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Found 178 results

  1. Original Article by KOREA PORTAL BTS Is Proudly The New Youtube Most Viewed K-pop Group Ever BY ROSE ARMY rejoice! BTS success isn't done yet with the group's latest Billboard Music Award nomination. This time the K-pop group is just awarded Youtube's most viewed group recognition. In essence, "BangtanTv" and other BTS channels slew others with 4 million combined views. According to Koreaboo, BTS power is undeniably felt even on the video-sharing site after it toppled PSY's "Gangnam Style" success. At the moment, no other South Korean individual or group has reached the hits the idols have. BTS videos clicked hits were counted via Google and Youtube Insight. On the released overview, the group has reached a total of 4,214,273,396 views. This number came from the collective: fan cams, vlogs, short clips, music videos and "BangtanTv" personal videos. The "Dope" and "Fire" music videos alone garnered already 379 Million views. Then, the BTS Bombs (BangtanTv clips) also gave way for 200 Million hits. The latest "Spring Day" Dance Practice is another beginning hit with starting 5 Million as of today. The ARMY are indeed excited already to see what other Kpop milestones are BTS going to have. For this Youtube Most Viewed title, some of them are likewise ready to set more videos now. However, the BTS members haven't spoken yet about the news. On the other hand, Soompi also previous reported that BTS is now part of the prestigious 2017 Billboard Music Awards. This is still one of the events ARMY are readying themselves to support Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-HJope and Rap Monster. This coming May 1 is the start of the fan voting that all the supporters of BTS can partake too. It will be part of the awards' judging to determine who will take home the Top Social Media Award. It will surely be a stiff competition with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Arian Grande, and Shawn Mendez on the lineup. --
  2. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170420 "Produce 101" Season 2 Ahn Hyungseop's old blog post gains attention again... "I respect the artist called BTS" Yue Hua entertainment trainee Ahn Hyungseop's old blog post is gaining attention from the netizens again. He posted the lyrics of BTS's "NEVERMIND" on his blog and added "This is the first song I listen to when I'm having a hard time". It's okay to bow your head after tasting failure and frustration We are still young and immature so don't you worry Moss will surely grow on a stone that doesn't roll, If you can't turn back, go straight and don't mind mistakes I hope you forget all mistakes never mind never mind never mind It doesn't matter what kind of thorny road it might be, run on it never mind never mind There are many things in this world that you can't control, you better never mind never mind Dude, step on the accelerator harder if you think you're going to crash never mind This is the first song I listen to when I'm having a hard time. I put in the earphones and increase the volume to full... Whenever I listen to this song The meaning of the lyrics draw a painting in my head and I feel like I'm born again after shedding off the cocoon I especially love that verse of the song Because they have been through a hard time and swayed as an artist They overcame all this by themselves and became a professional I think they are able to comfort the public from their present position with their straightforward and truthful lyrics. They are an artist I truly respect and they are the male artist group that affected me the most What's more boring than running away from the wall because you're afraid of it? You will learn to break it once you're broken by it With such great music, I'm so grateful to the artist who makes me born again My post became a long rambling post This shows how much I trust in myself and respect the artist called BTS Netizens commented, "wow...", "Hyungseop, we always support you", "you're my fixed pick". Meanwhile, Mnet Produce 101 Season 2 broadcasts every Friday night at 11PM. Original article here ---
  3. This week is HUGE for Korean pop fans. The wildly popular boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys) received a nomination for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards–the first K-pop group EVER to do so! BTS just finished up a five-date arena tour in the U.S. to sold-out crowds. Not too shabby for a band that formed just 4 years ago. Last year, BTS also became the first K-pop group to crack the top 40 of the Billboard 200 album chart with their second full-length album, Wings. We know these boys love to dance, but before we get to the dance party, we should probably introduce the group to those who aren’t in on the international craze. In total, there are seven members: Jin V Jimin Jungkook Rap Monster Suga J-Hope And together, they are the street-style dancing sensation, BTS. After the 2017 BBMAs nominations were announced, the BTS army lost their minds with excitement. Read more here: https://www.billboardmusicawards.com/2017/04/bts-becomes-first-k-pop-group-to-receive-bbmas-nomination/
  4. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170405 "Radio Star" Oh Sangjin "Kim Soyoung likes BTS... she always watch their MV before going to bed" Oh Sangjin said announcer Kim Soyoung is a big fan of BTS Jungkook. On the 5th broadcast of MBC Radio Star "How far have you traveled for an event?" episode, singer Jang Yoonjung, Hong Jinyoung, and TV personality Shin Youngil and Oh Sangjin appeared as guests. On this day, Oh Sangjin revealed that his girlfriend Kim Soyoung, an announcer of MBC is a fan of group BTS. He said, ""Kim Soyoung announcer loves BTS so much that she spends at least one and a half hours to watch BTS's music videos. She is a big fan of Jungkook". He also added, "We had to change into many dresses and outfits during our recent wedding photoshoot so it was quite tiring and it took a long time but she cheered up when I played BTS's albums I brought with me.". He said, "(Kim announcer) She used to be a fan of Shinhwa. When I asked her who was her favorite member, she gave me a very unexpected answer and said her bias member was Park Choongjae (Junjin)", explaining his surprise to the image difference between her favorite member and himself. Original article here
  5. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170413 PSY congrats BTS for their nomination for 2017 Billboard Music Awards Singer PSY congratulated boy group BTS for their nomination for 2017 US Billboard Music Awards. On the 13th evening, PSY retweeted an article about BTS's nomination for 2017 US Billboard Music Awards and added "#Congrats #proud" hashtags. BTS is nominated for Top Social Media Artist at 2017 Billboard Music Awards which will be held in Las Vegas, US on May 21st. Global pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes are the other nominees. Original article here BTS adores PSY so much, they must be so happy to be congratulated by him now! T_T <3
