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Found 184 results

  1. 2018-03-07 K-Netizens Give BTS’ Jin Another Nickname, Calls Him ‘Manner-dol’ Jin earns a new nickname! K-netizens have given Jin another nickname after catching their attention with his personality. In various online communities, pictures of Jin has been attracting attention. In the photos, Jin can be seen bowing down at 90 degrees to everyone he meets, even the staff and airport security. His attitude of bowing down to staff had made others feel good. in photos, he can also be seen waving and smiling at fans most of the time. Netizens said his personality looks good, and had given him the nickname ‘예절돌’ (Manner-dol), and idol with manners. 김소영 기자 soyoung@insight.co.kr Source: X
  2. BigHit Entertainment Reports 214 Percent Increase In Profit After BTS’s Record-Breaking 2017 E. Cha March 21, 2018 BigHit Entertainment has reported a staggering increase in its profits after a remarkably successful year for BTS! According to official financial reports released on March 22, the agency’s total revenue in 2017 soared to an impressive 92.4 billion won (approximately $86.9 million), marking a 162 percent increase from 2016. BigHit Entertainment also recorded operating profits of 32.5 billion won (approximately $30.4 million) and net profits of 24.6 billion won (approximately $23.1 million) in 2017, enjoying respective increases of 214 percent and 173 percent from the year before. Additionally, the agency’s assets increased by 221 percent to 61.2 billion won (approximately $57.5 million), while its capital rose 160 percent to 40.5 billion won (approximately $38.1 million). Sources at BigHit Entertainment remarked, “2017 was a year in which BTS’s domestic and foreign success translated into financial results. In every way, we achieved the highest performance and growth in the history of the company since its founding in 2005.” They went on, “Not only did we achieve externally visible growth, such as increased revenue, but we also saw qualitative growth in terms of diversifying our profit and revenue streams, which we think is encouraging.” According to Gaon Chart data, BTS’s most recent album “Love Yourself: Her” achieved record-breaking sales of over 1.49 million copies in 2017. The group’s “2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour” also drew a total of more than 550,000 concertgoers, proving the idols’ impressive popularity both in Korea and all over the world. Source (1) Original article at Soompi. YAAASSS MAKE DAT MONEY BOYS
  3. BTS, GOT7, And NCT Take Spots In Top 5 Of Billboard’s World Albums Chart J. K | March 20, 2018 There’s lots of K-pop on Billboard’s World Albums chart this week! Billboard has released its charts for the week ending in March 24, and BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” has risen back to No. 1 on the World Albums chart. This is the mini album’s 26th week overall on the chart. GOT7’s “Eyes on You” has made its debut on the World Albums chart at No. 2. The mini album includes the title track “Look.” NCT’s “NCT 2018 Empathy” has grabbed the No. 5 spot on the chart. This is the group’s first full album and it features all 18 members, with tracks by their sub-units including NCT Dream, NCT U, and NCT 127. BTS member J-Hope’s mixtape “Hope World” remains on the chart for a third week, now at No. 7. MAMAMOO’s “Yellow Flower” comes in at No. 8 in its second week. Heize’s new mini album “Wish & Wind” has also entered the chart at No. 9. BTS’s “WINGS” album grabs the No. 15 spot in its 39th week on the chart. Congratulations to all the artists! Original article at Soompi. (BTS not dropping out of Billboard anytime soon is one of my favorite things ever)
  4. John Cena confirms he’s part of the BTS ARMY – and loves J-Hope’s mixtape Emma Kelly | Wednesday 14 Mar 2018 1:20 pm John Cena is one of the world’s most famous wrestlers, as well as a Hollywood actor. And now, he can add another thing to his ever-growing CV – official member of the BTS ARMY. The 40-year-old had everyone convinced that he was a secret K-pop fan after he uploaded pictures of Supreme Boi and BTS’s J-Hope to his Instagram account. However, John shares pictures to Instagram without any captions or hashtags, with his bio reading: ‘These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.’ So when we met John as he promoted his upcoming comedy Blockers, we had to ask him – do these pictures mean he’s part of the ARMY? Speaking to Metro.co.uk, John laughed: ‘See, if I were to explain, that would defeat the purpose! Although I will say, Base Line is my favourite track on the J-Hope mixtape. I also like Hangsang. ‘What started as a happy accident has turned into something wonderful. I’ve been introduced to a new piece of culture, which I think is fantastic, because I’m learning through social media.’ John continued: ‘It’s a very rare occurrence, so I’m very happy to say… yeah, screw it, I’m in.’ And judging by his love of the Hixtape and his J-Hope picture uploads, we’re guessing we know John’s favourite member of BTS. Cena – who is preparing to clash with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34 – stars in Blockers as Mitchell, a devoted dad who, along with two other parents (played by Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz), attempts to stop his daughter from losing her virginity on prom night. Blockers is in UK cinemas Friday 30 March. Source
