was a fan of several songs on J-Hope’s mixtape “Hope World.” During a recent interview with U.S. news program Entertainment Tonight, BTS was asked whether they were aware of John Cena’s support and if they’d had a chance to meet him. The group members eagerly replied, “Not yet—we want to meet John. We’ve never met him.” RM and Suga revealed that they had been fans of the wrestler since childhood, and J-Hope turned to the camera with an excited smile and called out, “John Cena!” Jimin also turned to the camera to ask, “John Cena, are you ARMY?” Later that day, John Cena took to Twitter to post a personal video response to Jimin’s question. The star addressed BTS directly, writing in the caption, “Please forgive my inexperience with the language, but here is my answer.” He then adorably declared in Korean, “BTS, I’m goondae [the literal Korean word for ‘army’].” We hope BTS and John Cena get a chance to meet in person! Check out the cute clip below: via Soompi
  3. BTS has scored a certified all-kill with their new track “Fake Love!” On May 19 at 2:30 p.m. KST, the song reached No. 1 on all six major Korean realtime and daily charts, including Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada. It also topped iChart’s realtime chart. 10 hours later (12:30 a.m. KST, May 20), the song still remains at a certified all-kill, holding its position on the top domestic music charts. Congratulations to BTS! via Soompi
  4. BTS continues their path of success with “Fake Love”! On May 19, it was revealed that BTS’s newest title track “Fake Love” from their most recent studio album “Love Yourself: Tear” entered Spotify’s Global Top 200 chart in 17th place, which means it has also entered Spotify’s Top 50 chart. They have beaten their own record for the highest ranking at which a Korean artist has entered these charts, which was previously held by “DNA.” Notably, all other songs from BTS’s “Love Yourself: Tear” also placed on the Top 200 chart. “The Truth Untold” is at 50th place, “134340” is at 66th, “Paradise” is at 71st, “Love Maze” is at 75th, “Magic Shop” is at 76th, “Anpanman” is at 77th, “So What” is at 92nd, “Intro: Singularity” is at 102,” and finally, “Outro: Tear” is at 112nd. BTS not only swept domestic realtime charts soon after their album was released on May 18, but also recently achieved a certified all-kill with their title track. Their music video for “Fake Love” has beatencountless of records and achieved an amazing number of views within 24 hours. They also topped 65 iTunes Top Album charts as well as 52 iTunes Top Songs charts worldwide. The group will be holding their premiere performance of “Fake Love” at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on May 20 local time. Congratulations to BTS! via Soompi
  5. BTS has set yet another record with the “Fake Love” music video! On May 20 at 1 p.m. KST, the music video surpassed 60 million views on YouTube. This is about one day and 19 hours since its release on May 18 at 6 p.m. KST. This breaks the previous record of eight days, six hours, and 50 minutes that their “DNA” music video held for being the fastest K-pop group music video to reach 60 million views. Although there is a lack of official sources to confirm, it is likely that the video has broken other YouTube records, as well. Congratulations to BTS! via Soompi
  6. BTS has achieved the latest milestone on their new music video in record time. BTS released the music video for “Fake Love,” the title track of their third studio album “Love Yourself: Tear” at 6 p.m. KST on May 18. Within 30 hours of its release, “Fake Love” racked up 50 million views on YouTube. This breaks BTS’s previous record with “DNA,” which achieved 50 million views in a little over five and a half days. This means that “Fake Love” is now the new fastest MV to achieve the milestone among K-pop groups, possibly setting records in other categories as well. BTS also recently set a new record for K-pop group MVs and possibly others with the amount of views it received in 24 hours. Congratulations to BTS! via Soompi
  7. BTS’s Jungkook declared that he’ll be the next one in the group to make a mixtape! In a recent Buzzfeed interview, BTS played with puppies as they answered fans’ questions. The seven guys couldn’t hide their joy at the adorable sight, and RM put a hand over his chest as he exclaimed, “Heart attack!” BTS answered various questions in a mix of English and Korean. When asked what they want people to think about BTS a hundred years from now, the members replied they wanted to be remembered as a legend. One of the questions was about what they love about themselves. V answered his fashion, Jungkook said it was his passion, and Suga couldn’t take his eyes off the puppies as he claimed, “I like puppies.” When Jin said he loved his handsome face the most, the group turned quiet. BTS also discussed their favorite songs on the new album as well as how they come up with the themes for their albums and music videos. J-Hope talked about his recent mixtape “Hope World,” and then Jungkook pointed to himself and said, “Next mixtape. JK. Let’s go!” So far, three members of the group have released mixtapes. RM was the first to reveal his mixtape titled “RM” in 2015. Then Suga released his mixtape under the name of “Agust D,” and most recently, J-Hope dropped his mixtape “Hope World” just a couple of months ago. Watch BTS interact with puppies while answering fans’ questions below! BTS made a comeback on May 18 with their title track “Fake Love” off the new album “Love Yourself: Tear.” via Soompi