  6. Group BTS earned the glory of being the only Korean singer to be nominated for the "2017 US Billboard Music Awards". On the 10th (local time) Billboard announced the nominees for each category for 2017 US Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 21st on their homepage and SNS. BTS stood shoulder to shoulder with global pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Medes under the "Top Social Media Artist" category. Billboard Music Awards selects the candidates based on the digital sales, streaming, no. of times the songs were played on the radio, concerts, SNS participate rate, etc during a year. Users can begin voting for "Top Social Media Artist" from May 1st and more details will be released later. BTS has shown powerful influence on the global social network by ranking No. 1 for 19 times on Billboard "Social 50" chart since October last year, surpassing other global top artists. Trans by peachisoda Original article here Response +2091 1. wow BTS is awesome (shivers) +3796 -241 2. wow it's amazing to just be a nominee for Billboard... I think we should really congratulate them for their remarkable activities in other countries as a Korean group. I'm really proud +3382 -202 3. It's insane.. look at the lineup... seriously BTS's popularity in other countries is no joke +2971 -189 4. heol... it's really daebak.. wow.. is this even real +2730 -180 5. so cool ㅠㅠ Bangtan Bangtan BangBangtan!❤️ Let's perform the remaining shows well and see you soon +2312 -155 6. People tried to trample on them with ridiculous rumors in Korea but BTS is advancing into the world with crushing force. They are strong and cool. I hope they become a legend +799 -33 7. The other nominees are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and BTS. This is amazing +680 -21 8. Just seeing them on the nominee list is an honor +699 -28 9. BTS is setting another record today +677-26 10. I thought things like hallyu are just media play... I can't believe how popular they are... ㅋㅋ Just like how PSY was highly praised saying he's enhancing national prestige when he was nominated in 2013, I hope people will stop judging them for a moment and congratulate sincerely for being nominated. This is amazing and I'm proud +517 -10 ~ GET THAT KOREANS LOVE AND SUPPORT, BOYS!
  7. Pop singer Tinashe replied to BTS J Hope (Jung Hoseok)'s wish to collaborate with the pop singer. In a recent interview with a US media, the reporter asked Tinashe, "Korean Boy group "BTS"'s J Hope dreamed of collaborating with Tinashe. Are you aware of this?". J Hope is known to be Tinashe's fan for a long time. Tinashe's reply was positive. She replied, "I have heard this. Fans on SNS told me about this. Hey, I'm down. Send me a track.". BTS's popularity among foreign celebrities is rising. Recently, Charlie Puth the singer of "See you again" also tweeted "I saw BTS's cover of my song. I like their songs too". Listeners are anticipating to see how they complete the unique collaboration. Trans by peachisoda Original article here Response +320 1. Tinashe said she had watched their interview. J Hope must be happy... Anyway, BTS did at least 10 interviews during their US tour and this is really cool +320 -3 2. Our Hope makes us so proud and he's cool +288 -6 3. This is daebak~ Our Hobi~!! +235 -2 4. He's cool +215 -3 5. Daebak♡♡♡♡♡♡ +214 -5 6. BTS is overwhelmingly mentioned by many musicians, celebrities in a good way compared to other groups. I think I've seen at least 18 medias reporting about BTS's overseas concerts... Isn't this enough to make you proud?? Could you just call this a media play? +76 -0 7. BTS has been popular among celebrities... Daughter of a famous celebrity is a fan of BTS, Hollywood child star is also a BTS fan and I think an announcer said s/he's also a BTS fan too... and even idols chose BTS as a favorable idol during ISAC too... BTS got the most number of votes... dj too and some musician or violinist.. when you keep searching, there are many celebrities who are fans of BTS. I think people like them and recognize the group's worth. As expected from Super Star Boy Scouts! +71 -1 8. Although BTS is a boy group from a small company they are now the top group... They have reached where they are today only with talent >ㅇ< +66 -0 9. BTS J Hope oppa would be probably busy with world tour but I will look forward to your collaboration with singer Tinashe!! Please complete your world tour safely ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'll always be cheering~~ I love you oppa +62 -1 10. Hobi must be happy~ Even Rap Mon collaborated with Warren G before and then Wale recently. BTS has been in contact with a few pop singers on SNS... this could mean we could look forward to a good result too... it will be daebak if Hobi gets to collaborate with her! +56 -1 ~ I really hope they can colaborate somehow. I don't think it needs to be a song collab necessarily; a dance collab would be cool as hell too since both of them are amazing dancers.
  8. Original Article by ASZ NEWS American artists Before You Exit, Great Good Fine Ok attend BTS' Anaheim concert; Celebs that are huge BTS fans Not only is idol group BTS getting attention from K-Pop fans across the global, but they're also getting noticed by musical acts from the West. At their concert in California, BTS met with American bands Before You Exit and Great Good Fine Ok. The Anaheim, California stop of BTS "Wings" US Tour, three-member pop band Before You Exit welcomed BTS to the States and snapped a photo with the group. According to Koreaboo, Jungkook is known to be a fan of Before You Exit, having added the "When I'm Gone" singers to his Spotify playlist. John Sandler, member of American synth-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok, was also present at BTS' Anaheim concert. He also took a photo with the K-Pop group backstage and tweeted, "Made some new friends! Absolutely love these guys!!!" BTS' "Wings" US Tour has been quite a spectacle attended by American celebrities and online personalities. Renowned beauty vlogger Michelle Phan was among those who attended the group's April 1 and 2 shows in Anaheim. Phan shared some clips from the event on her social media accounts. She attended the event with fellow YouTubers Karen Yeung, Cydnee Black and Promise Phan. Child actress Kylie Rogers was also able to attend BTS' concert. Oscar-winning actor Kurt Russell gifted Rogers tickets to the concert in celebration of her 13th birthday, allkpop reports. Both stars appeared together in the 2015 film "Fathers and Daughters." BTS already has a horde of celebrity fans. In January 2017, singer Charlie Puth showed his appreciation to the group when he followed BTS on Twitter and praised Jungkook's cover of "We Don't Talk Anymore." YouTuber Ryan Higa is also a fan of BTS. Aside from mentioning the idol group several times in his videos, it is said that his K-Pop parody group Boys Generally Asian is patterned after BTS.
