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  1. BTS’s Jimin spoke briefly to fans about the recent controversies surrounding the group. During BTS’s closing comments at the first “Love Yourself” concert at Tokyo Dome on November 13, Jimin said, “A lot of ARMYs and people around the world must have been surprised and worried because of recent events. My heart hurts.” He added, reminiscing about the group’s beginnings in Japan, “We held our first showcase at a small venue in Tokyo, and at the time, we were surprised at how ARMYs in Japan knew about it and came. We’ve come a long way since then to be here at Tokyo Dome today. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget this night with all of you, our first performance at Tokyo Dome. I’m so happy because we’re together with ARMYs. I hope you’re happy seeing us, too.” Previously, BTS was scheduled to perform “Fake Love” and “IDOL” on the November 9 broadcast of TV Asahi’s “Music Station.” November 8, “Music Station” announced a postponement of the appearance, referring to a t-shirt worn by Jimin depicting the detonation of an atomic bomb in Japan. The designer of the t-shirt said that the design was not meant to mock Japan, but simply portray historical events. He also commented on the postponement of BTS’s “Music Station” appearance, expressing his apologies to the group. Afterward, a Jewish human rights group raised issue with a 2015 photo shoot with BTS in which RM was photographed wearing a hat with a symbol of the Nazi Party and a concert performance (Seo Taiji’s 2017 anniversary concert) in which flags with symbols similar to the swastika were used. The stylist for the photo shoot commented on the hat, saying that it was not a personal belonging of any of the BTS members or something that the media outlet conducting the shoot had prepared. November 13, Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement addressing each of the issues, accepting responsibility for what happened, but also clarifying that there was no ill intent and that BTS does not support Nazism or radical political groups. via Soompi
  2. BTS has now topped Billboard’s Social 50 chart for 100 weeks in total! The week ending in November 17 marks the group’s 100th time at No. 1 on the chart, and they’re now the first group to ever reach the milestone since the Social 50’s creation in December 2010. The only other artist to reach triple-digit weeks topping the chart is Justin Bieber. Billboard’s Social 50 chart ranks artists based on data from music analytics company Next Big Sound, and it shows the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Tumblr. It determines the ranking through a combination of weekly additions of friends/fans/followers with artist page views and engagement. BTS remains the artist with the second-highest number of weeks on the Social 50 chart, with Justin Bieber holding the record of 163 weeks in total at the top. In third place is Taylor Swift, who has come in first place a total of 28 times. BTS first took No. 1 on the Social 50 chart for the week ending in October 29, 2016. Since then, there have only been nine weeks (out of 109 in total) that BTS hasn’t been at No. 1! They also received the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 and 2018. Meanwhile, BTS is the only Korean artist to have taken No. 1 on Billboard’s top albums chart, the Billboard 200. They achieved this feat twice in 2018 with their albums “Love Yourself: Tear” and “Love Yourself: Answer.” BTS is also the only Korean group to have reached the top 10 of Billboard’s main songs chart, the Hot 100, as their song “Fake Love” came in No. 10 earlier this year. For the week ending in November 17, BTS’s “Love Yourself: Answer” spends its eleventh week on the Billboard 200, now at No. 66, while five releases by BTS (including one by leader RM) hold Top 15 spots on the World Albums chart. BTS is also currently at No. 4 on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart. via Soompi