  8. The views on BTS’s new music video “Fake Love” continue to soar! “Fake Love” is the title track off BTS’s third full album “Love Yourself: Tear,” and both the album and music video were released on May 18 at 6 p.m. KST. The MV hit 10 million views in only 4 hours and 56 minutes after its release. “Fake Love” has now already surpassed 20 million views! The MV hit the milestone by 2:56 a.m. KST on May 19, which is 8 hours and 56 minutes after its release. This beats the former record time for a K-pop group MV to reach 20 million views, which was held by BTS’s “DNA” after it reached the milestone in just under 21 hours. The record set by “Fake Love” may be the fastest time to 20 million views for any artist’s MV on YouTube, however there is a lack of official sources that could confirm this. With not even half a day passed since its release so far, there are a lot of fans interested to see how many views “Fake Love” will gain in 24 hours. Their MV for “DNA” currently holds the record as the K-pop group MV with the most views in the first 24 hours, after reaching 21 million views within that time. They appear set to break that record soon, since they have already hit 20 million views in less than 9 hours. The highest number of views achieved by any MV within the first 24 hours is 43.2 million views, which was reached by Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” In addition to being a hit on YouTube, BTS’s “Fake Love” is also currently reigning over all major realtime charts in Korea! via Soompi
  9. BigHit Entertainment has addressed the recent death threats made against BTS’s Jimin. Earlier this month, an anonymous Internet user posted a threat online that described plans to shoot Jimin at BTS’s upcoming sold-out concert in Fort Worth, Texas, which is scheduled to take place on September 16. The Fort Worth police confirmed in a Twitter post on May 10 that it was aware of and currently investigating the threat. On May 13, BigHit Entertainment confirmed that it was also taking the threat seriously. “The company is aware of the matter,” stated the agency. “Regardless of the authenticity of the threats, we plan to do our utmost and take all necessary measures in responding to actions that may threaten the safety of the [BTS] members and their fans.” Referring to a similar threat made against Jimin in March of last year, BigHit Entertainment remarked, “There was a similar case in the past. We made meticulous, thorough preparations back then as well, and the matter was resolved without any actual incident.” The company added, “We plan to prepare while keeping a close eye on the situation.” via Soompi For those that never saw this:
  10. How BTS Is Changing the K-Pop Comeback With Their Billboard Music Awards Performance 5/10/2018 by Jeff Benjamin BTS photographed during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas. A decision by the K-pop phenoms is really proving that they're "beyond the scene." At the end of last month, it was announced that BTS will perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, with the K-pop phenoms set to give the debut TV performance of the new single from their forthcoming Love Yourself: Tear album. In the K-pop scene, the debut performance of a new single is a big deal, known as the "comeback" performance or stage. With their upcoming BBMAs performance, BTS is essentially elevating themselves not only as artists who can land such a big awards-show slot, but also as Korean-culture leaders to create bigger and larger opportunities to lift the Korean wave. From the aesthetics to the musical performances themselves, K-pop fans know and always anticipate artists' comeback stages on Korea's weekly music chart show programs that see acts performing their promoted music and a No. 1 winner named for the week. In these comeback performances, acts typically get a special stage setup from the network with additional scenery and props -- making the already extravagant K-pop live stages that much more extravagant -- with acts typically performing their single along with one or two album tracks. Sometimes for the really popular acts, like BTS, they're even given their own dedicated episode like the group had in their Comeback Show - BTS DNA special that aired on Korean broadcast channel Mnet and included the first performances of Love Yourself: Her tracks like "Mic Drop" and "Go Go." While there have been rare moments where K-pop acts have taken their comeback performances to non-Korean TV performances -- like when boy band Teen Top debuted their new single "Rocking" at the 2013 KCON festival in Los Angeles -- for the most part, the first performance for new music happen exclusively in Korea's broadcast world. Yet, BTS performing their new single for the first time at one of America's biggest award shows, alongside fellow superstars like Janet Jackson, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and