  9. Billboards - Jeff Benjamin On April 2, BTS played the fifth and final date of a sold-out U.S. arena run, performing to the shrieking fans who helped the group's second full-length album, Wings, become the first K-pop project to crack the top 40 of the Billboard 200 in 2016. Since debuting in 2013, the seven-piece boy band has become a commercial behemoth in its native South Korea while continuing to make inroads within American pop culture. "Change," an English-language hip-hop collaboration between BTS member Rap Monster and U.S. star Wale, was released three days before the kickoff of the stateside run. "Change" touches on topics like voting rights and online harassment, while some of BTS' biggest hits have addressed mental health. "Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically," says BTS member Suga. Although K-pop music generally steers away from controversy, Rap Monster says that remaining outspoken "is important to us. And the bigger the voice we get, the more powerful our words become." A new BTS album is already underway and more U.S. dates might be on the way later this year. Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO and Executive Producer of label/management agency BigHit Entertainment who is better known as "Hitman" Bang, hints at "special features" designed for international listeners but thinks BTS will continue playing to its base. "I'm not a believer in releasing full English songs to the U.S. market, like many K-pop artists have," Bang tells Billboard in his first-ever interview with American press. "We must focus on what we do best as K-pop artists and producers and maybe add some special features to which international or U.S. music fans can feel attached. That is the best way for me to put K-pop into the mainstream U.S. music market and, in that regard, BTS will participate and perform in a way that is not much different from what they have been doing in the last three years. We're adjusting and improving the way we do shows on the tour to meet the international or global level and expectations so that anyone, regardless of their culture and background, can enjoy BTS music and performances." Bang is sure to add that the group will be "very active and responsive in releasing new songs that would come out of collaborations with international artists, like 'Change.'" And, looking ahead, both the CEO and band see their most recent accomplishments as inspiration to achieve even more in the future. "I'm so excited and thrilled at the response to the U.S. tour," Bang says. "It's still overwhelming and unbelievable at some point. I even further feel responsible for producing better music and production for fans around the world and I'd definitely think harder on what makes fans enthusiastic and passionate about BTS music and the band." Meanwhile, the ambition within the group is perhaps best felt when member V winks that the group has "grander goals"; as if arena shows are just the beginning of what he and his band mates plan to accomplish around the world. Below read on for an extended interview with BTS held before the tour kicked off. All member answers are taken via a translator except for Rap Monster. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/k-town/7752412/bts-bang-hitman-conscious-k-pop-cross-over-interview
  10. Read Full Article by The Clarion K-Pop group BTS proves the genre is here to stay Written by : Adrienne Oliva Date : April 6, 2017 My fave part : This is my first time posting a news article. If i made a mistake, please inform me.
  11. Original article by The Daily Dot Play this amazing fan-made video game starring K-pop superstars BTS As K-pop superstars BTS wrap up five sold-out U.S. dates on their Wings tour, the international fandom is sprawling. Die-hards of the Asian boy band, called ARMY (“Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”), express love for the boys in many ways: jaw-dropping art, YouTube covers, and even massive fan-coordinated gatherings like the Rainbow Ocean light stick event. But a fan-made video game, released this week, takes the idols into the digital realm with meticulous attention to detail. The demo, which is free to download, is a visual novel called To the Edge of the Sky. It takes place in the year 2077, and puts the player in the role of Seven, a secret agent joining a mysterious faction called Phantom Alpha. Seven looks a whole lot like BTS’ youngest member, Jeon Jungkook. Hang around and you also might meet some guys who look a lot like BTS leader Kim Namjoon and gravely rapper Min Yoongi. (Read More HERE) Link to the game page : AEON Dream Studio ---
  12. Original Article by THE WELLESLEY NEWS BANGTAN BOYS (BTS) CONTINUES TO STUN WITH MASTERFUL PERFORMANCES IN THE U.S. by Isabel Kim In the early morning of Friday, March 24, a long line of shivering fans stood wrapped around the block of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Even at around 6 a.m., I had to walk past hundreds of fans who had camped out the night before in order to obtain a spot on the line. All of this was for BTS, the seven-member K-pop boy group that has been surging in popularity across the globe. The group kicked off the U.S. leg of their “Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour” with two sold-out shows at the Prudential Center, before continuing on to Chicago and later Los Angeles. For many fans, the BTS concert was an all-day affair that required waiting outside in line for hours. Since fans were able to enter the venue well before the show’s 8 p.m. starting time, they had to anxiously wait inside as well. An hour before the show started, the screens inside the Prudential Center started playing BTS’ music videos. Fans loyally sang along to every lyric, both the Korean and English parts, and some would even dance along to the complicated choreography. BTS’ dedicated international fan base clearly plays a large role in their continued worldwide success. (Read More HERE)