  3. Source: Soompi What do you think of this possibility?
  4. K-Pop Superstars BTS Have Been Ruled Ineligible For The Best New Artist Grammy By Hugh McIntyre | Nov 1, 2018, 06:55pm Original Article @ FORBES Eligibility for the upcoming Grammy Awards closed on September 30, which means that this is the time for predictions about who might snag a nomination or what songs and albums will be woefully ignored is now. Everybody seems to have an opinion about what deserves to be recognized, but when it comes to the most prestigious prize in the music industry, there are strict rules, and those boundaries can keep some popular chart-toppers from being recognized. One act that keeps appearing on many prediction lists is BTS, the K-pop group that made history (several times, in fact) in the U.S. this year. The band’s devoted fan base have been talking for months about a potential Best New Artist nomination, but sadly, that isn’t going to happen. According to a source close to the awards, BTS has been ruled ineligible for the coveted prize. Read more HERE --- Fam we rarely had a bad news but here is one
  5. UN Speech By BTS’s RM Used As Part Of School Curriculum In Various Countries Nov 5, 2018 | by R. Jun (jun2yng) | Original Article by SOOMPI Waves made by BTS on their world travels and their words of love and encouragement are continuing to reach youth around the world. In particular, RM’s historical speech at the 73rd UN General Assembly for the launch of UNICEF’s “Generation Unlimited” initiative — in which he urges everyone to “find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself” no matter their skin color or gender identity — has found its way to school tests and curriculums in Korea, the U.S., Singapore, and Vietnam. One Korean high school’s midterm English exam asked students to read RM’s speech and select the correct order of the following paragraphs: Continue reading HERE --- That pride
  6. Watch: BTS Thanks ARMY For “Love Myself” Campaign 1-Year Anniversary + Raises 1.6 Billion Won Nov 2, 2018 | by K. Lew Original Article by SOOMPI BTS and UNICEF have achieved an amazing feat through the “Love Myself” campaign. On November 2, a source from UNICEF Korea stated, “In the one year since UNICEF and BTS spoke together to eradicate violence against children, we have raised over 1.6 billion won (approximately $1.4 million) and will continue to spread positive influence through [activities] such as the UN General Assembly ‘Speak Yourself’ speech.” In the past year, UNICEF, Big Hit Entertainment, and BTS worked together to support the #ENDviolence campaign, which aims to end violence against children and young people. As part of the #ENDviolence campaign, “Love Myself” is an advocacy campaign that aims to spread a positive influence on society, sharing the message, “The beginning of true love is with love for yourself.” With this positive and influential message, Big Hit Entertainment, BTS, and ARMYs all over the world showed their support through donations to the campaign. In a video thanking ARMY for the first anniversary of the “Love Myself” campaign, BTS remarked, “Hello, we are BTS. Today, on November 1, it has been one year since BTS and Big Hit started the ‘Love Myself’ campaign. Thanks to ARMY, the ‘Love Myself’ campaign was able to spread all over the world the past year. Do you remember the ‘Love Myself’ campaign message? It talks about the importance of loving yourself, how to love others, and making a better world.” BTS continued, “We would like to thank ARMYs all over the world who participated in this campaign. Thanks to everybody’s interest and participation, this campaign was successful and we were able to go the UN.” On his speech at the 73rd UN General Assembly, RM commented, “It was an honor. I never imagined that I would be able to stand at the United Nations General Assembly, let alone give a speech. I’ve said this before, but it was to the point my hands were shaking.” They concluded by saying that they hoped people would continue to show attention to and support the “Love Myself” campaign. Continue reading on SOOMPI ---
  7. Kookmin capitalizes on BTS popularity 2018-11-02 17:26 | Lee Kyung-Min | Original Article by Korea Times KB Kookmin Bank continues to enjoy brisk success after hiring popular boy band BTS as spokesmen for the company. The once-disputed choice to hire a young pop band to represent a financial firm, which has long sought to be associated primarily with conservative and strict values to maintain credibility with customers, turned out to be a full-fledged business strategy with much foresight, according to the bank. As of Oct. 9, the number of holders of its installment savings account, KB X BTS, jumped to 124,386, a near four-fold increase compared to other regular savings account from a year earlier. The amount in the accounts totals 67.5 billion won ($59.3 million). The number is "remarkable," given the bank usually lands only about 30,000 accounts a year, according to an official from the bank. "Given it has been only about four months since we launched the BTS-targeted bank account, the number is expected to increase further by the end of this year," the official said. The marketing strategy includes an interest rate that is a 0.1 percentage point higher than the usual 1.7 percent fixed rate on the band members' birthdays and the day the group was established. "The account holders are given eight such bonuses a year as the group has seven members. The amount installed on those days increase over five times than usual." The notable domestic success aside, KB is also increasingly buoyed by the worldwide brand recognition thanks to the boy band, now becoming a household name as a global pop sensation. "The primary goal for us to hire well-known public figures is to maintain and improve a positive brand image and recognition. Hiring BTS in that sense was a resounding success," the official said. The number of subscribers to KB's Youtube channel starring BTS more than tripled from 8,000 in March to 26,000 in October. An online advertisement starring BTS has recorded over 10 million views thus far. "BTS fans watched the online ads and posted comments under the clip, asking what KB was, and others replied telling them that it is a Korean bank. It is great for us that many foreigners get to know who we are through celebrities they love," she added. The growing global recognition will help the bank whose top priority is digitalization and globalization. "We think BTS is the perfect model that symbolizes both. We hope our brand will be associated with positive image along with the band's success." ---