more, puts them at a new level as top-notch performers. In fact, after this performance, the next question on everyone's mind may be where will the next big comeback stage happen? Will it come from BTS or will another act try to one-up them? As K-pop's international interest continues to rise and its artists continue earn more visibility in mainstream markets, could it become more of a norm for artists to debut their music on larger stages -- both literally and figuratively -- than what they've done in the past in Korea? Depending on the response, perhaps BTS will pioneer a new a standard for Korean acts to set in the pop world and prove that tradition doesn't necessarily always need to be the only way to do something. In fact, if given and allowed the opportunity to innovate with their performance and premiere rollouts, perhaps K-pop could create even more excitement for the beloved Korean music shows and their other programming to keep the Hallyu going all the more strong. New to the word "comeback" when it comes to K-pop artists? Check out one of BTS' most memorable comeback stages when M Countdown created an entire custom set inspired by the band's You Never Walk Alone album paired unveiling a second set decorated by light bulbs, sky lanterns and a chandelier of flowers that showered the band with gorgeous petals. source
  11. 5 Takeaways From BTS 'Burn the Stage' YouTube Series 5/10/2018 by Tamar Herman On Wednesday, BTS’ docuseries Burn the Stage ended its eight-episode run on YouTube Red, and throughout the series fans got to learn a lot about the going-on behind-the-scenes of the K-pop group’s Wings tour. There was a lot to takeaway from the series, but here are some of the highlights: 1. BTS’ members are still growing as artists. While BTS as a group is undeniably successful, the septet is still working hard to improve as individuals. Throughout the eight episodes, each of the members expressed his own personal struggles to grow artistically. Especially impactful moments came when Jimin and Jin discussed their efforts to get better as a vocalists through practicing and vocal lessons, and when V talked about wanting to sing music that he wrote and become a better actor. 2. Most of the seven BTS members aren’t where they thought they’d be, and it's wonderful. Several of the members talked about their origins at Big Hit Entertainment and in BTS, and shared some insights into their creative journey, such as Jungkookexpressing disbelief retroactively over becoming BTS’ main vocalist and J-Hopetalking about how he learned to rap after auditioning as a dancer. Throughout the series there are several references to the groups earliest days, and the group even shared Suga's audition tape for the company. 3. The theme of self-awareness is pervasive throughout Burn the Stage. Throughout the entire webseries, the BTS members frequently comment on their hard work being simultaneously as important to their career as that of their fans, who have helped them achieve great heights. The group’s recognition that what they’ve become is bigger than themselves is humbling, and shows a great sense of consciousness from one of the world’s most popular boy bands. At the same time, Burn the Stage as a show is itself very aware that it’s a documentary series giving a look into the life of an act that came out of the tightly-controlled K-pop industry: in one episode, the BTS members and their staff are seen discussing how they have the final say regarding footage filmed at JBTV in Chicago. 4. Communication is key. Though they were put together by Big Hit and were originally strangers, it’s clear that through the series that there is a tight bond between the seven members of BTS. During Burn the Stage, the members refer to how they’ve learned over the years that the key to successfully working together is through conversation and understanding. Even in the tense moments that are shown, discussion is key; when Jin and V fought before a concert, the entire group got together to talk things out afterwards. RM also discussed how important it was for him to use music as a way to communicate with fans, as a way to impact the lives of people around the world. 5. BTS’ work ethic is no joke. Social media erupted in shock and sadness over some early Burn the Stage scenes that revealed youngest member Jungkook had passed out behind stage after performing in one of the group’s shows in Chile. Throughout the episodes it's revealed that ice packs and cans of oxygen made frequent appearances as the seven members toured the world, and the final international stop of the Wings tour in Macau even saw Jimin unable to perform the choreography due to illness. The series also revealed that members carry around portable studios in their suitcases to produce new music as they jump between countries rapidly. It was clear throughout the series that BTS’ dedication and drive to put on the best show possible for their ARMY is literally a labor blood, sweat, and tears. Bonus: V found out they were going to the BBMAs when he saw the stylistspicking out their outfits. BTS will be performing at this year's Billboard Music Awards on May 20, two days after they release their highly-anticipated Love Yourself: Tear album. They are nominated once again in the Top Social Artist category, which they won last year. Burn the Stage is available on YouTube Red. The first episode can be watched below: source