  13. Original Article by OCWEEKLY [OCWEEKLY] For K-Pop Stars BTS, Mainstream Success Was a Long Time Coming By Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum “My blood, sweat, and tears, my last dance, take it all,” sang Jimin Park in Korean, his opening verse on his group’s song “Blood Sweat Tears” before diving into the last choreographed number of their second sold out date at the Honda Center in Anaheim. After performing a set of over 20 songs, Suga (née Yoongi Min) followed up rapping, “My blood, sweat, and tears, and my body, mind, and soul, know well that I am yours,” embodying exactly what went down at BTS’ second sold-out concert in California on Sunday night. The Honda Center is no stranger to K-pop concerts. It hosted Korean superstars Big Bang in 2012 and 2015, making them the first in the genre to hold more than one concert of that stature. Trailing closely behind, BTS, a seven member K-pop boy band consisting of three rappers (Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster) and four vocalists (Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin), reached that level of popularity only four years into their career, even though they have yet to reach the loftiest heights of mainstream success in their native South Korea. “Today is our last concert [of the tour], but we still cannot really feel it’s real,” frontman Namjoon Kim, who goes by his stage name Rap Monster, told the Weekly prior to the show. “It’s like a miracle. [In our previous Los Angeles concert in 2015] we were at like 2,000 people, and now it’s like 15,000, 16,000 people, so we’re just thankful for it.” While close, the arena’s capacity is actually a bit over 18,000, which they managed to sell out for two consecutive nights. Named after their latest studio album, “The Wings Tour” had two previous stops in New Jersey, one in Chicago, plus the two in Anaheim. All were sold out. (Read More HERE) ---
  14. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170403 BTS brings 195000 fans, selling out their Asia Tour... "Global Power" All tickets for group BTS's "WINGS Tour" in 9 cities in Asia are sold again following their US and South America tour. BTS sold out all tickets for 19 shows of "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" in 9 Asia countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Japan. 20000 seats in Bangkok, Thailand, 20000 seats in Manila, Philippines, 10000 seats in Hong Kong, 145000 seats in 6 cities of Japan, and 195000 seats in total. They sold out both pre-sale and the usual ticket sales as soon as the tickets were open for reservation. The site that sold pre-sale tickets for the group's Hong Kong show crashed as soon as they began the ticketing. According to the Philippine organizer, they opened both online and offline ticketing on the 2nd and over 30000 fans crowded in front of the offline ticket stall to buy their tickets. This proved BTS's hot popularity. BTS is planning to release the ticketing dates for their Jakarta, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia shows. BTS will continue their "WINGS Tour" at the Impact Arena in Thailand on April 22nd~23rd, Mall of Asia Arena in the Philippines on May 6th~7th, Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong on the 13th~14th. "WINGS Tour Japan Edition" will be held at Osakajo Hall in Osaka, Japan on May 30th~ June 1st, Hiroshima Green Arena in Hiroshima on 7th, Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya on 14th~15th, Saitama Super Arena, Saitama on 20th~22nd, Marine Messe Fukuoka, Fukuoka on 24th~25th, Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, Sapporo on July 1st and 2nd. Original article here Response +667 1. I'm so proud and please I really wish I could go to see their concert at least for once.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Boys, I purple you +514 -5 2. They're really popular ㅋㅋ +469 -7 3. I hope they open more shows in Korea too~ +445 -5 4. Cool +388 -6 5. really daebakkk~~~ isn't this really cool? +372 -5 6. It was amazing how they sold out all the shows in the US and now they're selling out everything whenever they sell any tickets wow +132 -2 7. They have sold out all shows, excluding the ones they still haven't opened. I'm sure Bighit will do well but I'm worried about our boys' health +115 -1 8. I hope you guys will successfully finish your Asia Tour as well. Anticipating! Fighting!! +119 -3 9. I wish I could go to see their overseas concert...ㅠㅠ but even those tickets...ㅠㅠ Please do more shows in Korea too... please +119 -3 10. Seriously their performance is really awesome. Even the expert on KBS said there aren't many groups around the world who show such standard of performances... they have good music, stage, and even their visuals are good... they're really amazing...!! +116 -2 --- The number gave me goosebumps 145000 in Japan daym. Tokyo dome is next!