  8. Steve Aoki says BTS demonstrates Asian potential to the world 2018/11/01 09:59 | Original Article by YONHAP NEWS SEOUL, Nov. 1 (Yonhap) -- Japanese-American musician Steve Aoki said that K-pop boy band BTS has successfully demonstrated the high potential Asian artists have to the world. "Just like (Chinese-American) actor Bruce Lee ruled the world 50 years ago, BTS broke down the cultural barriers. They represented Asians, while they sang only in the Korean language and demonstrated Asians' potential," Aoki said in a written group interview with Korean media outlets, distributed by Sony Music in the Korean language. The 41-year-old DJ and pop icon released his new song, "Waste It on Me," last week in collaboration with BTS, their third joint work after the remix version of BTS' highly popular 2107 song "MIC Drop" and "The Truth Untold," a track off BTS' album "Love Yourself: Tear." This photo of Steve Aoki is provided by Sony Music. (Yonhap) Aoki said he tremendously enjoyed working with BTS for the third collaboration. "I first met BTS around May 2017. They were already making big changes to the world. ... I invited them over to my house and had a bromance," he said, adding that the invitation led to their first collaboration on "MIC Drop." When he first received BTS' vocal recording of "Waste It on Me," the voices were so good that he did not want to modify it in any way, Aoki noted. "When I work with other artists, I have to go through several adjustments and feedback. But with BTS, I did not want to spoil the pure sentiment their voices were carrying." Aoki said it's "jaw-dropping" to see the success of their first collaboration on "MIC Drop." BTS' recently sold-out American and European legs of the "Love Yourself" world tour is an unprecedented record in history, which even English-speaking singers have not been able to achieve, he said. "It's a record that would look still historic even if you look back some 20 years from now," he said. "I am grateful that I could be with them in the process to make it possible for Asians to conquer the mainstream (culture)." BTS' sensational success on the globe conjured up hopes and dreams, especially for Asians, that "If you continue to work hard, you can achieve results," he said. In addition to BTS, the DJ said he also wants to work with other K-pop artists, citing Monsta X and CL among others. This photo of Steve Aoki is provided by Sony Music. (Yonhap) pbr@yna.co.kr ---
  9. BTS, masters of the art of Twitter Original Article by The Straits Times SEOUL • BTS are among the most social media-savvy celebrities around. The K-pop boyband have two Twitter accounts under their name, one managed by the label Big Hit Entertainment (@BTS_BigHit) and another operated by the members themselves (@BTS_twt). BTS_BigHit, followed by 12.8 million users, is more official in tone and is primarily used for announcements, press releases and music videos. BTS_twt, with 16.9 million people following, is more personal, serving mostly as a platform for communication with fans. On the second Twitter account, BTS members do what everybody on Twitter does - publish messages under 280 characters and upload selfies and short clips. However, they do it so well that it prompted Bloomberg to say of their social media use that it is "likely (having) something to do with (BTS' success in the United States)" in its piece in December last year. According to the Bloomberg report, BTS were retweeted or liked on Twitter half a billion times last year, a Twitter engagement total that is "more than (those of) US President Donald Trump and (singer) Justin Bieber combined". At the time of the article's publication last year, the seven-member group had "only" 11.2 million followers, a lot fewer than Mr Trump's 44.9 million or Bieber's 104 million. Read More HERE ---
  10. On more than one occasion, the BTS ARMY has become obsessed over the idea that K-Pop group BTS might be working on new music with another musician — most recently, for example, it was Puerto Rican musician Daddy Yankee that drew fan speculation about the two acts working together. A simple tweet or like can send fans into a frenzy, puzzling together a ton of (very plausible) collaboration theories. When it comes to BTS, collaborations are that serious. And for good reason, since BTS's track record of working with other artists is pretty stellar: I mean, have you heard the group's new summery bop with Steve Aoki, "Waste It On Me"? Turns out they have a rich history of collabs, from BTS songs with Nicki Minaj to featured parts with Fall Out Boy. Whether you’re a ride or die BTS stan or discovering K-Pop for the first time, work your way through the group's extended discography of collaborations with other musicians and producers — The Chainsmokers! HONNE! Wale! — that have resulted in some truly magical music. You'll be listening to these on repeat in no time. Read more at the source: TeenVogue What's your favorite collab so far?