  12. BTS has unveiled plans for their comeback stage in Korea! As they did for “Love Yourself: Her,” a “BTS Comeback Show” will be held for the group’s upcoming album “Love Yourself: Tear.” The new “BTS Comeback Show” will feature performances of the title track and B-side tracks from “Love Yourself: Tear.” Special videos will include a BTS member pretending to be an Army, the members recharging in their own unique ways, and behind-the-scenes stories of their new album. The “BTS Comeback Show” will be broadcast simultaneously via Mnet, Mnet Japan, YouTube, Facebook, and JOOX on May 24 at 8:30 p.m. KST. BTS’s third studio album “Love Yourself: Tear” will be released on May 18, and their new title track will be first performed at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20. If you haven’t yet, check out the previous “BTS Comeback Show”! Watch Now via Soompi
  13. Billboard’s World Albums chart for the week ending in May 12 has now been released! BTS once again reigns over the chart at No. 1 with their latest mini album “Love Yourself: Her.” This is the mini album’s 33rd week overall on the chart. GFRIEND’s sixth mini album “Time for the Moon Night,” featuring the title track of the same name, has made its debut on the chart at No. 6. Cube Entertainment’s new girl group (G)I-DLE has achieved the impressive feat of entering the World Albums chart at No. 7 with their first ever mini album “I Am.” It includes the title track “LATATA,” which was co-composed by member Jeon Soyeon. BTS’s “Face Yourself” remains on the chart this week at No. 8, while their repackaged album “You Never Walk Alone” is at No. 11 in its 39th week on the chart. J-Hope’s mixtape “Hope World” comes in at No. 12, and NCT’s album “Empathy” is back on the chart, now at No. 15. via Soompi
  14. The influence of BTS has extended to even dictionary searches! BTS released a comeback trailer titled “Singularity” on May 7 for the upcoming release of their full album “Love Yourself: Tear.” The teaser showcases V as he dances to his captivating solo song “Singularity.” Dictionary.com tweeted that following the release of BTS’s new track, searches for the meaning of the word “singularity” rose 1,093 percent. Merriam-Webster, another popularity dictionary, also tweeted on May 6 that the top dictionary search at the time was “singularity.” BTS had previously caused the word “euphoria” to increase in searches by 2,883 percent this past April after the release of their stunning “Euphoria” video for their “Love Yourself” series. BTS’s third full album “Love Yourself: Tear” will drop on May 18, and BTS will be performing their new track on television for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 20. BTS has already set a new record for stock pre-orders with “Love Yourself: Tear.” via Soompi
  15. In the first day since its release, BTS’s comeback trailer featuring V was viewed an amazing number of times! On May 7 at midnight KST, BTS shared the comeback trailer titled “Singularity” for their upcoming return with the full album “Love Yourself: Tear.” The group often begins the teasers for new releases with a comeback trailer that showcases one of the members, and it was V’s turn this time with his haunting and mesmerizing solo song “Singularity.” British composer Charlie J. Perry took part in creating the track, with lyrics by BTS’s leader RM. “Singularity” reached 10 million views only 15 hours after its release. 24 hours later at midnight KST on May 8, the comeback trailer had reached over 12.4 million views. This is an incredible number of views on a trailer in the first day, but it would be impressive even if “Singularity” had been a comeback music video. To put it in perspective, the K-pop group MV that holds the record for most views in 24 hours is currently BTS’s “DNA” from last September, with 21 million views in the first day. Following “DNA” is BTS’s “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” MV with 14 million views in the first 24 hours. The next highest is BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” MV with 13.3 million views, followed by TWICE’s “What Is Love?” MV with 12.6 million views and TWICE’s “Heart Shaker” with 11 million views. BTS’s third full album “Love Yourself: Tear” is due out on May 18, and the album has already set a new record for stock pre-orders. BTS will be performing their new song for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, where they’re also nominated for the Top Social Artist award after winning last year. via Soompi