  15. Original Article by IDOLATOR K-Pop Group BTS Brings ‘The Wings Tour’ To Los Angeles: Review BTS is the hottest act in K-Pop for good reason. The seven-member group’s forward-thinking mix of hip-hop and club beats transcends the traditional borders of K-Pop, winning them a global following. And that’s not hyperbole. Their sophomore LP, Wings, sold over a million copies around the world and debuted at number 26 on the Billboard 200. The hitmakers also made chart history earlier this year when “Spring Day” cracked the top 10 on the US iTunes download chart. Oh, and they sold out an American tour in minutes. Korea’s gift to pop performed for 18,000 fans at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Sunday night (April 2), showcasing their frenetic choreography and eclectic influences. The band’s broad appeal was reflected in the diverse crowd. There were people of all ages and races at the venue, covered from head-to-toe in BTS merchandise. While they had little in common on the surface, there seemed to be an unspoken code that involved screaming hysterically at every available opportunity and frantically waving torches, phones or any other light source. It made for an electric, feverish atmosphere. The surprisingly long set, which stretched on for two hours, began with furious banger “Not Today.”] (Read More HERE)
  16. Original Article by YONHAPNEWS [KWAVE] BTS sold 60,000 concert tickets in U.S. leg of world tour: agency SEOUL, April 4 (Yonhap) -- South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, has wrapped up the U.S. leg of its world tour successfully, selling more than 60,000 tickets in the country according to its agency Tuesday. According to Big Hit Entertainment, which represents BTS, the team performed in front of a combined audience of about 60,000 during its live shows in Newark, Chicago and Anaheim from March 23 to April 2. The seven-member team, one of K-pop's biggest male groups to date along with EXO, thanked its American fans for their support. "We were happy to perform in the U.S. and were moved by fans' support and love," the team said. All shows in America were sold out, while the Chicago gig, which wasn't initially scheduled, was later added due to strong demand. The concerts were also covered extensively by major U.S. media outlets, including the New York Times and Billboard. BTS is scheduled to continue its world tour in Asia until early July with shows slated for Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong and six cities in Japan. This image provided by Big Hit Entertainment shows South Korean idol group BTS performing at a recent concert in the U.S. (Yonhap) ---
  17. Original Article by VERGECAMPUS BTS Finishes U.S. Leg of Their Sold-Out ‘The Wings Tour’ By Marisa Haag Sunday night, BTS made history as they wrapped up the American leg of their sold-out ‘The Wings Tour’ with a completely packed stadium in Anaheim, California. BTS, a Korean Pop group, is taking the western world by storm. Fully known as either Bangtan Boys, Bangtan Sonyeondan, or Bulletproof Boy Scouts, the 7-member group played five sold-out arena shows throughout the United States. The group focuses on hip-hop themed music, and has been the highest charting Kpop group to break the Billboard Top 200. Their international popularity is so prevalent that they additionally travelled to sold-out shows in Chile, Brazil and K-Con Mexico, and are planning to travel to Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. (Read More HERE)
  18. Original post : Netizenbuzz Article: 'Death threats' BTS safely completes first American concert "Police on scene"Source: Star News via Nate1. [+271, -25] I saw pictures and they checked bags at the entrance like airport security2. [+152, -17] I was worried, I'm glad it turned out well!3. [+32, -5] Overseas, they're apparently more popular than Big Bang and EXO. I don't care if you call me a secret fan or an anti, it's just facts.4. [+25, -12] Happy that they finished everything safe and sound!!5. [+24, -4] How can people call this noise marketing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why would any company put their own artist's life at stake for the sake of getting attention ㅋㅋㅋ6. [+23, -1] As a fellow Korean, you should all be supporting their popularity overseas7. [+22, -5] I feel bad for the people in denial over BTS popularity ㅋㅋㅋ I'm a 27 year old ajusshi and even my 62 year old father knows who BTS is, he even knows EXO and Twice too8. [+21, -3] Why would BTS even need noise marketing? I'm 30 years old and became a fan after seeing their dance videos on YouTube. And I'm pretty sure EXO's fanclub has 150,000 members while BTS has over 300,000. Are EXO fans purposely trying to write this off as noise marketing?9. [+20, -2] I'm so glad. Especially in a country where gun possession is legal, death threats should not be taken lightly.10. [+16, -3] That Jimin kid must've been so scared on stage. I'm amazed he even went through with it ㅋ I'd be so scared of bullets at all times. -- [EDIT] A full translated version of the article is now out! Check it out HERE @ BANGTANBUZZ
  19. Original Article by POPCRUSH 21st Century Boys: BTS Take on Chicago [Review] by Pearl Shin BTS owned the stage at the Allstate Arena, where they performed in front of a full house on Wednesday night (March 29) as a part of the U.S. leg of their 2017 Wings Tour. The group, which consists of seven members – Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – performed an impressive over two hour long set, mesmerizing the Chicago audience with a show that was nothing short of a musical and visual spectacle. Before the group even stepped foot onstage, eager fans waited with anticipation, eyes glued to the large overhead screens which projected BTS’ music videos. Fans (affectionately referred to as A.R.M.Y. by the group) sang along to the videos, counting down the minutes until the start of the concert. Promptly at 8 PM, the house lights dimmed, signaling the show’s start. The set started out with a booming rendition of the group’s power track “Not Today,” which instantly set the crowd ablaze. Right off the bat, fans chanted and sang along to the song, pouring out their hearts with every word. After the first segment of their set, the members began their solo performances. Each of the solo acts exhibited the members’ impeccable talent in singing and dancing. However, it was the emotive performance of Rap Monster’s “Reflection” and the passion in Suga’s “First Love” which made their solo performances the most memorable. Periodically throughout the show, the members also performed songs which featured the subgroups within BTS: the vocal line, which consists of Jimin, V, Jin, and Jungkook, crooned a soulful rendering of “Lost,” while the rapper line, which consists of Rap Monster, Suga, and J-Hope performed an excitement-filled “Cypher 4.” While the group’s set list mainly highlighted the tracks featured on their latest album Wings, BTS didn’t forget to pay homage to songs from earlier in their career. The group performed a medley of older hits, including “Danger,” “Boy In