  5. BTS’s J-Hope Sets Even Higher Record For Korean Solo Artists As “Hope World” Rises On Billboard 200 J. K | March 13, 2018 J-Hope’s mixtape has soared to a higher spot on the Billboard 200 chart! Last week, BTS member J-Hope became the highest-ranking Korean solo artist on the Billboard 200 chart when his mixtape “Hope World” entered at No. 63, with less than a day of sales. The Billboard 200 ranks the most popular albums in the United States, and the chart is based on traditional album sales, track equivalent albums, and streaming equivalent albums. Billboard has now released its charts for the week ending in March 17, and J-Hope’s “Hope World” has risen to No. 38 on the Billboard 200! This means he’s set a new record for Korean solo artists. Meanwhile, “Hope World” remains at No. 1 on the World Albums chart for the second week in a row, while “Daydream” soars up to No. 1 on the World Digital Song Sales chart. “Hope World” also debuted on the Rap Albums chart at No. 19 this week and rose to No. 36 on the Canadian Albums chart. In addition, J-Hope has climbed to No. 91 on the Artist 100 chart and remains at No. 3 on the Emerging Artists chart. Congratulations to J-Hope! Original article at Soompi.
  6. This Korean Boy Band Remixed Classic Puma Sneakers for a Collab That Will Debut in the USA By Nicole Kirichanskaya Puma x BTS Courtesy of Puma Puma is launching a brand-new collection with the popular K-pop group BTS. BTS is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment that debuted in 2013 and has gone on to flourish in the worldwide music market. The line will launch in Korea this March and globally in July. The collaborative range includes a remix of the classic Puma Turin sneakers and other sportswear basics. A follow-up capsule collection is set for release this fall. BTS also will be featured in Puma’s global campaigns for the brand’s Sportstyle range, which includes items like the Puma Suede sneaker and T-7 tracksuits. Since BTS’ performance at the 2017 American Music Awards (the first K-pop group to perform there) and its win as Top Social Artist at that same year at the Billboard Music Awards, the group has been receiving more worldwide recognition than ever. So it should come as no surprise that Puma recently announced that the members of BTS would be its latest global ambassadors. This marks a major step in Puma’s ongoing partnership with BTS — the two have been working together on brand campaigns and product collaborations since 2015, but now it will be on a global scale. Puma has a rapidly growing roster of global ambassadors. Along with BTS, there are American celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Big Sean and The Weeknd. And Puma has worked with other Asian celebrities such as the Korean R&B artist Dean, who released a music video in alignment with Puma’s “Run the Streets” campaign. Source
  7. Puma Announces Partnership With World-Renowned Pop Music Icons BTS Puma just announced that they are partnering up with BTS. For those of you who don’t know, BTS is a world-renowned Seoul-based K-pop group comprised of V, SUGA, JungKook, RM, Jin, j-hope and Jimin. They’ve been making huge waves in the music scene and are loved by millions of fans from their home base to the far corners of the globe. BTS has partnered with PUMA in South Korea since 2015 on brand campaigns and product collaborations. This year, BTS and Puma will release their collaborative product worldwide, which includes a remix of the classic Puma Turin and stylish sportswear basics. The PUMAxBTS collection will be first available in Korea this Spring, with other regions following up later this summer. Additionally, BTS will be seen in PUMA campaigns this year for the brand’s Sportstyle range, which includes classic PUMA icons such as the PUMA Suede and T-7 Track Suits. BTS won the ‘Top Social Artist’ last year at the Billboard Music Awards, one of the top three music awards in the United States. They were also officially invited to the American Music Awards (AMA) to perform on stage, being the first K-pop group to do so, increasing the reputation of K-pop music and culture. In addition, they released the remix album ‘MIC Drop’ last November, making it to 28th place on the ‘Hot 100’, the Billboard singles chart, in the United States, which is the top record for a K-pop group. Available Now on Kixify & eBay Source