  16. Star Wars “RoarForChange” Campaign Thanks BTS’s Fans For Helping Them Reach Donation Goal E. Kang May 5, 2018 BTS’s fans recently rallied together and showed support for a great campaign! Fans of the “Star Wars” franchise annually celebrate May 4 as Star Wars day, with various festivities and events taking place worldwide. This year, the Star Wars-themed charity program Star Wars: Force for Change U.S. created a global “Roar For Change” social media campaign with the goal of raising $1 million for UNICEF USA. Launched and run by Lucasfilms and The Walt Disney Company since 2014, the organization pledged to donate $1 for every public post, like, or share on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram or Twitter made between May 3-25 using the hashtag “RoarForChange.” Named after the much-loved Chewbacca and “his iconic roar,” the campaign aims to support UNICEF’s effort “to provide Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Food packets to children suffering from malnutrition, helping them to have a chance at a brighter future.” It also celebrates the upcoming release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” A day after the campaign’s launch, George Pennacchio, the entertainment reporter for AMBC7 Eyewitness News, shared his support for the campaign and tweeted about how to participate, directly addressing BTS’s fans. He explained that he wanted to spread the word and thought they might want to join in. Within a few hours of his posts, ARMY helped increase the number of posts and shares of the hashtag “RoarForChange” to be over 1 million on Twitter. On May 5, Star Wars: Force for Change U.S. officially announced that they had achieved their goal of donating $1 million to UNICEF USA in just a little over 24 hours since the campaign started with the support of both Star Wars fans and ARMY. George Pennacchio also personally expressed his gratitude to BTS’s fans. source
  17. Korean boy band BTS will release their Love Yourself: Tear album on May 18, and it looks like it will feature a song called “Fake Love,” according to a new report from Variety. On Tuesday (May 1), the outlet reported that BTS will return to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 25 to perform "Fake Love." While there's no official word from Ellen about the upcoming guests, the show's executive producer, Andy Lassner, shared the Variety article on Twitter. BTS are also set to perform a song from Tear at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20 in Las Vegas, where they're once again nominated for the top social artist award; the K-pop group took home the prize at last year's show. The group first appeared on Ellen in November, making their U.S. daytime TV debut on the show. Little information is currently known about BTS’ highly anticipated third LP and the track list has yet to be released. It will be the group’s first Korean album since last year’s Love Yourself: Her EP, which broke into the top 10 of the Billboard 200 when it landed at No. 7 in September. Billboard has reached out to BTS’ team for a comment regarding the song “Fake Love.” via Billboard
  18. BTS has revealed some of the stops on their upcoming 2018 world tour! On April 27 at midnight KST, BTS released a schedule for the tour that includes dates in Seoul, Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Hamilton, Newark, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris. It also promises that more dates will be announced. The group has also released a video for their tour! BTS is currently preparing to make a comeback on May 18 with their new full album “Love Yourself: Tear,” and it has been announced that they’ll be performing the world television premiere of their new single at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20. via Soompi
  19. Ji Suk Jin And Song Ji Hyo Call BTS’s Jin To Cast Him On “Running Man” S. Park | April 22, 2018 Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo tried to cast BTS member Jin on the latest episode of SBS’s “Running Man”! On the April 22 episode of the variety show, the cast competed for the chance to create the content rating clip that airs before each of their episodes. Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo paired up for the mission, which required them to cast a guest star, and they tried to think of celebrities to cast for their clip, while keeping in mind the rule that whoever cast the oldest or youngest guests received zero points. After some thought, Ji Suk Jin brought up Jin, proudly boasting of their close friendship. He then called Jin to attempt to cast him, with Song Ji Hyo looking surprised when Jin answered Ji Suk Jin’s phone call. Song Ji Hyo sang a bit of BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” over the phone and excitedly said hi to Jin. When the BTS member heard that they were filming “Running Man,” he greeted the viewers and said, “I can’t believe my voice is going to be on ‘Running Man.'” Jin went on, “I’m Kim Suk Jin who is close with Ji Suk Jin because we have the same name.” Ji Suk Jin asked him where he was, and Jin replied, “I’m currently filming something with the members.” When Ji Suk Jin asked if he was in Korea at the moment, Jin answered, “I am in Korea. Please call me whenever you want to see me.” Upon hearing his invitation, Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo immediately asked him if he had time to see them today. Jin stammered, “Today? This suddenly?” He went on to explain that he was busy filming, and in the end, the duo was unable to cast him because of his scheduling conflicts. Catch up on the latest episode of “Running Man” below! Source (1) (2) Original article at Soompi.