Luv,” and “N.O.” They also paid tribute to their fans with their song “21st Century Girls,” a modern, feminist anthem – especially fitting for A.R.M.Y. which mainly consists of female fans. Finally announcing the end of their concert, six of the members took their leave, leaving J-Hope standing alone at center stage to perform an abridged “Boy Meets Evil.” The members then regrouped to perform their hit, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” The show wasn’t quite over yet: following their leave, BTS was warmly welcomed back onto the stage for an encore. The loud roars of the crowd, along with a gradient spectrum of rainbow Bangtan Bombs that A.R.M.Y.s proudly held up in the air, greeted them as they walked back onstage. With the concert coming to a close, Rap Monster shared his sentiment of his brief time in Chicago, telling the audience about the places he visited, such as The Art Institute and The Shedd Aquarium. To further express to his love for the city, he also shared that if he were to live anywhere outside of Korea, he would love to live in Chicago. Jungkook added, “We are far, far away, but we will always be together” – a line that Rap Monster pointed out that Jungkook practiced “a million times.” The group closed out their two hour set with their fan tribute “2! 3!” and “Spring Day.” The members spent their last moments on stage showing their thanks to the fans who have been there for them through everything. While BTS’ impressive musical ability and stage presence stole the show, it would be hard to praise them without mentioning the stunning visuals that accompanied the group throughout their set. Cinematic clips from their videos, as well as symbolic imagery of flowers, butterflies, and wings, floated across the screen throughout the night as the members performed. At a venue which has welcomed numerous renowned musical guests throughout the years, BTS truly held their own, showing the world that they’re no longer the underdogs. And once again, BTS proved that they are every bit deserving of their global recognition. ---
  20. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170401 Do Jihan, "Maknae V is cute, I went to BTS's concert too" Interview ② Actor Do Jihan expressed his affection for BTS V who he became close through the KBS2 drama "Hwarang". Although their relationship was formed because of the drama, they brothers like no other. Do Jihan caught both romance and bromance with one stone in "Hwarang". He especially showed incredible chemistry with the "Hwarangs". He is now close friends with Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Kim Taehyung, Cho Yoonwoo, and Kim Hyunjoon who worked with him in "Hwarang". And the youngest Kim Taehyung sought advice from the elder brothers since this was his first time acting. Do Jihan expressed his affection and said, "Taehyung is the youngest but he was very good to his hyungs. I found him especially cute because Taehyung's dorm and my house is very close so he would call me and Seojoon hyung asking us to check his acting before the shoot. I liked him more because he wasn't embarrassed or shy when he approached us. My younger cousin said s/he is a fan of BTS so I went to the concert with her/him. Taehyung and I became very close brothers." Original article here --- Great to see them still keeping in touch with each other :")
  21. English Translations by PEACHISODA [Article] 170331 [Lee Sohee's listening Cafe] Would you like a cup of BTS "Paldogangsan" #ssanghwacha? T/N: ssanghwacha/Ssanghwa Tea is a traditional medicinal tea made from a variety of herbs. These herbs are boiled for hours with dedication/devotion. Just like how Gong Yoo has his own smallest cafe in the world like the CF, the singers and fans have their own secret cafe. Although only title tracks are consumed by the users today, there are many incredible masterpieces made with various different ingredients! We will take a closer look at the secretive recipe of the non-title songs you did not know about. 01. BTS's first mini album ‘O!RUL8,2?’ - ‘팔도강산’ (Paldogangsan) They wrote "Oh! Are you late, too?" as ‘O!RUL8,2?. Just like the album title which is hard to read, "O!RUL8 2?" embraces one complicated story. The title asks the listeners "Are you late too?". The title tells the listeners to find the happiness in life before it's too late. EnterOn Idol Cafe First mini album ‘O!RUL8,2?’ - BTS Beverage name ... BTS's "Paldogangsan" Recommended to ... listeners who want classic but youthful rapping Recommended mood .... at a retro cafe with vintage or dabang(coffee shop)-like vibe Album's 9th track "Paldogangsan" is the upgrade of 2013 version they released during their trainee days in 2011. It overlaps with the message that asks "Are you late?" and it's also a song that brings back memories of BTS's original intention and their old days. The first version released in 2011 was recorded by Rap Monster, Suga and J Hope but you can listen to the voices of all members in their new version. V who joined the team last said he thought "I should definitely join that team" after listening to BTS's unofficial tracks "Hookgayo" and "Paldogangsan". "Your <BTS's Paldogansang" is ready" Variety of herbs good for health The time taken to boil the tea with devotion ◇ Recipe: Strong ssanghwatang The song that will open the [Listening Cafe] is BTS's "Paldogangsan". "Paldogangsan" is like ssanghwatang. Ssanghwatang is often ordered by elderly people and it's knowns as a medicinal drink that's good to drink when you have a cold but it's a type of tea. It's made with herbs like peony, Korean angelica root, Cnidium officinal milkvetch which are great for our body and it gives creates a placebo effect making the drinker feel stronger when they drink the herbal tea. This also applies to the song. J Hope from Gwangju and Suga from Daegu throw their addictive regional satoori rap. When you listen to the members' cheerful and exciting satoori rap, you will obviously feel the addictive classic vibes and jam to the rhythm. The song relieves your exhaustion. However, BTS's "ssanghwatang"-like song doesn't sound completely antique or too traditional. BTS who has their own unique trendy vibes added the satoori rap and traditional Korean sample on the hip hop beat and this approached us in a trendy way. Due to the drama series like "Reply", many cafes followed the retro concept. New cafes that looked like old dabang (coffee shop) were set up. "Paldogangsan" is a combination of this generation and the traditional satoori feels like ssanghwatang you would drink in a place that has the vibes of the trend and retro. Furthermore, the dedication and time used to boil ssanghwatang made me think of the effort BTS made since their trainee days to reach where they are today. "Paldogangsan" helps you to briefly go back in time and taste BTS's freshness and original determination they had right after the debut. Original article here Response +110 1. I think it's a witty and fun song ㅎㅎ +85 -0 2. Paldogangsan is a nice song +77 -0 3. The song is so attractive. Just like BTS +75 -0 4. This is a great article ^^ I should go listen to Paldogangsan +65 -0 5. oh this is a nice article ^-^ I listened to this song a lot for a while because I enjoyed the song after watching Rookie King +61 -0 6. There are many Pop songs which talk about specific cities but I always thought it was a shame because there aren't many songs like that in Korea. But BTS filled the spot. I really love Paldogangsan and Ma City +18 -0 7. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ My parents who will be in their 60s soon love this song ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is an addictive satoori song after Yookgaksoo!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +17 -0 (T/N: Yookgaksoo is an old duo group) 8. I think Paldogangsan will climb the chart again~ +17 -0 9. Journalist, you're an ARMY right? neoneun neo... naneun na... (you are you, I am me) neoye gongshik (your formula)... Kim Namjoon... Kim Seokjin... Min Yoongi.. +16 -0 10. I really love Paldogangsan and Ma City ㅠ +14 -0 --- #JusticeForPaldogangsan #JusticeForSatooriRap #JusticeForMaCity