  8. BTS' Wings Tour T-Shirts Headed for Hot Topic (source) 3/8/2018 by Tamar Herman The previously-sold out merchandise kicks off a new relationship between the K-pop boy band and the retailer. Stateside fans of BTS will be able to get there hands on some previously sold-out concert merchandise at Hot Topic soon, according to the retailer. The official souvenir T-shirt from the Korean septet’s 2017 Wings Tour will go on sale in the near future, and marks the launch of a relationship between Hot Topic and BTS to bring band-related merchandise to the store. The T-shirts cost $32 and feature imagery related to the Wings Tour and the Wings album. They will be available at nearly 700 Hot Topic stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as online. BTS Earns Highest-Charting & First Top 40 Hot 100 Hit for a K-Pop Group With 'MIC Drop' While immensely popular among American fans -- and the highest-charting K-pop group ever -- this is the first time BTS-oriented concert merchandise will be made easily accessible throughout the States, though their albums are available at some American retailers. The group's BT21 collaboration with Line Friends is also available stateside, though in far more limited quantities and only at a single store in New York City and in limited supplies online. Hot Topic currently hosts products featuring other Korean acts, including BIGBANG, Monsta X, GOT7, G-Dragon, Cosmic Girls, iKON, Epik High, SechsKies and BlackPink. See Hot Topic's social media posts teasing the new product launch below. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I screamed when I saw this ya'll. Goodbye money.
  9. BTS’ Suga Makes Generous And Meaningful Donation To Orphanages On His Birthday J. K March 9, 2018 BTS member Suga celebrated his birthday with a touching donation to 39 orphanages. Suga turned 26 (in Korean reckoning) on March 9, and he sent gifts of Korean beef to 39 orphanages as a way to keep a promise he’d made to fans years ago. The number 39 corresponds with the numbers that make up his birth month and day. A post was uploaded online on March 9 that shared that Suga had sent 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds) of prime Korean beef with confirmation documents as well as signed BTS albums to several orphanages. A source from BigHit Entertainment has told a news outlet, “For Suga’s birthday on March 9, he donated Korean beef to 39 orphanages under the name of BTS’s fan club ‘ARMY.'” At a fan signing event back in 2014, Suga had asked fans, “What do you want to eat?” When fans replied that they wanted meat, Suga promised them, “I’ll make a lot of money and buy meat for you.” In an interview in 2015, Suga was asked when he’d keep his promise, and he named the date of March 9, 2018. The source from BigHit continued, “Since Suga couldn’t have a party to eat meat together with his fans, he made the donation under the name of ARMY instead of his own to express his gratitude to his fans.” BTS will be releasing their third Japanese album “Face Yourself” on April 4, and is also currently working on their next Korean release. source
  10. BTS' J-Hope Enters the Billboard 200, Earns Highest Entry for a Solo K-Pop Act 3/5/2018 by Jeff Benjamin Peter Ash Lee - J-Hope photographed on Jan. 19, 2018 at Korea House in Seoul. The rapper's "Hope World" mixtape soars into the charts in less than one day of sales. Fans were eagerly awaiting to enter J-Hope's Hope World, and now the BTS member has the chart stats to prove it. J-Hope's solo release Hope World debuts at No. 63 on the Billboard 200 with 9,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending March 1, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 8,000 were in traditional album sales, helping it open at No. 1 on the sales-based World Albums chart and at No. 16 on Top Album Sales. The Billboard 200 chart ranks the most popular albums of the week in the U.S. based on multi-metric consumption, which includes traditional album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). The new March 10-dated chart (where Bon Jovi's This House Is Not for Sale returns to the No. 1 spot) will be posted in full on Billboard's websites on Tuesday (March 6). J-Hope now becomes the highest-charting K-pop solo act on the Billboard 200. To date, only four other solo acts have broken into America's definitive album chart with BoA (whose self-titled album hit No. 127 in 2009), Taeyang (whose Rise peaked at No. 112 in 2014 and held the record for highest-charting K-pop LP until now), Jonghyun (whose posthumous release Poet/Artist bowed at No. 117) and G-Dragon (who has sent three entries to the chart since his 2012 debut with One of a Kind at No. 161). As the long-awaited latest solo release from BTS (following leader RM's eponymous mixtape in 2015 and Suga's Agust D release in 2016), Hope World and its enthusiastic response are expected but still odd-defying in many ways. The first comes from the timing with BTS' official Twitter account sharing the music video to lead single "Daydream" on Thursday, March 