  20. BTS’ Suga, Simon Dominic, Oh Hyuk, And More Chosen To Become Full Members Of Korea Music Copyright Association J. K April 20, 2018 Artists including BTS member Suga, AOMG co-CEO Simon Dominic, Oh Hyuk of the band Hyuk Oh, and more have received the honor of being chosen to be full members of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). KOMCA is a non-profit copyright collective with the objective of improving music culture in Korea through protecting the rights of copyright holders and ensuring ease of use for listeners. It is a respected organization that was founded in 1964, and it maintains a database of copyrighted works and their producers. It recently received attention that earlier this year, KOMCA announced its annual list of new full members. Any copyright holder can join KOMCA as a “junior member,” but the board of directors chooses a list of 25 junior members each year to promote to the status of “full members.” In order to be promoted to a full member, musicians must have been a junior member of the KOMCA for three years or more, receive a certain amount in royalties each year, and also be selected by the board of directors. Becoming a full member of the KOMCA gives an artist the right to vote at the organization’s general meetings. The 2018 list of new full members includes Suga, Simon Dominic, Oh Hyuk, Illionaire Records co-founder and rapper The Quiett, rapper Outsider, the band Vanilla Acoustic’s frontman Vanilla Man, Choi Hyun Joon of R&B group V.O.S and the producing team E.ONE, and more. Suga is the first BTS member to be promoted to a full member of the KOMCA. Other popular artists who have become full members in recent years include Epik High’s Tablo, IU, BoA, Tiger JK, Lim Chang Jung, Park Hyo Shin, and more. Source (1) Original article at Soompi.
  21. K-Pop Group BTS Wins TIME 100 Reader Poll By RAISA BRUNER K-pop group BTS can add another accolade to their list of successes: winner of the 2018 TIME 100 reader poll. The seven-person group of multitalented South Korean artists has been tapping a vein of global popularity since 2013. The group has topped Billboard‘s Social charts for almost all of 2017 and 2018 (so far), won the Top Social Artist title at last year’s Billboard Music Awards, earned a spot on TIME’s list of the Most Influential People on the Internet in 2017 and regularly spark social media trends, thanks to their 14-million-strong “Army” of fans. BTS, which consists of singers RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, is just one of a number of K-pop groups with massive fanbases. But in particular they have proven themselves capable of transcending the Asian market with their hip-hop-meets-pop songs, sharp choreography and high-concept music videos. Their next full-length album, Love Yourself: Tear, is due out on May 18. “We came together with a common dream to write, dance and produce music that reflects our musical backgrounds as well as our life values of acceptance, vulnerability and being successful,” RM told TIME in 2017, noting that their powerful online presence is a “team effort.” “Music transcends language,” he added. While TIME editors are responsible for selecting the TIME 100, the online reader poll opens up voting to the general public. BTS — which stands for “Bangtan Sonyeondan” or “Beyond the Scene” — easily dominated this year’s poll, garnering over 15% of the vote. Runners-up included South Korean President Moon Jae-in with five percent and Barack Obama with three percent. Other popular musical acts, including Rihanna, Beyoncé, Shawn Mendes and Bruno Mars, brought in two percent each. In 2017, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was the winner of the reader poll, racking up 5% of the online vote. The official TIME 100 will be announced April 19 on TIME.com. Source: TIME
  22. BTS Makes History By Winning 6 Trophies In Soompi Awards J. K | April 17, 2018 BTS is the first ever group to win six trophies in the 13th Annual Soompi Awards! The Soompi Awards are the largest international awards that recognize the best in Korean television and music each year. The winners of the 13th Annual Soompi Awards were recently announced, with the results based on the combination of music chart scores and over 163 million votes by readers from 190+ countries. BTS set a new record this year when they won in six categories as a group! They earned the title of Artist of the Year, and received the Album of the Year award for “You Never Walk Alone,” Song of the Year for “DNA,” Best Collaboration for their “MIC Drop” remix with Desiigner and Steve Aoki, Best Choreography for “DNA,” and Fuse Music Video of the Year for “Spring Day.” BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) also received the Best Idol Actor award for his performance in “Hwarang.” After the announcement, the hashtag “우리_한성이_상받았네” (“Our Hansung won an award”) trended in Korea as fans expressed how happy they were that V had earned the Best Idol Actor award for his role as Hansung. Fans have been celebrating BTS’s wins on Twitter with the hashtag “#BTSonSoompi”! Check out some of ARMY’s tweets below. Congratulations to BTS! Sources (1) (2) (3) (4) Original article at Soompi.