  22. The seats are full everywhere! (Let’s clap 3 times) After starting the concert at Gocheok Skydome, Seoul, they successfully ended the recent concert at Chile and Brazil. And now, they have arrived at Prudential Center of Newark, New Jersey. BTS held concerts on Mar 23-24, accommodating 24,000 fans. I brought you the photos during the rehearsal and at the back stage. Let’s go! Timeline #1. Before the show You can see the solo performances of each member which you cannot see during the actual concert. This is their rehearsal to check the sounds and their movements! V is taking a video of the members doing the rehearsal for Cypher The members always gather together before the start of concert to talk about the concert of the day. They talk about the things they lacked during last concert and talk about the changes during the rehearsal As this is their first concert in U.S., there are lots of things they need to take note of @_@ Bangtan, bangtan, bang, bangtan! Next >>
  23. Rap Monster, one of the seven guys in the South Korean boy band BTS, says it was only at the end of 2016 that he and the others realized how huge their band had become around the world. "Somebody in the company sent me a message: 'You got No. 26 on Billboard OMG congratulations,'" says Mr. Monster, the 22-year-old rapper born Kim Nam-joon, by phone from Chicago where BTS was set to play on Thursday before hitting Honda Center for a pair of sold-out shows on Saturday and Sunday. "At first I thought, 'Ha ha, your humor isn't really very good,'" says Rap Monster, the leader of the group and its primary songwriter. "We didn't believe it." But as more messages started to ping onto their phones he says the BTS boys realized it was no joke: Their sophomore album, "Wings," entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 26 after its October release, making it the highest chart position for any K-pop act -- not to mention one that sings primarily in Korean -- and offering a bit of foreshadowing for Billboard naming the record the best K-pop album of the year. Since then things have only gotten sunnier for Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. In February, "Wings" was re-released in a new edition as "You'll Never Walk Alone," and the combined editions have since sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide. Music videos for "Spring Day" and "Not Today" were released a week apart last month as well and exploded on YouTube where they've currently racked up 59.2 million and 60.1 million views respectively. "When we heard that and really got that, I was saying, 'OK, this is going to be a whole other world,'" Rap Monster says of the significance of the Billboard chart success and all that followed. "And I feel like we should do something more, and dream something more." This past week they've taken a step toward something more, playing their first headlining and sold-out arena dates in the United States, after previously having mostly played on multi-artist billings at KCON conventions held here. "So many people just to see BTS was really an honor," Rap Monster says of the opening pair of shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. "It feels dreamy these days." Not, mind you, that it's been anything like an overnight success or an easy road for him and the other BTS members. He grew up a top student in his school who loved American rappers such as Eminem and Nas, performing even as he attended high school and eventually catching the attention of BTS future manager Bang Si-hyuk at BigHit Entertainment in South Korea. And though he says he gave up on music when he was 16, lacking confidence in where he was headed, he says Bang encouraged him to stay strong, believe in himself, and sign on as the first to join BTS, even though at the time he wasn't sure who or what it would end up incorporating. "I was not aware of the other members," Rap Monster says. "But I like the company and I respect them. And he promised to me, 'I will make you do your music and get big someday, so please believe me.' "So I believed him." The other six members soon were selected, each of them bringing different talents on the mic or on stage. Songs were developed by Rap Monster and the other members, with a team of producers working to craft the best music from the raw material, the melodies and beats, that they created. "Our chemistry is different from other groups," Rap Monster says. "Everyone has their own points and characteristics. If I'm a bad dancer, a good dancer teaches me. If I'm a good songwriter, I help the others with a good melody." We ask the obvious question: Are you a bad dancer? He laughs and answers: "Yes, I'm a bad dancer." Their music is different from a lot of K-pop acts that have made ripples on the American airwaves. They're not popular because of the novelty aspect of their songs -- think "Gangnam Style" by Psy from a few years back. And they're not quite as bubblegum as a group such as Girls Generation or as eclectic as the synthpop of f(x), the first Korean band to play the South By Southwest festival. Instead, BTS often aims for that sweet spot where R&B and rap get together, the kind of stuff Justin Bieber might be doing if he sang in Korean and there were six Bieber variations with fashionable hair and eclectic yet unified fashion choices. "BTS music sounds like it's from America," Rap Monster says. "We decide to always watch the trends and watch what's going on over the world. America's the No. 1 market in the world so that's why people in America prefer us." As for communicating through the language divide, Rap Monster says that's partly handled by the group's wildly enthusiastic social media following: "Fans translate our lyrics and interviews," he says of a following that has landed them at the top of Billboard's Social 50 list for a total of 17 weeks since "Wings" dropped in October. "They're able to say, 'OK, BTS is talking about us and our lives.'" And it's partly addressed through lyrical subjects that express the common hopes and dreams and fears and worries of any teenager