1, at 10:00 a.m. EST, and the full mixtape released minutes later. The timing means that Hope World had mere hours before Nielsen Music ended their sales tracking for the week in the U.S. that Friday. While G-Dragon also accomplished a similar feat -- earning his best U.S. sales week yet with Kwon Ji Yong's one day of sales last year -- he didn't do so with a tape that was also available for free. Hope World was released for free download, as well as on streaming and digital download platforms with the latter platforms helping the release sell thousands of copies and further proving BTS fans' famously loyal support. Past the albums charts, J-Hope also sends three tracks to the World Digital Song Sales chart led by "Daydream" at No. 3, the anthemic intro track "Hope World" at No. 16, plus trap cut "Hangsang," featuring Supreme Boi, at No. 23. But the chart accomplishments don't just extend to albums and songs but to the man himself. J-Hope also makes his debut on the Artist 100 chart at No. 97 to become just the fifth K-pop act and second solo K-pop act (after PSY) on the weekly ranking of the top 100 artists on the charts. The 24-year-old also debuts at No. 3 on the Emerging Artists chart where his fellow band mates RM and Suga (as Agust D) have both peaked at No. 46. BTS' success on the Billboard charts was already boundary pushing, but the fact that the support continues with its individual members further indicates the BTS guys hitting a new level of superstardom. source
  11. BTS’s “Not Today” Becomes Their 5th Music Video To Hit 200 Million Views C. Hong | March 2, 2018 BTS’s “Not Today” has reached 200 million views on YouTube! The group achieved the milestone at approximately 8:30 a.m. KST on March 3. This is their fifth music video to reach that number, preceded by “DNA,” “Dope,” “Fire,” and “Blood Sweat & Tears.” Other K-pop artists that have surpassed 200 million views on YouTube are PSY, BIGBANG, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and Girls’ Generation. Congratulations to BTS! Original article at Soompi.
  12. BTS’s J-Hope Gains Amazing Number Of Views In 24 Hours On “Daydream” MV J. K | March 2, 2018 BTS member J-Hope’s new MV has achieved an impressive number of views in the first 24 hours! J-Hope released his mixtape “Hope World” on March 2 at midnight KST, as well as a music video for his new song “Daydream.” As of March 3 at midnight KST (only 24 hours after its release), the music video had reached 12,181,987 views! To put the number in perspective, BTS’s “DNA” holds the record for the highest views on a K-pop group MV within the first 24 hours with 20,975,068 views. BTS also achieved the second most views in the first day by a K-Pop group MV, with 13,987,276 views on their “MIC Drop” remix. J-Hope’s MV would not be included on this list as he is a solo artist for this release, and PSY continues to hold the record for the most views in 24 hours by a solo K-pop artist with 38.4 million on “Gentleman.” However, achieving over 12 million views in the first day is an amazing achievement for any artist! In addition, the “Daydream” MV now has over 2.2 million likes on YouTube. Watch J-Hope’s “Daydream” MV here, and see if you can find the hidden BTS member that J-Hope told fans to look for! Source (1) Original article at Soompi.
  13. BTS’s J-Hope Sets New Record For Most No. 1’s On iTunes Of Any Korean Solo Artist E. Cha | March 1, 2018 BTS’s J-Hope is already breaking records with his new mixtape! Within hours of the release of his long-awaited mixtape “Hope World,” J-Hope has officially set a new record for the most No. 1’s on iTunes of any Korean solo artist. On March 2, J-Hope’s new mixtape dominated iTunes charts worldwide immediately after its release. As of 11 a.m. KST, “Hope World” had claimed the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Top Albums Chart in over 63 different countries, including the United States, England, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. The mixtape’s title track “Daydream” also swept iTunes charts across the globe. The song hit No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in various nations including Finland, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam. J-Hope talked about the much-anticipated mixtape on a Naver V Live broadcast shortly after its release. “It was my biggest dream to release a mixtape with my own unique musical color, and I wanted to tell many people my story through my music,” he said. The idol went on to share that he was nervous about the release, commenting, “I prepared this mixtape for over a year and ended up revealing it today. I’m more nervous and anxious than when I debuted as [a member of] BTS.” J-Hope added, “I want to thank the fans who waited for this mixtape and cheered me on. I will do my utmost to become a better and even more hard-working artist.” Congratulations to J-Hope on his impressive achievement! Source (1) Original article at Soompi.