  23. ZEDD ON COLLABORATION WITH BTS: "HOPEFULLY, IT'S GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR" Lance Paolo Lim Posted at April 17, 2018 #ZEDDxBTS is officially happening and we can expect them to drop their exciting collaboration in a just a few months' time! Back in November, Zedd found out that the boys of BTS have been wanting to work with him. Of course, he readily expressed his eagerness to work with the K-Pop group who happens to have millions of followers around the globe. In a recent sit-down interview with MYX, VJ Ai asked the Grammy-winning DJ-producer about the status of his collaboration with BTS. Apparently, it's in the works. And yes, it's happening this year... hopefully! Watch the MYXclusive video below: Source: Myx Philippines
  24. "@BTS_ARMYSalon: April 6 2018 Korea Business News article translation BTS revealed a movie-like cinematography through ‘Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=215&aid=0000619477 … Go to the link, like, comment and recommend it to the main page!" So we're not getting a new album yet
  25. BTS Tops iTunes Album Charts In 45 Countries With Japanese Album “FACE YOURSELF” A. Kim | April 3, 2018 BTS has proved their worldwide popularity yet once again! BTS released their third official Japanese album “FACE YOURSELF” on April 4. The album garnered great interest from domestic fans in particular after it was revealed earlier that one of the tracks on the album would be featured as the theme song for the Japanese remake of tvN’s “Signal.” In addition to Japan, BTS’s latest album has caught the attention of fans worldwide. As of 9 a.m. KST on April 4, BTS has taken the top spot on the iTunes Album Chart for 45 different countries with “FACE YOURSELF.” Additionally, “FACE YOURSELF” has put BTS in third place on the iTunes Album chart for the United States. With high chart rankings in Canada, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Greece, England, and France as well, BTS has recorded a top 10 ranking in a total of 64 countries. Finally, the tracks “Don’t Leave Me” and “Let Go” from the album have taken the top spot in the individual songs charts in 30 and five countries, respectively, solidifying BTS’s growing international status and popularity. Source (1) Original article at Soompi. BTS Continues To Top Billboard’s World Albums Chart + MONSTA X, Stray Kids, And TVXQ’s New Releases Make Debuts J. K | April 3, 2018 Billboard has released its charts for the week ending in April 7! BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” remains at No. 1 on the World Albums chart, now in its 28th week on the chart overall. MONSTA X’s mini album “The Connect: Dejavu,” featuring the title track “Jealousy,” has made a strong debut on the chart at No. 2. At No. 5 is Stray Kids’ debut mini album “I Am NOT” in its first week on the World Albums chart. It includes the title track “District 9.” BTS member J-Hope’s mixtape “Hope World” is at No. 8, and NCT’s album “NCT 2018 Empathy” comes in at No. 9. Another new entry this week is TVXQ’s “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love,” which has made its debut at No. 10. It includes the title track “The Chance of Love.” BTS’s “WINGS” is at No. 11 in its 41st week on the chart, and GOT7’s “Eyes on You” spends its third week on the chart, now at No. 13. Wanna One’s “0+1=1 (I Promise You)” is on the chart for a second week, this time in at No. 15. Congratulations to all the artists! Original article at Soompi.