or young adult in any country. "Our lyrics are mostly Korean but we always talk about the young people's lives and their minds," Rap Monster says. "There's something similar between every young person in the world, in America or in Korea. We share something together even if we use different languages or live so far." American fans are also the savviest music lovers in the world, Rap Monster says, which made heading out on this brief headlining tour a little bit intimidating at first. "We actually were scared of performing in America as a solo act," he says. "Their playlists are the best in the world. I was really nervous for them. "But after we were on stage our fear disappeared. They're like everybody, they're like friends. Singing along all of the lyrics even through the raps. They know how to play, the rhythms and the dances." An aside here to share our favorite piece of Rap Monster trivia. You might be wondering whether he spoke through a translator. He did not. His excellent English skills were polished in the classroom but also at home through what he refers to as "a Korean mothers syndrome." " 'Friends' was really famous for the mothers in Korea for English education," Rap Monster says of the hit American sit-com from the '90s. "It was kind of like a syndrome. Korean mothers make their kids watch 'Friends' even when they were eating food or playing. "I think it really helped. It has like 10 seasons, I think, and I watched it like more than five times through the 10 seasons. They use the gestures and expressions, like, Americans use, right? I think that naturally teaches me how to speak or how to make a gesture when you try to express some emotions. "Thank you, 'Friends,'" he says, laughing. "God bless 'Friends'!" Rap Monster recently collaboratedwith the American rapper Wale on the song "Change," which like some of BTS' other songs -- and unlike most K-pop -- touches on politics and societal issues. He says he'd loved Wale's music for a few years when the opportunity to do the song came along last year "like a miracle, like a dream come true. "The song has already come out and we shot a music video together, but still sometimes I lie in my bed and think, 'Did I really do something with him?'" Rap Monster says. He knows that boy groups from Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction tend to have a finite lifespan before members get restless to move on solo projects, acting gigs and other opportunities. But he thinks the variety of interests and musical genres that individual BTS members have can be handled on the side or even within the group, and BTS itself can carry on. So while Rap Monster says he'd love to collaborate with Drake or Miguel one day, Suga feels the same way about Kanye West and Flume. Jungkook seems more inclined toward pop R&B -- his dream musical partners would include Bieber or Charlie Puth. V is a little bit old school, having mentioned Norah Jones and the Fugees as on his wish list. Rap Monster ticks off the rest of the band: Jimin digs Chris Brown, J-Hope is into the similarly initialed J. Cole, and Jin is a fan of old-school showman Bruno Mars. "I always tell them that every time we have hits under the name of BTS we shine the best when we are a team," Rap Monster says. "I know all the seven members, they love music, and I know their No. 1 wish is for us to perform and make music and sing and dance. "Maybe someday someone will want to be on a television show or be an actor," he says. "I just hope they know all of the popularity and fame and money is from the name of our team. That's not one person, everybody contributes to the team. "Nobody knows the future. I just hope it can last as long as possible." Source: Orange Country Register
  24. Eng Trans Credit: Peachisoda All shows sold out, receives spotlight from the US medias Group BTS sets a record on Billboard Social 50 for remaining No. 1 for the longest period. The group has topped the chart for 18 weeks. Also, they had the most number of viewers in Billboard live interview history. Pop singers Charlie Puth and child actress Kylie Rogers confessed they were the group's fans and this is no surprise. After their Chile and Brazil show in March, BTS started their US tour and the group is setting new records, confirming their popularity as the "KPOP trend". The members met their US fans on 23rd and 24th in Newark, 29th in Chicago, April 1st and 2nd in Anaheim. BTS surpassed Ariana Grande and remained on Billboard Social 50 chart for 18 weeks. This is the longest period recorded since the establishment of the chart. Also, they had the most number of viewers (about 18000 viewers) during the Billboard live interview in New York that broadcasted before their Newark show. Fueled by the force, BTS is capturing the global celebrities as well. Pop star Charlie Puth tweeted, "I really like BTS's music" on the 26th. Charlie Puth remained No. 1 on Billboard single chart with "See you again" in 2015 for 12 weeks. Child actress Kylie Rogers who is best known for her role in "Fathers and Daughters" tweeted, "One week til the #BTS concert!!!! ". The actress could not hide her excitement. It was revealed that actor Russell Crowe who plays the role of her father in the movie had bought the ticket for her. BTS is also realizing their popularity after their interview with various medias like New York Times, FOX, and iHeartradio. It's been evaluated that the scenes created by BTS are signals that show KPOP is not just a nonmainstream culture enjoyed by a few manias but it's now sinking into the public. Original article here Response +70 1. Please come back safely after your concerts +47 -0 2. Cool~ Please raise the status of Korea~ +43 -0 3. I pray for our babies to stay healthy and return safely after their shows. Like the 7 colors of the rainbow, BTS is a group united with different charms and they create the most wonderful rainbow. Fighting!! +43 -1 4. As expected♥♥ BTS's overseas popularity is no joke~~♥♥ +42 -3 5. Bangtan Bangtan BangBangTan is the best! Cool! +39 -2 6. Please do well on your show today! +14 -0 7. I think this means a lot and this could be because I'm from the generation where we used to listen to a lot of pop songs in the 80s and 90s. I would search for lyrics translations and listen to the songs so I could relate and I felt really happy when I saw international fans posting translations and music video theories on Youtube. BTS is doing well even now~ +14 -0 8. As expected, our BTS is the best! I saw BTS fans tweeting their event for Chicago concert and it's really touching to see the event they plan for every BTS's overseas concert. I feel happy because it shows how much they love BTS +12 -0 9. They are perfect in every way so it's going to be strange if they don't become a popular star ㅋ I'm looking forward to our BTS members' performance ㅋ I hope you will stay healthy and safe for your remaining showsㅡ♡♡♡ +12 -0 10. As expected from BTS +12 -0
  25. Read the full article here. Wasn't sure about posting the whole thing so I just left the link, but it's one of the more positive and better written ones I've seen ^^