  11. 8 Reasons BTS Might Be the Best Boy Band on the Internet by SAM HOWELL | Mon., Oct. 29, 2018 7:00 AM | Original Article by E!News There's no fake love here! BTS has millions of followers across social media—including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube—and have gained quite a fierce fanbase. So, it's no wonder the boy band is a finalist at the E! People's Choice Awards this year. Thanks to their overwhelming online influence, the guy group is up for Social Celebrity of 2018 and they totally deserve it having earned a spot on Time's 25 Most Influential People on the Internet list last year. We can't say we're surprised either since it's nearly impossible to tear ourselves away from their social media profiles! Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V: The Series, Jin, Jungkook, and RM all have such fun-loving personalities that we obsessively stalk their latest posts, because we know we'll be getting some quality content. The boys certainly know the best ways to make us smile and laugh as we scroll through our social media feeds and they fuel our internet addiction on the daily! That being said, the guys are up against some big-name A-listers in this year's category like, Ellen DeGeneres, Chrissy Teigen, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. But we can assure you that the boy band deserves to be a finalist alongside these superstars. BTS shares some silly snippets of their lives with the millions of members of their BTS Army, and those pics and videos always crack us up. They also use their social media platforms to captivate us with some killer choreography, show off their FOMO-inducing travel photos, and even promote the humanitarian organizations near and dear to their hearts. Not to mention, V might've broken the No.1 rule the guys have for social media...oops! Since voting for the 2018 PCAs is over, you're just going to have to tune in to the 2018 PCAswhen they air on Nov. 11 to see if BTS takes home the Social Celebrity of 2018 trophy. Until then, check out all the reasons why BTS is a serious contender for the category below. 1. They make the most hilarious dubsmash videos. The guys from BTS aren't afraid to show their goofy sides online. A few years ago, the boys were super into dubsmash—which is similar to musical.ly—and would film themselves lip syncing to their favorite songs or TV quotes. Our favorite clip is definitely V imitating Stewie from Family Guy. Plus, Jungkook does a spot-on Charli XCX impression, if we do say so ourselves! Read more HERE ---
  12. Lee Hyun On How His Relationships With BTS's Jin, Jimin and RM Are Different. Oct 25, 2018 by R. Jun original article by : SOOMPI On the October 24 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Lee Hyun talked about his label mates BTS. Lee Hyun said, “The members I can say I’m close to are Jimin and Jin. Jimin is a lot like me. After he sings, he blames himself a lot, wondering why he wasn’t born with a natural talent for it. He’s always watching himself in videos and working hard to improve.” The MCs mentioned a recent statement he made, in which he said it’s an honor even to be teased by BTS’s Jin. Lee Hyun said, “Of course,” and went one further, saying, “Even breathing the same air is an honor.” ... >Continue reading the article HERE<
  13. ‘Before BTS, we had B-Boys’: LEAFF festival creator Hyejung Jeon talks about Korean culture’s moment in the West Narjas Zatat | Thursday 25 Oct 2018 5:03 pm Original Article by METRO The London East Asian Film Festival, which starts today, is the talk of the town. A rare gem in the world of film festivals, film aficionados and Kpop connoisseurs alike will get the chance to feast on films from countries all over Asia, including China, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. In its third year (though there was a mini pre-festival in 2015 with seven feature films), the festival boasts 60 films, including six international premiers, eight European premiers and 23 UK premiers. And it’s a unique festival for lots of reasons: Its focus is unequivocally Asia, and it has a healthy helping of both big commercial hotshots as well as niche art house titles. Oh, and it has a female director. ‘There are 3,000 film festivals but not many female directors. Sometimes when I go to meetings, they don’t realise who I am. In Korea, the hierarchy can be…difficult.’ Hyejung Jeon was born in South Korea, and her encyclopaedic knowledge of her own culture is a force to be reckoned with. Once a dance choreographer, and having spent 10 years shaping and growing the London Korean Film Festival, LEAFF is the accumulation of countless hours of work. Speaking to Metro.co.uk exclusively, director Jeon says that Korean culture is having a bit of a moment in the Western world. ‘Before BTS, actually, we had B-Boys. They were actually the first Korean content to go global. Sadler’s Wells Theatre still has an annual breakdance convention and the last performance is always Korean.’ Read more HERE