  14. BTS’s J-Hope Sends Fans On A Hunt For Hidden Member In “Daydream” MV J. K | March 1, 2018 ARMY has been given the mission of finding a hidden BTS member in J-Hope’s new mixtape MV! On March 2, J-Hope released his much-anticipated mixtape as well as a music video for his track “Daydream.” After it came out, he turned on Naver’s V Live to chat with fans about his new release. At the very end of the broadcast, he sent fans on a quest when he said, “One of the members is in the music video. Try looking for him!” ARMY has been combing through the MV to try to figure out what scene the hidden BTS member might be in and who it is. Many fans are wondering if the hand on J-Hope’s face belongs to one of the members, with some certain that it is Jin, RM, or another member just based on the shape of the hand! A photo was also uploaded to BTS’s Twitter of J-Hope, Jin, and RM on the set of the MV. Others have pointed out that the hidden member might be in other scenes, and shared their thoughts — and of course, some memes! Who do you think the hidden member in J-Hope’s MV is? Original article at Soompi.
  15. BTS Fans Take Over Top 3 Worldwide Trending Topics On Twitter After J-Hope Shares His Mixtape J. K | March 1, 2018 ARMY is celebrating the release of J-Hope’s mixtape and spreading the news by trending hashtags worldwide on Twitter! J-Hope’s “Hope World” mixtape and the music video for his song “Daydream” were released on March 2 at midnight KST. As of 1:20 a.m. KST, the top 3 worldwide trending topics on Twitter were all about his mixtape — also known as “Hixtape”! The trending topics included the hashtags “HIXTAPEisComing,” “HopeWorld,” and “DaydreamMVoutNow.” J-Hope’s real name Jung Hoseok was also at No. 10! While the trending hashtags have been changing regularly (also including “HOPEWORLDMixtapeOUTNOW” and “DayDream”), the top 3 topics have continued to be about his mixtape! Check out some of the fans’ reaction tweets below: As the celebration of J-Hope’s mixtape continues, let us know what your favorite track on “Hope World” is below! Original article at Soompi.
  16. [NEWS] J-Hope smashes through the UK iTunes chart with mixtape ‘Hope World’! by KRISTINE PHILLIPS on MARCH 1, 2018 There had been a rapid surge of anticipation once the news broke that BTS’ rapper J-Hope would be releasing his first official mixtape out to the world. He follows in the footsteps of his fellow members RM and Suga, both of whom have previously dropped their own solo releases in the past. Following the announcement, we saw Suga’s mixtape resurface into the UK charts along with RM’s collaboration ‘Change’ single with Wale. Currently, J-Hope’s release has flown up the ranks to a peak at #2 which once again showcases the united strength and solidarity amongst UK ARMYs! The title track ‘Daydream’ is also charting on the UK Song chart at #63! You can stream ‘Hope World’ on Spotify here! Also, you can check out how exceptionally well the album is performing all around the world below, including grabbing 47 #1‘s in countries such as the US, Ireland and many more! [UPDATE] Within an hour or so since the release of this article, J-Hope has only gone and grabbed his first #1 on the UK iTunes chart! Presently, only BTS and J-Hope have peaked at the top of the British iTunes chart! Source: UnitedKpop
  17. translations by pannchoa [naver] BTS J-HOPE, FIRST MIXTAPE SINCE DEBUT.... "TRAFFIC CONGESTION" original post: here 1. [+1333, -8] Seriously it's so so good 2 [+1189, -6] BTS Jung Hoseok!! J~~~~~Hope the song is too too good, such an addictive awesomeness ㅠㅠ 3. [+1122, -6] The mixtape is too goodㅜ 4. [+1100, -6] The mixtape is too goodㅠㅠ Thank you for dropping an album-like mixtape, I want to download the song, but since there's a server jam, I can't do it, I'll try doing it in the morning 5. [+1034, -6] He suits a low voice so well, it straight up feels like J-hope's kind of mixtapeㅠㅠ Thank you J-hope-ah ❤️ 6. [+213, -0] Seriously such a shame that it's free.. 7. [+211, -0] I'm a male fan. I've been a fan since since BST, he's a good dancer and even the song is perfect