  14. ‘What a massive blessing BTS has been for me’: Meet the woman behind some of K-pop’s biggest songs – including Euphoria Jonah Hicap | Friday 26 Oct 2018 7:56 am Original Article by METRO Melanie Joy Fontana is one of the songwriters behind BTS’ Euphoria, a track sung by Jungkook that is included on the idol group’s Billboard 200-topping album Love Yourself: Answer released in August. Euphoria debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales, No. 12 on Digital Song Sales and No. 5 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts last September. It also became BTS’ longest charting song on Korea’s Gaon with eight straight weeks on the music chart. Fontana, who is also a pop singer, has a long list of credits as a songwriter. Besides Euphoria, she has written many K-pop songs including f(x)’s Boom Bang Boom, Girls’ Generation’s Stay Girls, I.O.I’s Crush, AOA’s Cherry Pop and Hyorin’s One Step, which featured Jay Park. She is also credited as a songwriter for Justin Bieber’s Home This Christmas, The Chainsmokers’ Setting Fires, Britney Spears’ Mood Ring and all the songs on Aaron Carter’s Love album. Fontana told Metro.co.uk that she is a big fan of BTS and revealed the story behind Euphoria. ‘What a massive blessing BTS has been for me. First and foremost, I’m a fan of BTS and so honoured they and their team took a listen to the song I co-wrote and gave it a home,’ she said. She added: ‘I was brought into the studio to write Euphoria by a successful producer who’d worked with The Chainsmokers, Beyonce etc. He had started an idea with another producer that he fancied me to finish melodically and lyrically. Together, we wrote a few ideas and compiled our favourites to make a song we thought might work for BTS.’ Read more HERE
  15. How BTS Succeeded Where Other Boy Bands Couldn’t By T.K. Park and Youngdae Kim Original Article by VULTURE After BTS’s Love Yourself World Tour sold out across the globe, it wasn’t uncommon to see American media comparing their tour to the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S. and the British Invasion of the 1960s as a whole, as BTS has left in their wake a long trail of sold-out stadiums filled with screaming fans. The comparison came as BTS stormed through two massive venues — Citi Field in New York and the O2 Arena in London — invoking the image of the English band’s historic performance at Shea Stadium. Being the world’s biggest boy-band is no small feat. Just a few years ago, it was difficult to imagine that a K-pop act would inherit the throne previously held by the likes of New Kids on the Block, N’SYNC, and One Direction — all from Anglophonic countries, and almost all of them white. But a closer look at BTS’s music and message shows that even calling BTS a “boy band” may be an understatement. The term “boy band” is a product of Anglophonic pop music history, and carries with it a certain set of assumptions. Beginning with the Jackson 5 and the Osmonds and culminating with New Kids on the Block, the term was used to denote a pop act made up of good-looking young men, performing music created by an imperious producer. Their target audience was teenage girls, toward whom the boy band’s music and messaging would be directed. The lyrics were usually saccharine, and the songs were about entering into, or exiting from, a romantic relationship with a young woman. Typically, music from boy bands was rarely adventurous, and consisted of easy and predictable bubblegum pop tunes. In one sense, it is not wrong to call BTS a “boy band.” K-pop’s idol production system is directly traceable to the boy band production in the U.S. and U.K. The boy bands of the Anglophonic pop world enjoyed huge popularity in South Korea as well, so much so that when New Kids on the Block held a concert in Seoul in 1992, the ensuing stampede killed a fan and hospitalized 50 others. Korea’s producers sought to emulate the system that created the Jackson 5 and New Kids on the Block. This eventually resulted in the infamous “trainee system” of K-pop, which also created BTS under the auspices of BigHit Entertainment. Like other boy bands and K-pop idol acts, BTS is a group made up of good-looking young men performing music that leans heavily on visual aesthetics. But that is where the similarities end, as many of the historical assumptions about boy bands are inapplicable to BTS. Underneath the surface similarities, BTS operates on a different model that allows them to reach a larger range of audience than the previous reigns of boy bands. At this point, K-pop’s idol bands are musically in a different place. While there are K-pop groups that do indulge in bubblegum pop, the leading K-pop acts frequently introduce daring and innovative sounds. In its song “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, f(x) pushed boundaries by making unusually structured electronic dance pop and NCT’s “The 7th Sense” works because it’s built on a minimalist and hypnotic sound. These songs are adventurous to the point that they do not even have much in common with other K-pop music. Read More on VULTURE
  16. (LEAD) S. Korean president and BTS bring rare cultural event to France 2018/10/15 01:13 bdk@yna.co.kr PARIS, Oct. 14 (Yonhap) -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in received possibly the most enthusiastic welcome he has ever enjoyed from a foreign population Sunday when he hosted a cultural event to mark his trip to France that offered a rare performance by famous South Korean boy group BTS. Some 400 French officials and fans hailed both Moon and BTS in the event held in the heart of Paris to celebrate Moon's four-day state visit that began Saturday. South Korean President Moon Jae-in (fourth from left) waves to a French audience in a cultural event held in Paris on Oct. 14, 2018 to mark his state visit to France. The special event included performances by famous South Korean boy group BTS. (Yonhap) The special appearance of BTS came about a week before the septet was set to stage its own concert in France on Friday as part of its ongoing world tour that will also take the band to the Netherlands, Germany and Japan. "The South Korea-France friendship concert was designed to help further expand cultural exchanges between South Korea and France on the occasion of President Moon's trip to France and to create a friendly environment between the two countries," Moon's presidential office Cheong Wa Dae said earlier. The nearly two-hour concert also consisted of performances by other Korean artists. Those invited to the event included some 100 fans of "hallyu," or the global boom of Korean pop culture. Moon is scheduled to hold a bilateral summit with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday. He will head to Italy the next day to make an official visit to Rome and the Vatican. The South Korean leader is currently on a four-nation tour that will also take him to Belgium and Denmark. source ------ x
  17. Big Hit Entertainment has announced that BTS’s Jimin will not be appearing with the group on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show.” The agency’s statement is as follows: “Good evening. This is Big Hit Entertainment. “We regret to announce that one of the members of BTS, Jimin, will not be able to take part in the recording of the band’s appearance tonight on ‘The Graham Norton Show.’ “On the morning of the day of the recording, Jimin began suffering from severe muscle pain in his neck and back, and received medical attention. While Jimin made every effort to take part in the program, including arriving at the studio, the decision was made for Jimin not to take part in the recording due to his condition. “We sincerely apologize to all of our fans who have been eagerly awaiting the band’s appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show,’ and ask for your understanding. “Thank you.” The group recently performed two shows in London on October 9 and 10 as part of their “Love Yourself” world tour. BTS’s appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” will air on October 12 at 10:35 PM local time. via Soompi
  18. How BTS Is Taking Over the World Raisa Bruner 4:26 PM ET The boy band hails from Korea and achieves continued chart attention in the West {see source article or next post down for video interview} It’s early on a Monday night in September at a lavish top-floor suite of the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles, and Jimin, one-seventh of BTS, the most popular boy band in the world, is napping upright in front of an illuminated dressing room mirror. You can’t blame him for being exhausted. Exactly 24 hours earlier, Jimin, 22; Jin, 25; Suga, 25; J-Hope, 24; RM, 24; V, 22; and Jung Kook, 21, were warming up backstage at L.A.’s Staples Center, prepping to perform their fourth and final show of a sold-out stretch at the 20,000-seat arena. Each night is a marathon of sharp dance choreography, music-video interludes and indoor pyrotechnics—all backgrounded, of course, by the roars of screaming fans. “It’s a real honor,” says J-Hope, via a translator. “We’re proud that everything we do is giving off light.” Like The Beatles and One Direction before them, BTS serves up a mania-inducing mix of heartthrob good looks and ear-worm choruses, alongside dance moves in the vein of New Kids on the Block and *NSYNC. But the band—whose name stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean and Beyond the Scene in English—is also breaking new ground. Not only is BTS the first Korean act to sell out a U.S. stadium (to say nothing of the records they’ve set across Asia), but they’ve done so without catering to Western audiences. Only one of their members, RM, speaks fluent English, and most of their songs are in Korean—even more proof that music “doesn’t have to be English to be a global phenomenon,” says Steve Aoki, a U.S. DJ who has collaborated with BTS. The group is also preternaturally adept at leveraging social media, both to promote their music and connect with their fans. But for now, at least, they may need sleep. “I’m still trying to get over my jet lag,” deadpans Suga, one of the group’s three rappers. *** Since its genesis in the ‘90s, Korean pop—or K-pop—has become synonymous with what studios call “idols”: a cadre of young, polished, perfect-seeming pop stars whose images are often rigorously controlled. (They’re often discouraged from discussing their dating lives, so as to seem available to fans.) But even as K-pop matured to a nearly $5 billion industry with fans around the world, its biggest stars—including Rain, Girls’ Generation and Big Bang—largely failed to gain traction in Western markets. The outlier was Psy, a South Korean rapper whose “Gangnam Style” became a viral hit in 2012, though his comic, outlandish persona was an unlikely (and some critics argue, problematic) herald for the genre. Photograph by Nhu Xuan Hua for TIME When BTS arrived in 2013, it was clear they would play by new rules. They were formed by Bang Si-hyuk, a K-pop renegade who left a major label to start his own enterprise. He