  18. Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003015945 Translation: @leece Invited as performers to the American Music Awards, the first in Korea to win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, the fastest MV to hit 200 million views… What is the secret to success for BTS, a group who is writing history? On the episode of KBS 1TV ‘Good Insight Season 2’ airing on the 23rd, it will be a time to listen to the head of BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, producer Bang Sihyuk speak on the secret to BTS’s success and the future of K-Pop. Last November, the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs) were held in LA. At this award ceremony, considered to be one of 3 major music award ceremonies in the US, a Korean song sounded out. Here, boy group BTS, 5 years after debut, were shoulder to shoulder with top world musicians, like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, among others. It was a miracle no one could have imagined; that day, BTS ranked no. 1 in the Google search rankings in the US, going beyond America and leaving an imprint worldwide. What could be the reason that these 7 young Korean men have grabbed hold of the whole world? Starting with the passionate cheers of their American fans at LAX (LA airport) to the international media interviews and broadcasts scheduled back to back to their rehearsals for their American Music Award performance, without time to spare, coverage, not shown anywhere else, of BTS’s schedules during their historical visit to the US, will be exclusively revealed on ‘Good Insight.’ Echo Bar Studios in LA, visited by the ‘Good Insight’ news team; a place where Worldwide stars like Ne-Yo and Usher recorded albums and also where BTS’s 1st full album was born. What image of early BTS does studio head, Eric Reichers, who assisted during their album recording, remember? “If it wasn’t the best, they weren’t satisfied. They worked hard until they thought ‘it’s perfect.’ Believing that, with sincerity and patience, success will follow, they had invested time and effort,” said Eric Reichers. World stars BTS, that the whole world acknowledges however, only 5 years ago, they were just seven ordinary young boys. Overflowing with talent and dreams, they faced the frustrations of reality head on to come into their own and fans around the world strongly indentified with them. Called self-learning-type idols, BTS members confessed their personal dreams and goals in front of the ‘Good Insight’ cameras. Their honest interviews will be revealed. According to Suga, “I think the fact that we tell our own stories with our own voices is the first reason that our fans develop a sense of empathy with us.” Jungkook revealed, “Our ultimate goal is to, someday, complete an album full of songs self-written and self-produced [by all of us] with our own hands.” Charming visuals, shocking stage performances, music videos perfected to a high degree, music that reflects global trends; how can BTS’s music, that insists on Korean lyrics, transcend language and become popular worldwide? Charms revealed by the BTS team, composer/producer Pdogg, music video/art director Lumpens, knife-like choreography performance director Son Seungduk, will also be introduced. ‘Good Insight Season 2’ will air on the 23rd at 9:40pm.
  19. Suga is in Sports Showbiz's list of 9 celebrities with an '입동굴 (ibdonggul; cave mouth)' smile! He's 8th on the list.♥ Sources: @choi_bts2, 한국스포츠경제
  20. 2017 was quite a year for K-pop. From climbing Billboard charts to trending worldwide on Twitter, K-pop was unstoppable! Will world domination be next on that list? For these 15 artists, we definitely think so! Check out our nominees for this year’s Artist of the Year below. (OP's note: other groups have been omitted in this post - link to the full article found below) See Also: Winners Of The 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards BTS BTS had one of their best years yet! They ranked No. 5 on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List, broke the Guinness World Record for most Twitter engagements for a music group, and was named by Time magazine as one of the “25 most influential people on the internet.” BTS also became the first K-pop group to enter the top 40 of Billboard’s Hot 100 with “Mic Drop.” Of course, BTS’s impact didn’t just stop in Korea. They were invited to perform at the AMAs (which marked their US TV debut performance), and they also won the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist and a Shorty Award for Best in Music. Last, but not least, BTS is the only foreign artist to be certified double platinum in Japan. How’s that for a “mic drop”? BTS also launched their fourth era, the “Love Yourself” series, this year, as well as a campaign with UNICEF called LOVE MYSELF. They rebranded as “Beyond the Scene” and collaborated with many American artists, like The Chainsmokers and Fall Out Boy. Awards Melon Music Awards: Top 10 Artists, Global Artist, Song of the Year for “Spring Day,” Music Video Award for “Spring Day” Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Music Video for “Spring Day” Artist of the Year, Best Asian Style in Hong Kong Golden Disc Awards: Disk Bonsang for “Wings,” “Spring Day” and “Love Yourself: Her,” Global K-pop Artist Award, Disk Daesang and Disk Bonsang for “Love Yourself: Her” Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award, Best Male Dance Performance Award, Record of the Year (Album) for “Wings,” Best Music Video Award for “Blood, Sweat, & Tears.” Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Hallyu Star Full article at Soompi. (I love how they added the Yoonji gif lol)