chose young stars that appeared to have an edge, beginning with RM, who was initially a part of Korea’s underground rap scene. And although BTS has idol elements—the slick aesthetics, the sharp choreography, the fun-loving singles—they also embrace their flaws. Their first release, “No More Dream,” took on the ways Korean kids feel stymied by societal expectations; RM recorded a song with Wale that alludes to the importance of activism; Suga released a mixtape addressing his depression. “We started to tell the stories that people wanted to hear and were ready to hear, stories that other people could not or would not tell,” Suga says. “We said what other people were feeling—like pain, anxieties and worries.” They convey these messages in their music videos, loaded with metaphors and cultural references; in their social media updates; and in the lyrics of their music, which fans translate and analyze on message boards, group chats and podcasts. “That was our goal, to create this empathy that people can relate to,” Suga continues. It helps, too, that their sound is broadly appealing, fusing hip-hop with EDM and pop production. Recent collaborators include Desiigner and Nicki Minaj, who added a verse to their latest single “Idol,” whose lyrics wink at their place in the K-pop firmament. “You can call me artist, you can call me idol,” they sing. “No matter what you call me, I don’t care… you can’t stop me lovin’ myself.” RM says that mantra—love yourself—is core to BTS’ identity; it’s even incorporated into their most recent album titles. “Life has many unpredictable issues, problems, dilemmas,” says RM. “But I think the most important thing to live well is to be yourself. We’re still trying to be us.” This combination of traits has resonated with fans, especially on social media, where BTS has amassed millions of devoted followers. They call themselves ARMY, which is both an acronym for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth and a nod to their organized power. In 2017, BTS fans made headlines for lifting the group to the top of Billboard’s Social Artist chart—which incorporates streams, social-media mentions and more—and besting the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Since then, the ARMY has catapulted both of BTS’s latest albums, Love Yourself: Answer and Love Yourself: Tear, to the top of album charts in the U.S., South Korea and Japan. “Even if there is a language barrier, once the music starts, people react pretty much the same wherever we go,” says Suga. “It feels like the music really brings us together.” Adds Jimin: “We give energy to our audience members and listeners, but we also draw energy from them.” *** Back at the Ritz, a makeup artist wakes Jimin from his nap. Nearby, V sings a bar of music as his bleach-blond hair gets blown out. Jung Kook stretches his neck as a makeup artist applies concealer. RM chats with a manager. Suga slips into loafers. Jin, who goes by the fan-given moniker of “Worldwide Handsome,” lets a wardrobe assistant tie his necktie. J-Hope’s laughter filters through the door. It’s a rare moment of downtime for the boys. Over the coming weeks, they will perform another 11 sold-out shows, appear on Good Morning Americaand even help launch a youth empowerment initiative at the U.N. General Assembly in New York City, at which RM spoke about self-acceptance: “No matter who you are or where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity, speak yourself.” A schedule like this might seem daunting. But for BTS—and their ARMY—it’s an encouraging sign of what’s to come. “I’m just throwing it out there,” Suga says, “but maybe we could perform at the Super Bowl someday.” source
  19. Big Hit Entertainment has informed fans that BTS’s Jungkook will be performing while seated at the group’s October 9 concert in London. On October 9 local time, the agency released the following statement in English: “Good evening. This is Big Hit Entertainment. “Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to announce that an issue has occurred that may affect the performance of one of the members of BTS scheduled to appear tonight, Jungkook. “Approximately two hours ago, following the rehearsal and sound check, Jungkook was lightly stretching in the waiting room when he collided with floor furnishings and suffered an injury to his heel. Medical staff immediately responded and performed the necessary treatment. The opinion of the medical team is that while the injury is not serious, performing choreography may do further damage to the injured area. “Following the advice of the medical staff, Jungkook will take part in the performance tonight but remain seated without choreography. “We sincerely apologize to all of our fans who have been eagerly awaiting tonight’s performance, and ask for your understanding. “Thank you.” BTS will be performing concerts at the O2 Arena in London on October 9 and 10 as part of their “Love Yourself” world tour. We wish Jungkook a quick recovery! via Soompi
  20. Another one of BTS’s music videos has reached 350 million views! Their “MIC Drop” Remix music video hit the milestone on YouTube at approximately 7:15 a.m. KST on October 3. This is about 10 months and eight days since it was released on November 24, 2017 at 6 p.m. KST. It also marks BTS’s fifth music video to do so after “DNA, “Fire,” “Dope,” and “Blood Sweat & Tears.” Congratulations to BTS and ARMYs! via Soompi
  21. American fashion magazine Elle has dubbed BTS “the best dressed boy band in the world”! BTS has recently been tearing through New York with a string of high-profile televised appearances—the group made history delivering an unforgettable speech at the United Nations General Assembly, followed by performances on legendary national television programs “The Tonight Show” and “Good Morning America.” Elle magazine took notice of BTS’s style and raved about the group’s carefully coordinated looks for each appearance, writing, “All their suits go to show that BTS is setting the bar a little higher for highly-original, stylish men’s fashion. Take note, men everywhere.” The magazine particularly praised the way that the group’s colorful suits highlighted the members’ individuality, noting that even the formal black suits they wore to the United Nations had a “unique, stylish flair” because the members accessorized them differently. Elle also praised BTS’s “off-duty style,” pointing out the members’ ability to effortlessly pull off “pure streetwear.” Which of BTS’s many memorable looks is your favorite? Share your favorite outfits and eras below! via Soompi
  22. “Blood Sweat & Tears” has reached another YouTube milestone! The music video for BTS’s hit track was released on October 10, 2016 at 12 a.m. KST, and it surpassed 350 million views on September 16 at 1:51 p.m. KST. This is about a year, 11 months, six days, and 14 hours since its release. “Blood Sweat & Tears” is the group’s fourth music video to achieve the feat, following “DNA,” “Fire,” and “Dope.” Congratulations to BTS! via Soompi
  23. BTS’s latest album “Love Yourself: Answer” and title track “IDOL” are spending their third week on many of Billboard’s charts! Billboard has released its charts for the week ending in September 22, and “Love Yourself: Answer” comes in at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 chart after ranking No. 8 last week. Over on the Hot 100, “IDOL” takes the No. 92 spot, after charting at No. 81 last week. “Love Yourself: Answer” is No. 3 on the Independent Albums chart, and No. 9 on the Top Album Sales chart. On the Canadian Albums chart, it takes No. 13, while “IDOL” remains at No. 54 on the Canadian Hot 100. BTS stays strong in the top three spots of the World Albums chart once again, with “Love Yourself: Answer” in first, “Love Yourself: Tear” in second, and “Love Yourself: Her” in third. Their Japanese album “Face Yourself” is at No. 8. Meanwhile, “IDOL” remains at No. 1 on the World Digital Song Sales chart. Congratulations to BTS! via Soompi
  24. BTS’s “DNA” Becomes 1st Korean Group MV To Hit 500 Million Views Sep 19, 2018 by ilmare42 BTS’s “DNA” is now the first MV by a Korean group to score half a billion views on YouTube! BTS released “DNA” just over a year ago on September 18 as the title track for their mini album “Love Yourself: Her.” The song was a huge hit that earned the group their first entryon the Billboard’s Hot 100, and it’s also been gold certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. “DNA” won the Music Video Award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards, as well as won ten trophies on music shows. On September 20, the music video for “DNA” surpassed 500 million views, becoming the first MV by a Korean group to achieve this amazing milestone. It reached the record after a year and one day. Following BTS’s “DNA,” the music videos by Korean groups with the highest views are BTS’s “Fire” with 417 million views and TWICE’s “TT,” which surpassed 400 million viewsearlier this week. The only other Korean artist with music videos that have reached half a billion views is PSY, who has achieved the feat with his videos for “Gangnam Style” (currently at 3.2 billion views), “Gentleman” (1.2 billion views), and “Oppa Is Just My Style (featuring HyunA)” (726 million views). Watch “DNA” again below to celebrate! source
  25. Big Hit Entertainment has released an official statement addressing their announced collaboration with AKB48’s executive producer Yasushi Akimoto. On September 13, it was reported by Japanese outlets such as Billboard Japan and Nikkan Sports that BTS would be working with Yasushi Akimoto for their upcoming Japanese single. According the reports, he would be writing the lyrics for their planned title track “Bird.” The announcement was met with concerns from both ARMYs [BTS’s official fan club name] and the general public in Korea, who cited claims of Yasushi Akimoto holding right-wing political leanings as a reason for caution. Previous controversies surrounding his involvement in songs with misogynistic lyrics became a point of contention as well. Korean ARMYs began to request feedback from Big Hit Entertainment and expressed their concern that the collaboration may have a negative effect on BTS’s image and future career. In response to this, Big Hit released an official statement on September 15 on BTS’s official fancafe that read, “Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment. This is a notice regarding the upcoming Japanese single album. We are fully aware of the fans’ concerns regarding the Japanese single album that is scheduled to be released in November. We are currently in discussions regarding this matter, so we please ask for more time.” via Soompi