  21. BTS’s Jimin and his father recently gave back to their community in a sweet way! On February 20, Busan’s Hoedong Elementary School, where Jimin attended as a child, closed down after 36 years. At the graduation ceremony, Jimin donated signed BTS CDs to all the students and made a personal donation to cover the school uniform costs for all the graduating students going on to middle school. It turned out that Jimin had made this donation last year as well, ever since he heard that Hoedong Elementary School was closing down. BTS’s agency BigHit Entertainment confirmed the donation and added, “Jimin’s father felt very regretful that the school was closing down and wanted to do something for them.” At the time of closing, Hoedong Elementary School had 10 graduating students and 50 enrolled students. Jimin’s father participated in the graduating ceremony to personally give out the donations and said, “I watched Jimin graduate here 10 years ago, and when I think that the school won’t be here anymore, tears come to my eyes.” Source (1) (2) Sources: @OH_mes, Naver, Soompi
  22. original post :here 1. [+800, -9] BTS are on the main account layout of Billboard and they're in the Hot100, but they only have 4? 5?????????????? Articles that are related to them. Other celebrities can get sick and can easily have dozens of articles about them, but they appeared on Billboard's main page but there are barely any articles about them ㅜㅜㅜ Naver-yah... Seems like you're trying to hide them from getting on the main page~ The damn journalist are the smae... You didn't write any Billboard articles, still I'll thank you for writing one about BT21. BTS fighting! BTS fightint! 2. [+681, -7] BTS will donate 3% of their profit to Unicef and Youth violence prevention 3. [+588, -7] BTS is BTS I love you 4. [+564, -8] So you're going to release an article about this?? But you're busy hiding the kids' big acheivements tsk tsk I can see your intentionsㅋㅋ 5. [+520, -6] They sold out in not even 1 hourㅠㅠ Is this for real? I'll be looking forward the 2nd and 3rd round cr
  23. 1. Jungkook (2,876 votes, 38.4%) 2. Kim Jonghyun (2,199 votes, 29.4%) 3. Park Bogum (655 votes, 8.8%) 4. IU 5. Park Boyoung 6. Nayeon 7. Yoona 8. Kim Hyanggi 9. Kwon Hyunbin 10. JooE 11. Mina 12. Xiumin 13. Ryu Sujeong 14. Woozi t/n: the ranking is basically a vote for which celebrity brings a big smile on your face just by looking at them original post: here 1. [+1652, -29] As expected from BTS' golden maknae Jun Jungkook 2. [+1431, -26] Jun!Jung!Kook! 3. [+1384, -25] BTS' golden maknae Jun Jungkook is the best~♡♡♡ 4. [+1359, -33] You also brought a big smile on nuna's face BTS♡ 5. [+1312, -25] BTS' golden maknae Jun Jungkook ♡ cr
  24. BTS member J-Hope surprised fans with a V Live broadcast on his birthday.During the February 18 broadcast titled “Hang Out with J-Hope,” he updated fans on what he’s been up to and thanked them for their birthday wishes from his studio. Many BTS fans are eagerly waiting for the release of J-Hope’s mixtape, which he and the members have frequently brought up in the last year. J-Hope said, “I’m working really hard on it. I think I can say [it’ll be released] soon. I worked really hard. You can say that I spent all of last year on the mixtape.” He added, “I think you guys will like it. I know the more I say things like this, the more you guys will anticipate it” and gave fans a quick update on his upcoming music. J-Hope also mentioned that he has been busy working on the mixtape, attending meetings, and said that he still has to mix the tracks. The BTS member reassured fans that although the group sometimes surprises fans by releasing content at 12 a.m. KST, his mixtape won’t be dropping tonight and that they should go to bed. J-Hope also didn’t forget to thank fans for trending the hashtag “Where Hobi Is Where Hope Is” for his birthday, a play on the lyrics from “Sea,” the hidden track on the group’s “Love Yourself: Her” album. Are you excited for J-Hope’s mixtape? Cr;Soompi